The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1938
Page 5
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MAHCH io, SIILL FfiB Pll Federal Housing Participation United Stales, Far Behind Europe, Has Yet To Make Dent By WILLIS THOKNTON Ni;,\ Snviie Start Correspondent WASHINGTON, March H.-No- tody knoivs exactly what the United states has spent to build mid to encourage better housing tince 1932. Nobody know:; exactly what its accomplishments arc In that Held. Thai fact tells volumes aboul flic palchy anil fumllin^ fashion in which the United Slates Inv; ai.prcachcri a problem which countries like Great Britain have prrlty well solved. To cay that the aonroacli has been patchy and fumbling reflects no discredit on the administration of any of the various housing ef- lorts. II simply means lhat u'nlil the present United States Housing Authority was created, (here was no real frontal attack on the housing problem in the European .sense. The work of agencies like the RFC. PWA, FEllA, Resettlement, TV A, Faun Credit, FHA. HOLC. nnd a halt dozen others in the housing field has always been so closely mingled with other objectives that lo winnow out the pure housing clement in each, is a very tough job. It is a "breakdown" which many of them have not made at all. Go from agency to agency which has concerned itself with nomine, go to the Central Housing Committee which is loday coordinai- 1ns the work of eight government agencies more or less concerned with housing, and yon will nnd no central, final authority with complete summary figures oh all governmental housing activilies. However, enough can readily be learned lo present a rough picture whose outline clearly shows Hint as compared with the British accomplishments in the housing field, the United States lias not even 'as yet dcntert the problem. The ffcast picture of this scattering effort is presented uol by any governmental agency at all. but by the National Association of Housing • •Officials. This association, taking" a single part of the lioui- ing field, calculates the accomplishments in community-type projects of 15 or more living units receiving federal aid in- various forms, as follows: ! ivin? • : fpoinor Units U. S..Housing Authority- 'J ;•• (successor to PWA Hous- : ing Division :..2'l,665 Federal Housing Administration (rental housing division only) Farm Security Administration (successor lo Resettlement Administration) ... Miscellaneous, including WPA. RFC, TVA. and D. C. Alley Dwelling Authority -j.833 11,842 Total allotments ror USHA projects above, excluding limited dividend projects, has been 3134,033,- 400.2C. But don't rto any quick di- vidinj by the number of units r.rcducnrt to get the cost per unit. The allotment figures include a lot of other lliings beside housing cos I—breakdown not available. That's the way il is throughout the various agencies. For example, (he RFC. not primarily concerned with housing at all. has nevertheless boii?hl up many FT1A mortgages, and has a S2.00C.COI> interest in various largc- .•icalc city housing projects. Its liar, never teen "broken down" by the RFC. The Farm Security Administration. which started out. as Resettlement. has built 12.100 building units at a cost ol 362.000,000. But that includes barns, oiilbnildings iind community buiidinps, and does not include housing •1,327 9,012 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HOUSING OFFICIALS The of federal purUcipalion in housing :;ince lm is ! I L* i - • •• - - - u .— •""•*<•>* M,viuiti uii mv; circles arc under ll,e Jurisdiction or (ho U. S. Housing Authority- by squares, under 1 FHA: by diamonds, under miscellaneous project .Is occupied; a striped symbol, under constriction; mate sizes of the various projects arc indicated by the iln represent projects for ires (han 200 families; the m >(limn-n;'ccl symbols, 500 families and over. Not -liowu. on the map is recorded on the map above. Projects Indi- by triangles, under I : SA; A black (.