The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1930
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j Served by the United Press VOL. XXVIT—NO. 225 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST; ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST-MISSOURI BlythevlUe Courier, B^thsvillo Dally News, _glythevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Lender. KLYTHEV1UR, ARKANSAS. SA i.-u G, 1930 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS J Dancers Knife Musician Who Wanted to Quit John D. Rockefeller Saves A Nickel MARKED THEE. Ark., Dec. C ! l]|:(UP)— Because Jess Whitlow, 27,'i would not. play the guitar any more I ! at, 'n dance here last night he Is In' D l n ' i T\ ; , a, 'n ance ere last night he Is In Dank KeCOlXlS Destroyed I a Memphis hospital being treated U H« or n >'i Ior kn ife wounds. IVloney bale Bank] The party, was being OfflVei" Annniin™ WUK.LU announce. i f- S ," Dec '' 8 (UP1 s™ , rt IT , the Ballk; ' ° f in.? ? h» a 'f "r n™ g Elore here in t night after falling to ' open a rate containing the bank's deposits, currency and . srcurltlcs. , The, fire was discovered -shortly befrrc dav.-n today after it had Butted the buildings, destroying all the bank's records. No money was taken from the bank, according 'to A.. J. Erivin, bank'president. The bandiUi are believed to have entered the building shortly before midnight hist night. They opened Ihe vault with an acetylene krch but failed to open a email safe inside Hie vault, In which the valuables were stored. The robbery is, believed to have been committed! by two men who drove into town late yesterday wth a machine bearing an Illin'is license. Tfcey traded a ring for several gallons of gasoline at a local [ration. Their "actions aroused suspicions of the propriety and he copted their license Slumber. • Earlier Columbus, Hiss., authorities notified officers here that two men had purchased an aceytilene _ held at John Van Hoo'e's home. When It became late Whitlow flopped playing his Instrument. Hubert Lindley a guest, became offended and . ensued. Llnd- j son, Preston, and Gilbert Smith joined the meles and it is A1 , wcre ordcred to appear In court •--••• --- • Two Institutions Clostl Their Doors Shortly Before Noon Today. BENTONVILLE, ARK., Dec. 6 (UP)—The Benton County National bank and the First State Bank of Bentbnville closed their doors shortlv before neon today by order of their respective boards of directors. torch outfit from -a store there. The ! A statement Issued by officers Columbus :&eriff, after learning of! of the banks shortly after noon the sale, broadcast descriptions of i attributed their action to steady the men. '• . • | withdrawals following closing , of .. -:~~~< '; —\ ! the American Exchange- Trust n-- j. .-£ . . «,'•,''•• i company of Little -Rock; three •• County- Baptist WorKerS<..-v«S?l:s-.ago. coupled with.slow "col-1 -- ' .'• . -lection, or loans - due. to succes-1 Will .Meet He?e Monday Baptist ministers and laymen throughout Mi=Eif.slppl rounty will attend the Ccunty Baptist Association Workers Conference here Monday. The Rev. P. B. Langley, missionary, will preside. The Rev. P. B. Kinsolving, of Luxora, will conduct the opening devotional nt 10 o'clock at the First Baptist church. Representatives of churches will give report?, of their work before the inspirational address by the Rev. K. H. Man- ivarrinj, cf Wil.'ion. . The principal address is to be giver, by Dr. U. H. Kurd, pastor cf \ thc First Baptist Ihurdh of Jones-1 boro, who is to-Mje a guest of honor. Dsvoti'a'al fcs the afternoon is to be by the Rev. Ralph Kurlcy,' of Boynton. • > Lunrhecn is to be served by thelpp.go today by wr man's misiionaiy .society of the ! captured her i Firtt church. | ]Mt llir ;, t ,,3 , sive poor crop years. Total deposit.') of tha two .banks aggregated nearly" $1,000,000. - .The state bank was owned by Eenton County National interests..