The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1951 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, August 2, 1951
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XLVri—NO. 115 Woman Tells Blylheville Daily News Blj-theville Courier Mississippi Valley Li'ader Blyllieville Herald BIATHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, AUGUST 2, 1951 FOURTEEN PACKS f As Red Spy Hede Massing Brought Field Into 'Group' WASHINGTON, Aug. 2.— (AP)—Hede Massing testified today she worked hei'e in IfiS'l as •:> Sovinl, os|)inna<.;c ifjeiitHtid recruited Noel Field, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT* Adm. William Fechlclcr then a Slate Department ol'-j fidal, into her "apparatus." She also said she ; Hiss, another ton Department official sinee convicted of perjury,''competed for Field's services. Field hap disappeared behind the Iron Curtain. Mrs. .Mass!!!'.; said that, at the time she recruited him she bs-lieved he was employed in the State Department's" Western Europe-ail division. Mrs. Massiug, the OM-v.ife of Communist bail-jumper GerlK'.rcit « sler. appeared before ilic Senate's terllal security subcommittee licli is looking into liny subversive Influences on U. S. for.»ii;n policies. WASHINGTON. Aug. 2 (/P) _ Detailing her nativities hi Wash- Atim . willir.m M. Pcchtclcr. \vli «, 5 ^ before the. outbreak ofl steered clear of the "admirals' re sh""soTccruitrd1he l»t»"l!"v,."^'l vclt " "" Bhlst administration polics not immediately give the year. I TI °^p',"i l f c .°™ ma " ' _ Cti:^an plunged to his death W'iiriitus. i «r l ffi Iroman Names echfeler ml Posl Senate Receives Choice for Chief To Replace Sherman EC A Expects Europe To Doable Production WASHINGTON. Aug. 2. <AP)—The Economic Cooperation Admin- Lsliaiion sairt today that Western Europe Is expected lo double Its production ol military goods in the year ahead. It's already been doubled once in the i\vo years since tlie North Atlantic Treaty was signed," KCA idded In its quarterly report for he January-March 1951 period. President Truimm sent the report :o Congress today. £CA said mast Western European countries are no\v spending far more for national dctense and far le.s.s for iion-niilHnvy defense purposes than before the Korean out- 'i.uicd 11 Lit rav; in.Uc-rUil rtasL-s mid rising prices ihreal- both military output and the i's economy. Recovery Is "UcinarfcaUe" eL'larin;, that the Marshall Plan has brought, about a "re- operating without Marshall Plan aid, and ECA Administrator William C. Foster said in Paris yesterday that S.verien and Portugal have decided to get along without fur- ihcr dollar help. The report painted a generally bright oveiall picture for the quarter. sayin t ; industrial production In Marshall Plan countries was main tained at (be peak level'o( the "pre vioii.s quartor and was up 13 per tent ovoj a .simitiir 1950 period. It nverage'l 33 per cent above prewar 'High Allied Source Sees Hint Yield on Buffer Zone ike's''Army Job program ha.s brought, about a "re- ! nmrkeble recovery" in Western Eu : r \JLJ 'il L S. ' rope ami ha.s provided a "hound Mffij|| fintl^MPrA eccnomirj base for Lite new defense | » * VQI IBBIIvl Iwl Vf friran States now commander of the At- Fleet, to be chief of naval a New York hotel roonr several years ago. She said at the time she knew him he was with the State Deuarl- !!mtl - -- - — ment's Latin American riivi'nnri. npcrations, succeefling the late Adm. Became Rt-il in 1018 Forrest P. Sherman who died Aug. The ViemiB-born witness testified! 