The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1939
Page 3
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MiDAY, i JUL\\.7,'l989 j . BLYTHEVILLE, '(AKK.T COURTEK NRWS At Atlantic Entrance To Panama Canal Workers Labor Day Ami Night On 'Spy-Proofing fob Jc By THOMAS'M. JOHNSON War Corrrspomlcnt ami Aiillior (Written for NEA Service) ANCON, Panama Cannl Zone July 0—The open windows or the swaying observation car framed tf picture In vivid greens and red? and blues, or royal palms am lush bottomland — hmld- whici loomed an ocean steamship. Tlien rows of electric 1 light poles, gray walls pit: concrete, and between them 'a'liarrow' slil'of noti- deEcript water—the Cannl. Along its bank, clotted dots or Mack, • brown and white. "I-ots ot men,, working,"-I '.said to my.companion, an : old Manama hand. "What are they doing?" "I wonder," He regarded me odd- lv. "fe.f. the World's Fair before you'left, New York?" '. They don't talk about it. much down here, but they think about 11. "Danger—men working." V/ork- Ing against the danger of catnstro- phe In Europe that may cut this American lifeline, ere it can be made strong enough to withstand bombs from the.air or .from the hand of the groundling spy. SECRECY SHROUDS "MEN AT WOHK" Sabotage is the most, immediate threat to the Canal . . . sabotage by one man or by a desperate croup . . : in. one. place pr « dozen places.- Which Is why men in stained civilian clothes are working—In military-like secrecy— throughout Hie COO-odd ' square miles of the Zone, Installing what Goverrior C. S. Ridley calls 'fifteen million dollars' worth of ga«- B prom his office -in the Administration building here, overlooking this "capital" -of 35.000 souls including 10,000 American civilians, .-the Governor can watch .the! installation- of many of those secret Ba "For S ' Canal structures, Congress •has provided every thing I asked he says. "And I am glad to note itatenllal I nveslmcnl Pilkin Sees Averse Am- enough tn hnvo any ..... money |eft (or possible Investment lit liie c'nil of the' year. Excluded would be only public dependents who live at or below a subsistence level, nlmlnals nnd Hie \ery ilch Such people are by lliolr nnlnre and circumstances unable lo look iit (jovernmenlal problems with nn eye Ktrnluhl on the common good, ARMY CHIEF At the Atlntic entrance to the 43-mile before the prow of an Incoming country Canal at this time , im,x,rtance' of the ' lock I'ilkln believes. Rcinu Assailed •.^y. I WO Sides Tins prodigious Pllkln, who • has teen In his day couk, I'liillc-luuid, peddler, Junkman, fiiclory hand, mmer, tutor, Inlcrpreter, printer,1,13Coin' wspnperman, hack lltllon writer,I!20Dress forcmnn, encyclopedia editor, I: |,.| mm |ng. ychologlsl, professor of Journal- (Jjn. Loiters. )iY WIU.IS TIIOUNTON Nl A Si-iTli'i' Stiilf I'mrrsiiomlrnt OLKVKLANl), July 'l,-Th(! prodl- ous Prof. Waller 11. I'ilkln, who Jon fnmc 11 nd fortune by illscov- •ing mul elaborating Ihu idea thill HORIZONTAL 1, 0 Newly appointed U. S. army head 12 Stir. : .13 To cure. ,15 To talk wildly. 10 Skeleton, structure, Answer to Previous Funk life )li;Klm »t Forty," Is Innncli- completely new , oer sin, inul author or numerous test- 1| 24 g OOUi h out • nt ul : , Hers, thus branches out • nt Oiilun, plclvned opinln „.,.„, on , the Ghagus nue, t arlilli-lal lake. The wator.V rise and Uireets of bombers. ng baldly into a clivlly at ill.' lie- calls it "the urontesl revoln ion In history." nut don't be: iiliiriiu'd. There will be- no liim-leadi'S In the streets il lire I'Hkln revolution, mul m blood spilled, . The movi'inont which he liiunen oil at Elyilu. O,, on June 20. I merely un cllort to create u super lobby of nil people In tin; eomilr who live at u bC'Ui'r-tlmn-bavc comfort level. Hucli people, PUM believes, are. betnu tiradunl squeewd by well-organlm! pressiiri croups nl the. lop and bottom o nlo yet another fluid. He has no '£7 p r eposillon. relates, mid tin: iirellniliwry --•— ork nnd expense of organisation 1 s being borne by himself. lie tin the' social scale until tbey Ijci'lii lo holler. Professor I'itkin Is r.liulims II hollering. I'I,;\N IS KlMl'1.1: when the huge Nnil liner Hremcii through recently, ho Ills plnn, which he ' n tt S ^vv^ d opp?eci a !!on,,m out T1 ie German liner Bremen, iargest'-pauengc'r ship ins giuniiig•"l'> J . .. . . - ,,,„ .