The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1930
Page 8
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I!'.VTH M a I n PS k/ • it- B. O. in 11: -lit. Ui cc in K, m f 3oi ci <c D "i 31 PI ct 01 ki rt st Sleep Walking Slayer Michael Filosa o{ Brooklyn Claims He Docs Not Remember Crime. By I.AL'RA I.EE nllOOKMAN" NEA Service Writer NEW YORK.— Cm a mail bo forced lo piy with his life for a crime cominitted while walking in his sleep? Michael Filosa. 28-ycai 1 old Brooklyn sailor. \\'ill I'nmv l:i, fate when he knows the answer la that question. Pilosa Ls being held in jail in Brooklyn for the murder of h's hall-brother.. SMvntcrc U? mil. 10. and for seriously Injuring h:s mother, Mrs. Anna DC Hall. 49. and his half-sister, Cnthcrine. 13. And while lawyers and r.lientjti are declaring thai the Filosu fa;? may prove one of the most tafilili!3 In conrl history and one of the uioit challenging; of legal smrli. Michael, dazci! and borrowful. slti In his prison cell and says: "I must have done It but I don't remember. It I did It I must have been asleep." What he does remember ivilh terrifying clarity Is the gray, hair- lit bedroom of the Cailton avenue flatr his mother's face, cut and bloodstained; his mother's voice crying "Mike. H's your Matter. Don't you know me?" Called for Help Michael, wearing pajamas anti barefoot, stood beside her. Mrs. De Hall was clinging to his arm and the touch of her hand scemort to waken him. There was a bloodstained razor in Michael's hand. Before either of the pair enuld speak they heard a sob and, turning, saw Salvatore. the younger s:n. fall unconscious to the kitchen floor. Salvatore was dead. Cnthe'-- ine who slept in her mother's b:d was cruelly slashed. "Mike—what arc you doing?" Mrs. De Hall cried. Filosa dropped the razor, lie • pulled on clothing and ran d;>y.n the one 'flight of stairs to t1:i? street. In the hnlhvtiy he met other tennnts. ."Something terrible his happened!" "he said. "Get a doctor and the police." When officers arrived lie was trying lo give hts mother and sh- ter first aid treatment. Mrs. De Hall, nearly unconscious, fold how- she had awakened lo find Micha?! bending over her and how at her cries he had seemed to ccme to himself. . Filosa's story coincides with hi 1 ) mother's He kept repeating, "I don't remember. I must have been Rsleepl" The young man sraned crushed. He offered no defence and made no protests at being taken into custody. He Went to Sleep He jays he came home from the movies, glanced Into his mother's room as usual and noticed that she and Catherine were asleep. Then he went to his own room, undressed and went to bed and to sleep. He declares he does not rememb3i' anything after thai until his mother's cries awakened him and lie discovered the razor in his hand. Alienists and psychiatrist 1 ;, preparing for a sharp court buttle arc divided In their opinions of th; possibility of a sleep walker committing murder. Dr. John F. w. Meagher, Brooklyn psychiatrist is nrmly of the opinion that a man in n-hat i:e describes as "the twilight state" eouH have done what Filos?. is said to have done. The slabber. Dr. Mcng- her explained, would not be rently sound asleep. He would be in a transitional state between sleep and wakefulness. A man in such a condition, he said, would not bo knowingly conscious of his acts nor would he remember them afterward. ' Dr. Arthur Frank Payne, widely known New York psychiatrist, iV equally positive that Uic thing i< impossible. "Filosa-could nol have done wbal he did If he were really asleep" said Dr. Payne. "He is stiffen. trom^what we call a crowding oi er cl consciousness, that is, he has bee able to put away nil recollection what he did. ' "Too fine a co-ordinalion o mind, a movement and hand is necessary for n man to go .from one . another nnd stab three would b sor Michael Fllosa. 28, above, Is accused oi the murder of'hij half- brother. Sulvalorc De Hall. Filosa does not deny Ihe crime but says tlml if lie was utility oi ihc deed he did It while he was walking in lih sleep. THE BOOK SURVEY. room to different people thnn possible in the cast of a pcrs- asleep. I do not mean to say thai Filosa premeditated what he dt: In the ordinary meaning or tl-t word premeditated. I believe, however, that he suffered a brainstorm and was under some heavy emotional strain or stress. No Motive for Crime Assistant District Attorney n?