The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 26, 1967 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1967
Page 5
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WASHINGTON Meny-Gt-RtuMl WASHINGTON - Intelligence reports from Latin America show that Fidel Castro has launched a massive drive, financed by the Chinese, to stir up the revolution in various key parts of Latin America. The intelligence reports also state, however, that in every case so far, Castro's Guerrilla attempts have failed. It makes heartwarming news compared with some of the military reports from South Vietnam. Here is a summary of the latest secret intelligence reports: In Bolivia, the army captured a batch of passports and signal plans used by guerillas, showing beyond any doubt that the revolution was inspired by Cubans and that Che Guevara, once War Minister for Fidel Castro, was originally in command. On Aug. 31, the Bolivian Army ambushed a group of guerrillas, killing several Cubans. In Venezuela, the government has located a 15-man terrorist unit calling itself "The Strategic Sabotage Command." The captain has been captured and four lieutenants killed. In Nicaragua, the Guardia Nacional in August began making a sweep of the north central section of the country to wipe out guerrilla training corps, killing fourteen Cuban guerrillas and capturing the others. In Guatemala there have been no insurgent contacts of late. The situation is much better. Despite this, Congress has drastically curtailed development loans under the Alliance for Progress. Even the Scandinavian countries and West Germany are now loaning more money to Latin America than the United States. - o - -REUTHER RUNS FOR COVER- Walter Reuther, who has shrugged off the scowls of George Meany, couldn't take the scowls ittw FIAISM of an irate California Congressman and recently ran for cover. The Congressman wasChetHoli- field, D-Calif., the Montebello haberdasher. The issue was uranium miners in Colorado and the Southwest who have developed lung cancer. Sen. Bobby Kennedy estimates 1,100 miners will die from exposure to radioactive uranium. Walter Reuther got involved because his Washington representative, Leo Goodman, has been waging a crusade against radioactive hazards, and ten years ago publicly warned that uranium miners would die of radiation unless steps were taken to ventilate the mines. Nobody paid much attention to Goodman's warning except the uranium miners. Ten years later, on April 26 of this year, the issue came to a head once again when the Public Health Service stated that 200 uranium miners already have lung cancer, and Goodman publicly testified that Rep. Holifield had blocked him earlier from testifying to this danger. Bobby Kennedy then jumped in to champion the uranium miners. When Bobby moves, the White House listens, and the matter came up at Cabinet meeting next day. All this made the Congressman from the Los Angeles suburbs sore as blazes. Chet came to Washington twenty years ago a dewy-eyed liberal who ran a struggling haberdashery store just outside Los Angeles. Now he's become one of the stauncher conservatives among California Democrats. He denied he had ever blocked Goodman from testifying. Goodman denied the denial. Holifield then demanded Walter Reuther fire Goodman. The demand was not made publicly but through John Conway, who is Heather's representative on the AFL-CIO. Goodman, believe it or not, has now been suspended. Conway wrote him that his job lALGONAl ENDS WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 27th JERRY LEWIS IN "THE BIG MOUTH" IN COLOR STARTS THURSDAY, SEPT 28th SEAN CONNERV IN COLOR ADMISSION - ADULTS - $1.25 SOON - "THE DIRTY DOZEN" had been abolished. Reuther has long been a battler for worker's health in other unions as well as his own but not this time. But he's busy with other matters today. Goodman, however, is still battling, even though he's lost his forum. He points out that the uranium mines of Colorado and the Southwest could be ventilated for only one per cent of the cost of operating the mines. - o - - BEHIND THE HEROES- You read headlines about the Marine heroism in South Vietnam, but you don't hear much about the man behind the headlines. He is Lt. Gen. Victor H. Krulak, a little fellow about 5' 2" high, who because of his stature and general belligerency is nicknamed "The Brute". He got the name at Annapolis where they had to waive the height requirements to get him in. "Brute" Krulak is commander of all the Marines ranging from South Vietnam to South Korea and San Diego. His official title is "Commandant Fleet Marine Pacific," and he has 75,000 Marines to worry about in Vietnam, plus 35,000 in Korea. He has made 49 trips to Vietnam in the last twenty-four months and, while other military and civilian leaders have been getting in the headlines, '' Brute" Krulak