Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 30, 1934 · Page 16
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 16

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 30, 1934
Page 16
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16 OAKLAND TRIBUNE, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 301934 1 I III AHMS UNDER hew i. s. u Few Individuals in State Possess Machine Guns Chief of Bureau Declares ' . SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 30.-Cal ifornia is apparently unusualy free from the menace of machine-guns In the possession of individuals, ' ' Chief T. J. Church of the miscel laneous tax division of the Internal Revenue Department here declared today, in comment on the new Fed eral Registration of Firearms law. i, j The law provides that every per ' ' son. comoration or agency, includ- '' ' lng peace oftteeTs, must register the automatic fire-arms in tneir posses ' sion on July 26. Revolvers and au tomatjc pistols which shoot one shot at a time are exempt from tne reg- istratifcn NEW TAX IS HIGH. "While we were rather surprised at the. number of machine guns and sawed-off shotguns brought in for registration by mining companies, laree cornoratlons, and various other concerns, we have found only a very few such firearms owned by Individuals." Church said. One reason for their scarcity, he pointed out, Is the new law imposing a $500 tax on the manufacturer of the machine gun, and a $200 tax Imposed on the dealer. . "We found one dealer who ordered a machinegun for a customer. The customer .. didn't take the gun off, his hands, and the dealer, has to pay- the 4ax- now,'' Church' said. "CTJKIO" GUNS INCLUDED. ' "Severaf .persons , misinterpreted 1 the' law,-and have brought in their pistols and revolvers. "Only the automatic pistol of the type which fires all -its shots when -the trigger " Its pressed down are to be regis-' tered," Church pointed out. Even "curio" guns, he said, must be registered. One San Franciscan brought his collection of, more than 40 guns, picked up In various parts of the world, according to Church. . ' Of these, only three would shoot, nd were registered. i ' i Only army and navy firearms need not be" registered, Church declared, since the guns In use 'by these branches of the government are all registered through the ordnance de- : partments. w. - . . i . j, ... Legion Will Have 'Night in Paris' ALAMEDA, Oct., 30. . Alameda Legionnaires wrfl celebrate Armistice Day with a "Night in Paris" dinner dance at Hotel Alameda on Saturday evening, November 10, it was announced today by Henry Lewlckl, chairman of the committee in charge of plans for the Armistice Day celebration. InJlne with precedent, the ballroom,- will be transformed into a Parisian scene and entertainment 1 j features typical of the World War days overseas will be scheduled, Lewicki said. Halloween Party To Be Held Tonight The St. Joseph's Sodality and the Young Ladies Sodality will hold their annual Halloween party tonight at St. Elizabeth's school. The following members are on the committee in charge of the affair: Blanche Knezgtcr, Dick Day, Elsie Class, Joe Cecil, Francis Gross, Jack : Kronenberg, Flora Weishaar, Bill . Rose, Elizabeth Murphy, Frank Boedekker, Leona Class, Pete Fowler, Rita Frascr, Ed Fowler and , Morgan Hornbeck. '' ;, , . Girls' Association Has Entertainment RICHMOND, Oct. 30, A short program of entertainment was pre- sented at the first meeting of the Junior High School Girls' Associ-' ' ation for the semester. Beatrice Delancy and Jean Han-' sen presented a piano duet, while readings were given by Mrs. Virginia Bryant. An act was given by Zellajane Mark and Helen Pratt, nd a pianolog was given by Lois McKenna. Ex'Visalia Mayor Dies at Legrand VISALIA, Oct. 30. W)-Edward T. Lambert, 64, former Mayor of ' Visalla, died Sunday in the home of son, Harold V. Lambert, at Legrand. He served as Mayor of Visalia from 1927 to 1931. PAINTER WINS MEDAL NEW YORK, Oct. 