The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 2, 1949
Page 8
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rxoe EIGHT BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JULY 2, 1949 '• Arkansas Flood Projects Okayed St. Froncii District $20 Million Program Included in List By <! orrfon H r u H n AP Special Washington Service WASHINGTON'. July 2. a'- — F'ivp Arkansas projects—four :t) (lip multi-million dollar class --w^re approved by [he HOU.SP Public Works Commit fee in tin 1 ne\v nuvl- fcnlion and fined tontiol bill it, reported (o the HOII.-P, The five, lolalitiK $150 -TW.OUO. ron^tuulp more than a Jenrh of the hill's of SUJO.GLIO.OOO. If the bill becomes lasv, the Ark- pro.ioc(. c will :akp tlioir place on ihe list of tuch i>;ii)!k- worlts ultimately to be built. Ho\vt i vf-r. cntisf ruction Iti every case must a wo i t ft ppropria 1Ions by Coji STCS.S. Bifjg^t of the Arkansas Hiithon- gaiionx would be an sAfi.OOO.noo 1n- n-eajf—lo a SHO.OOO.OOft total—for Ihe over-all Arkflnsfl^ Ris'fr development plan. This big na visa lion- power-flood control plan ha.s been approved by Congress which, how- ei'er. placrd a .$55.000,000 railing on Rupvapriatious and said this Sft5.OQO.ODf) nvist £0 to tlie T'Manln. OkKi., rifiin. The lukii'iona! autlmn/.atloa IK divided thi.s wnv: bunk slflbilix^- tion work 520.000.000: Eu/anla Dam S15.000.00fl: natclaiu-Uc. Art:., dam 5S5.000.000 and genera] flood control ulan $!.S 000.000 U'auUd Higher (Vilinvc Rpp Trimbii 1 ' iD-Aiki told a report f-r IIP had .sought to imve DIP comuiiUoe lucrpaw the eeiliiiK l>y a greater R mount—as the stale's delegation find many Arkansas citizens had asked -but, felt lot innate in being able to get as mud) as M-as voted. He said comuili tee tnrnibers pointed out that as h is Arkansas would pet more than half of the $119.000,000 authorization tor rivers and ha chore projecl s. The o 1 h or A r J<:»11 sn s pro jec Is apt trove d in I h e hi II are: WhHf River rff t'Hiiiiinenf plan J35,W<MN)0; S(. Francis Hood control work S20.000.000; Cm-he River deepening S 10.000.000. and flood prof eo IE on a I ('a I i tin $430.800. The additional White River authorization, Trimble said, can be applied to construction of the proposed Table Rock. Beaver or Gilbert Dams. One Arkansas Project not approved by the committee was H p'ropo.sal, .supported by the entire Arkansas delegation, for a nine- foot navigation channel on the Black-Ouachila Rivers In Arkansas and Louisiana. However. Chairman Whit ling ton (D-Miss) iold a reported the project was not considered since It has not received a favorable report- from Army engineers. It L«. possible for such a protect to be added to the bill when It is considered by the Senate. • In addition to the Arkansas projects, the state will come in for some work—If the bill Is approved and funds nre voted—under (he 4200,000.000 increase in authorization for the Lower Mississippi River and tribiMciries, Trimble said (hat Army engineers figure that authorizations for most of the projects in the bill would be sufficient to carry work along for three years. Form Products Price i Level in State Drops i LITTLE ROCK. July 2. fAP» — Average prices received by Arkansas farmers on .Mine 15 vm*e le.-^s than one percent from tinxso of ' Mj»y 15. (he Crop Re[Kirnns Servit-e .said tod?.> - , Level of prices ipt-cived for all farm products is 20 perron ( lower than a VPRI- s^o -and n pcm-nt below Sepicniher. 1946, \hr month of price control, the report said. IN' THE ruOHATK COUKT KOR THK CHICKARAWKA DISTRICT OP Missr.ssrpri <:or\ r i v, ARK:\\.