The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 21, 1967 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1967
Page 14
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WASHINGTON WASHINGTON - The Senate cast a very significant vote, last week affecting the ethics of Congress. By a narrow margin, 46 to 42, it killed a proposal 'by Sen. Joe Clark of Philadelphia that eacli Senator and Congressman disclose his financial assets so the public would be able to judge whether or not their Congressmen profited from outside sources while in office. The majority of Republican Senators voted against this disclosure, among them the first Negro Senator, Ed Brooke of Massachusetts, who operates a BKIW PIA1SOI Boston law firm, Sen. Hiram Fong of Hawaii, also a lawyer, and Everett Difksen of Illinois, who operates a most affluent law firm in Peoria. Some of the biggest corporations in the country go all the way to Peoria to retain the Dirksen law firm. Among the Democrats voting against disclosures were Howard Cannon of Nevada, George Smathers of Florida, who likewise are lawyers. There can be no question that the defeat of the Clark amendment was a setback for good government and ethical conduct. ALGONA THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 21-22-23 THEY ROBBED BANK! THEY KILLED PEOPLE! THEIR MOTIVES WERE TWISTED... BUT THEY, LOVED ONE ANOTHER] Their attraction te each led to tlte forming of owe of -Hie Kriosf vicious qomqsof -Hue 1930's.... 7H€ BARROW GAHGl Wa^BEATTY DUN AWAY BONNIE CLYDE It begins with Bonnie, stark naked/ yelling out a window at Clyde who Is stealing her mother's tar. And then it gets better. TECHNICOLOR' FROM WARNER BROS.-SEVEN ARTS '2 SHOWS EACH EVENING - THURS. - FRI. - SAT. ADULTS - $1.00 SATURDAY MATINEE ONLY AT 1:30 "THE DOG OF FLANDERS" PLUS CARTOONS MATRON ON DUTY - ALL SEATS - 50c SUNDAY thru WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 24 thru 27 The Big Mouth vs. The Big Mob! TM BIG MOUTH HAR(i!bj.$TONE<miEC^ IffiEWOIllRICM EASTMAN COLOR rjjjj GOOD FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT ADULTS - $1-00 - CHILDREN - 35c CONTINUOUS SHOWS FROM 1 P.M. ON SUNDAY. 2 SHOWS EACH EVENING - MON. - TUES. - WED. President Johnson requires all his appointees to executive off ice to make exactly this kind of a disclosure to the Civil Service Commission. Thus we have two standards of ethical conduct- a strict standard for the executive branch, and no standard for Congress. - o - -KENNEDY RIFT- There's a slight coolness between Jacqueline Kennedy and Sen. Robert Kennedy these days. It developed during the dispute over the "Death of a President," when Jackie demanded that the book be severely censored. Sen. Bobby Kennedy didn't go along with her, felt she was unreasonable and Jackie didn't like it. Incidentally, the New York Times, though it doesn't like Bobby Kennedy, can't help putting his name on page one several times a week. He has an uncanny instinct for making news. - o - CAPTAIN ROBE'S FUTURE - If s no secret that the President is delighted that Lynda Bird has switched her affections from Hollywood to the Marine Corps. The President did not admire George Hamilton, chafed over the fact that he had a draft deferment to "support his mother" in a Hollywood mansion. The President not only likes Captain Charles S. Robb, his future son-in-law, but is pleased that he has already carved out a fine career in the Marine Corps. But Chuck Robb is due for service in South Vietnam, which presents some real problems. If Capt. Robb, the President's son- in-law, should be captured in combat or kidnapped in Saigon, it would be a tremendous coup for North Vietnam. And two American officials already have been captured in the suburbs of Saigon. The family of any President is subject to public scrutiny and sharp criticism. The Roosevelt boys served bravely in World War II, but criticism never ceased, and their father once complained that the press never would quiet down until one of his sons was stretched out on a bier in the East Room of the White House. In the case of Captain Robb, there would be loud outcries if his orders should be changed to keep him from going to Vietnam after he marries Lynda. So odds are heavy that he will be sent as scheduled. However, it is a good bet that the Marine Corps will do its best to keep him out of combat and danger of capture. This will not be "favoritism" toward the son- in-law of the President, but a matter of high strategy. - o - ROMNEY»S BRAINWASHING - Gov. George Romney of Michigan still has a lot to learn about [from HMORY'S SCRAPBOOK DATES AND EVENTS FROM YESTERYEARS Nathan Hale was executed, September 22, 1876. Gene Tunney defeated Jack Dempsey to win heavyweight boxing championship, September 22, 1926. The planet Neptune was discovered, September 23, 1846. Civil war broke out In China, September 24, 1924. The Bill of Rights was adopted by Congress, September 25, 1789. Japanese forces were turned back from Port Moresby, September 24, 1942. ...