30. (Pi-The silver medal of the American Water Color Society was awarded today to Laforce Bailey, head of the Fine Arts Department of the University of Illinois, for Ms painting "Afternoon Excursion." SPONSORS OF PARTY w rVa X Of FflEE TESTS URGED SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 30-Free eye examinations as part of the NRA code for the retail optical business were urged by the Progressive Optical System, its officials announced here today. The concern, which operates In San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Fresno, the officials said, made the proposal to federal authorities in reply to opposition to such "free" service which it said it gives. Officials of the company said the NRA board in Sacramento had cited them to appear in the matter. C V I Cohan Captures LI L Home Town in 'Ah Wilderness' When St. Mary's High School Mothers Club entertains Friday evening at a card party and dance, among those playing a prominent part in program of the evening will be: (left to right) Mr. Reginald Guichard, Mr. Elmer J. McGuire, chairman, and Mrs. Frank Kane. Tribune Photo. IMS' CLUB TD GIVE-WHIST A threefold entertainment Is an nounced for Friday, evening by, St. Mary's Hi,h School Mothers Club, when the organization .will sponsor a benefit whist, bridge ari dancing party at Hotel Oakland. Mrs. Elmer McGuire is chairman. Co-6naIrmen, are: Mrs. Frank, Kane, Mrs. Thomas Lalor, Mrs. Reginald Guichard and Mrs, Mary Murphy. The assisting committee is mad up of Mesdames Afted Flynn, Joseph Loughrey, John Cadigan, Michael Boyle, Frank Dodd, Rank Ryken, Walter Cunha and P. J. Horan. Mrs. Charles Coughlan is chair man of cards, Assisting win db Mesdames Thorvald Brown, Thomas Healy. Floyd Jenkins, Thomas Car rol, John Brown, jonn naaaen, Ralph Barker, Lenard DeArrnay, Lawrence Brooks, Frank Regan, Frederick Dunn, Charles Selby, William Martin and August Rettig. Girls from the Holy Names Cen tral High School and St. Josephs Presentation Academy will score. The mothers club will have a luncheon and business meeting on Thursday at St. Mary's High School. Mrs. Cadigan is hospitality chairman and Mrs. Frank Ryken is in charge of entertainment. Thornton Troup Dates Announced Gray Hair Best Remedy is Made At Home You can now make at home better array balr remedy than you ran buy by following thla simple rerlpe: To half pint ef water add one ounce bay rum. a email box of Barbo Compound and one-fourth ounce of glycerine. Any druggist can put thla up or you can mix It yourself at very little coat. Apply to the hair twice a week Until the dealred ahade la obtained. Barbo Imparta color to atreoked, faded or (ray hair, miking It aoft and gloeey. It will not color the acalp, la not itlckr or greasy and doe sot nib off. As Shakespeare did, so does William Thornton. He travels cara van style with his costumes, his sets and his company around the country. The modern tour of the Bard! Ttppi-nn ne Friday. Nnvemner h. Thornton will present "King Lear," on Saturday 10, a matinee performance of "The v Merchant of Venice," and the, sfeme evening Richard Ilr," at Auditorium Thea ter. Once unon a time the plays of Shakespeare could be seen only in England. Then Shakespeare toured the Island kingdom, bringing to far flung audiences the gifts of his pen. Today William Thornton is one of the few courageous mortals touring Shakespearean repertory. Sur rounded by a versatile company, Thornston, ymtngest-actor-manni;er his field, recaptures the very spirit' and fiber of the Elizabethan repertory theater. Today's Portia is tomorrow s maid-servant; the Bas- sanio of today is the man-servant of tomorrow. Lear dons the trap pings of Petruchio; Romeo draws about his shoulders the shabby wrappings of Shylock. ' - : Woman Arrested For Red Handbills RICHMOND, Oct. 30. Mrs. Violet Orr, 30, 515 Barrett Street, was arrested by police late yesterday for alleged-violation of the anti-handbill ordinance here She was re leased on $50 bail and was to appear today before Police Judge C. A. Odell. An alleged Communist leader In the community. Mrs. Orr was dis- ributing handbills urging election of Sam D'Arcy, Communist guber natorial candidate, wiUiouta police permit. Unsuccessful candidate for the State Assembly in the, primary election on the . Communist ticket, Mis. Orr complained recently to' officials that her.Jvorrm-was raidod by "vigilantes" in their anti-Red demonstrations .which Jtollowt'd the recerit general strike. ;r-?