-nard Becker who qiiesllone'd Fiio- fa, said the case was frankly puz- "No possible motive for such By BKL'CE CATTON XEA Service Writer It lias been a long lime since Ih'e •oice of Hie Eclpiilisl has had any comfort for Ihc hapless individual vlio likes lo imagine lhal his poor wlf, with ;ill Its dreams and wisliul tcslres ami timorous beliefs, Is an nlcgral part of the universe, plan- led for from Hie beginning and nndc In (lie lirunjo of Us creator. Science, for many years. 1ms given is n dllfercnt sort of picture, and t has given the poet, Hie phltoso- ihcr nnd the mystic some very bad iioments. UelioM, then, n major scientist who comes out on the oilier side niul admits that the wisest of men can do no more thnn fee through n ;Iass. darkly; n scientist who says, n effccl. Hint Hie old mysteries are still mysteries, and that Hie existing creation, fnr from having: a cumbrous body and no soul, loaks niich more as If it were all suul, encased in an Insubstantial and somewhat unimportant material iiold. That, roughly, is the message of Sir Jnmes Jeans in "The .Mysterious Universe." published by th; Maemillan Co., at $2.25. Here, I believe, Is one or Ihe Iruly imporl- ant books of the present genera- Ion; important not for literary tyle hitl for the sounding of n new lotc thn't may, in time, alier all of }ur philosophies and give us an en- irely new outlook on life. Sir James bluntly remarks that he concept of the universe as a vast mechanism has broken down. The world is not a machine, and It can never be understood from a nechanislic viewpoint. It is more tear the truth To say that. II is a creation ol mind; a mind that works in accordance wllh mathe- nalical laws, a mind with which our own minds are somehow In larniony. The- book is not easy reading tor .he layman, b;it It is abundantly worth any effort one mliy make to get through it. There is a great deal oi meal in it. WIM, DUIIAXT PRESENTS INDIA'S SIDE OK IT In "The Case for India." Will Durant revives the good old American sport of twisting the British lion's (nil. To"put It more accurately, he gives the tail a savage and violent yank. He begins by remarking that the British occupation of India Is "the greatest crime in al! history." and he goes on from there to give Ihc Bri;i?h record in India one of the bittfrest la mu a stings I have ever witnessed. Dr. Durant Is frankly biased. He says: "H I write at all it is no- only because I feel deeply nbo;a India, but because lire cannot wail iinlil knowledge is complete. One must speak out and inks sides before Ihe fighl Is over." And so he lakes sides. He is firms' convinced that India should have her freedom. He bflieves that he country could no: possibly be any worse oil under seif-govern- ncnt, no matter how inefficient that self-governmrnl might be it is today nr.rier the Brit!'!: lag. Most, of India's troubles he lays to the fault of the British He Marietta Mlnnlgerode Andrew? and spirited. It ts offered by Simon and Schuster, at $2. ' *. * FIVE COLLEGE GRADUATES INSPECT THE SOUTH SEAS Five young Yale graduates bought a 60-foot schooner, 'hired'a cook and Induced a retired naval officer to come along' as navigator; and set out to see the .world. Their v6y- agings led them to Bermuda, idoVri hroug'h the Caribbean to Panafam nd thence to .tho Soiilh Seas, V'th Uistralia as th,e last- horizon; they ad a gay and "glorious tlme-'-nit- rally enough—and they had a few 'al adventures; and'a member'of he party, Edward H. Dodd, jr., ells the story in "Great Dipper'to loutheni Cross," which is now bc- ng offered by Dodd, Mead and :ompany at $3.50. If you have any weaknesses for loing a lot of traveling in an arm- halr you will like this book. The tory is ably told, and the young •oyagers emerge as likeable chaps. The book Is illustrated by photographs taken .