The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1967 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1967
Page 12
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WASHINGTON Merry-Go-Round WASHINGTON- Aftermaths of the White House luncheon at which President Johnson briefed 25 newspaper editors and publishers are still reverberating through publishing circles. The Los Angeles Times, though not represented at the luncheon, carried a story purporting to describe the briefing, It quoted the President as stating that any charge that the Vietnamese election was fraudulent would be not only inaccurate but "disloyal." Use of the latter word has kicked up an inner-circle storm. None of the publishers present remembers the President stating this. The Los Angeles Times also quoted the President as saying that to stop bombing the north would be like "going into the ring with Cassius Clay, Jack Dempsey or Joe Louis with one arm tied behind you." Actually the quote was attributed by Johnson to General Westmoreland. The President did definitely say: "The man who succeeds me may be tougher to deal with." He was referring to the war in Vietnam. - o - NO KOREA-STYLE PEACE - The U.N. General Assembly opened in New York last week on a hopeful note, but that hope was not entirely shared in Washington. Ambassador Arthur Goldberg's speech re-emphasizing American proposals and invitations for negotiation did not actually offer anything new. The speech was worked up by Goldberg in cooperation with Under Secretary Katzenbach and was not read by the President himsefl. Secretary Rusk was busy with the problems surrounding his daughter's marriage to a young Negro. Washington strategy has been to bomb Ho Chi Minn to the peace table. Ambassador Goldberg believes the-strategy will not work. However, he is doing his best "•through conferences with visiting 'foreign ministers to see if some avenue can be found. One problem which the ' Pentagon and the State Department don't advertise but which is very much on their minds is worry over a long, drawn-out hassle similar to the Korean truce talks. These began in 1953 and now, 14 years later, are still In progress. This sort of "peace" President Johnson is determined to avoid. While Eisenhower, a Republican with a friendly press and . a reputation as a great soldier, was able to get away with the Korean truce, LBJ knows that he, as a Democrat, could not. The President may not be a great expert on foreign affairs, but he is a realist when it comes to politics. - o _ PENTAGON FEUDING - Secretary of Defense McNamara has smoothed out most DREW PEARSON of his differences with the generals and admirals over bombing North Vietnam. The Joint Chiefs eliminated the 30 most dangerous targets from their bombing list. Thereafter McNamara gave his own green light to escalated bombing. Orders are to stay strictly away from the docks at Haiphong where Russian ships are unloading but to concentrate on warehouses and railroad centers away from the dock area. - o - - MONOPOLY NEWSPAPERS- One of the most important legal decisions affecting newspapers is expected soon in Los Angeles against the Los Angeles Times. U. S. District Judge Warren Ferguson is expected to hand down a decision requiring the Times to divest itself of the San Bernardino Sun. This will set new guidelines for the increasing trend toward newspaper monopoly. Many big newspapers are buying up smaller papers, such as the Chicago Tribune's purchase of the Orlando, Fla., Sentinel and the Philadelphia Bulletin's purchase of the Santa Barbara, Calif., News-Press. This type of acquisition probably will not be prosecuted by the Justice Department. However, the San Bernardino Sun is located at the back door of the Los Angeles Times, within the Time's own circulation area, which means the purchase eliminated competition and tended to create a monopoly. It is believed likely that Judge Ferguson will so rule, and require that the Sun be sold by the Times. - o - - H UBERT'S HONEYMOON - Top political romance of the year is between Vice President Humphrey, a founder of the Farmer Labor Party, and various business executives. Humphrey, who has a long record of sponsoring liberal legislation and criticising business, becomes almost ecstatic in his praise of what business did during the past summer to find jobs for unemployed youth, chiefly Negroes. Humphrey credits Ford, General Motors, Fairchild Aviation, General Dynamics and Aerojet with going out of their way to set up new plants In depressed areas and creating summer work. He feels that the better understanding between business and government is due partly to the Johnson policy of encouraging cooperation, partly to realizations of business executives that they have an important stake in big-city problems. - o - - MOSCOW'S DIRGE - ILL-FOUNDED - When Svetlana