The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1967 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1967
Page 7
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fl-Algeno (la.) Upp«r DM MefrtM Thiiftdoy, S»pt. 18, 1967 Council Minutes The CltyCouncll met in regular session Sept. 13,1967 with Mayor Finn and the following council members present: Muckey, Andreasen, Elbert & Pierce. Absent: Cook & Miller. Minutes of last meeting were approved. Petition to close alley In Block 56 0. P. was submitted to the council but since not all of the property owners bordering the alley did not sign the petition the council took no action on request. ' Resolution approving contract to purchase real estate at 123 E. Nebr. was adopted. Resolution approving construction contract and performance bond with OJellefald Const., Inc. of Forest City, la. was adopted. Wayne Keith, Kossuth County Civil Defense Director, discussed with the council a suggested outline for community action to deal with man-made or natural disasters. Moved & seconded the meeting adjourn. D.A. Smith, City Clerk GENERAL Finn, salary 123.15 Smith, Salary 255.00 Sands, Salary 130.00 Soc. Sec. July, Soc. Sec 56.32 Soc. Sec. Aug., Soc. Sec 56.32 Ipers July, Ipers 44.82 Ipers Aug., Ipers 36.34 la. State Bk., Wholdlng. . ..71.23 State Comm., Wholdlng. . . .7.93 Life Inv. Co., Insurance 37.18 Soc. Sec. Sept., Soc. Sec 56.32 Ipers Sept., Ipers 22.76 W. Finn, Crt. Costs 129.00 City Clerk, Prepaid bills... .1.25 Advance, Publishing 33.99 Arwell, Rat Control 15.00 Buchanan & McClure, Fees&Exp 1,218.88 Hutzell's, Supplies 6.38 Inst. Pub. Affairs, Booklets 7.00 la. Plan. Assoc., Dues. . . .25.00 M. Parrott & Sons, Receipts. . 40.10 Shey & Cotten, Fees 15.00 Upper D. M., Publishing & Suppl 106.58 STREET Burtis, Salary 169.73 Frambach, Salary 172.64 Glddlngs, Salary 166.39 Helmers, Salary 145.81 Lashbrook, Salary 47.79 Pergande, Salary 216.71 Slfert, Salary 225.30 Wlbben, Salary 155.30 Soc. Sec. July, Soc. Sec 124.39 Ipers July, Ipers 81.44 Soc. Sec. Aug., Soc. Sec 159.15 Ipers Aug., Ipers 107.46 la. State Bk.,Wholdlng....112.60 State Comm., Wholdlng 18.33 Soc. Sec. Sept., Soc. Sec 139.04 Ipers Sept., Ipers 107.12 Life Inv. Co., Insurance 82.37 City Clerk, Prepaid Bills. . .3.00 Algona Flour & Feed, Seed.. .3.00 J.J. Butler, Alt. Tester 85.45 Ft. Dodge Towel Service, Service 6.39 Miller Lbr., Cement 3.10 N. Central, Nat. Gas 3.40 Sherwin-Williams, Brush 7.97 S. Stebrltz, Labor 10.50 Zep. Mfg., Supplies 20.97 ROAD USE TAX Algona F & F, Repairs 38.83 Arnold Motors, Repairs 5.20 Benson's, Welding 2.00 J. Bradley, Repairs 6.99 Cook's Welders, Oxygen. .. .5.50 Croft Ready Mix, Supplies 92.59 Greenberg's, Repairs 43.23 Hilton's, Repairs 3.75 J. Simon, Sidewalk 48.00 Taylor Motors, Service 7.47 PUBLIC SAFETY Boekelman, Salary 289.83 Day, Salary 232.53 Hutchison, Salary 232.63 Jorgenson, Salary 263.82 Schadendorf, Salary 213.50 Thompson, Salary 204.15 Volgt, Salary 208.21 Soc. Sec July, Soc. Sec 168.83 Soc. Sec. Aug., Soc. Sec 167.85 la. State Bk.,Wholdlng. ...225.40 State Comm., Wholdlng. .. .37.00 Soc. Sec. Sept., Soc. Sec 184.72 Trust Si Agency, Pension.. .20.99 Life Inv. Co., Insurance 134.97 W. Finn, Admin., Amb. Service 120.00 City Clerk, Prepaldbills... .5.00 Advance, Publishing 30.80 Sgt. Armstrong, Exp 