• en rouls, most of vhich betray the hand of the am atcur. AN EXCELLENT BOOK ON WASHINGTON'S COUNTRY "George Washington's Country - a delightful book by Marietta \llnnigerode Andrews, telling o[ a has been uncovered" r.e crime said. "So far as we can learn Filosa has never quarreled with anyone and has never been In trouble in his life. He has been n steady .worker, and on the best of terms with his mother and Ihe younger children. Part of his earnings he has contributed to Ihe upkeep of the home. We have no evidence that he has ever been anything but an entirely normal young man There Is no record of Filosa receiving any Injury In the past tha might have caused temporary mental derangement." Neighbors !n the Carllon ave- tiie flat agree thai Pl!os.i has al- i s e declares that he proposes to show that "England has year by yea been bleeding Ir.ilii (o the point o death,' and he hits hard from the first page to the last. I do not pretend'to know how c.ose he comes k> hilling the bull'" eye. I can only testify fnat "Th Case for India" is highly readabli ways seemed to be a quiet well mannered young man. If ihe'ro ha been any strife In the household no one was aware of it. iv T . hC i ™, zor *"** onc> Ioll 8 unused hart b?n stored away in medicine cabinet. I-iloja is b?:ng held without b of lh7rU G ™ rt 5 " ry ' S lrari ozy moior trip through that part of America hallowed, by Kg as .so- cjfUons ivilli Washington.f Most of he tour, naturally, deals 'with oU Virginia; i>ul (here are chapters, also, on Philadelphia, Valley Forge, Wcsl Point and Uoslon. Tvic btsi of the book, however, is the pirn dial iiii.s lo do sviih Vlr- glnlu—es-iw-'ially the ccmments en /ut-of-lhc-vvay places and unusual icrsonages. Every now and ih?n Mrs. Andrews digresses to.quote a negro dialed poem, to ILst Inscrip- lons from old loinbstoncs, to icll whal clutltM Washington oid:-i«l II London lor six-year-old Miss lustls, to discuss plantation life In i 'irelnln iii the half-legendary gold- ! n age. These digressions some- ; imes are even letter than the body f the narrative. All In nil, "George Washington's i Country" Is a good book to keep in ! lind for that Christmas shopping i 1st. I should add that it |s lllus- raled tt'ith some excellent pholo- ra'plis. U is published by E. P. Dutton and Co., and sells at $3.15 TUNE IN TONIGHT 6:45 . C.S.T, FRIENDLY FIVE FOOTNOTES NBC Chali T H R O U G WMC Com* In tomoriow. Iiuptct tin l ( ttil | n Fritndly F| T * SKon. Fifty rlylti ,|| U, DolUn . . , , tl Setters' Giving up Job of Motherhood to Machines; DES MOINES, la., (UP)'—The Ming lieu is lasl losing 'oi;t icdern machinery in lintching Bgs, and. occordini; to tlie ."incdeni! cicuco of hatchery, is better off ecause deprived of the" prlvlhye: f motherhood, n. E. Gordon of tl'. owa Poultry Improvement Assccla lon tcU chicken raisers In con- enllon here. . . . Encroachment of Incubators upon v hen's hatching output Ins auscd 40,000,000 of the state's 100,000.000 baby chicks to be hatched, nrtincial means iu the la^ ear, Gordon said. Heas lay better, and .In bctU'' onUHion physically when they nn lot put on the nest, Gordon said Head Courier News Want Ads. HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday Vaudeville! laRaiiiey' f Colored-Bines Siiiger . • • iln PerKon ' laving made 42 Bltu-s Records for the Paramount; Record company. Hear Her Sing the •'' Songs! -. . With All Talking Picture Tardon My Gun' with Sally Starr, George Duvyea incl all star cast. ., , Also Lightnin'g Express No. 9 md Comedy. Admission Matinee —1.0-25c. Admission Night — 10-SOc'. Coming—Sunday & Mofitlay — Home -Theatre — Robert Armstrong and Barbara Kent 'DUMBEI^LS IN ERMINE". RITZ THEATER Thursday and Friday Purely A Laughing Matter! . , , "^ the racketeers of roars. the honics are funny, OKLY SA WORK Q Qafsaaount Qfrtor With l.con Errol, Hichard Arlen, Mnry Brian Comedy and News. Matinee — 10 and ;!0c. Night — 10 niul 3ac. Coming — Saturday — "Till 1 PASSION FLOWER" with; Kay Johnson and Chariest Biekford. Bargains For Saturday and Monday i^g*L'^^gS^a:aaiaanB:;aaB^aj;.S;aHK3Casi!-.jiijj.j^»a U p.., — .. 3 Large or 6 Small Cans Large Select Guaranteed Fresh Large Firm, Size 48 ; s Brcokfield or Clover Bloom SQUASH G f Egg Plant,fai! Fine Quality. For Kttting or Unking. ORANGES Si/c 200's. Sweet & juicy Duxcn E C Red Emperors or ^ ae vjhite Malagas, Ib Western Reds . SclCrackers Cam P bel! ' s Tomato Oniy unset Gold Black Hawk 3-Sb. Limit lb.29cBACQN rmrnm\at\\ LARD Sugar Cured Squares Ib Compound 4-ib. Limit STEW SVlE TVlCTEAHC R^nd Sirloin . 12C 01 tHI\5' y-Bone pound Made From Country Pork ysters pint SSiankless Picnics 4to6lbs. Ave. Ib. Sunday & Jlondav— SATAN". ' |

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