^.\s In IU^ M.»t-ei- o! ihe F->".u<> of J M. Bitiu'h. (JciT-;i.- fd N T [j 1!t2i NOTK'K OK ADMIMS'I'RATIO.V Nonce i<. he cby -jive : >hm lr>. i M,-, of a •JpiJiiisjLHtiou. wi'h :hi' \vil] ;in- nexM, w.vrc Rrimie-l ;-• :he und.:,'- .si^nrd. l^ :i-" ivy, MU in ;i,.. o,:*:-.' of J. M. limu'h. (f-^'t'.-.-fti. uu Hie 23rd ria\ o; Junr imj, ijy ilu' Probate C:.un oi tin Ciiifk:i.-,i'v-i)ji District or Mis.-i;.vij}-.|ji Conniy. AiV:- an.--as. All pp-.Mi!i.- h:n:!}:: «'I-,i:u.- or dPinand.^ an.' f-.-iid ".-:i;i?f HIM.-! fxhibit ihoiv. pj'oiH'i-!', .iirh.-nih'jl- ed, to tht- i;nrip|'.,i2ii.->(i |.| V ;ilin\v- ancc wuhin 5ix uinn'-,.-- irr.m i),o date ol HIP fii'5i |iui)lir<"iin m 'ins noiirp or Ehpy ?l:-,ul b-. 1 l>;tcivd !tu- f:\pr and pierlndrd fioiu ;-.:iy ijc-iu-- Iit= in 5ii eh ^>i:-;o The .KU'ro.--:- id : w -.UuU'i.-.v^m-o ariministrnrnx >; L-": i. \\\. p. o. Box 3*8. Bh:hp\ii!r. Ark.nisi.*. Dated ihi^ '.'.lni ti;.v nl .lit::*- 1ft ift. I -MTU-: IVY. !IJiS«<- : •*-*S # '..',^ „ WAS NEVER LIKE THIS-'Hun mu, U-discusscd, v. i>py "liji^uii" tKilhiij£ iuil is appiireuHy un ils way onl. Now I lie t'u-Mch aie ^uiug in tor a little more in swinisuiis as these two, shown ill a t'aris pool-side fashion show, plainly leveat. GeorgC'lie Mjitjnuiul, lefl, weais a Irim Uvo-pieeer Kenei'ously suicided wiUl naillieads. Betty 'I'uutaid's suit is considerably more feiiunine with its organdy [rills on trunks and stiapless bra. (I'holo by NEA-Acme sloft coi lespondent Hene Henry,> HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Manhattan Snapshots Prove It Takes All Kinds to Make This Crazy World NEW YORK, .Inly 2, tA', — Mail- , Evc-1•>• Ijfidy ]ives by hi.s own i brand of loi^ic. and one Xlnd won't •• necessarily suit another. i There is a wnitrenR In a fxanftry ! hej e who slionld be iti her heyday i —i( Hfe reftlly began nl HO. | a)ie lives entirely on the tips from piitj-oiis. and <;oliec:ls bcr i wr\KCK from I he boss only once every four yerus. The time I she asked bin; for her money he j foihctl ovor $600, \ Wfien a pairon inquired why she '. let her \vages pile up for four \ yejirs, the inonsey IHUe p\ate sh'np- J er said: j "Well, when you %o out (or an j even'niK—yon want to be able t» hold up your own. end." I The !ady wasn't Jokirjg either. I My favorite New Yoikej \s Geoi'ge ; ("The Rea[") McCoy, [he best arm- j ored ni:in T know mis- j forf une. j Hard luck can'l even dpJU let i alone bicjik—this hnck rnnn'.s Pul- , staff. George, now in liis nitdrlle r ycni^, was n pinnefr sidewalk radio' fnlervieivf-r. He served a.s a it Army overseas, and be and his i miciophoue gave ht-lly tauiihR lo i. scores of llibii.sand.s of boineslck.i troopp on leave in Algiers and i 1 N'luUes. Today ibis chunky. rt>d-fared '• rrishtnan probably knmv.s ax innny ! people a ton nd town UK -Urn fnrlcy. Tlie radio spoi.s hnve .heeii (evvrr in recent years, and George beat.s j a livitiw \M\ of Itvoadway by rlviv-1 ins a fab. i "Kvpry dny is a new dny let me.' 1 he says. "Most ppoplc- want in 1 live njitl lef live. I want lo live : and Rti lib." ! And :n many :I mid-town bi.stro hc'.s more wirif-ly ({Uotcd than • Shnkfspfuri*. Walter Lipptnunn- nr i Mill on Brrle. Ceorni' dislikes J M uffed s] i it 1 15 more thnii anyllnru; i in (he world, and enjnys pnnclur-; ing thrni. , "A .stuffed 5hir L" he .says, "is i jus! a pubhr handape on a prl-' vme iiuoJerance—or an ntccr that Rrcciiily George slrtrted driving It is linck on Sntidays born 13 se be liy.n cd ho could save ViO. j "I i-'ally Inke in only .fin" fir! -i.v,-; "But if T ditin't unrk. I'd • • l<nd sio-so fliiii makes sjn. on : ih.