The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 13, 1946
Page 6
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ni/ri'JIEVJLLE (AUK.) COUHIKK NEWS SATURDAY, APRIL 13, 19-10 Moody, Lawson On Mat Program Will Be Opponents Of Coxrell and Thomas At Arena Monday J»ck Mcody and Buck Lawson *iil grapple with Bill Cozzel and Georite Thomas In Monday night's wrtEtling show at the American Lefion Arena. Promoter Mike Meroney has. booked some of those familiar rough-house characters that usually spice up the entertainment with their comical stunts. The main event, a tag match, best two out of three falls 90 minute time limit, has the necessary characters for some fast and rough action. Lawson with his gray hair thinning slightly in the center looks like a venerable old man when' he climbs Into the ring. Tills is altogether a false impression as b°U> f»ns and foes soon realize. He is tttlly oti'v about 38 years of age and has lots of power in those bulging biceps of his. Lawson's partner, Moody, is a tou^h and powerful man. lie greatly dislikes to rc- HUNTING And FISHING In ARKANSAS By 1'AUL KOSKNKIELI) United 1'rcss Staff Correspondent LITTLK ROCK, April 13. (UP)—' Arkansas fishermen say their finned friends are tmllo hungry indeed this week. And the men wltli the hooks are doing what they can to ap- pense those appetites. With no closed season in the state on rock bass, striped bass, Jack salmon, crappie, (jrnss pike, while perch, goggle-eyed perch, sun perch, bream and channel cat, many nn Arkansas sportsman is beating the sun up these line mornings to get a head .start. And they're biding their time until black bass season opens May 1C. Nerve, center of fishing lu Arkansas is tile state name and fish commission's hatchery at Lonokc, near Little Ruck. Enough fish are hatched annually (o supply n plentiful stock for the state's major rivers, their tributaries, and numerous lullficliil and hydro-electric lakes in the O/.ark mountain area. Another hatchery Is set up on Lake Hamilton near Hot Springs, and stitl more; fish are in the state a hold on an opponent once ponds at CcnUrlon. it is secured be it fair or foul. One is reminded of. n bulldog at those instances. \} Lawsan and Moody will find plenty o[ competition in the oppo- i siUon also. Cozzel, the Indian, is of medium height!! powerfully built. He has n punch in either hand capable of ixiling n steer and does not hesitate to use them either. Thomas is an excellent hand at the grunt and groan business, so teamed with Cozzel it's anybody's mutch. The first preliminary gets under way promptly at 8:15. the new ,st»rtm» time, with Cozzcl and Moody in opposite corners Lav-. son takes on Thomas In the second. These preliminaries arc the usual one fall 30 minutes time limit variety. Promoter Moroney will referee the entire mnlch as usual Southern League Race Is Started More Than 10,000 See " Chicks Beat Travelers In Opening Game By United 1'rcss Baseball came t<j- the South In loatball weather Friday and only 36,000 overcoated and blnnketcrt tans turned out to greet the ue\v postwar "Southern Association season. The owning day program wns made notable by the fact tint Atlanta, largest city In the loop, drew the smallest crowd ol the [our games. ,:. In Memphis, move than 10.000 funs overran Russwood Park to see the Chicks and Little Rock Inaugurate the season. Another 9.722 turned out in New Orleans to see the opener between New Orleans rvnd Mobile. Nashville had nn 8.500 crowd at its game with ChaUnnongn. nm\ 7.G11 -fans-shivered in Atlanta's Ponce do Leon Park as the Crackers played Birmingham. -New Orleans took a 0 to 5. 