„.,. „ , . Samuel Osgood was appointed first Postmaster General under the constitution, September 25, 1789. The first Liberty Ship was launched, September 26, 1941. Balboa claimed the Pacific Ocean in the name of his Sovereigns" "Monarchs of Castile,"September 28, 1513. retary of Agriculture Orville Freeman, though he's the best man in his job in many years. Two years ago Freeman received a 72 per cent vote in the same poll. What farmers apparently are interested in is prices, not personalities. Thursday, Sept. 21, 1967 Algona (la.) Upper 0« MolfiW-l his own state constitution as well as the federal Constitution. When he announced that he would seek a federal indictment for treason against Negro extremists, he obviously didn't know that there can be no treason against the federal government in the absence of a declaration of war. He also didn't know that his own Michigan constitution gives the Michigan government the right, without a U.S. war declaration, to prosecute for treason within the state. In this case, the governor certainly can't claim that he was brainwashed by federal officials. If s just plain ignorance. Incidentally, Washington wags are asking who brainwashed Romney into believing he is qualified to be President of the United States. - o - MISSISSIPPI E LECTION - Charles Evers, brother of the murdered Negro leader Medgar Evers and now head of the NAACP In Mississippi, had a very important conference with Attorney General Ramsey Clark last week in which he reported on the results of the last Mississippi election. Evers complained that the federal observers sent In by the Justice Department had come from Alabama and other Southern States and were not sympathetic toward Negro voting. He also reported that Dr. A. J. Finch, defeated for superintendent of education in Wilkerson County, had his wife fired by the state after he lost the election, and that Tom Griffin, a Negro who ran for county road supervisor, had subsequently lost his job as a bus driver. However, the most important fact is that 200,000 Negroes were registered in Mississippi, and 80 per cent of them voted, whereas in the previous election the Negro vote was only 25,000. And William Winter, who campaigned on the promise to treat all people alike, got a total of 300,000 votes and lost by only 60,000, a remarkable sign of progress for Mississippi. - o - REAGAN THE RADICAL - Gov. Ronald Reagan of Cali- fornia is going back to Eureka College in Illinois this month to dedicate a new library. The public mostly has forgotten it, but 40 years ago a young student at Eureka lead a student strike, persuading students to go home and stay there until all student demands were met. The young man who whipped up the students later wrote, "Hell, with two more lines I could have had them riding through every Middlesex village and farm." This young man was Ronald Reagan, now governor of California, who now finds it popular to condemn student strikes, o - - HARDHEADED FARMERS - Farmers are now so down on the Johnson administration that a poll of Iowa farmers by- Wallace's Farm Magazine shows only 28 per cent approve of Sec- Mr. Busy Farmer OUR BULK WAGON SERVICE Will Bring Your GAS —OIL —LUBE NEEDS RIGHT TO YOUR FARM! •••••••••••ec*•••••4 HIGHEST QUALITY - FOR LESS • Farm Grease • MULTI-LUBE LITHIUM GUN GREASE Tht ONE Great* For Every Purpose WE HAVE HYDRAULIC TRANSMISSION FLUIDS FOR ALL MAKES OF TRACTORS We pick up and deliver cars for greasing and oiling WE CAN SERVICE ALL SIZE TRUCKS ON OUR NEW LARGE, TRUCK SERVICE RACK VIKING OIL CO. PHONE 296-3749 ROY STOFFEL, Owner "GOLD BOND STAMPS ON GAS PURCHASES AT STATION" - MAGIC NUMBER NINE - Son. Georire Murphy, H-Calif., one of the I'.S. observers of the Vietrnan elections, told Joe\ Bishop on ABC there was no question Unit the Vietnam election was conducted fairly. As evidence he showed one of the election ballots. The ballots were a sheaf of papers, each paue with the photograph and description of a candidate for president and his vice presidential runniiu: mate. Murphy told Bishop that if the military junta which ran Generals