19 '' v!lllc cn a military-diplomatic she became a Communist in 1[)13. \ mi=s:nn to Europe. Fechteler, 55 years old and with . commitments winch the North Atlantic Tre'ily countries . . . are undertaking," he report, added: "It is import ant. however, that these »aint, be preserved nnc! tx- icndetJ." ECA authorizations for the quarter amounted to £430,100,000, bringing to $10,100,000,000 the authorial- ticns approved since the start of the Marshall Plan program three- years ago. Wes t ern G c rm any received til c largest amount, or S1C5.100.000. France received $37903,000, Italy S1S,1CO,(!00. and Austria $35.800,000. Others lo "Get Along" Britei.ii and IrchmcJ already are the year nft«r she married Eislcr.i F( . and remained one until 1838. She i 35 years of Navy service. has as wide* ox peri e , virtually had ery ' type of warship— except submarines Bald she came to this countr; an agent for the party in lf)33. ... . — She said that after frahnne j ""d aircraft carriers. abroad she was assisted to t!u-l N ° l United States. First shr- acted brief-' Tll!lt appeared to be one of the ly as a courier, she said, and then' reasons why Mr. Truman chose him, was sent to the nation's capital ns -'""••"•"» '-» ••-• -"> »- -"••'• — —• a "recruKer." Her first "case" hj're. sl.e testi- . , ' 3PClU!se hc was no1 - an airman nnd j thus not touched by tlie wal with which Navy- airmen plunged into ttic controversy with the Defense Jonesboro Packer Arrested for Sales In Leachville Area . . ficd. was Field. Mrs. Mussing ?aul . she was introduced to him by 1 Mar- 1 Department and the Air Force three j n ---- * ^ — :i. _..T ----- .,. .,* ..... ' garet Youn^. whom she identified a.5 a Washington correspondent for the New York Da*!y Worker. Communist newsiMtncr. "Did You ' Sticrretl' Did 5011 -ucc 1 in reuniting K\o 1 1 inici mlo JQUT a Vd Roberlior years ago. There have been strong indications in recent weeks that the feud between the Air Force and Navy—long-range land based bombers- vs. carrier-borne nir po\ver— rn.iRht.boil to the surface again. t chtcier, the Presi- .Adm. Arthur W. St^ffT'he P.ciflc fleet. General Can Choose Politics in 1952 'If He So Desires' WASHINGTON, Aug. 2. CAP)— Prcsidnt Truman said today he doesn't think Gen. Dwight D. Elsenhow- er's Array job in Europe will interfere with anything In 19W, if thi general is interested in politics. But he told a news conferenci that in any event he is sure the gen eral will put duty to his couiitr first. Two senators recently returnee Iroia Europe indicated Eisenhower' duties as supreme commander o Western Europe defense forces wonU keep him out of the field of po«sibl Presidential candidates next year. Asked today how long he though H would be necessary for the gene ral to remain in Europe, the Presi dent said the reporter's guess wa as good as his own. Mr. Truman went on to sav tha if the newsman was referring t 1!>52 (a Presidential election year Heat ing for W. E. Broadway, own- I llc did not believe those dntl. or of the Broadway Packing Compa- would interfere with anything tin ny of Jonesboro, on two charge. 