- o'hci hrtiwl if T didn't work, ['d ; hit IT fi> borcov; I h* $11 I'd .Mi^nd s(>. ;. linnet her. fin r^nlly snvtnp ' Failure To Putt Again Is Costly To Sammy Snead WASHINGTON, July 2. I/P,— The crowd come* out to see golf's lonK hitlers, but Ihe pay off still Koes to the man who can drop those putts. Tills was well illustrated here yesterday in tlie $15.000 Washington Siar open tournament. Sum Snead. the sweet swinger from White Sulphur Springs, W, Va . vvns riointf some nice driving, « usual, but he was short with Ills [Hilts H was that way all day. as Snead wound up with a 69, three under liar, but. still live xuokrs behind the lender, Al Smith of Winston Salem, N,C. In second place -as (hr (telA ..loved into the serond round o( Hie hour-dfiy meet wtts Ky Latfoon ol St. Andrews, 111., with 6f>. He made /our pulls of 25 /cct or het- ler. In third plru:r. al 56. u Alexander of Lexington, N, year's v/inner. IIOYI.B'S COLUMN Skip , last PREMIER ROLL OUT THE BARREL—Setting out on a JOQO-milt trip Ihrough Europe, Bruno Kaminsky. wearing glasses, and two companions leavt their starting point in Berlin. When they're not rolling along, they'll live in tht super-barrel, which is equipped with beds and electric lights. (Pholo by NEA-Acme tuff correspondent Joe Schuppe.) Continued from Page °* * Low School Dean Pa, a ,,r informants .s:u,l nert ,ic«ci- miaiters is ('Vnn paying Ihe sff:iiis May Get High Court Post o( those who will make the LfflLF. RCCK. Julv 2. lAPi — The denn of ihe University of ^rk- ansas Law School may .succeed a.s Arfcansvis Supreme Conn jiistice the man who defeated him for the position. There will he an atlracti?n for ! Pralestanl.s. too. Monday, the na- lion .narks ihe anniversary .j| the !, at Hie stake of John lluss in 1415. voice teacher is the years he s tuning pianos. Recently a friend wtio »isilec her in the small practice roon she rents toilntl hei weeping will joy "The maestro al last told me I hail hit one perfect note." signed the dear lady. Then .she began strnmmitiE her own at.-compnniment on the piano, ami siartcrf singing. Every few moments- she would pause, uncork » small bottle, sniff from it vis- oioi'sly. then quickly rccork •! again. "What are yon doing?" asked the amn/ed friend. "Oil. the maestro told me all the best voires were (rained in Italy." she .•said. "Since T can't afford lo go there, lie is importing Italian air for me in these Bullies. It heliis me immensely." "Wiiy do you keep putting (lie cork back in?" "Tile maestro warned I must USE' ihe air sparingly," said Ihe lady complacently. "It's expensive to import.. I pay him SI.50 a. week [or eiu-h botife." Rice Irrigation Plan by Committee Mi-Clfiy Assumes Oulie; j John J. McCloy. the new Amori- j can high commissioner In Germany \ arrived in Berlin today to ;issume his duties, lie is the first ciiiiian lo tun the U. s. Occupation /.one, replachij; ns governor. Gen. Lucius D. Clay. He arrived as freight and elevated trains lie^nn runnin? once I more after a long railway stiike. 