Stalin first defected to the United States, the Soviet government was so alarmed that It asked Arthur Schlesinger, former aide to President Kennedy, to try to hold up publication of the memoirs. The Russians figured the book would embarrass them just before the 50th anniversary of their Bolshevik revolution. The net reaction to Svetlana's story, however, Is just the opposite. Diplomats and literary critics both believe it has helped the Russians rather than hurt them, by showing that Russian family life is very much like American family life, with the same kinds of problems and the same affection. - o - - FARM BUREAU BATTLE - Rep. Joseph Resnick, D-N.Y., may not realize it, but he's doing a service to taxpaying industry in his probe of the non- taxpaying American Farm Bureau. He's now unearthed the facts that the Farm Bureau Is investing $3 million in the Pizitz shopping center in Birmingham, Ala., and had previously bought a $10 million shopping center in Birmingham. Resnick argues that farmers must sell at the highest possible price; shopping centers need to sell at the lowest possible price; so how can the Farm Bureau represent farmers without a conflict of interest 1 Though Resnick's investigation has brought frowns and censure from other Congressmen who bow to the Farm Bureau, it's brought backing from businessmen throughout the nation who have to compete. - o- - NDCON "BRAIN TRUST" - For And About Teenagers] It's Dividend Time at the Land Bank We are owned by the people we serve. As owners, our members of record May 31. 1967, will be receiving dividend checks, payable October 1, 1967, amounting to 6<* on the stock they own ... in this manner they are sharing in the earnings for the pest year. 26 Dividends have been paid to stockholders during the past twenty years. If you need a long term loan on land, stop in. Let us tell you how you can automatically become a member-owner of the association—entitled to dividends, to all of the other advantages of a modern Land Bank loan. Federal Land Bank Association of Algona THE WEEK'S LETTER: "I will be a freshman in school i this year and I am interested in boys. I am wondering what j kind of girls boys like. I know a good figure is nice to have j and I haven't got it. Do boys j Just look at a slim-figured girl and her good looks or at the personality of the girl also? I j am 5'2" and weight 105 Ibs. i Should I lose or gain — Do I ; have to be thin or "akinny" to have a boyfriend?" OUR REPLY: There is no "perfect" girl — that is to say, there is no one girl that all boys will think Is the "smoothest." Boys are Individuals and, as individuals, they have individual preferences. Most boys, of course, recognize an attractive girl when they see one. They may even whistle. Yet, the two things we would say to be most important assets for the girl who wants continuing popularity are a good reputation and a good personality. Consult with your parents, or your doctor, relative to your weight. Proper weight is important to good health and this i? far more important than whether or not you are attractive to boys. Work nt being friendly (but don't over do it), like people, and you. in turn, will be liked by boys and girls. H you hov. a t««nag« probltm Y OU **a n ' to dilcull or an obltrvotion to maht, addr.ll you I.H.r >o FO( AND ABOUT TEENAGE*! COMMUNITY AND SUtUIBAN FIESS SEIVICE FRANKFOIT KY John Sears, age 32 and Bellmon's assistant, gave a briefing on political polls, a survey ofthe press, and listed the press stooges for each of Nixon's Republican rivals. - o - YOUNG MEN FOR OLD - Two members of the executive staffs of Newsweek and Time, and a radio network official said they were attending the Nixon meeting at the risk of their jobs; nevertheless they were out to defeat Johnson and elect Nixon. The secret diagnosis of Nixon's GOP rivals was given as follows: 1. Gov. Romney of Michigan has "swallowed himself." 2. Gov. Rockefeller of New York has been using Sen. Charles Percy of Illinois as a front. Percy has no chance. 3. Rockefeller has no chance to be nominated, even if he wanted to run. The Republican party simply will not take Rockefeller. It was agreed that Nixon is the best debater and best qualified to attack Johnson on the credibility gap. Former Vice President Nixon is doing a lot more to get the GOP nomination than the public knows about. He's quiet, methodical, efficient. And he's gained a lot of ground. Nixon's forces recently held a "team meeting." It was held behind closed doors in Washington. Very little leaked out, but this column can now report what happened. About 20 were expected, but about 40 went to the meeting. It was the first meeting presided over by Henry Bellmon, former Republican governor of Oklahoma, replacing Gaylord Parkinson as chairman of the Nixon forces. Parkinson, whose wife is seriously ill, has