26.00 Big Bear, Inc., Wheels 4.30 Greenberg's, Shocks 41.50 Lielsen-Rionda, Badges 16.15 Reminder, Ad. it Cards....82.64 Kossuth Motors, Serv 30.81 Behr's Service, Gas 2.50 Cook's Welders, Demurrage 1.50 L. Nichols, Repairs 6.70 Hilton's Supplies 13.34 Schultz Bros., Gas 9.26 E. M. Fold, Splints 44.95 Algona Fire Dept., Services 347.00 Soc. Sec. Aug., Soc. Sec 186.51 Ipers Aug., Ipers 43.97 la. State Bk., Wholdlng 8.60 State Comm., Wholding 1.13 Soc. Sec. Sept., Soc. Sec 23.04 Ipers Sept., Ipers 12.46 Life Inv. Co., Insurance 8.01 City Clerk, Prepaid bills 18.75 Cook's Welders, Chlorine 60.75 Thermogas, Gas 30.00 D. Hemmingsen, Supplies 173.61 Hutzell's. Supplies 28.81 Frederick Howe., Suppl 7.41 Austad Co., Supplies 22.75 L. Nichols, Repairs 15.25 Bowman's, Oil 1-30 DEBT SERVICE Whitney Loan 4 Trust, Interest 77.50 PARKING METER Groen, Salary 308.58 Nauholz, Salary 75.72 O. Robinault & R. Robinault, Estate, Down Payt., Real Estate 2,500.00 Soc. Sec. July, Soc. Sec 36.33 Ipers July, Ipers 6.99 Soc. Sec. Aug., Soc. Sec 36.62 Ipers Aug., Ipers 6.24 la. State Bk., Wholdlng. . . .59.00 State Comm., Wholdlng. . . .9.01 Trust & Agency, Pension 3.97 Life Inv. Co., Insurance 29.17 Soc. Sec. Sept., Soc. Sec 43.54 Ipers Sept., Ipers ....... 6.80 Utt Electric, Service ...... 5.50 TRUST & AGENCY B. Egli, Pension ........ 75.00 Diane Vaske Of Bancroft Plans To Wed I Legal j i Notice t ffiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiimiiiimiiiiiiiil NOTICE OF HEARING ON APPLICATION FOR EXEMPTION OR VARIANCE FROM THE ZONING ORDINANCE Public notice is hereby given that the application of Howard Esser, whose address is 114 W. College St., for a variance from the Zoning Ordinance to permit contructlon of addition to house 6' from side lot line instead of required 10' has been scheduled for hearing before the Board of Adjustment of the City of Algona, Iowa, on the 2nd day of Oct., 1967, at 9 o'clock a. m. at the City Hall in Algona, Iowa. The applicant and any other interested parties wishing to be heard are requested to be present at that time. BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT /S/ By Everett Barr Chairman (74) Rice History Rice first came to America on a ship from Madagascar which landed in Charleston, S.C. for repairs. In appreciation for the hospitality he received, the captain presented the settlers with a bag of rice. Infant's Rites At Livermore Graveside services for Todd A. Toohey, infent son of Mr. and Mrs. Monte Toohey, were held Sunday at 3 p.m. at the Sacred Heart Cemetery in Livermore, with Rev. J.G. Skahill, pastor of the Sacred Heart Church of Livermore officiating. The Blake Funeral Home of LuVerne was in charge of arrangements. The Toohey infant was born Saturday at the Hancock County Memorial Hospital at Britt, where he died later the same day. Survivors include his parents; one sister, Theresa; a brother, Vernon; grandparents, Mrs. Helen Toohey, LuVerne, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Neimeyer, Humboldt. DIANE VASKE Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Vaske of Bancroft announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Diane Marie to Willis Bellinger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clair Bellinger of Lone Rock. Miss Vaske is a graduate of St. John's High School, Bancroft, and of LaJames College of Hairstyling, Mason City. She is presently employed at Sheakley*s Beauty Salon, Algona. Mr. Bollinger is a graduate of Sentral High School, Fenton, and is now in the service. The wedding is planned for November 4 at St. John's Catholic Church, Bancroft. Real Estate Transfers Logemann, Helen M. to Engelbart F. Logemann 9-12-67 An undlv. 