-t: Policeman Slayer Starts Life Term ALEXANDRIA, Va Oct. 30. -! George D. Roberts, former Alexandria policeman, began a life sentence today for slaying three members of his wife's family two weekr, ago. He was started for the state penitentiary at Richmond after being sentenced in a 10-minute proceedings within half an hour after pleading guilty. Mrs. Everett Smith Tells How ZE Cuticura Healed Little Boy. ' "I noticed several email, red splotches on my little boy's fare. They started on his cheek, but scratching caused them to spread rapidly, finally to the edge of hi hair. The skin began to peel in large, dandrulT-hke scales and when be scratched the place would peel. I was afraid scars would be left on his face. ... - "I saw an advertisement for Cuticura Soap and Ointment and sent for a free sample. Then I purchased more and in about two weeks he was entirely healed.". (Signed) Mrs. Everett Smith, llotibs, New Mexico, March 80, 1934 ' oac-Mc OintaMBtlScaadSOe. TelcwniSo. ISiiiiHiw rmm nnm Ca-1-I Cm,, MoMoa. wtaoa. Art Museum Place Offered in Memorial SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 30. San Francisco can have a new museum of art can have s new museum ing if funds can be found for lights, janitors, elevators .nd heat. Mayor Angelo Rossi told Wm. H.Crocker, president, of the San Francisco Art Association, yesterday. The association plans to bring art from the East as a nucleus for the proposed museum. Woman Loses Suit For Property Right SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 30. A suit in which Mrs. Katherine Ruth Hayes Allen, 60, disputed the city's right to the property on which the War Memorial and the Civic Opera House are located, was lost today when Superior Judge Daniel C. Deasy ruled in favor of the city. Mrs. Allen based her claim on the contention that her uncle, Thomas Hayes, pioneer owner of most of the land in Hales Valley, had never relinquished title to two small areas in his holdings when be sold his property prior to his death in Iftfia. Judge Deasy.-however, held that a reading of the deed indicated that Hayes had had no intention of withholding any part of the property. MISSING BOY FOUND BERKELEY, Oct. 30 Ralph S. Bowden, 19, who disappeared from his home at 2202 Sacramento Street, October 6, was located today with relatives in Cushing, Oklahoma, according to word received by police. NORTH BROOKFIELD, Mass, Oct. 30. UP, George M. Cohan, has added Main street to his conquests. "The man who owns Broadway" came home last night to play before perhaps the most appreciative audience he ever has faced. It took but a nod of his head, a smile, the mere lifting of an eyebrow, to bring down the house. Hand clapping was inadequate. There were 550-odd packed into the 70-year-old town hall, and outside, in a cold, biting wind, a thousand more heard "Georgie" through amplifiers. It was the fulfillment of a promise Cohan made himself a long time ago. He hac1 said that some day he would "gc back home" and put on a show for "the folks." So it was that Cohan came with Eugene O'Neill's "Ah Wilderness" and sixteen members of the com& pany. The play witnessed by those lucky enough to obtain seats tickets sold out in 15 minutes was the strangest North Brookfield has seen. Without costumes, without scenery, without make-up even minus many of its most important atmospheric props the company gave a performance that held indoor and outdoor audirnces enthralled for two hours. It was in North Brookfield that he spent