1 ; of I might happen in 1952 if Eisenhowi sellinK, offciii'-i' to sell or possess- [ happened to be In that frame i B'le "Id H Q 1 I'us of ve r 'fi'- * Wa~una \ <i s that 1-v.i i , aj nv . the purpose o! sale an ar- of food which is adulterated, was continued until Aus. 18 in Municipal Court thi. 1 oe BRITAIN, TOO-The.question of whether Britain will be able to duplicate this ntom-blast, set off b> the United States at its Eniwctok atoll testing ground, was being debated in world military circles today. An Associaled Piess dispatch from London this morning miolcd a Supply Ministry spokesman as s:\ylng Britain was "preceding with the development of atomic weairons." A report of a planned A-weapon test on the Australian desert was published by a London newspaper but government officials declined lo confirm it. lis-States UN's Position, Official Says Enemy May Prepare Homefolks for Mev« Of Concession U. N. ADVANCE HEADQUARTERS, Korea, Friday, AUK. 3. (AP)_Beneath the surface deadlock on where to draw a cease-fire line in Korea, a hijrh United Nations source today saw a hint that the Reds might be preparing the way for conceding trie Allied demand. The Allies want the fight- nig to stop on the present line, generally north of the 38th parallel. The Reds have been holding: out for a buffer zons centered on the parallel. Possibly nudging the Communist (Associated Press Photo). Arkansans Mail Big Watermelon to Son In Korea; Cost $28.25 ROYAL, Ark., Aug. 2. tH'i —Mr. and Mrs. Massey Pcuninf;ton of Royaln promised (heir soldier was set at S50. Mcel of "Fencers" The news conference was devotea morning. Bond} largely to political fencing Mr I Truman refused [o be drawn out on Mr. Broadway was arrested on a! implications that Eisenhower mi=ht charge of sc.liinH hamburger meat i return from his North Atlantic mil (hat had been "doctored"-to tner'-j ilnry command to run for the Pres J"?*"' 5 at ' J^SfcMlUS- according, to! !clcr,c.v, Eisenhower lias refused to YUlliam S,,..: ~, county sanitary drciiss politics with overseas news- lie'd get 'a watermelon If Ihey grew any tills year. ';,. . aticy had a. crop, nnd the'6'lher day they sent one of their litut melons to Cpj. Clifford 'Jordan Ark-Mo Glnners Meet, Plan Re-Organization Plans lo re-orgnniv.u the Ari:;iiLSas Missouri Cottun Dinners Association were being made by the organization's Board of Dirctors this morning as they met in the association's new headquarters here for the first timu. . W. Kcmpcr Bruton was nainr-S *- '. 1 . ' executive vice-president . and towanlsa more ' t * nttl " position arc! m MieA-aid t: lufviyep in b O' H i il ills o <" h M'»V8JE5 E *SnYS'sTar admirals on ac- , , l',\> -dilty.'-Roaford is R Navy air- j •,'',;' •-. ,,-. . ' - - rrri \ bo olaucd n part in the old! ^ l',l „•" ' . Hroaoway -.vos tin- On other questions Mr. Truman ln Korea. Nny *r Force contro^eisy | £ r f =? ""'m^c!,"^'™"' ^'^ **'*'' I " l °° k * t0lnl of 425 stam "'^ Ttcrnrrmr* \omimlecl ! Mr Mit-'hoif -tntprf t r,l ,.,,,-nip* '' He wil1 "^ to San Francisco at " cost of *28.25_for the crate To ft. th- vacancies *hu.h . will jot hambuV.'" 'nW.t sold io U«l ^..1 tO -° pen ""^Japanese Peace t bearing the J real, which ihe cor- -he < TO- but clo .< be c ea T d b; 11 ir i !j na 10 i I n^t 4 f . Mr evpecied Senate i L =achvi,, i , „ >' ,t / t h» f n il or n«cntcrt pnw of H i - i r ^rg sit, Ic \ s i l, l jj e i job " the i I I- > Ia »i ucit (o Gen-n jf Feth'lclers nomi Tiuman nominated At n L^nde D McCoimick now the ic^iisg cnief of naval operations, to i he ru-iindci of the Atlantic Fleet, ' ^ cC rulCK was a stibrnainu.r before he i mm. \i<o ehitf of m\al opcr- j ^ 101 ^ice Adm Donald P Dunc° i d D lU chief of operilions, was „ - jpiopo^ed b} the Pnsident for pro....