1/2 int. of an undiv. 1/2 int. SE 1/4 & the SE 1/4 SW 1/4 6-99-28. Logemann, EngelbartF. &Helen M. to Engelbart & Helen M. Logemann 9-12-67 SE 1/4 & the SE 1/4 SW 1/4 6-99-28. Steele, Alice Carrel & Lyle to Kossuth Co., la. 9-11-67 All that pt. of Govern Lot 5 of 23-94-29 desc. as see rec. Burris, Roy A. & Jeahette F. to Clarence R. Canaday, sgl. 9- SANITATION Gade, Salary 88.84 Soc. Sec. July, Soc. Sec 23.87 Ipers July, Ipers 16.83 Soc. Sec. Aug., Soc. Sec 23.56 Ipers Aug., Ipers 13.88 la. State Bk., Wholdlng 5.10 Soc. Sec. Sept., Soc. Sec. . . . 8.98 Ipers Sept., Ipers 7.14 City Clerk, Prepaidbills 1.25 Miller Lbr., Supplies 17.47 J. Bradley, Repairs 59.99 Lalng's Plbg., Service 4j60 N. Central, Nat. Gas 2^33 Triangle Prod., Cleaner 15.65 SEWER RENTAL Lemkee, Salary 367.39 C. D. Beh Co., Interest. .. .36.00 Soc. Sec. July, Soc. Sec 39.46 Ipers July, Ipers 23.97 Soc. Sec. Aug., Soc. Sec 40.60 Ipers Aug., Ipers 15.33 la. D. M. Natl., Bonds & Int 11,123.75 la. State Bk., Interest 96.00 Central Natl., Int 576.00 la. State Bk., Wholdlng. . . .36.50 State Comm., Wholdlng 9.10 Soc. Sec. Sept., Soc. Sec 39.22 Life Inv. Co., Insurance... .21.16 R. Lemkee,Expenses 38.00 City Clerk, Prepaldbills... .2.34 Bowman's, Service 2.50 Brown Supply, Repairs 290.02 Frederick Hdwe, Suppl 7.56 RECREATION Slgsbee, J., Salary 40.96 Slgsbee, R., Salary 16.73 Boldrldge Jr., Salary 21.30 Boldridge Sr., Salary 155.31 Soc. Sec. July, Soc. Sec 122.35 Ipers July, Ipers 29.26 v % m The Friendly Store Make Extra BIG Savings Now! CLIP-A-COUPON SALE! Coupons Good One Week Only — Sept. 25 - Sept. 30 VALUABLE COUPON FURNACE AIR FILTERS each, with coupon Famous Amer-glas brand. Traps dust, fights bacteria! All sizes, 1 -in. thick. 34-not, ETC. VALUABLE COUPON PEG STRIP SPECIAL Movable S-hooks hold kitchen utensils. 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Cook, Sheridan A. & Janice L to Orrln S. Estebo & Nancy A. 9-8-67 Call's Ave. Add. Lot 3 Blk 242, Algona. Dldriksen, Anton & Onleta R. to Onleta R. Didrlksen 9-6-67 Undlv. 1/2 int. Call's Add. Lots 5, 6, & 7 Blk 255, Algona. Habeger, Charlotte, sgl.toDu- ane Fred Habeger 9-7-67 SW 1/4 26-97-29. Hood, Matilda A. & Eugene A. to Eugene A. Hood 9-11-67 An indiv. 1/4 int. in the SW 1/4 & the SE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 1995-27. Krueger, Paul 0. & Anna K. to Eugene Heerdt 9-11-67 N 1/2 Lot 2 Blk 2 Nicholsen's 2nd Add., Burt. * New Owner 1 Mr. Elmer Mcrahs, personable new owner and manager of Algona Grain and Feed Company. Same Quality Feed MASTER MIX V * Dependable & Efficient Service They all add up to an unbeatable combination for all your feed needs. Call or stop in today for information on quality MASTERMIX feeds. ALGONA GRAIN AND FEED CO. 916 E. State Algona Ph. 295-3674 ^^^ -^^r ~^*^- -^^^ •^•^ r ~^m^ ~^mr- -^^^- ^^^^^^^^^ -^^^"^^^^^^^^^ ^^m^ -^^^ ^^^ •" •" ACT NOW - BEAT THE 3% SALES TAX! 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