The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 14, 1967 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1967
Page 18
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Fenton Girl Flown From Trouble Zone Jean Karels Is Wed Sept, 2 At Bancroft A Fenton girl, bride for just a. month of an Englishman in Nigeria, was among the quick evacuees from that country when civil war broke out. She is the former Susan Hantelman, now Mrs. Stephen Harvey, whose marriage was reported in last week's paper. Susan is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hantelman. Her husband, an accountant assigned to the Nigerian Cement Co., at Enugu, Nigeria, was also a warden of the community and received a telephone call from the British High Commissioner telling him to make immediate arrangements for evacuation of all dependents of British citizens immediately. This was on June 5. Susan and Stephen had been married in May. Twelve hours later, all wives and children had left for an airport to be flown out of the country. Stephen did not leave then. But with Susan the major problem was that she was going to a country she had never visited, to meet in-laws she had never seen, and she did not have the proper visas or currency for_ England, but it all worked out" She arrived at London airport June 13, and by phone her husband's brother was located. He and his wife vouched for Susan, and finally were able to get to the airport to meet her and take her to their home. A Dutch couple, during the interval, came to her rescue in the financial field and treated her to a meal while she awaited arrival of her in-laws. For Susan it was quite an experience, and quite a climax to her work as a nurse at a mission 87 miles from Enugu. Her husband was able to return to England last month, and Susan is now ab- sorbing the life and lore of the British Isles - but they both say they would not mind going back to Nigeria when the troubles are over. Classes At Sentral High Select Student Officers SENECA- Sentral High School students have elected officers for the year. The senior class elected Marlin Berkland as their president; Mary Ellen Ditsworth, vice president; Jill Blanchard, secretary; and Susan Blanchard, treasurer. Officers chosen by the junior class include David Marlow, president; Mike Jackson, vice president; Steve Schlei, secretary; and Ross Johnson, treasurer. The sophomores chose Mark Voigt for their president; Kathy Jensen, vice president; Jean Hammerstrom, secretary; and Rhonda Kern, treasurer. Freshmen officers include John Mueller, president; Kevin Johnson, vice president; Rose Householder, secretary; and Tom Votteler, treasurer. The eighth grade officers include Mike Cyphers, president; Jane Germann, vice president; Heidie Krause, secretary; and Stanley Mueller, treasurer. Seventh grade officers are We've Remedied ! Look Us Over! 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Easily Accessible to All Highways 105 1 )uli(!htful Air- Cunilititmud Hooins iind .Suites Nutiuuul l!ul<l Mi-da I Award hunted King-Hi/.i; Swimming I'ool Complete Hotel Services 24-Hour Sw 1-Yfu TV Play Area l-'or Children Uuby Sitter Service, Childioii EXCELLENT FOOD — Redwood Dining Room featuring Health Charcoal Broiled Steaks — Collee Shop open from 6:00 a.m. 'till Midnight — Cocktail Lounge. Ample FtM Pirklnj In Front Of Your Room SINGLE-BOOMS. J9.0P Jo $10.00 L E ROOMS t» $14.50 undci lu KHLL in same loom with Adults. Elaine Bauer, president; Joan Hammerstrom, vice president; Kay Dreyer, secretary; and Mike Kennedy, treasurer. The classes also chose members to act on the student council. The seniors elected Robert Krause and Teresa Voigt; the juniors, Mike Jackson and David Marlow; the sophomores, Lynette Johnson and Diane Uthof; the freshmen, Lee Dreyer and Beth Ann Feye. Representing the eighth grade will be Hank Ostwald and Paula Berkland and the seventh graders will be Debbie Elmers and Scott Tipple. - o - MODERN MIXERS TOUR The Seneca Modern Mixers Club members spent Tuesday at Fairmont, Minn, where they toured points of interest. In the morning they were given a guided tour of Stokley-Van Camp's plant, No. 2, where they saw frozen pies, dinners, sandwiches, etc., assembled, packaged and frozen. They had lunch together at the Redwood Inn and in the afternoon toured the Gilmore Glass building and saw how stained glass windows were designed and put together. They were also taken through the showroom where mirrors of all descriptions and uses were on display. Members taking the trip included Mrs. Joe Madden, Mrs. Richard Bauer, Mrs. Clifford Gangsted, Mrs. Everett Witham, Mrs. Fred Johannesen, Mrs. Wayne Nyman, Mrs. Peggy Cyphers, Mrs. Ted Jensen, Mrs. Wayne Ohnemus, Mrs. Calvin Vaudt and Mrs. Henry Looft. Mrs. Cypher sand Mrs. Witham were the honored birthday members present. The group enjoyed a birthday cake brought by the retiring club president, Mrs. Ohnemus. - o - Visitors this past week at the Edna Johannesen, Fred Johannesen and Henry Looft homes were John and Chris Johannesen from Stanford, Conn., formerly from Stavanger, Norway. They also visited Anna Presthus, Algona, and Mrs. Christena Vahl- dieck and the Wally Blinkmans, Wallingford. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thiel of Davenport and Mrs. lona Greene from Burbank, Calif., were Labor Day weekend guests at the parental Everett Withams. Mrs. Nina Kracht is now a patient at the Holy Family hospital, Estherville. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gay of Long View, Wash., visited last week at the home of her uncle and aunt, the Everett Withams. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilberg and Dennis recently visited their son and wife, the Vernon Wilbergs at Topeka, Kans. Mrs. Ervin Votteler and Mrs. Everett Witham visited Nina Kracht at the Holy Family hospital Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Callie Klocko has been a patient at the Holy Family hospital for several days. Allen Johnson of Newell has spent several days with his aunt and uncle, the Kenneth Andres. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Looft accompanied Mrs. Bertha Pommer of Algona and Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit DeWaard of rural Wesley to Ames Sunday, where they visited at the home of a sister and daughter and family, the Dr. J. J. L. Hinrichsens. Mr. and Mrs. James Geilenfeldt and Scott of England recently visited relatives and friends in this area, James is being transferred to Los Angeles, Calif. Fenton Chit - Chat lit lyi Hoi«i«olioni Phunc lAiiiJ bl^l 'jBS 466'j HOLIDAY MO I OH HOIil HI H,^»->1> 100 mil V, juulii II M.""ciula Mii.ulo hum Uonnlunii I 'i MinuU-t hum Mel Mail.. Hume ul Ui« I ..nil dnj Viking ,'u Mi"ulr> hum Inl AJIUUI! Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Berkland and family and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Voigt and family were Sunday afternoon guests in the Ervin Ruhnke home at Hurt. Monday dinner guest at the Stan Berkland home were Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Berkland and Mr, and Mrs, Steve Berkland and Barbara. Monday evening guests at the Norman Bellinger home for Mrs. Bellinger's birthday were Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bellinger, Mr. and Mrs, Wayne Bollinger and family, Mrs. Carol Tietz and Marriage vows were exchanged at 10:30 a.m. Sept. 2 by Jean Ann Karels and Raymond McGuire at St. John's Catholic Church in Bancroft, Msgr. Schultes officiated. Three hundred guests attended the reception held at noon in the church social hall. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. John Karels of Buffalo Center and Mr. and Mrs. Charles McGuire of Bancroft. Bridal attendants were Lou Rae Brown, Mrs. Carol Wallentine and Khristin McGuire. Attending the groom were Bill McGuire, " Larry Karels and Roger Green. The newlyweds are honeymooning for a week in Missouri and then will be at home at Ames. Mrs. McGuire, a graduate of Rake Community School and Mankato Commercial College, will continue her employment at Collegiate Manufacturing Co. in Ames. McGuire, a graduate of St. John's High School, is studying veterinary medicine at Iowa State University. Michael and Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Hantelman. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Votteler spent the weekend at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Vincent Votteler, Laurens. They stayed with their granddaughters while their parents attended a ball game at Minneapolis. Mrs. Adolph Hanson visited her sister, Mrs. John Hage, Thompson, Sunday. Mr. Hage is hospitalized in Rochester. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Zwiefel and Joel recently visited Mr. and Mrs. Guy DeReus, Mr. and Mrs. Joel Smith and boys, Monroe, Mr. and Mrs..W. L. Beeckman and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Beeckman and family, Des Moines, and Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Frye, Carlisle. A/1C Calvin Menz, son of the Willard Menz's, left Tuesday for the Air Force Base at Sacramento, Calif. Twenty members of the W.S.C.S. of the Fenton Methodist church attended the Guest Day at Good Hope Methodist church Friday. Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Gladys Smith were Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Stoeber and Wayne, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stoeber. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stoeber, Mrs. Gladys Smith and boys, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Bassett and Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Bunby and family enjoyed a picnic Labor Day at Stony Point Mrs. James Harris, Rialto, Calif., is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Warner, and at the Fred Mortensen home LEGAL NOTICES ORDINANCE NO. 43 AN ORDINANCE fixing and establishing controlled-access facilities and regulation of traffic on the Primary Road No. Iowa 44 within the Town of Fenton, Iowa, described as follows: beginning at Sta. 472 plus 28.1 at the southeast corner of the corporation, thence northerly along the East corporation line to Sta. 511 plus 72.0 at the northeast corner of the corporation. regulating ingress or egress from and across such controlled-access facilities to or from abutting land, designating points at which access may be permitted, regulating traffic, and providing penalties for the violations thereof, WHEREAS, Primary Road No. Iowa 44 within the corporate limits of the Town of Fenton, Iowa, as described above, is being improved, the cost of such improvement being borne by the Bureau of Public Roads and the State Highway Commission, and the participation in the costs thereof is dependent on the establishment of the controlled-access facilities by the Town of Fenton along said highway improvement and said controlled- acress facilitiesarenecessary for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety and the promotion of the general welfare, and WHEREAS, The Council agreed under the Resolution signed July 6th, 1966 to pass ordinances for access control and traffic control; NOW THEREFORE,BE IT ORDAINED by the Town Council of the Town of Fenton, Iowa j Section 1. This ordinance shall be deemed on exercise of the police power of theCity(Town) under Chapter 148, Acts of the Fifty-Sixth General Assembly of the State of Iowa, for the preservation of the public peace, health, safety and the promotion of the general welfare. Section 2. Definition. For the purpose of this ordinance, a controlled-access facility shall mean: A highway or street especially designed for through traffic, and over, from or to which owners or occupants of abutting land or other persons have only a controlled right of easement of access, light, air or view by reason of the fact that their property abuts upon such controlled- access facility or for any other reason. Section 3. Unlawful useofCon- trolled-Access Facilities. It shall be unlawful for any person to: (a) Drive a vehicle over, upon or across any curb, central dividing section or other separation or dividing line on such controlled-access facilities. (b) Make a left turn or a semicircular or U-turn except through an opening provided for that purpose in the dividing curb section, separation or line. (c) Drive any vehicle except in the proper lane provided for that purpose and in the proper direction and to the right of the central dividing curb, separation section or line. (d) Drive any vehicle into the controlled-access facility from a local service road except through an opening provided for that purpose in the dividing curb or dividing section or dividing line which separates such service road from the controlled-access facility property. Section 4. Penalty. Any person violating any provision of Section 3 of this ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not more than One Hundred Dollars or by Imprisonment for not more than thirty days. Section 5. Establishment. There are hereby fixed and established controlled-access facilities on the Primary Road System extension improvement, Project No. FN-44-2 (1) - 21-55 Primary Road No. Iowa 44 within the Town of Fenton, Iowa, described as follows: beginning at Sta. 472 plus 28,1 thence northerly along the East corporation line to Sta. 511 plus 72.0 regulating access to and from Primary Road Iowa 44 from Sta. 472 plus 28.1 to Sta. 511 plus 72.0 and the abutting properties along said (Highway or Street) all in accordance with the plans for such improvement identified Thursday, Sept. 14, 1967 Algona, (la.) Upper Des MoIn«$-9 WHY SHRED STALKS? > For faster, easier plowing . . . control of corn borers . . . preparation for minimum tillage . . . erosion control ... to pulverize those tough tangled stalks from today's hybrids. This lets one man do the work of 2 or 3. 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Passed and approved this 7th day of September, 1967. /S/ W. W. Jolley Mayor I, Paul W. Eigler, Clerk of Town of Fenton, Iowa, hereby certify that the above ordinance was duly passed adopted by the Town of Fenton, Iowa, on the 7th rlay of September, 1967 by the following call of yeas and nays recorded hereon. Yeas: George O. Jorgenson, Peter Koenck, Robert Mitchell, Merle Voigt. Nays: None Absent or Not Voting : Arnold W. Hanscn. (Members of the Council) /S Paul W. Eigler City Clerk of Fenton, Iowa (Published Sept. 14, 1967 on Fenton Reporter page in The Algona (Iowa) Upper Des Moines) THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPEL Fenton, Iowa Experienced Embalmeri and Funeral Director* Reliable 24 Hour Ambulant* Service Funeral May Be Referred To Ul With Confidence Phonei FENTON 889-2796 RINOSTED 166-1006 866-lOOt 866*1970 GIGANTIC WATCH SALEI 50 OFF! ALL WYLER WATCHES We are going out of the watch business. Our en- fir* stock of witches priced from SI 9.95 to $350.00 at FULL 50% DISCOUNT. 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