• - _.... .... ,„ „,„.,.,,„ ll.rnueh the 10 ana a Time' If Europe will gi\e him No U"l,bi lime' Todaj under tbe SUIL irid in the lains he has started men working long hour-, Ties entlj nndei the arc-lights thai line the canal more men \\lll Jt- working by night The soonei Unt time comes when congress appro^ veil has been tnnslated into cai- poes of steel and nnnuficlnrLd -it 'tides unloaded down heie the sooner ill those gadgels \ ill be in v Dlace Then this linchpin of oui naval defense strategy \vill be safe ~But S that cin scaicelj be 1 1m siimmei Tor months peilnps ; a veil theie VM» "c dangei rue spj has anplc tii le In which to look about him. LOCKS ARK FAR FROM IN\tII>.FRABI> The Cinils world fimous locks are amplt filets foi ""jotem- Rougnlj a mile long eich loci- cbmpiiwi one to thiee clnmbeis iSw f«t long HO i ule 10 deep Tliey arc hie concrete boxes will steel gates weighing hundieds o t0 To blow them up would requn much more thin a minute and Fourth of Julj flreciicke. but tlv a ; re fir from invulnerable Best proof of this is hit C.ov e.nor Uidley his just secu.i $15000000 M"i which to sti building a $21000000 set of by pass locks \vhich he assuies Cm gress would be especially cl signed and const ruct»il to ies air attacks and Cabotage n present locks were not so dosi-nc CANAI. TROMOFS How might enemies-withln-t n cates strike at the Canal? fh •is a favorite-and grim-arBUment just now 'in Panama's open-faced drink emporiums.; some say that the lower lock chamber at Gatus might be opened, then the upper one blown to draw oil the 'water [rom.-Oat.mi Lake. And then: The lake a mud- hole . . • the canal a dry and, littering canal and lake both,' the warships or our Fleet-- to negotl'.il' 1 HlltM L}IC-»lti>, ,,i«c,v.^« 1 — - . was barely able to scrape Ihrough Ihc locks, as seen above evils'a laiding pirtv could jump from the deck, of n HI chip to the lock o •" -hulk .craped either side of In- 110-foot-wlde locks, and from her decks to their surface WHS lint n S suppose - from that, .slow-moving Troinn Horse, with Us'crew of 100 •should suddenly leap « chosen 'pnvly.. Suppose that, with sub machine guns' they mowed down Use surprised, outnumbered ci"> ul ent n party to plnee explosives n the lock gates. Or even blew up the' Bremen herself, eaBglnB the canal with that mass of Iwlsl- "if'^not the Bremen, then uny other of the 32 foreign ships Iran sitting the canal each day. None of them Is thoroughly jnspcued now. and if tscy were It would be, hard'to detect explosives cleitnv hidden. In war, Airierlcan CRWI wold take foreign ships U.rowj'i! _|;nt how about a llme-uon I ? To cut IJP and remove a ship would lake a week lo a luontli And the hostile force need noi come rroin aboard a ship or <nui rrom as short a dislance from the rnnul as Punnuift City. Some think'It might come 11 «n among the Can,! /.one teboicis 1?000 mostly very black West Indians and brown Panamanians ' by \vhlte Americans who times the »55 a moiilh pad the: laborers. ; In,splte^c, that the great majority »reloy lately proof has come that ore .not. u , t ,. non-partlsiin, but cxlr pintlsan," is simple. H« would for 14 Electrical term. ^ 16 Ha was an honor'student and star, '-20 Drone bee. 27 iVeposillo 29 Weaving 34 Toward. !!5 Subsists y> Astir. •SO To linul •12 Good niune dcsserls 40 1'npci mulberry bark. U S sailms pictmed in the slice!-; of Pimmn City, where there nr estimaled (o be more spies per simnre mile than anywhere else the world. Madden Dam with its '22.000.000,COO cubic-feet, of exlra .water supply must be out too. Wrckcmg the hydroelectric plants at both Gr.tun and Madden would bo very '.ericus, but the locks can-be Cristobal. The other dny. ns'lho Hnriibur American liner through Gatun the Horn! A cruel voyage, tering even battleships. Gifted, imaginative artists painted that unpleasant But this is, wrong with « Gatun Lake runs dry eiicy cofferdams ' and strong bat- op•rated by steam, diescl engine— and even by s;ind. temporarily —if the locks themselves have not, been . too seriously damaged. Other objectives of the sabot- cur might be the hydroelectric powerhouse at Galun, which generates 'juice for the Zone;. cmer(!