18 Die In Crush An airliner clashed in West Australia killing 18 iwrsons. The craft was en route from Perlh lo Darwin in a blinding rainstorm. Return ol King S(ui[h- Princeton-educated Paul Van X,ec- lana was reported today In Hru:;ssls to be trying to form a pro-Royal- I 1st government which would call | King Leopold back to the throne iof Belgium. Van Zeclaacl, a former premier, is a Christian Socialist. His party won the most voces in last Sundays election but does not have a clear majority In Parliament. Shanghai Rotnber Again Communist officials in Shanghai said Nationalist warplanes dropped two hombs in the southwestern sur- tnnbs of the city. A government spokesman said there were :io cas: unities nor .significant damage. The Arkfiiisns Gir/^ite predicted today Dr Robert A. Lerlar probably would be appointed by Governor MeMalli to serve until Dec. 31, 1950, in plj,ce of Associate Justice R. W. Robins, who died Thursday. Governor McMath declined com- i mem. Resident of Michigan Sued in Auto Accident Five lawsuits asking judgment for 5t>,«X) against one man were dlcii ye.iterday in ihe office of Harvey Morris, circuit clerk, Goldman Shrable. Flint, Mich.. was sued by Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Oakley and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Campbell and son for injuiie.« they received iu an auto accident last October 17. Mr.s Campbell, who claims she has, disfiguring scars on hey face as result of the accident. Is asking Wanda Phillips, Leachville, Arkansas on June I8lh, 1949, No. 1924. Estate of J. M. Bunch, deceased. Letters teslamenLary Issued to Lettl* Ivy, Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1949. Witness my hand as Clerk and ihe .seal of said Court, this the la* dn\ of July. 1949. ELIZABETH BLYTHt County and Probate Clerk By Stella Cain, D. C. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL Notice Ls hereby given that the Ijist Win and Testament of J. M. Bunch, deceased, was probated In accordance with laws of Arkansas by (he Probate Court o! the Chick- a.sAwba District ol Mississippi County, Arkansas ,011 the 23rd day of June, 1949. An appeal from probate can be effected only by filing a petition stating the ground for such appeal within six months from the date of this notice. WITNESS my hand and seal (his 23rd day of June. 1949. ELIZABETH BLYTTIE, Clerk Shane and Fendler, attys. 6-25,7-2-9 NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR PERMIT Notice Is hereby given thai the Commissioner of Revenues of (he State of Arkansas has issued a permit. No. 217 to L. M. Cliappell to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage ft! retail on the premises described as 22 E. Main St.. Blytheville. This permit issued mi Hie 1 day of July 1949 and expires on [lie 30 day of June 1950. L. M. Chappcll NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR PERMIT No'.ice is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas has issued a permit, No. 221 to Harvey Stewart to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous Mqnovs for beverage at retail on the premises described as 318 A E. Main St., Blylheville. Tilts permit issued on the 1 day I of July 1945 and expires on the 901 day of June 1930. Harvey Stewart In 1942. Robins defeated Leflar for the justiceship. Whoever McMath names won't be eligible to run for an elective term a^ the 19i>0 general election. -"•-WASHINGTON. July 2 </lV-An luiihoriratioi) o[ $6.000.000 lias been approved by (lie House Public Works Committee for a start on a pliin designed to provide Irrigation walrr needed in the Grand Prnirle ; ice section ol central Arkansas. I'->'1>. Trimble iD-Ark) snirt the committee had approved the entire project estimated to cost mi eventual $25.000.000. Negro Deaths PuilM-nl services for Will McKui- iicy. Bit. will he conducted Sunday al 2 p.m. in piist Dnplist Church in Bin-clem- by Rev. .1. W. Knowles. Tc.isiey and cobb Ptincrnl Home is in charge. Funeral services for May Stock, fifi. will be conducted in Ixic.. Giovc riaplist Church Tuesdav al 2 p.m. by Rev. j. jr. Oathens. Teas- lev snd Gobi) Funeral Home is charge. Rep. Gathings Pays J Tribute to Les Biffle I WASHINGTON. Jvvly 2 I.T-—Ren. : Gathings (D-Arkl has placed in [tlie House record a tribute to 1/jsIre Uillle. secretary at the Semite. Hifflc is to be honored Monday al a July -1 celebration in liis home town of Piggott. Ark. vice President Barkley will attend as will r. group of Arkansans. including .Senators McClellan anil Fiilbright. 