his Summers while a boy and it was here that he wrote hir, first experimental play "Fifty Miles from Boston" and his first song hit, "Venus, My Shining Star." ISliTHEl WINS DIVORCE 'I DIVORCED The political pot is beginning to simmer but won't boil much. The old apple-sauce will be only warmed over. Albany Knickerbocker Press. Mrs. Edna Marie Hoen Kitchener, young Oakland society matron, who won a Reno divorce today, will resume the status of a single woman for exactly 19 days. For on November 13. at the home of relatives in Yosemite Valley, she is to marry Samuel F. B. Morse Jr.. Oakland business man and scion of the' wealthy and socially prominent Del Monte family. News of the approaching wedding came just after Mrs. Kitchener filed suit for divorce yesterday against Raymond 6. Kitchener, charging incompatibility, and was confirmed by relativesand friends of Morse and herself. Her mother, Mrs. E. L. Hoen, 704 Rand Avenue, said that she first met Morse some time after her separation from Kitchener. "My daughter and Mr. Kitchener are still the best of friends, in spite of the divorce," said the mother. The divorce case was to be heard today in Reno and is uncontested. Kitchener, whom she married at a brilliant society weddinE in Piedmont in 1927, is engaged in tlc stationery business in San Francisco. Their home was at 3831 Bal-fnnr .Slrort Thpv hn"r n enn Ray mond I ,ee, 5. I The wedding to Morse will he solemnized at the home of the bride's uncle. James Oliver, Federal commissioner of Yosemite Valley. Morse's mother. Mrs. George Richardson, of Lake Forest, 111., will attend. Morse Is the manager of the Oakland office of a shipping concern. Sew a wide piece of tape over the top of your curtains before hanging them in order to save the strain of the curtain pins. B- v? DOCK WORKERS ROSIER BEGINS SAN FRAItfCISCO. Oct. istraticin of lone.-horemen ceedir.g to follow the Longshoremen Board's 30 Res- filSt pTr National arbitration Mrs. Edna Marie Hoen Kitchener, Oakland society matron, obtained a Reno divorce today from Raymond S. Kitchener so she can marry Samuel F. B. Morse Jr., on Nov. 18. Funeral Services to Be Held for Pioneer SALINAS. Oct. 30. Funeral services were conducted today for Mrs. Martha Elizabeth Bardin, 76. a Monterey County pioneer, who died Sunday morning at a local fiospital after an illness of several weeks. Interment was in the family plot in I. O. O. F. cemetery. of the recent strike.. ,begnn at, the Ferry building today. The board, in its arbitration award, provided for the registration of longshoremen and for the sole employment of those registered as long as such men are available. Those to be registered first are men who worked twelve months during the three-year period preceding the rtnke. However, because the labor relations committee of the hoard has estimated that this group will not provide enough men to do available work, all men who worked at any time during the period from January 1, 1933, to May 8. 1934, will be registered. Registration began at 10 a. m. today. It will continue from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. daily hereafter. The labor relations committee later will list the registrants and set up and operate the dispatching hall for longshoremen employed by the Waterfront Employers' Union. Baldwin, Former S. F. Millionaire, Dies SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 30 Charles A. Baldwin, former San Francisco millionaire, died yesterday in Colorado Springs, relatives here learned today. Baldwin had lived in the Colorado city since 1908. Baldwin's widow, the former Ella Virginia Hobart. is an aunt of Mrs. W. W. Crocker, and Baldwin was the uncle of the Duchess of Marlborough. He leaves one son, Charles A. Baldwin Jr. ra "Come ill the tank i rd once aoain ft We're Proud to Recommend Blue Ribbon A. OAKLAND Levr J Zentner Ce.. Dlitrlbutom Art't Smoke Shop 4021 Broadway Sam Avnrw Cafe 9431 Eait 14th Street Athenlal-N'lle Club 1 1th and Franklin Athene Club 1,1th and Clay Btid'a Plaee 4401 Piedmont Avenge C. 8. Buffet 4101 Piedmont Avenue Calden Brar 8150 Piedmont ATue Cltr, Market ) 1 f, .'