Thiou and Ky had really wanted to rig the election, their photographs would have Iven on the first page of the ballot. Instead, Murphy pointed out, they were in the middle of the Udlot, on page nine. But, like most Westerners who act like experts on the Far East, Sen. Murphy did not know that No. 9 is the maf;ic number of oriental Buddhists. No. 0 in Vietnam symbolizes the nine heavens of Buddha, which meant that the Thieu-Ky ticket was presented to voters in the most favored position of all. Chopped Corn The LuVerne Livewires 4-H Club held their regular monthly meeting at the home of Cynthia Kile y Saturday. The meeting was held an hour earlier and the remainder of the day was spent chopping down corn on corners at intersections, to help traffic get a better view. This was done as a community project. SIXTH Dorothy Momsen, Denlson, started on her sixth gallon as a blood donor when the Bloodmobile was in Denlson early this month. WATCH FOR OUR PREMIER SHOWING PARTY- WHICH WILL FEATURE All OF THE NEW 1968 HCAVICTOR PRODUCTS WAKE PIANS NOW T O JOIN US \ WORE DETAILS LATER 11 l? M/S RAD '° * TV •>\ ' 5 E STATE AIGONA Dramatic! Distinctive! Daringly new! Chevy n Nova Camaro—"The Hugger" Chevrolet Impala '68s Top Secrets are here 1968 Chevrolets The 1968 Chevrolets are the very essence of modern design. Every line, every curve is in close harmony. It's a smooth, uncluttered look with roof lines compatible with body lines, grilles and bumpers that blend gracefully into long, rounded fenders. Clean, flowing, beautiful in their simplicity, these '68 Chevrolets are rich and advanced in styling beyond any you've ever seen. A MORE SILENT RIDE And for 1968, we've gone to every length to give you more peace and quiet inside. The most sophisticated computers have been used to strategically place body mounts and successfully isolate noise and vibration. Shock absorbers have been improved. The wheel stance on many models is wider for greater smoothness. Exhaust systems have been redesigned to make them whisper-quiet. Even the clocks tick more softly. A sound car is a silent car. The '68 Chevrolets are the most silent, highest quality cars we've ever built. BETTER PERFORMANCE There are new engines, a bigger standard Six and V8. There's a new 250-hp V8 you can order that runs on regular fuel. Many new engine components increase dependability and keep your new Chevrolet running stronger. There's a new rear axle ratio you can add for greater economy. On most engines equipped with automatic transmissions, there's a special heater for the carburetor which gives you more efficient performance in cold weather. And with every engine, you get the new GM exhaust emission control. UNIQUE ASTRO VENTILATION There's a whole new idea in ventilation, called Astro Ventilation, for Camaro, Corvette and the elegant Caprice Coupe. It's also available on many other models. By opening two new vent-ports on the instrument panel, you bring in outside air that can be directed where you want it. This way, you can leave your windows rolled up and add still more to your peace and quiet. PROVED SAFETY FEATURES You get the proved GM-developed energy absorbing steering column, folding front seat back latches, dual master cylinder brake system with v/arning light, plus many more new features. Among them: energy absorbing front seat backs, and safety armrests that shield the door handles. MUCH MORE THAT'S NEW There are new roof lines, some formal and graceful, others sporty and quick. There are new instrument panels, richly designed and all controls within easy reach. There are new interiors, new vinyls, new fabrics, new colors. There are models with Hide-A-Way windshield wipers and headlights that disappear behind grilles. There are new side marker lamps, new recessed taillights. There's even a new ignition alarm buzzer that reminds you not to walk away and leave your keys in the car. These are the newest, the most different, the most dramatically changed Chevrolets ever. And they're at your Chevrolet dealer's now. You'll thoroughly enjoy slipping behind the wheel, experiencing the smooth new handling and library-quiet ride and, more than anything, seeing and feeling the even greater quality built into every new Chevrolet for 1968. Be smart! Be sure! Buy now at your Chevrolet dealer's. There's more quality and value built into Chevrolets than ever before, making every new 1968 model an even better buy! 'u'om KOSSUTH MOTOR COMPANY 108 SOUTH HALL ALGONA, IOWA PHONE 2954554

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