returned to California. Bellmon dropped word that on April 1 he would announce his candidacy against Sen. Mike Monroney, who has long dominated Democratic politics in Oklahoma. Monroney has been a popular and competent Senator, but Bellmon seemed to feel that sentiment was swinging toward the Republicans in Oklahoma and that he could win. •••••••••••••••••••••••I Those who know Know , MINNEAPOLIS MOTOR HOTEL r-nv* _ 22feS2<(! For Convenience... For Luxury Accommodations... [For Friendliness... For Budget Rates... For Resort- like Atmosphere... Easily Accessible to All Highways, * I (if; I ifliKlilful Air- Conditioned Rooms mid Suites * Nntiotiiil ('."111 Medill Awiird lieiiled King-Si/.c Swiniiuini; Pool * Coinplele Hotel EXCELLENT FOOD -- Redwood Dinins Room featuring Hearth Charcoal Broiled Steaks -- Collee Shop open Irom 6:00 a ni. 'till Midnight — Cor.htail Lounge Ample Fret Parking In Front 01 Your Room SINGLE ROOMS $9.00 to $10.00 DOUBLE ROOMS 513.00 to $14.50 * '.M-HoiirSwil'.'liUjiinl * l-'ree TV * Play Areii I-'or Children BnbySitter Sen ice Children under \2 FHEL in same room with Adults. Wire or write (or Reservations — Phone (Area 61?) 588 466!) HOLIDAY MOTOR HOTEL lei. Hiehwayi 100 and Vj West Minneapolis ?7. Minnesota. Minutes Irom Downtown — 15 Minutes Iron Mtl S Home ol the Twins and Vikings —,20 Minutes liom Inl Airport •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••I for the beginning cook or the experienced cook (South of Ptnnty'i) E. H. HutcKim. M*n«?tr Ktlth R. Hopp, AtiUUnt Hiltn HMI. Alllitint Biggest danger to Nixon, it was decided, is that in the early primaries, especially New Hampshire, supporters of Ronald Reagan would write his name in Just as Henry Cabot Lodge was a write-in candidate four years ago. This could take conservative votes away from Nixon, help Romney. It was also agreed that a major danger to Nixon is the "he can't win" psychology based on the fact that he has been defeated for President and governor of Thursday, Sept. 28, 1967 Algeria (la.) Upper DM California. One important decision made at the meeting was that "old men" should stand aside - except for raising funds - and let young men run the Nixon show. To that end, David Sterling, age 27, was appointed manager of Nixon's campaign in the New Hampshire primary. Sterling, absolutely unknown in national politics, is a Yale Law School student from Hillsboro, N.H. RIBBONS Blue ribbons and grand championship trophies represent years of work and achievement for Mrs. Etta Feye of Andrew. Mrs. Feye has been raising gladioli the past 20 years and is well-known throughout the country as a source of Information on flower cultivation. DON'T BE "TIED DOWN! Phone 295-3762 FREE DELIVERY TWICE DAILY East End Grocery 823 EAST STATE ALGONA, IOWA C»M&>9*<>aK tfWOWK y»K< >»»<>*< >«Ka»B«>^^ STRONG CHURCHES.. Make Strong Communities "May you be strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy. " — Colossians 1:11 Every man possesses a wealth of power. It is not the strength that moves mountains, bends an iron bar, or shreds a telephone book. It is, instead, a strength or purpose. Every man has a destiny in life and must along the way contend with challenges, obstacles, and disappointments. It is during these times that strength of purpose —which is best rooted in Christian faith- gives to each man the opportunity to draw from a deep wellspring a needed measure of endurance — and perseverance. she cooks better, easier, with an Dv 'andit's self-cleaning, too! D Algona Municipal Utilities ti ••••»• •!•!••. These Special Weekly you by the following • ••< VAN'S CAFE Junction 18 & 169 ESSER DRY CLEANERS FREE Pick-up and Delivery Phpne 295-2827 - Algona, Iowa ZENDER'S Clothing for Men and Boys POST MOVING and STORAGE Local & Long Distance Phone 295-2275 _ Algona, Iowa PIONEER HI'BRED CORN CO. Herb Hedlund, Production Manager Perry Collins, Experimental Mgr. METRONICS, INC. O. B. Harmes "Super Speed" Tools $WANSON'S - ALGONA "Where Shopping 1$ A Pleasure" COLONIAL MOTEL Junction 18 & 169 Church Messages brought to PUBLIC-SPIRITED BUSINESSES: ••••••••••••••••••••••••i SHILTS BROWNBILT SHOE STORE "The Shoe Store That Takes Care of Your Feet" Tel. 295-5371 - Algona, Iowa BENNIE B. WIBBEN, Bldg. Contractor 122 S. Heckart St. - Algona, Iowa KLEIN'S FARM SUPPLY Wayne Feeds — We Buy Eggs and Poultry 216 West State Street - 295-5206 ERNIE WILLIAMS John Deere Farm Equipment Highway 18 East - Tel. 295-3561 ALGONA VAULT SERVICE Algona, Iowa JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT Oliver GMC Trucks — G«hl Firestone Tires — Stanhoist KOSSUTH MUTUAL INS, ASSN. Your Friend — Before and After the Fire ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO, Your Friendly IH Pealer - 295-3501 IH Tractors — Trucks — Fgrm Equipment

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