- ciicy dams at Hiiraflores and Ga Wasgcnland we ,,,,,, ui ,., . locks, a Germ messboy heaved overboard n pac age—and for a moment the Iro ah- was heavy 'with tragedy: , Soldiers and negro labor shouted. Hells' rang. From jottcin of the lock chamber a s cial contrivance disgorged package, which was opened ai lense silence. Then n gasped "Thank Got The package ' contained a !I iron which, the messboy expla ed, was his Idea of a joke. 1G1IH1LS Cavulliersville Council Oi- clcrs Strict Check On City Equipment ARUTHERSVHJjE, MO., .Inly 1. \l the regular July meeting of city council, passed o\ei un- the middle of this week cine to c holidays, a general "lightening wti" pVogram was voled and anlmously passed, in regard lo e future purchase and use of y equipment nnd materials. Obye Cokcr, chairman of « spc- il committee investigating al- gcd misuses of city equipment id nmlcrlals on prlvnte -building ul hauling jobs, recommended nt city tools and equipment be lecked In and out each day, nnd lat one man be held responsible or their use. The council appoinl- 1 John Gadfly, waterworks cn- to be in charge of checking frame, - , J "' . ,. iaiSand. does not- nsph'c lo be the | ,., Mn ,mi p[ u movement, lie Is only lining lo got his system started jy (luinontili'iUlng II In selected ommunlllcs. He chose Ohio be tlicrft a'ro there, so many small communities whose life Is close lo liie toll, yel Industrial. The cllle.-; 1'itV.ln considers quite .lopelcsH. AIMS AT NATIONAL I.OBHV When several communlllcs have »M\\ organlncd Into a statewide federation, 1'llktn nlms lo slurl n imiijii/.lne which shall push for stale-wide reforms In common govern mental and soclnl problems, liy Hint lime, lifter say, two years, he believes Ihc ellVcllvt-ness of his plan will have been so well dem- onslrnled lliul he will lie able lo step, out and turn the work over to others. "l'-asclst?" he :»iofts. "Of. course I w lll be called that, flut 1 liuvii been called worse things, nnd It iiL\ei hint me I In. problem is lo combino Ihc conlrall/.nllon which modern life makes Inevitable, with the local conliol ot local piobluns •I think 1 have nn answer. We'll liy It out Of count 1 If It PIOVCB u, be the wrong answer, It's wrong ihnts all ' At which lime Ihc Irrepressible Piofissoi I'llkln who bubbles \\ltli energy and Ideas, will no doubl tuin lo omelhtnij chc, piobablj : a book on "Life Really liCRlns ill Seventy.' Reports Big Increase hi Production Loans 47 Pound." 49 Melts. 61 Urink. 62 Musical note- D3To con. M Like. 5(J Yeiir. 08 Boundary 3D Common verb 01 Fold. C3 Needy CO Sells, OSIlo .will be General' Cfnlg. 09 Cock's comb. 19 Law, . 21 He will direct • a rearmament -T- (Pi-)'. / 23 Therefore, , 2 5 Near. /' 28 Enemy, 30 Fights. ' 32 To honk, 30 Certain. 3 8 TO snarl. 41 Appliances. 43'Narcollcs.- 45 Brushed.wlth ^ a broom. ' limn* ' .48 Lake Inlet, tnonu. 50 Code o( laws 6 Sound ol M Expensive. Intjulry. • «Bird. 6 Evils, , f)9 Being. I Qy the length CO Since. 8 Senior. 62 Dcvoui ed. S Ugly old «3Postscilpt. woman 64 Red Cross. lOGiecdy. «0 Either II Citric fruit. 67 Street VERTICAL 2 Organ of hearing. 3 Loud right, could be sold on the sH^&«=ft3£££iJfc ;;,r VKSf - — *:. '-,'"-*t:.« r;n will, the 'nine period of 10J8 ac- ers arc making wider use of tue co, ing to 1 rank A UL l, SocrUais- 0- lo 12-month budget type of loan I liensiru of the association developed Uy the pioduc on cred I Januaij 1 lo June to. 1010, associations became ot Is adapt * .. . . »j .1 nnn 1 .,1.1111. I it +li« Litsirtlnl unrula m flPlI culture." Mr R W. Potter Is field repre- scnta'tlvo for the,Planters Ptmluc- llon Cicdll Association In the Chlckusnwba District with the field offlcc. located on South second sticet in Blythevllle. " hi 1000 comnumllies of the United States, local councils of represen (allvc.1 of all organisations of "middle ; class" people—nnd by that he means, roughly, all people gelling more than $30 a week. These rep- rtsinlallus would miU siinty the oial scene nnd begin bj cleaning ip local government and condl- ions. They would know what, In llieir own communities, most needed attention.' Ihc association" dhbursul $123,000 -1 itbllllj UO lo It- 1 , mcmbeis us (.ompiucd with $'1(106000 disbursed VimliiB Hit Ihht sH months of 19tB Ihe iisMiclatlon-, Jljl) mcmbeis aie lo cited In the Obccoln and CUIcka- ,nwbi illblilct-i or Mississippi ^ ' i Countj thLH ari. seveinl lensoni foi tills outstanding increase In \ol nine tn^ Mi Hell Flit ussocla lions piotmin of bilnglng Us MM \ let lo nnth dlslilct liy main mining n field ofllce In lilylliovllle bus bttn ii yunt coinenieiKe lo nieinbir-i nnd n big boon lo business Hit local iLpiescnlatlve with iulhoilt> to icpicsent Ihc assocln , the special needs or a E il- a Norlh American birds are more, or leis closely related ,wlth birds of the Old World,' but the bird life of South America Is more occu- tilllllVJlJtJ \v ii-|..-" , r-j tlon In most of iU operations has IIIJJI 111 Iliuin v" •«•* —I- mnde it comuilenl for fanners lo oblnin production LI edit nssoda linn loans Another majoi uason is the giowing familiarity of farmer', with production credit association loans nnd Un coouoialKt naliire of "'" nssoclallon. • : . ' ''The reduction In interest rate from 5 lo 4'/j per cent last February has been an important factor, such local communities i This reduction' was nuide 1»« >>« which'" had proved beyond their j power locally. And finally, representatives of [he stale organizations would make and iicer, .- — --- --- - nd Issuance of equipment, amed Sam Hayes, Gaddy's ftsslst- nl, lo be in charge of the tools nd equipment at night. The council also passed n resolu- ton ranking It necessary, upon lite How to Get Rid iilVn nalloiinl council which^would ' Q( act in Washington as a gigantic lobby, or- pressure group, lo end all pressure groups. "Middle class," Professor Pllkln Interprets as incluclinu all «lio »"' " Fimt kM-n kitchen floor*, panUy shlftvoj, cup l,rar,i«Tic., In-cfrom loc-l n.rllcltj, niftr, etc. Thal'.'.-hnlallr»cl» anU. Sccon.l, eel » can ol . . Ward .Four nldcrmanlo race, and ,M±L I WS£Z n ^ dSsed IhaCw: ,r^ns™ had «ai DilI nan for purchases of won over J. D. SIsk by U;o hun- 4250 an over to be approved by drcd majority. Johnson will take the respective acpnrlmeiital com-1 his seat at the next regular meet- mlltce before such purchases would Ing. ,tl crovlcw, Ijack ol nnd under 7.~aU I powJflr Imrlera IjelwMn nnta ,rt« wlicrc ihcy IceJ. OutslJo tlio (ounl . nnd you'U be allowed. Two special tax bills were passed to pay for repairing streets, and o , the council passed an ordinance ' The special, investigating committee, headed by Coker. did not make any report on Its findings, since the committee had not com- llec llranl really kllU anla, roaches anil other crawling tn- l^iijc- around (lie house. Inftlst contiinclkc Ilrand InaccL of rinks within 300 feet of residential property within the city limits. •ikntlni'' I'lclcd its Investigation, being held arvmii'b > . . ... _ T , u A n», r nrl ronertv wll nn inc cii.y uum*>. — •- The vote was cost up_ln_ thejliie_ next Regular ,,, closed sessions. It was believed that the report, would be made nt emeri;-! and Pacific sides; and the NOTE: Vo« can alto kill anti anil roachci at v-til i" fin antl ""O.^uilOM/ irifn Bf tiraial iMICl SpiW. Ktad dirtcliont on Co VISIT OUR NEW USED TRUCK LOT (CORNER VINR ami 2nd) For The Very Best In Used Truck Bargains! Ford 1936 H Ton with Trailer 1-..:...• $645 Chev. 1936 H Ton with Trailer $465 G.M.C. 1937 i Ton PicUJp $385 Ford 1937 \ Ton Pick-Up 1.7.. $210 Chev. 1938 HTon L.W.B $545 PLENTY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM IP YOU ARB IN THE MARKET FOR A NEW OR U8BD TRUCK, DON'T IHIY'UNTIL YOU SEE "Bill" Sensenbaugh Phone 802 Evenings 649-J Delta Implements, Inc. ' Distributors For Internalinnal Motor Trucks CING WAL EVERY SUNDAY AFTERNOON PARK - - - 2:3 ADMISSION - 25c and CLOCK

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