„ \iTv_m s id she me ! i«s motion lo \ice chief In Field's apartment aft-r Field f Mr. Truman sent the nominations •ai-reed o work with me," She said ; to Capitol Hill soon after lie had that Field arranged Ihe mesting. I held a White House meeting with s J i S i-Svo t -VJ?. t i-^ IrSl n Mnssing! Navy SccrcWr >' D »« Kimball and oec SuBVEllSSVK on Page 2 P'eehteler. * Negroes Held For Shootin Misssssippian Four Osceola Ncjrms held by Clarksdalc. >.5L= ties tcday charged and roJ)!.',:ir' art a:i wny jiroved In other Mildred Bro .^•chants bv Mr. Broad- o be adulferated. i'! ;on in r-ourt today W... Nc^'ro. WBS ordered held tn invi'.it. -Jiircuit Court actio on a charsje'of.hiuvdcr. She Is cha-.'i-.i'rt with fatally shooting Joe Kcolt;.; Nenro. July 13. A charge of carrying a concealed See TRUMAN on Page 2 weapon Junior Johnson. Negro. w.,n dismissed on motion of the city attorney. I County's First'51 Po!i "atality Is Reported Jonesboro VFW Club Charged With — A Weather .- forecast: p£.i-i.1y Uiis afternoon. .ton:?ht and JONESEORO, Aug. 2. charge of keeping a gambling device U'as filed formally here today against thu VPW Club as the rc- b?iiig Miss., store owner. suit of a by county and state .••.L-J., nuih,):•:-: The four Negroes were Identified' officers 'asi sutnrdny ,hratin ? .ny cliiccr= as Charlie Hursey. Al-i A stale VFW off-.'ial serving as 1 .^:i L...Kt. ,.cd VVilhanison. Jame., Waiters; : ,Hcrn"v :,: the local olnh Mir? hc ~ "" ;' lu! WaUci Dcn » is - Al1 save their j would e, ; !« ;, pica of -uiHv for | l-.ornes as Osccola. . ' Deputy Sheriff N. p. alack of | Ciari:sflalc said Willie Mohara, ! 'about. Br, or lO." v.-as shot Tuesday ! i-.iiTht as he started to open his ; .More tn ^i: the quartet some gaso- WILSON, Aug. 2.—Mississippi County's Jirst polio death of 1051 was reported here this morning. Seven-year-old Carolyn Pratt, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Richard Pratt of Wilson, died at 2:30 a.m. today in Memphis Isolation Hospital. She had been a patient at the Memphis Hospital only since yesterday. Relatives ot the child said she flist became ill Sunday but was not taken to the hospital until yesterday. In addition to her parents, she is survived by a brother, Richard. Funeral arrangements are Incomplete, but Cosmopolitan Funeral Home of Memphis will be in charge. clr.udy i-'rjci'iv. k the or:;,ani;. ition v.lirn Hie cnse is calied for trial Fnday mornim before Municipal Court Jiul-^e P-Kter Olnrkc. Sherifl \v. Y Nash said he and .ither offiCLrs (ound four -lit machines whr-r (hey visited the club lost Saturday night. ci.otmv Widely scattercrt daytime ihu:Hi!.'r- showers in central poitirni fjii:- afternoon. Not much ciianye in temperature. Arkansas cotton aro.< fori'i-.i^t; Partly cloudy with auicly .-i-nnorcd Afternoon nnd curiy evciiir,-; 'huti- tion of the sr.Vir'. r^i-'!i !i:o;-nin^ . humidities and I; ;ru -.\ 'nc: 1 -'. V Missouri forrv.r-i: P.uav cioiijv toui?:lt nn:l FrU!,-v v. R'itifly scattered fliower. derjEorms noit'u t.nnuii tvesne e.wt Fri:Liv; :>.-, warm Fv;day: low ><>n hich VYid^y jjencr.tliy in Minimum this inornini' --7-J. SuiiM't lc(l,iy— 1:(U. Sunrise tomorrow—3:13. Precipitation M hour: to 7 —none. Total since Jan. I—30.40. Mean temperature fmlri-.viiv tuern hitli slid lpw>--315.