has been steadily doing his job without headlines. Krulak has three sons in the Marine Corps, and all have seen service in Vietnam. A former coxswain of the Annapolis crew, Gen. Krulak is the man to watch to become top commander of the Marines, unless the Pentagon politicians euchre him to one side. - o - - MERRY-GO-ROUND - Says Dick Gregory: "Luci Nugent took an awful chance when she let LBJ come down to see his first grand baby. How did she know he wouldn't pick up that baby by the ears?". . . .Said Leslie Carpenter to ex-Sen. Clarence Dill of Washington, who wrote the first Federal Communications Act: "If you'd written that law today, the co-sponsor might have been my congressman from Austin, Texas- Jake Pickle. Then it would have been called the 'Dill- Pickle Acf.". . . .While race riots in Detroit, Newark and other cities were giving Uncle Sam a black eye throughout Europe, Sidney Poitier was winning applause in Moscow with his new film, "To Sir, With Love." If s the story of a Negro teacher who prevails over his unruly white pupils, wnen shown during the Moscow film festival it brought a standing ovation from the audience, chiefly Russian. - o- - RATS AND PRIDE - Vice President Humphrey, who without any fanfare has been doing a lot to head off big-city riots, had his office telephone Rufus "Catfish" Mayfield in Washington the other day saying that the Vice President wanted to come and see him. "You say the Vice President wants to come and see me?" asked the astonished Mayfield. He didn't believe it. Mayfield is the head of an organization of Negro youths called "Pride, Inc.," which has done a valiant job of cleaning up Washington, D. C., slums, killing rats, removing rubbish and showing pride in the Negro community. Vice President Humphrey arrived. Catfish Mayfield still didn't believe it, "Are you really the Vice President?" he asked. "What you want Tuesday, Sept. 26, 1967 Algona (la.) Upper Des MolnM—3 to do down here?" "I don't want to sing," replied Humphrey. "I want to see what you're doing." Humphrey then went on a personally conducted tour with Catfish Mayfield as his guide, through the back alleys of Washington where young Negroes have killed 10,000 rats in a couple of weeks. College Group Guests, Tour Algona Area The Iowa Lakes Community College board of directors and administrative personnel were feted at Algona last Tuesday night by the Industrial Development Corporation of Algona. Members of the Algona Community School District board of education, chamber of commerce representatives, and city officials participated in a tour of Algona's residential, business, industrial concerns, and Garrigan High School. The group was later taken to Charlie's Supper Club for a steak dinner with the Industrial Development Corporation serving as the host. Bill Conn, President of the Industrial Development Corporation served as master of ceremonies at the dinner and Jack Limbaugh, a member of the local school board, pointed out the virtues of Algona. The purpose of the tour and dinner was to "sell Algona" as alog- ical site for a vocational branch of the Iowa Lakes Community College. Guests representing the college consisted of board members Jack Tatman of Spirit Lake, president of the board, Wayne Crim,Estlierville,Orville Thorson, Swea City, Joe Graf, Spencer, Alden Wigdahl, Ruthven, Dr. James Coffey, Emmetsburg, and Edgar Meyer, Algona. Administrative personnel were Doyle Carpenter, superintendent, Orville Parks and Ed Hoist, deans, and Robert Blacker, vocational director. A short business meeting was held by the college board following the dinner at the Algona High School. 2 From Area At Loras College Dubuque, Iowa - Allen Higley of 1302 East State, Algona, has enrolled as a freshman at Loras College, Iowa's oldest college. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Higley. He will be taking an Ecclesiastical course. Norman Bormann, Bode, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Bormann, is also an entering ecclesiastical student. This year's Loras College freshman class numbers 500. Total enrollment is approximately 1600. -95- Hans J. P. Andersen of Humboldt was honored by friends and relatives there on his 95th birthday September 2. Mr. Andersen has always resided in Humboldt county since coming to America in 1891. Fall Plowdown Of FERTILIZER COOP Puts plant food right down in the root zone where spring crops can build a massive root system for higher yields. We have spreaders to pull or we can truck spread. Anti-Freeze Glycol base—lay in your winter's supply NOW! METHAHOL ALCOHOL Limited supply—75c gallon Bring your own container. Whittemore Co-op Elevator HOSARTON BRANCH] caQp ^ Alt BVBN ftt>^ Golden Sun Feeds S For top performance CO-OP gasoline, fuel oil, oils and lubricant* Telephone 295 - 5614

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