'State Lives Within Income for Fiscal Year LI'ITLE ROCK. July 2 «>)—Tlie Stale or Arkansas spent more than | Sll2.OflO.000 during the fiscal year i ended June 3D but still lived williin I its income. Treasurer J. Vance Clny- 'lon has reported. I Receipts totaled more ttian $U3.- 01)0.000, Clayton said. With the Courts Circuit Ourt: Civil cases disposed ot this week by Circuit Judge Charles W. Light of Paragould. in Chickasawba District of Mississippi Circuit, include the following: M, R. Jarrit vs. Quincy Masrm and csordor.1 Wright, teniporai'y in- jinu-tion issued on suit for eject- ment. Earl Stone, ri b a Dt-11 Service Station, vs. Laurence Hogan. to recover 8177.04 and Interest, judge- ment in favor of plaintiff. New .suits docketed include: Luther Gray, et al. vs. Charlie Hickman. ei al. .suit for commission of S-17f). costs and lien oti property. Barton-Mansfield Co. et al, vs. Mr, and Mrs. o. S. Nail. Joe Baker, garnishee, silk to collect $400 ami interest-. [32.500 damages, The other su'U are for $1.503 by Mrs. Oakley. $\.KM> by Mr. Campbell, 5600 by Mr. Oakley and 51,000 by three-year-old Jerry Wayne Campbell. A suit involving t5IXX> damngp.s against Roy Sheppard was also lil- ed. John B. Simpson charged that his jawbone was broken 'in a fight I with Sheppard June I. Control System Set Up For Colleges' Funds ! LITLE ROCK. July 2_ iAP)—A control system for casli funds used by stafr-suppocied. rollec-es lias bt-rn .set up with approval of the ; Sta'e Comptroller Lee Roy Bcas- i ley who ctcvLned the sy.steixi, satd i ihr-tt all rash' funds will first bo de- [in.'vred in FI master control account . ai the (vivticular institution, which :-Ail] indicate the source of the money. from this fu:comU .the funds wili be transferred to individual ac- crounrs. 'Hie comptroller will receive i monthly itemized statements of the • control account. Expenditure? v;i11 be cleared through the comptroller's office. Read Courier News Want Ads. PIANO TONING^ The world's finest — doufcr" with the famous STROBO- CONN and KXCUJSIVE to this ten-itory. Enjoy a perfectly tuned piano once. RADIO REPAIR on every make and model done bv'a GOVEKNMEN'1 LICENSED radio-telephone operator with every job GUARANTEED RIGHT. MUSIC SUPPLIES Everything from (he finest pianos to the smallest parts RADIOS —SHEET MUSIC —UECOKDS—JUST ANYTHING IN MUSIC. BROOKS Music Store 107 E. Main TeL 811 NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LTQUOK PERMIT Notice i.s hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas has Ksued a permit. No. 220 to Russell K. Marr to sell anrt dispense vinous or spirit- ; nous liquors for beveraee At retail on the premises described as 109 South 2nd St., Blytheville. Ark., Mi55i^ippi County. Thi.<= permit i.^ued, nn the 1 ;lay of July 1949 and expires on '.he 30 of June L950. Russell K. Marr 72-9 NOT1CK* OF NEW ESTATES ON WHICI' ADMINISTRATION- HAS UEEN COMMENCED Notice is hereby given that (lie following Ls a of o-state.s of deceased persons ujwn which Letters Te,stamentary or of Administration were granted during the month of June. 1949 with the date of the °r ; intm£ ol .MIC]) Letter.s and the name and. of tlie executor or adtniniatratfj)': No. 1920. Estate of Myra B- Tucker, deceased. LeiLer-s of Administration issued to K. M Holt, Bly- Iheville. Arkansas on June 2. 