—so.;. ' ' Tilts' Date f.ast Vi-ar \ilniimnn tliis mornini—nn. Maximum yr.u-vc^.y. \ii. PrecipitT llui , J.inuaiy 1 to date—<7.60. -:ald Mahara identified liir.sey r.s the man who shot him iirohii;h Ihi flinuldcr after Wil- cnibbed his arms, said the shooting took [ ])U-ce about 11 p.m. after the 'rrc.s awnhtiied Mahara and a.skct. . him to ;e, 1 them the gas. | Stale TIOODIT Clvrtc Raikrr ha-; Mah.ira I- in a critical condition, ] r elurncr) ro nhthcvillr a'lfr ' 3f>- llie deputy si'id. The bullet shat- ] <1n V ncrimi of dutv in Kl Dor.ulo. ttred his rixht shoulder and lodged [ Trorper Barter v.-ns >.r.m=frrrert ~-:ains(. iii.s spine. | 'horn temporarily while a State Po- Blurk -r>,d hc did not know how I llc(v '"''On for mr,':ir> irr»'r."r« me much inor.c> the Negroes lock from ! ViCi " Wntnra. - | All ol t!ic N'cgroe.s are charged i '.villi rnhborv with a deadly weapon, i State Trooier Birker l xf_ \ Returns to Duty Here ' hcVI in Li'tt 1 '-' R,••:(?!' T-rt -nnc BlyJhiv.-illc in tVhntPry. irSf). Two Arkansas Children Hurt BALD KNOB, Ark.. Aug. 2. (/Pi- Two chtlnrcn were injured seriously tcday when a locomotive plowed into an automobile stalled on a •;iilrond track near here. The cfiilfiren. G.iry Reed, live, .=ml Rita May Heed, three, ot near Jti:i.'/;n!'. IUTC taken to Rodgcrs Il'j^j.ital m s-'arcy. wiicie phy:-i- i i i n.s sru'l ilieir condition V.H* ciiti- Ital. • i Mrs. Clyde liced. mother of the r /^tr^M ~ I -luldron and driver of the car, said LONDON, Aug. 2. (AP)-Thc British government today ordered she ,• a- f]ni !e in K the train in an a special plane to stand by to carry a cabinet mission to Iran for oil talks—and then postponed the flight. A spokesman /or Richard R. Htokcs, lord privy seal auci h,-a<l ol the mission, refused to say whether there had been a nitoh in the projected negotiations. British Cancel Flight For Iran Oil Parley .^'la^S^^o^ilPfood Funds"' |.-et.,up 'an office on Highway 61 j N'urlh. I The Board of- Directors today v;aa discussing ae.w by-laws to govern the association and was planning to ' divide the slate organizations Into districts, Mr. Bruton saUI. It was proposed that the mcm- uers hi each district have a mefct- ing sometime prior to the ginning season to discuss efficient operation and current legislation that affects their businesses. The purpose of this meeting of the Honrcl of Directors Is tu a general rc-orgauuatton of the aj.-:oeiation to slep up activities '.o meet t.:e current needs of yhi- ricrs, Mr. Hniton said. The re-organization, including the move to BSytheville, war, SUK- yested at Ihe annual meeting of the organization last June. tudc, the o. S. Eighth Army reported Its attacking troops gained more than two miles on the central Korean front Thursday against only small soups of the enemy. The Pelping radio Thursday night quoted Lt. Gen. Nam n. North Korean chief of the Red armistice delegation at Kaesong ai saying Ire "repudiated the buffer /one" proposed by the Allies "deep across the aath parallel." What Nam meant by "deep" wa< not explained, but the North Korean radio at Pyongyang declared the Allies were demanding a "stop- shooting line" approximately halfway between the 38lh and 39th parallels. This, said s high O. N. source, i* "n lot of malarky." The Allies hav« made no such northern-reachlnt demand. The . line ' they want U v (' 1 '? re ." '-'?f-" • ^rCPp'' no '^.'"4;rR, 10 Reds soy is being demanded.."It appears they (the Reds} ara building up the folks at home for a letdown." the U. N. source commented. "H they accept the buffei zone below where they say we ar«'asking for it, then it wiil look "ilk* a Communist 'victory'." Whether this reasoning was cbr- . negotiations now stand, Vice Adm. C. Turner Joy, chief Allied negotia- Only $175 Contributed To Red Cross to Date Chicka.sawhn District Red Cross = chapter m>w has only S175.50 of Its ['«<:' only 'Ime would tell. As tht Seal of $1.111 to aid homeless persons In Illinois, Missouri. Kansas and Oklahoma. _ E. j. Cure, who is heading the ! nol<i a defensible line becau« of drive locally, n.