- SI ic Sings Those Blueblood Blues FICHT SUITE'S Asks 1 louse Republicans to | Rally Behind $25,000,-1 000 Measure, | WASHINGTON, Dec. U (UP) — The house agricultural coinmtttcc today approved a $30.000.000 appropriation for seed, feed and fertilizer lonns to drouth stricken farmers. Tills compares with the £60,000,00:) appropriation approved yesterday by the senate committee. Money Is scarce," said John D. Hockefeller-rmd in the'picture'at the top th= 01-year-old magnate Is shown giving a bright new nickel instead of his customary dime to the Rev. G. D Owen Ornioiid Beach, Fla.. pastor. But the nen day Mr. Rockefeller and ills-son,. John D. Rockefeller, Jr.! contributed $1,000X00 to a campaign to provide employment-for jobless heads of New York families Below are two other-remarkable pictures of'the aged mill ll-rmllionaire-the first since his arrival at his winter hcme in Florida-showing .him as he appeared on the golf course. Note the unusual cap t derigr.ed to:prbtect his head from unJue- exposure to the sun's rays: - I WASHINGTON, no .CG (UP) — Pie'sidcnt Hoover asked today for support among house Republicans after his party in the senate had smashed and discarded his proposal for drouth relief. The house agricultural committee was summoned to meet today In executive tisslon nncl .battle tho issue of whether drouth distressed 'runners shall k2 aided with an appropriation of $25,OOfi.ODO or SCO,- COO.CCO. Mr. Hoover wants the smaller figure. It Is known he will fight to get it. / The president's determination suggests even the possibility of n veto If consrres Insists on more than doubling tho sum the budget l:i prepared to spend on drouth relief projects. .••Administration defeat In-the senate committee' was overwhelming. •All m01 iibers of tJie committee present voted yesterday to' report favorably the bm appropriating $80,- CCO.MO.'-'ChauThoTl'TWBNary of -|he coi!imiuce, who is also assistant Republican leader, led Jhe rebellion. He ami the committee ex- p;ct.the senate to pass : Ihe bill Monday. 130th houses were in recsss to- Cooler Gins Will Fail ; f-ore to Reach 1929 Output: Ihe High School Student Tells [ Thrilling Stoiy of Abduc-| lioTi by Bandits. . i CHICAGO, Dec. 6 (UP)—Helen Hamilton. 19, was released in Chi- four bandits who in Stcckwell, Ind., a part of an unsuccessful plan to rob the Stock- State bank, of which her fa- Demand For Marriage Licenses Far Below Normal County Cleric Reports The cry of "hard times" has seri- Lcjion Will Invite . V/ales to Convention WASHINGTON, Dec. G (UP) — Th2 American Legion has-arranged through the state ' department to invite the Prince .of Wales to attend the next national convention of the Legion in Detroit in cashier. girl, a .high school senior, )lice a thriilinj story of how ithe. bandits, claiming to be "Ca- ously affected the rnarryiiiij'buE'i-. COOTER. Mo.—The cott-n gb)3 : pone ijangsters," tied up her fam- ness in Blythevilie. There were GO' of Cooler have ginned 7.335 baits ... of cotton up until Dec. 4 Coctcr gin company has gin: 2/i<J6 bales; Planters gin crmpanv, |E 2,454 bales; Burton gin comr 2,166 bales. With virtually all the cotton' durinn . tlie holdup to from (he fields Ihe remnant willi neip.htcrs. not be ;ufiiclenl to bring the total} Night Schools for ' : Farmers Recommended HOT SPRINGS, "Dec. 0. aay. Husband Whipped Her to IS BELIE But London Savant Hints Return of'Black Plague' of Middle Ages. , :: BRUSSELS, Belgium, Dec.V'q. . (UP)-The official' dealh toinn'theV fog covered valley was ah- nounced tonight as sixty .; •-.-.