. y WaiMnitoA PtreM Collrne Ave. Manor Stored x " BM C'ollete Avenue Joe Damonie wa SMh Avenue nlllon'l Place 4300 Orove Doe'e Tavern 401 h and Telrtraph The Forum I.lquor Store 42ft Itth Street Frnk' CoMeae Inn SK43 Ran Pablo Avenue W. E. Oilman 2ft2fl Teleeranh Avenue Hanirn'e Restaurant 2BI4 BroadwaT llaventrourt Pharmacy B(W0 Beck Street Hotel l.eamlnftnn 10th and Franklin Streeti Hotel Oakland ' 13th and Harrison Streeta Jlmmle'i Tavern loos Broadway Lakeshore Public Market SJ"7 I,akehore Avenue Lawrence's Plaee 1414 Frultvale Avenue Luke Brolhere 4001 Teleereph Avenue Marrotea Buffet 1200 13th Avenue C. Maasey fticur,t 11SS Broadway Meyer A Sona 1207 Frultvale Avenue New Canton Cafe 4IS 13th Street Pcte'a Fashion C.rlll 4IH J.lth Street pirates Cafe tilt Broadway Public Food Stores 4101 rlrdmont Ave. 5101 rove Ml. HO (irand Ave. 11(12 Trlriranh Ave. A l!ith St. 401(1 Tclcaranh Ave. , . ! 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Liquor Store 3111 Lakeshore Avenue Trlrrranh Grill 213ft Telrrranh Avenue The Auditorium Buffet 80 Tenth Street The Bine Ribbon Buffet 2101 Hopkins Street The Capital Sweet Shop S838 Foothill Blvd. The Clay-ten 4 000 Clay Street The Coast Inn 2ftftfl San Psble Avenne The Fern Buffet 6ft2S Telearaph Avenne The Fifth Avenue Market Ml East ISth Street The Idora Buffet 8501 Telearaph Avenue The Key Cliar Store 40th and San Pablo Avenue The Maze 321 East Elihth Street The Mecca 1002 San Pablo Avenue The Olympe Tavern . 2nd Ave.' and East 12th St. The Park Buffet' I m Park Blvd, ,'The', Tamale Inn , 3440 Frultvale Avenue The Tnrlork Market 209 East 12th Street Hal Webster Co. 333ft Lakeshore Ave. ' The Wonder Bar 427 12th Street The Tanks Buffet 28H East ISth Street Tom's ''Tavern 115 Twelfth Street Trlantle Garden 8A1 flll Street Valentines Cafe 2HS 14th Street Varsity Tavern 5055 C'ollrfe Avenue Welter's Place 1243 13th Avenue E. C. Willis 3201 East 14th Street lale Delicatessen 3251 Grand Avenue BERKELEY Dad's Place 2242 Telearaph Avenue Gee. T. Hansen S29I1 Adeline Street Jack and Harry's Pool Parlor 10th Ave. A University Ave. Knapp's Market 10M) San Pablo Avenue Kricrer's Grocerterla Solano and Fresno Streets ralaee Buffet 2525 San Pablo Avenue Nerthhrae Pharmacy HOD El Dorado Avenue vs. Jnllr Rorer 2418 Bancroft The Oak's Sweet Shop 1811 Solano Avenue The U. C. 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Milan's Cafe . Seeond and (i Street Oak Grov Dance Pavilion The A. B. C. Buffet 214 G Street The Santa Fe Hotel . - 102 I Street MT. DIABLO Ml. Diablo , Country Clnb DUBLIN Dublin Hotel BATWARD Public Food Storea 554 Main SU 101 B St. mlj vv &J '4 fife' 11 at. w. i Ii I ... 1 X iJP ..f 31 Crisp Autumn the Ideal Season for Genuine, Mellow Ale! Pungent smell of burning leaves . . . frost on the pumpkin ... a bracing tang in the air . . . that's autumn weather, the weather for hearty good fellowship. And that's the weather for Blue Ribbon Ale the drink for hearty good fellows. Full bodied, full strength, full flavored the tang ot Autumn and the vigor oi a day following bird dogs: here's the greatest of ales. An ale unlike any other ever brewed, yet delightfully retaining every traditional ale characteristic that has made this great drink a favorite for centuries. You'll find Blue Ribbon Ale featured as the autumn special at leading taverns, hotels, restaurants, and clubs everywhere. And don't forget to have your nearest dealer delive? a case to your home. k 46 'IF i T Hear Ben Bernle, "the I -., I 1 1 Jr old Maestro," on the ' II II III Jt Pabst Blue Ribbon II II " I P M t ProRram every Tuesday, II II 1 1 1 Mi KPO, 9 P.M. Pacific V'l 2. , , 11 ' 1 L'""" 'I.M m wm Timet mmmwm "BHaBBaeesBaaaeaB MawiMaaMMea 1934,Premier-Pabat Corp. ' - i ; 1 . . . , -i w' --"".' ''.- - ..Si'-' - V ' " J

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