-[>orted today that ^' ie Possibility of "an armistice vio- , tor, told the Reds at the most recent meeting that the Allies must hold revealed the national Red Cvojw organixatinn spent S1G7.- 758 In MiMlssippi county during the flood cf 1927. Previously. Mr'. Cure announced that $123,000 was spent by the Red Cross in rorth Mississippi County during Ilu- 11137 Hood. "We are making these figures public." Mr. Cure explained, "because we :eel that the public will be more n.sponsivc when it remembers how Hie Red Cross came lo •nir. rescue " Recent contribnlinn.s include ironi Mr. and Mrs. $j . . . A. White. Dick Mills and Mrs. Annie II. Bran- lation by the other side." That was at Thursday's seventh eadlock parlies. They will try again today at a meeting scheduled for 11 ajn. (7 p.m. CST. Thursday). Briy. Gen. William P. Nuckols. U.N. spokesman, quoted Admiral •Joy as telling Red negotiators at Kaesong: "The United Nations command has no intention of violating the military armistice agreed upon, but neither will the U.N. command place itself In an Indefensible position In the event of an armistice violation by the other side." ....... ... , ,, _ — :- Nuckols said Joy read this pre,011, SO from U. S. Branson. 5251 pared statement in response to "a ir.m i i, F:*Ur anil S3 from ! final question" bv North Korean ; L ! 1"_1"" 1S - I So< ' CRASE-FlilE on IMgs 2 halt it at the time ol thp imMu p. The train engineer .= : id nc unable to stop the fasl- inovui^ ''hroliL'h-'rctehl from St. l/v.iis tu mile' Rock in time avoirl th-? New Efforts Started to Free Ootis from Czech's Prison ;ny Bla.-k ,».ii K !ev/ York Stoc l "= They're At It Again! Eastern Flying Saucer h a Weather Balloon HAtil-.KHTOWN. Md.. Au:: a. '.•i 1 '--Shade.- of llymi! s.luccr.s! Part of the c.isl had it nqain yesterday, bin It was pretty well founded from beginning to end that the silvery object hich In Ih^ sfcv rIKint c^rry tt'Cird Htlle lur-n. IHI[. tv,Ts only a maverick Tlie laru-i: tinselv object v.^:, rcpnricd • at daybreak near Cleveland. Ohio. A fighter squadron ii!terccp!ccl It at Pittsburgh n'Hl rtcirrminrr) it wa.- a large plx-iic ueAther ba!io--ui. T A T a Amcr Tr.b^ Arnrnnda Beth Rfrel ! N V r m : i Int Hnr\e l.T C P"n' Stu:!r!:.!l-rr j Sta.nrli.rrt O f N J ITesR= Corp . . ] °r">r = !tJ s <=:rrl . "Mr. Stokes is not leaving today. Arrangements for his departure will be announced when they arc known." the spokesman said. Hc added: "We have been explaining all along t.:at todays arrangements wen- subject to last-minute alteration." The fo'ji-cnaincd BOAC (British Ovrr.:iM.. Airways Corporation) plane wa.s taxied back to its hangar. COAC .jffirials 5:1 irt they had rc- iHV-d no (xplanatlon fcr the [KiiH'inrn' The foiut:n ollice evidently was awaiting Clarification from Iran on one or two point.s concerning Ihe |}ro[x*ed talks, Ye,sterda> Itie cabinet stucli'fi a report ir.m U.S. trouble .