•/'''•• •The.ministry of health announc- ^ «d the deaths were claused by too : and alhof the •victims .had .beeri'•'•' suffering from lung, or: heart trou* bles whkh were aggravated ^y'the"-^ heavy mist. ..'•.: ':'•,.'•?'.;• .:-••>,•>•-;-• Smiling Knthryn Trowbridge, above really can trace her family line tack! to Sir Thomas Trowbrldse who was u nis(.-class i pos!.eiiB=r on the Mayflower. Now that her May- llawcr-llke beauty graces the Kew /.BRUSSELS, _... - ^.. -(UP)-The Meuse"volley, wriroeS In' a dense fog' out. of-whicli inys- ' tjrlously have come'-almost tilled''' score deaths In the last-two di'ys'"' saw hspe today lpr : illtlng iof .the tlilck; mist .which has - darkened'- anil terrified Its' village's. • '-£ -%j - : . The death toll was' revised' this '< afternoon lo'r.51 persons in-- the towns,affected over '&, area some- 30 mllqs. long and •• occupied J by. factory, and •o'lnfmlno settlement "i . Five children, ranging . in'- 'age. • fronr six Inoiitha to seycri..years,' Were found asphyxiated h'i'ailroam ' at Uccfe, near Brussels, today 1 ..Th'e total deaths-could not be establish-' • cd defbiitely until Authorities completed a niorj"thorough check.'of- Uie region.. Many persons are- : in- hospltals suffering from effecfa: 6r: thc five day fog which offlelab snld •"• caused'the deaths of pe'rsons al j York stage, Kathryn Ka» changed rend >' suffering from bronchial," her last name to Black—and sings heart or'other troubles.- • • '..'' 1 '-'-- : Blues! It was believed the toil might'>"":.', nbout' .three ', score.- 'Me.anwhlle tlie"< tog. via reported lifUriff:-dlghtly ^t -':": Engls and clbjrtowni;In Liege »nd-'-y Namur pVovinbes,.•brlnglrig a'slmiil- ; -.'.' taneoiis halt Jri v the wave of deaths, ."i «_*rT .l^»1JTVl»&t--rX*A J^'^V^VTT«\ -.; •'—-'. --•'»' -.--•-. Sam -Frank, 70, Found in His Room, Murdered by Robbers. : | sop J. B.. S.-Hald4HS, noted scientists and c sport in bioeherriUtry of Cambridge university,.said today he believed the deatha ln : the 1 Meusc val-''. ley were .due-to' wine' sort of epl- "''("•: demlc. '• . -. ' •• , . ..-..."It sounds to mo very tniich like . n form of epidemic similar to tho 'black death,' " he suit!. •• "I do.not think it. attributable to! pDkon gas because the deaths oc-.'.' currcd In several different villages." SALT LAKH CITY, Utah, Dec. 0, (UP)—Sam Frnnk, : about 70;.nrtd a resident of Memphis,'Tenn., was] "Black death"'wtjS. toe name giv- murdcred In his room at the fash-! cn in tho middle'ageV to the bu- . loiublc hotel last night bolllc P In B"e, the' disease ' which • or early today by robbers. WIIB responsible for . millions v of. The body waa discovered by n I deaths in Europe In the Hth cen- nmid at 7:-)5 a. m. Everything ofi tur y- MEMPHIS, Doc. 6 (UP)—A 15- year-old girl today alleged her n,T i • j value in Frank's rooni was taken IVtemphian. Including a seven carat diamond rl " B and con slderable money. Au- (hormcs bel ieve the bandits did net intend to murder Uia aged man. He "n r ,.> • , , year-old girl today alleged her rtlSSyiOOl Johnson and husband, 'Dcwoy Harris, salesman, Frank Ebbcrt ' Address | & h S Diy Rally. lier home on a automobile ride then i whipped her into marrying him. | The charges were made In a divorce suit filed here. The whipping,-It is chafed by Mrs. Margaret Harris, former Memphis Echcol C;T). evni took place in front of the niinl.-tcr vho mr.r- lied them. For the past three months busi- - Alvord came here in tUe hon^ n ner3:as been unusually slow ac-| aiding drouth- stricken fanners" in csrcinj to Mrs. John H. Long, ! this section With the cott-n from the fields i and fceins favored by the fain carcing to Mrs. John H. Long, : this section county clerk, and her deputy. Ad-' •un r> t tin- -; lfcm Smltl1 - In November 1029 WIlO KeiUSCd Money ""' re were 127 licenses issuedj LUtifi RorV Wi'.l C, J j which is almoa double the number: J - I - ult ««yK 7Y!;! U :od this year. I Nftw Federal October last . ' been a "Gretna and TennesKe five day law.! •WTTLE ROCK, Dec, 6. (UP) — days ™ rt j 1 i " c . cou P le •KENNETTT, Mo., Drr. 6.