-ymfol indicates (lie ; a white symbol, approved. The anproxl- thrcc slues of symbols: (lie .smallest symbols symbcls 200 to SCO families; Hie largest arc 200-to-5CO family projects al Lonn'ieiv Wash,; El Monte, Calif.; Phoenix, Ariz. Descrilies Trick Values, Scoring In New Five-Suit Conirad Bridge Game Bk r Secretary. American Contract Bridge league Feeling that contract bidding and play had; become generally- standardized, Dr. Waitlicr Marseilles; Vienna scientist and psychologist, decided to .add to its complications The ucofc is eight Iricks. Tliere are three types of slams; small slams, grand slams anii super slams, for which bonuses arc scored as follows: Not Vul. Vul. 'slain by the addition of a, fifth suit, ', Grand slam which is known'as the "green suit" hi Austria, but is called "royal contract" in England. The deck used has 65 cards, 13 in each suit, aiid the cards arc dealt as in contract (11 tricks! UO tricks) 1000 Super slam (16 Iricks) 1500 The fa:ed card, which re in Hie center of the table ISO 1500 2000 eventually belongs final conlracl. In royal contract, scoring values arc .-different than those in the «^x«^-je»i» v" f ip ss game/The,rules under which it is new played, provide the following sccrhn values: Trick Values units | No Clubs nnd diamonds '20 Hearts and spades 20 Royals ..' 30 •: « built for subsistence homesteads Penalties and honors are scored and tuniod over lo Ec!f-nianage- jnenl. On 72 ,-ur;!! projects, somc- plan- as in contract with the exception that if any player holds all five aces he receives a bonus or 300 points, the present bonus of 150 w.'icrc Kl'.vecn ,<nr<> nut itcc; ( if 5dna house liren c":n:)lf!cd. and n thr.--1 points for four aces being retained "rrrcn be't" (owns, aro'.iiid 2700 ' i ; i>its more. ] " : r ~~ The HOLC has ^:-Mijr.ed 1.071.- spent to date is J125.COO.COO lor 5B7x loans footing up lo 33.003,- the 33 projects completed and ves.l'iS. But how much of this | tenanted, •ni'esc arc being turned x'.v.'H for repar.-': nud inprove- j over to local management and :iicni?, or how mr-.ny livins u;,:U control Just as fact BS possible, l>avc 'been .'nvolreJ. no or.^lby sale or lease. l:nows. Wiicthcr assumption of Whether the government has l':;,iib .,' ||-..r: kind ii to be run-)spent to improve housing, a qnar- siderjl a l.ouslns .ii'1 at all is Ur of a biilion dollars or a til- n'>icstioim!;ir ,\ mil iar ra:nllir^ lion, is a nlatler of How you care J'avp bcr;> ;i,ved from .'ortrlosiin-.' to figure it. Whether it has buil as those \\lio play Contract might think, an impossible offer (.3 (ako 16 tricks, but merely •the. offer to "'in 10 (ricks, or in royal contract, scoring, (hrec less than game. -1W' lowest bid is thus a bid of nine in any suit or no trump. A .study'of lite scoring table shows lhat in order to make a game 11 Iricks are needed at no Inimp'. 12 at royals. 13 at spades- and hearts and 14 at clubs ana diamonds The player who thus elects lo ploy a hand for a minor suit ?nme automatically wins a small'slam bonus if he succeeds. When the new cards were exhibited at (lie British Industries exhibition. King George and Queen thzabclh were greatly interested nie king reached Into his pock»t am took out a pound note, and Icok- tivo flecks home to (lie pataie after receiving some Instructions as to its play. The Duke o( Kent, who was in the royal parly, pjsshnlstl- eally remarked: "Contract is hard, enough for me. This looks like something much more dlmcult." He didn't buy ,1 deck. use for It in cither hand, as might be I he case if it is a worthless low card, he merely discards il and leaves his own and