1949. Mo. 1021. Estate of Bo Cable, deceased, Letters of Administration Issued to Grace Cable. BlytheviHc, Arkansas nn June Vft. (0-19. No. 19T3, Estate of William Raymond Phillijxs. Jr., deceased. Letters of Admymslration issued to j Thailand to Make Sacks <\MU-MllV AVI- people In ; ptuiv; thr ' .. Shane nnrt .I-Vndl'-i. ,1 :t->i (1 "M ,t'<' pi urn MS sett ing run ovrr •, p-rv [l;n'." hp •-'.! vs s-.ully. "f\nO hm'-- r> siinme. They h;ue .seen «> tiunv people iay\vaK:im: flirt ( ht-v \v,in't sd oiit ot tVir \vny nl HI < iinvmmtv TlK'v'i p r nnhr-rd--- lif-y think they're pcch'Mrian-:. Too. '. !• •! K r 1 - ?drr.P - folks - happy nnte: T't.f 1 ; e i- n mldflte-asn'cl Inny who j • • '.'/t'"- i\i Grrcnwi- '• Villiifip and .'iMin 1 - f '• Ijt' » ti oprr.'i singer Shp I | s i;uLiiia lessons from t mrrry old! '»,'•'«•:<! v/ only ' milling a.s R ; NOW For Immediate Delivery FERTILIZER Ammonium Nitrate Blytheville Fertilizer Corporation S Per Ton F. O. B. Plant W« siiRKcst 1ha1 you rill your re- (Hiircnipnls now while (he material is available. ATTIC FAN DEMONSTRATION \\e have installed one nl (lie new Rancher Tvp« Altic tans in our ortice for a demons(r«lion. Kasily inslallcd in any home and costs less. No Down Payment Kaitiired Convenient Terms • UK COMI-OHTAHl'.K • E. C, Robinson Ihr. Co. Phone TiTi niythcville. Ark. Less 8% Discount South Highway 61 Phone 3105 OSRollisonLumberCo Sheet Rock . $5.50 Celotex . . . $6.00 TOM SAWYER PAINTS Call on us to Estimate Your Repairing and Painting Doors and Windows FOR SALE OSRollisonLumberCo Oirit-e Res. 3;!Ub Rent • C«wer« tor Color Pictures i^ras for rritl BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2(106 \V. Main Phone 3M7 Mrs. Minnie Lee Jones Kemp Offering Sumnior Classes in PIANO For Beginners—Intermediates—Advanced Pupils Special Rates for Summer Course ENROLL NOW Studio 807 Chickasawba Phone 2994 FRAZIER BUS LINES Charter Service For Church Organizations, Baseball Clubs, etc. Licensed & Insured Licensed & Insured for Your Protection Call for Our Schedule I'horte 239J or 4152 RENT A CAR Drire Anywhere Von Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 ! Nationally Advertised [Feminine Apparel i U In the most exclusive ' J lines at the I Accessory Shop ] Feminine Apparel Mabel Hogan — JeMi* SriU HOTEL NOB1.B BI.DG. Blrtheviite Arkansas It . . . With Flowers THE FLOWER SHOP (ilencue tfuildin£ PEinne »4!H 01 -£747 1 GUARANTEED SERVICE ON • Relrigeralnrs Household — Commercial • » • • Air Condiltuning • Radios—Record I'laycrt * * * • NVashers • Gas Engines We Pick Lip & Deliver ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. :Mi :iw w Main Ph«n> The SECRET of Rotlirock's EXPERT Prescription Service ROTHROCKDRUGCO. PHONE 445] A rea' shite maker aided h.v mocierr> equipment and finest materials brings IIRM life ti- worn footwear here. K-fl LT€RS flL'tY SMOG SHO° RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES (All I'vpes Canctri Clinic 514 Main ttlvthrvilte Ark rh*nc SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, a If a If* mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing HP to 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 NEED A TAXI? DIAL 968 BLYTHEVILLE CAB 501 E. MAIN .lack Oxmenl Richard Pujrh

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