11•inning win from Mobile in a game played under protest after the fifth, v During that inning, Onrrctt Mo • Bryde, .Mobile runner, was tagged between third base and home plate by New Orleans third baseman Hob,by Richards. After base umpire Jim Tongate had ruled McBrydc out, McBrycle picked up the ball Irom the ground and tossed it away, to show Richards had dropped it on the play. Chief umpire Paul Blackard then. reversed the base official's decision, ruling McBrydo safe. However, after an argument, Blacknrd reversed his ruling. He said McBrycle was out for. tossing away the ball, thus "interfering with play." Mobile served notice that a protect would be filed, but continued piny. George Turbervllle. Pel Inirl- er, allowed 12 hits. Mobile's Bill Thomas was tagged lor 14. Memphis, soundly outhit by Little Rock, trimmed the Travelers, 3 to 2 by bunching their hits in bpttci spots. The Chicks were outhit, TO to 4, but scored two nms in the eighth inning to take the decision. Both clubs called on two pitchers. Sidney Peterson started for Little Rock, but was relieved by Luke Hamilton Lu the seventh. Fred' Brjggs, Memphis starter, gave way lo Jim McClure in the eighth. The Nashville-Chattanooga opener went to Nashville. D to 7. Vol Manager Larry Gilbert called cm three pitchers. Leo Twardy. Ernie Balser and Russ Meyer, In that order. Chattanooga used four pitchers, starting with Hardin Cathcy, Bob pallan in the third. Raukin Johnson in the eighth, and Lou Bevel in the eighth. Twardy, who went eight innings for the Vols, was the winner. Calian the loser. Atlanta saw the first pitcher's duel ol thc'season in a hard-earned 3 to 1 victory over Birmingham. Bill Aycrs, Cracker pitcher, allowed the Barons only three hits, while Birmingham hurler Wally GadcUs'was allowing Atlanta only four. Ayers held Birmingham scoreless until the eighth inning when the Barons got their only score. $25 Reward for information enabling me to secure a 6 or 7 room unfurnished house. Contact E. V. (Buck) Tomlinson Phone 2335 — 119 East Ash Commission authorities estimate tlwt more Innn '2,00'),000 iiHtlvc cnmc arc hatched and planted in waters annually. And as strange as it may seem .the commission's licit! personnel act ns on- tho-job life-savers to nbmit 5.000,000 Jish every year. Not only do the Held nien take fish from turbulent and otherwise unsafe waters, lml they remove turtles, snakes and bi^yer and hungrier fish from streams where new schools have been planted. And from up around Jonc.shoro in Craighcitd County comes the week's fish story. It's about a 52- pound catfish called "Old Lend Pencil." But "Old Lead Pencil" is out of circulation now. Fishermen who saw the whopper for a couple of months got his name from a sequence- in the- movie, '"Die Southerner." where fanners were- after u hupe catfish with whiskers like lend pencils. And fiction turned to reality when the Murphy family —R. L.. Basil nnd Robert—snagged the WB boy In Cache River near Logan's brldtje. Tin? bewliiskcrccl cat chomped clown on n tew lusty prinnel planted on the Murphy line of set hooks. Then his trouble began. After a rough tussle. Bnsil Kot hold of "Old Lead Penci]," and with a tiuht yri|: on the fish's lower jaw. managed to yank him into the boat. So. the old gcnt \vcnt. the wuy o! all fish llcsh. He provided 10 fami lies with a fish dinner—and Northeast Arkansas with its best fisl" story in yenrs. mid Ca'nn<la Lake In Cleveland County are i>ravldlue nlciity of bream and rrappie, although the waters arc slliihlly dliiKy from steady rains early lu the week. Scott County. In the West-Central portion, hns milt's of dear waters that yuve up plenty ot ^aiui 1 fbh this week. And Scott County anglers say no time's wasted by dropping a line In the Kourclie IJlvcr. the Po- tcau, Petit Jcnn or in Mill Creek. From the North and Northwest, the bream and crappie nrc snid to lie hungry even though llv.y must in? seeing in their sleep by now, Clebuinc County flshr'r men say Red Ulver is clear, and fishing ts nt Its .best. All streams In licnton County are crystal-clear. Ineludimj Rogers Lake —and they're yielding good catches. The While and Illinois Hlvers—din- gy the first of llic week—an? pretty well cleared up after a few days of sunshine. And a pretty lan;e crop of bur bass is reported in the mouth of\J5i« Liney Creek in Johnson County. And with all the fishing activity K"lnn on, the State Gtvnic ami Fish Commission reminds spoilsmen of license regulations, A resident license Is required of all fishermen over ID years of age using artificial bait, lures, minnows or any oilier species of fish for bait. f you plan lo fish 'from a boat, nft. or