dummy's hand intact. Naturally, should the declarer discarct Irotn his own hand, he must show (lie discard to Hie defending players. Because butterflies fly by dav In royal conlracl, the English anil I lvmle "i°ths arc nighl-flycrs the Vienna players have adopled (lie plan of bidding (or the tricks for which they are willing lo contract, however, numerous ways of and at first the bids will .sound ^ lem apart, .strange indeed lo contract 331-5. However ,a bid of 10 spades is not. TH BILL Hard Place to Collect a Crowd Joe Louis, Paul Whileman, Nelson Eddy Face "Please Remit" Dun i!y \VII.I. HASKI BUSH l!iiilril I'rcss Staff Corrcspoiirtenl UENVETI, March M. (UP^—Colorado Ux imielals are preparing i\ lilini'h nf lidlc surprise puckuges for such niilal'le.s us Nelson Edily, MiiKlnj fereen Mar, and Joe Louis, world':, lirnvywclghl uoxlug chnmp. 'ilu- .surprise package;, which will be mulled laic ibis monlh, will eortain Colcrado ;>UUc Income tax blanks. Kiicloa'd with the blanks will lie n ittlttc nolc nfkius the c<lri;rlfte (o remit ia>! payments en money Ihcy received for op- (iraranrrs in Colorado ,since Ihc ui'w tux liny went Into efTecl last July i. /.UIGUR inmoMs nrtlMs who ivlll vcreive (ho "please remit" notices are Glndys Sivnrllioul. Klrsleu l-'iisstail, .losef 11 ol m a u nnd J.'iM'da UorodnitKki. Hull news from Colorado ulso «:ll I:? OTit by the his iiBCiUs to t-'iiiil vyiiltcmnn. whose orchestra •>!:iyi'<l in (he cily iiiKlltorlinn ri>- ••erily, and lo Kay Knyser. llerbli- '<u.v nnd olhcr band leaders who -Ifliflited summer d.iiicliift crowd',-. Hi'lv Rose. Uny manner of gigantic shows, won't escape. The Sew extravagant. "Show ol Shews," played here lavl full, Homer rsedldrd. siani treasurer, ha.-i Rrte't; New York :uUli'Gr«. Jo? Uuls ami Jim i.oiidos, ta- in? and wrc.itllng klni; pins, ap- :rarcil here .ifter Ihe tux la«- lie-mo effective. Thy'!] set mail .fin Colorado, too. Non-icLiileril nolaules who ap- liiv in (ho stale are ponnitled ill exemption of only l-2fith ol the rsgulnr Sl.CBO excmpilon, or HO. Rcdrbrd has ruin!. The lux rancrs from 1 lo 0 per cent. Wlml atlioii the iiicbmo laxdc- •ntmcnl. may lake If Uio celeb-' .ili« who receive [lie (ax blllN Icciilc lo Ignore them is not yet :eitain. "Wr.'ll probably Wile our lime .'.ml wait for the delinquents (o ippear in Ihc state aualn," wild Bulford. "Then we could Mart 'dirt acllmi lo colled the dim- plus pumUics." I Ucdfcrcl Indicated (he stale may idopt the method used by the Federal Ro\ornmcnl lo collect ltr> iiKome tnxes in such cases i "We may make lliein pay up! uforc Ihcy sing, or flgtil. or wlml-l ver il-i:;- they come here 1 -for" ho snld.. •.' "' , " Siibjcct of a Irlciully ownership dispute with Orcul, Urllaln which Sccrclniy Hull lm« Indlculed will be amlcubly Kcltlcd, Is this snnd/ wflslr, UKrol with Urokcti cornl rock and , sparsely dolled wllh o.iesomc- palms. Suddenly valuable as n s uj|)|>ln(r slono for nvlatore H Is Eiitlcrbury hlaiul. wiild.. with U B ^(cr, Canton Island, of Hie mld-l'acinc Phcenlx B roun. will be prepared as n ,commercial- aviation tase by HiWaJlan "colonists", nil u. s. citizens ..I, N. y. <UP) -L»,^, clays or trotting races for more, han »I25,9flO it) purees are carded, or July and Avipusi, acxxxUnE to programs ^nnognced by AJ saun- ders, secretary' for both Orand Urcujt meetings. Entries closed March 17 Cor the Irsl 1038 speed session, July 12-10, nt B. R. Hurrlmim's hUtorlc half- nllc Irnck, while, entries for tho Blx day meet, Aug. 8-13, at W. H. Cane's Good Time Park closed ;hreo dnys earlier. Tlie Historic track will have two ilakcs in tho Village Farm 3-year- old pacing sUkb and ltd qompan- on 2-year-ol(l pace, each wortli 16,000. The Harrlman Cup will bo 'or Juvenile trotters, while Ihe HIs- orlu stake, for 3-year-olds, will le a