-.luwlcr W. Avcrel) Htrriman then sent oil ,1 reply to Iran. A forcisn nflirei said an answer from | Trash Causes Fire Alarm BIT.:!!!? trash in a g ra:;e at 114 S'.u'h 13'!. EtrCi't was I lie can .n of ;i file al.:ini yesterday M;crno:i H l Nt> ri:im:i-'c resulted. The property Is owned In the tmmaailatc Con i.flition C'iillioltc Churcli. WASlIlNCiTON, Ami . Con-ress and Ihe Srati> ^.. v ,>, ul u-,u "> [ arc ma km ;• new etf'irts to obtain rclea.'f i;f AP Corresiiontlfnt William O:ills fruin a C/ecli prismi. mittee vc:,terd;v>- adoptefl a rr^olu- tien vi'^rir^usiy nui'IrrunnK: action aixl ur 1 .:];!;: the Soybeans Iran , s expected probably uxlaj He i A /i c «s' Rcarrest Ordered ' indicated Fran's reply would clinch Britain's oet-i.<ifin whether to send , nc „,(„:,,. ^^ earner tod,y ^ ,!«» t Karnmar, S ald Richard See IUAX on !'.\BC 2 ,„.„,,... ,.. r _.. i ASH1NC, ON. AUK. 2. Uoicrnme',- today ordered Middleman's Food Profit Called 'Too Big WASHING TON'. Aug. 2.. i,1>, _ A . paml t(, ',vhr,t Hie fan,., is and in :, .., .,|.,. r „„, ~, . /IN. O. Co^on WASHING I'ON'. Aug. 2,. i,1>, _ A . parcel t(, '.vlir.t fcnato r.-j): ri on food prices said ! oalryinen gel." 'i»laj thai for most products Ihr-rc " : vc hrj ''"' ) rumor. ." ho lold a re« ««« ,, a spread between the , Z^J'^t asm, %?l Sot i 2 0 i.innrr's pncc nnrt the grocery Oil!, i $16,000 ;i year. 7hr n: F ,<»ii indicnlccl that middle-i r |j.] r y [arrucr •nvn !»ay r,c taking too big a cut,.; Mo:il o[ thf! pnci , ,-Ii:!inUir A ikon iRtVtK member of | die subcrtniittllicc'.s n r<:tl:|., [ion of uilly .„,„ "'nil ui the rcUil pi-jcr of 'I lie htMni:'.,:.; (-ovrrrci ,i ( i ro.-n April 27, 1949. to tfovc 1 - - --. . --51. Senauirs ^aicl tile a former | <Irlny in rc-Ir\t.<c of the finding I Milled tjoiu difi'crtimx.s aino. ol ihc HKruiiiUire COL j Mar !): '' J j July . S JU Pnc rivp-mnt' subcommittee which Inlet! EtKKi prtco.s, snid a com- nvcriignttnti shculcJ be made . in Ch:m : -) to find out why consumer m;.x are "so high eoni- !>cen outdated by the sharp price boosts since the Keren n War bog an l>rop But It nolrcl tint rop In farm prices lit Vary On mc?t piicc.s. ihe repori i i Otl tr.v'jinony indicated thr\t tlie " | Dec cco'.:rmU'.s in the inrirkcliii f T of me,\l\ Mar !'• (iTirgm; what the tr;if(ic will i MTV Oprti Hi;h L >\v n-vt- . :rL>. 3141 3113 ^43J !43'. ; 1410 -»S2! i4'. ,i-S:6 :J43,j .... 340LI 3i:o 3;i9:i 3402 Yor!' CoHor 343,V| 342i ! APi — | U.S government to "take possible action" !/j bri: T R about Oatis' r-^'rase. The rc.^ hi lion is due for H^use fittion '-ox' ivock after which it will 30 to th- Senate. If ndopteci by Loth Elmi«>.s the resolution will be ."t;;it \f> hi' Cz?ch government mid to the Unilcri Xaiions. "))p|jnH€ Strps" Taken Sct-reUi\ of State Acheson t-old a tifw.s conference yesterday that the U.R govtrnment is taking definite ; =tep.s to obtain Oatis' freedom He fltclined to reveal what is bc:n;: doni'he said a pre- riiri'iitT re\rLation might not be in Aclu'MO' sairt (lie Oatis csse is line >i §i>-ti importance to the gov- cruaum.t i\i'id people of the U exited Kt 'tes. L'jti'rhaslovakia turned down nn carlirr State Department protest and niipeai fcr Oati,s' release. Oatis Comlclcrt Thr .r-' O;itis. a native jf M.ivion, iiiti,. \vii.s convicted by i' rra^uf court ia^t month on 'J'.ar.i's ji c^plonasc and senwnced 'o i°n yc.ii'i impribfriinicnt. The ar- i rtvs Aiiri conviction has been wide* [ ly (!cnou:,cpf' as a sham and a violation ol l>:ssic iiumnti rights. • The NiUiniui] Press Club board of •< 2ovfrnor> \rsterday adopted a'res* olaii'in calling for O^tts* immediate release an.t charging that the Czech re^mie had distorted all honest re- portins "through perverted pro- cTXV.'.S ol justice."

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