any other float, you'll need u license. The set fine for viola-, tlon Is between $10 nnd $50, de-' pending upon the nature of the: case. However, T, A. McAnils—Stale Onine nnd Fish Commissioner—says that u license Isn't needed If you use crayfish for ball. He made the statement In answer to a letter from R. E. Dclxw of near Batcsvillc. + « • Wild turkey liuntlns Is still very much In the foreground of the sports picture In Arkansas this week. Four Phillips County men bagged gobblers to head the list. Bringing back trophies of the hunt are George Crumby of Elaine. Dan McMinn of West Helena, Hcrshel Harwell of Helena, and Jack Womblc. also of Helena. Troy Rhoclen of Hot Springs Mia red a fine gobbler on Cedar Mountain. Not so fortunate, however, were his companions—Sid Ball and Lewis Woodcock. And In Harrison, Police Chief Floyd Abels chose the turkey season for Ills vacation—and for the obvious reason. He smacked down an 18-pound turkey In Marlon County, lint he Insists the "big one got away." It seems that the Chief (lushed Iwo gobblers. Kiwi h> the, excitement he forgot to aim at the bte one. Porker Squad Plays Practice Contest Today FAYKTTEV1LLE, Artt., April 13. (UP)—The University of Arkansas Pawn-backs were scheduled to play Ihcir first Intrasqund full-length gome here today w:m 30 prospective J94G team members expected to see action. Head Conch John Barnhill said yesterday Hint he planned to change teams every 20 minutes to five csx'ry man an opiMjrtunlty to show Mis wares under actual game conditions. Probable slarlini; lineups: The defendant L, J. Barber Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the 'court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Nellie Mac Odeu Barber. Dated this 0 day of March, 1946. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. By Frelda O'Neal, D. c. Percy A. Wright, Ally. Cor Pltf. C. P, Cooper, Atty. ad Lllem. •m3-20-27-5'4 OllDKR In the Chancery Court, Chicka- siiM-lu District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. J limes Ford Plaintiff, vs. No. 0550 Lolhln Ford Defendant, The defendant Lclhla Ford hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the caption hereof and answer the REDS A. Unldwln Thornton . Counee . .. Curler .... White Hager . ... Dougherty . Fowler . .. Troxoll . . Pi'itchard . Fipkln . .. Pos. ..L.E. . .L.T. ..L.G. ...C. .. . .11.0. ..R.T. ..R.E. ..Q.B. ..L.H. ..R.H. ..F.B, BLUES . McGaha .... Wells . Roberts . Thomas Ford . Claborn Hamilton" ,. Canada .... Davis . Hoffman . Shadclox WARNING OKDKK In (he Chancery Court, C'hicka- xawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Lucille Fatten Benn Plaintiff, vs. No. 8540 BaTiey Benn Defendant. The defendant Bailey Benn Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plainliif Lucille ^ntton Benn. Dated this 12 day of April, 1Q4G. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Freida O'Neal, D. C. Percy A. Wright, Atty. for Pltf. F. Cooper, Atty. ml Lltem. 4J13-20-21-514 Ford. Dutcd this 12 day of April, 194C. HAHVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Frelda O'Neal, D. C. Virgil Green, Atty. for Pltf. Frank C. Douglas. Atty. ad Lltem. WAKMNU OKI>KK . In tlic Chancery Court, Chicka- .satvlta IHstrict, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Nellie Mac Oden Barber. .Plaintiff, vs. No. 9503 complnlnt of the plaintiff James L. J. Darber .' Defendant But you can't hook "Old Letu Pencil" every day—and other a levs In Arkansas this week are b catching fish that won't provide suci a strenuous workout ... or as good a story. Excellent reports are coming in from the upper end of Ninirod Lake in the Northwestern part of Hie state, as well as from reservoirs in the Sluttgnrt area In the Southeast portion. Also in the Southeast, Phillips County's Old Town Lake stands out this week as a focal point for anglers. The lake boasts plenty of new boats, and Memphis fishermen are (jiving the place a steady try. Grapple, and bream are reported very lively. One of the nicest strings of the scasVm was caught here I hi? week by Tom Foster and Tom Nick of Helena. In Central Arkansas, Grey's Lake Farmers Furniture Store Now l.oratcd at 405 East Main St. New and Used Furniture ATTENTION LADIES Cosh Paid for Men's, Women's and Children's Used Clothing and Shoes. 