—"Pussy- foDt" Johnron. picturesque and internationally known dry advocate, cccompaiiicti by Lt. Col. Frank. B. Ebbcrt, scoke last night In Kennett at the First Baptist church on the dry conditions. 'I the world today, floth speakers are rr.akinE ?. tour or Ihe middle west, including Kansas and Missouri, under Ihe ausplcos of the Anti-Saloon Lcajue nf America and the National W. C. T. u. Joiiur.on spckc on "Babylon and Way Static:):;." concerning the pre-1 sent condition'cf the lirmor tr.iftic j I'IMU its p^iblc effect on economic t conditions, and was followed by Col. j Following his hearing before Ji::ljo Ebbert cn "The UnfiniriicJ Battle.' 1 j E - M - Pipkin in municipal court Both speakers were c:il}instustlcti)ly ! lo >lay Ed Kalb, Mrc c!ii-?f rf \VC5i bound over to the Fog Envelopes Paris -, .. PARIS, Dec. 6 (UP)—Paris and northeastern France were enveloped.'by biaeli, thick fog 'today, the- had been struck over the head, I worst seen-since the • world war." gagged and partially strangled. i The fog appeared to be' moving"- liouth from Belgium where numer- MEMPtnS, Dee. 5 (UP)—Sam j ous deaths have been caused by 'fog Frank, 05. Memphis jewelry auc-J suffocation in, ilio last 48, hours, tioncer found murdered tcclay in] —:— •. . .'••('' :i hotel room In Salt Lake City, i Ensllsh Fog. Llftinj was well 'known In tusimss c!r-1 LONDON, Dec. C (UP) ^P.og cies liere, as was hb> partner, Mar-1 which blankfled England lor" two tin Perel. who was with' him. j days began lifting In the southern Frank left hero tlvrsc weeks ago 'Fcction of the country today., Ser!o go to Salt Lake City, relatives j vices across the English -' ' taid. He Is survived by his wi-! paralyzed by fog, were channel, resumed and their tvro children. He! cautiously. Tfhe Thames estuary :r it 1 wns a r.a'.ive of Memphis but be-1 and Oravesend b3gan a slow relived | came widely known throughout, thej awnkenng.' country as n jewelry auctioneer, j Wast Helena Fire Chief Ferel bca a brother In the Jewel-1 Bad feather Inaugurates ry hnjlnc-s her Grasslands Steeplechase Held io Jury for Arson ig _ . I ft«fi-away Team Swashes j NASHVILLE, DCC. 6 <up>-Ad- HELENA, Ark.. Dec. 8. .UP)-1 a ._ V/bdo\V at Nooni ^ F3 = MaUler ' con<!IH8ns " nd "' Edward R. French, associate arch!- rccsivccl by a large ru:-li?nce. John-1 Helena, wos i tect of the treasury department, i; j snn : especially, wns accorded n tre- ', county gram •and jiiry cr. r. In four and on( ,. hai , mUc course thrsatened bad splits" and this day of congested j a( j dcd ha=ards - to tilc inaugural motor traffic on city streetr, ac-1 running of , hc Grasslands Intrr- c!:.cnls can somclimca happen as. national stecpl'ihass here toiay. were expected gural nnintns LUXORA. Ark.—' H^'f l biblc class of !hc Fi "t''from the ui.u Baptist church met for the annual! an automobile. e.eotlon cf officers, aitdr which aj nanqiiet was served and a number i - oi interest in j talks v;ere made. S.J. ] .Drf'i"i p L 0fided cvcr l '" e niectins ; and Introduced the following speak- j <*••: lUv. I«ng)ol«n, pastor oi - Bap.^t church, REV. Hall, pas- -, cscnpcrt In' Jia - 1 llot *•"" — nny more than i raiments located here. Congress , wcrc scvero j' n ' frt \i-hftA /-fMinioc l has anoranrlaled 51.415.000 fnr th« r«u*^ , f .."r ... Ule number issued to white couplas. I lla s appraprlatcd 51,415,01 . ! project. West End, Score-26-61 East End Scrappers defeated i ! Mother Kills Children: The plans provide for the entire , | first floor to be given over to th; i the cf-j forts cf wet and rco'.st organizations. south on Second slieet. As the- psilr rushed acro« the Walnut -' srd Cecsnd street Intersection thevij Kobert Boggs was fined two dot- c •, T , ni , I-postal dcpartmsnt. Sanity Test Planned: Pa.. Dec. 6. ' ' " frtf nf +' ^, --"•• -...,., |"~ -- r-*.^." «v..v«^,u • IsfldOlUCV, 1^.1.. l^C^.. U. MJrJ A Li 10 Mcthoilst church, Rev.; the West End Bearcats 23 to S at'Because she "couldn't bear to sec hn-r, ri'M , D ' csldln S CM " of Jones-: Haley Field tills mornin?. | them grow up In Ignorance;" Mrs. A ,, stricl Meth:dtst churches | In the flrsl .half Ihe East End.! Ida Twaddell, 3C, killed her two ailn i.ICtsrs Bunn onH Mrvlcoc nr: fnrwtirri wall nnfr»lii-AH tho «r«^» !^-_> ». ,L ^ j »..., . . Hotel at Arkadelphiaj *^ ----- -..«.-......, -- ----- ------ ...„ n M a f H(Xlg( '- S Dl iKTi, rd wa " out P la J- ed -t . MR]or ,. Luxora . I Ej ld line and East End O.C ecITi ^ rfo J, l . OTV ln? officers were elect-<1 9 ,<°1 LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 6. (UP)— ! District mqetlngs In each of ths Wa .. i v .. . • . „ . - ( -,° I AHKADELPHIA, Dec. 6. (UP)- j nine divisions cf the Arkansas Ed, W ,!l t !??.^ CI ^ et ^^^ n'sW watchman! ucation association will be held lOil A^SCC^h^l -,- ;5lea | lcr<! a ,„-, .,., :e , ; -, ago ni;force of the wajon carried them|,. llft ,„--„.,„, .,-„,, •ict Mee!in« : ccnnectlo:1 with l!; " cd counter - c » end the wajon tongue crash-, curt thui ^' nU ^f and cnd€d iu BieeungSi. c , tlng actlvltlc3 ..,,.., 6 . orpfA ^.^ , hrough the ; how ^maow, sca t-i menser WMK ln clty COU ' L 'day. Levine was av::.<;:rd after heltering glass over.the team.' ' ' ~— _ the half. In the second : bathtub. _ fc dro ,. nln , thcm , n ft Iscal mill, escaped i yesterday « ! next fall, It was decided at ?. ms.->t- M Mi CC " V ' ce l )r « !dents . J - l n Mle S^aPP 6 " backneld Alex- \ their mother atteinptcd to kill thru M. Majors secretary L. L. McDsar- , ander was oub.tandlng whlls ths in the same way. men Ircasurer, Rev. Klngsolven '!- '' ...... --------- " - - ' „,„__ , , i The district 'meetings will r« , »» mtvmam , wniic the I in the same way. . : th?^ oVWlWta, ^lT™ . , lhe ann ^' ELlt= «'«"««« h " d functioned weM^Blanchard and The father, Late, 60, collapsed ' em-eloped by he blaf H^ candl- j ^ Si ***"• ' b turoed in roorf nerfm-m,,,,... -..!,..> t,. .-,.,~i •,- -^ J ...... i t , on ^ no j believed to be serious ! next state conveiit!o-,i of thi Damage to the hotel was cstl- i ^s^^r 1011 i'"' •-" h eW in t!i3 mated at several thousand dollars; spring of 1932, the place to b? cles- partlly covered by insurance later. iiad visited an crur.iv.-r here and; r ^.-af """iKegro Fisherman's Boat WEAtHER New York Bank Pays Bonus to fair. S. C.. Dec. prayers of William Keith, i According to the official weather vr-,,- ,.„ r ,T,^ ^ !' 3 ',, ne;rr ° flsi>«™»n. Tor thc sal-1 obsen-er, Charles Phillips, ths mln- NEW YORK, ccc 6 (UP)-The > ;-alIon of his fishing boat and llsiimum temperature'here yssterfay Hcrnman Nationr.l Br.ii.-c and Trust; 9 cccupants frcm heavy seas ofrj-« s « degrees and the maximum, company today p;;,1 s.l employes n ; the South Carolina coast, had been 60 degrees; cloudy wltVUO inches bonus o ten per cuA or their sal-; answered today. of ra!n . 6n the d«j- a year »vy fnr thc current >v-ar. This was • A. forai |>;inrd patrol boat reach. " the first annoiin.-rnifiit this year rd Die u-71 late yesterday and of nny bank pay-ins s bonus. brought it back lo Charleston, --, 9"o t'-p minimum tenperature was 32 degrees a:;d thc maximum, 52 degrees; partly- cloudy,

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