415 W. Ash St. iOUNCEMENT Please Note That BORUM'S DRUG STORE, 205 West Main St., Blythes, Ark., -.'.. < , ILL BE CLOSED oil Op.m., Saturday, April 13th for the purpose of Remodeling The Store Will Be REOPENED •3 About May 1st Under New Ownership and under the management of Perry C. Rothrock WARNING OKUEK 111 (he Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Gladys Koontv: Mint?, Plaintiff vs. No. B516 Ljulhur Lcc Mintz Defendant. The defendant Lutliur Lee Mint?. is hcicby warned to appear within .hlrty days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Gladys Koout/, Mlnlz. Dated tills 18 day of March, 1946. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. By Mary Ixie Jarralt, D. C. Percy Wright, Atty. for Pltf. C. P. Cooper, Atty. ad I.Item. 4'.13-20-27-!>'4 WARNING OKI>KK In the Chancery Court, Chlcka- sawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Dorothy Gironda Plaintiff, vs. No. 0553 Joseph E. Gironda Defendant. The defendant' Joseph E. Gironda is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the caption hereof ami answer the complaint of the plaintiff Dorothy Gironda. Dated this 13 day of April. 1910. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Mary Lcc Jarratt, D. C. C. P. Cooper. Atty. Percy A. Wright, Atty. ad Litem. 4113-20-S7-54 vs. No. 9552 Maxinc J:LCO Defendant. The defendant Maxlne Jaco is hereby warned to iippear within thirty days in the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Edgar S. Jaco. Dated this 13 day of April, 194G HAHVEY MOHRIS, Clerk By Mary Lee Jarratl, D. C. C. ]•". Cooper. Atty. Percy A. Wright, Atty. ad Utcm. •H13-20-27-5'4 Read Courier News Want Ads CHICK THEATRE "Where Happiness Costs So Litt/e" Week Days: Start* at 7 p. m. In WARNING OKUKK the Chancery Court, Chicka- siiwbu District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Edgnr S. Jaco ............. Plaintiff, WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, April 75, 8:75 p. m. Adults, 36c, Tax 9»—Total 45c. Reserved Seats 12c, Tai So—Total, 15o. Children's Sent* 12c, Tai Jc, Total, 15c. Reserved Scats on Sale at the Legion Arena Every Monday From 6 p. m. on TAG MATCH Moody and Lawson TO. Cozzel and Thomas A/so 2 One-Faff 30-Minute Matches BILL COZZEL vs. JACK MOODY BUCK LAWSON vs. GEO. THOMAS I-ast Timo Today DOUBLE FEATURE 'Racketeers of the Range' with Cicorgc O'Brien 'Adventures of a Rookie" with Wiley Brown and Alan Carney Also Cartoon Starting: New Serial: "Raiders of Ghost City" NO SIR !! There is NO shortage in Concrete Products B uild with locks the 'oncrete Cheapest Longest lasting-most attractive wall material available §w I See us for tree estimates. BLYTHEVILLE CONCRETE BLOCK CO. Ned Robinson MANILA CONCRETE BLOCK CO. Harvey Durham OWL SHOW 'Mark of the Whistler" vilh lUchard nix and Janis Carter Serial: "Haunted Harbor" Chapt. 6 Also Comedy Sunday and Monday "Leave it to Blondie" with Arthur Lake as Daewood Also News and Shorts New Theater Manila's Finest { ' Saturday & Sunday, Mat. 1 o'clock Sunday & Tuesday NbjhU, 5:J» o'clock All other nights, 6 o'clock. . Saturday "TEXAS PANHANDLE" with Charles Starrett SERIAL AND COMEDY Admission He and 30c Saturday Owl Show "Behind Green Lights" *ith Carol LamUs Also Comedy Admission i.i c a in[ 30c Sunday and Monday "JESSE JAMES" Starring 'Tyrone Power NEWS AND COMEDY OPEN 6:45: STARTS 1 p. m AIR CONDITIONER ume BEAVER'S 61ARUED •' WASH TUBES l.RRUE TURNER TON I.,. CAPW.M EASVHlf THKV WORD LIKE TO TALK TO VOUr MISS LA BUS. SOMEONE I SUPPOSE THEVBE FBErrV -UCPRISfD & MR. DOlVIS LIKE I WAS AT VE«. TH£V WEBS SO SURE THclR. 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Last Time Today "Tall in the Saddle" John Wayne, Flla Raines, George "Gabby" Hayes 8th Chapt. of Masked Marvel" Donald Duck in "Donald's Tire Trouble" SuntUv and Mondar "CAPTAIN KIDD" with Charles l.auRhton, Randolph Scott ami Barbara Brittain Also Technicolor Short: "Naughty Nineties" and RKO News

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