rehearsal for the Hambleton- an Slake, scheduled for Aug. 10 it Good Time Park. Interest In tho cavjy Goslien :ard al lllslorlc track hag • been growing rnplelly einco Harriman'g pliint Joined Hie Orancl Circuit icveral years ago. The racing strip is one of Die fastest In the conn- ivy, as Greyhound proved last sinn- ner (n chalking up a new world mirk. All of the oUl-llnic favorllei; sur- I'omullng Ihc Hamblelonlnh will bo seen AIIR. 8-13 at Oood Time Park, with the. Trolling Derby, worth ROOO, for all aged trotters, a new event Uilu year. The two other leaders hi Interest are the Progressive purse for trotters, »(, H5O>; and the fast Cioshcii purse for pacers, at $3,6CO. : Naval Tracnly Merely Krrur IJEVCNPOUT, Eug. (UP) - A ::einniin who' disappeared in the 20.ISO-(on battleship Resoliillun for two tlays and who was listed ris di'owned wns found safe on board Ihc warship. Jl WHS explained that Lee became S2aslck during rough wcnllicr and j-etlred (o somo ciibliy- liole. where lie collapsed. A. ». T. A. 10 Vrars Old STRAWHERRY POINT, la. < UP) •—The Slrawberry Point Anil-Homo 'Inter AsMirtiUlon held Ita annual nifietlnj here recently, Ihul It had been-Ju existence '16 years and that u horso never has been stolen from one of its members. 666 checks COLDS and FEVER flrst day Hrada'chc, 30 minutes. Salve, Nose Drops . Try "Uub-My-Ti»m"-World's B«l Liniment " in Use - SAN FRANCISCO IUP)-*A drive en illilcracy has been organized by the WPA educational ciircclorn In live of Hie western states. "Dook- rnobllcs" consisting of. automobile Jibrarler, will carry books to all outlying districts where book bar- rowing facilities do not exist BUY A HOME v i3csl buy In town, 'i rcomn, :i bcdronms, balh, excellent '.lu'i-li- tiou clMc lo fibhool. • tnrgc living voonv, big front porcli, all wcnlhcrelrippccl throughout. IdCul [or hrac (amlly. 'Price' $2250. SCOO to $850 will hiimllfi. I'honc ?-85 MORSE AND K1RSHNER Metropolitan Knrm Loans Stale City Loans Hi No/'itjd DOLLARS DO DOUBLE DUTY AT NLAP'S Our I'ridc Unbleached Muslin YARD l ''" 11 Weight I y ,|. Muslin. KoRiilar I2c value ^ 5c VAKO former arc common slglit--, lo Ihc most casual observer. 'Hierc are. j I ROXY Admission always lOc & KGe. Matinees Kalurttey & Sunday Only Weds. - Thurs. PAL NIGHTS! 4 'Ihe Federal Housinj Authority- is In for 543,000,000 for several large-scale housing developments near \yaslilngton at Brentwood :md colonial Village, and has insured some 2SO.OCO houses and a' trillion dollars In housing value:. Another half billion has gone into inodcrnlaUlon and repair Joans Hit whelher il, has been spent Irr housing- or whether It hiw keen rpent at all Is debatable I Tlic Farm Crcdll Administration Irom 1933 through- IR37 has' loaned $2,265.796,392. Of lhat,' •J.02 per cent was for "general agricultural purposes," which classl- iicaUoti includes farm bulldl'ires. But there Is no breakdown within that claisiflcation to show how much of the 45-mi!l!on-odcl actually went to housing improvement. Tlic nearest thing lo housing In the European sense lias been the 51 -propels Initialed by !he Housing Division of PWA, now turned, over to the U. S. Si. A. Actually agree. . : The only certainly, about il is lhat the: United States is only no-v beginning, a program comparable to what Great Britain has been currying on ever since the-World War" ended ( 20 years ago. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- ssiel-Snd fall Jut) Outgrhdii Iht Mwniisi Ririo' lo Co ioil.-diBc " I" 1 ' *<•*• in tiic bov, e i>. c«!(Wo>u w SKvSJS'i.Si trtcon,ti r »w. ttur. m*V»J UM tw'iSf.'^r" fel " ur> . A m " c {wwi mwcnwni down't »et it tim'nVr' pfc' 1 ""? SH' »H «•««•• «i "tAwi™ f r«i? c inJ e ",kr y S u °°f«i I'wf'* VP".W>rpilwMTTO««. J-M.BM- c.'V.l* "iffi tS*«r PUI,% ,£? 4' Stubbornly Ic ru !e Lit* «ni9r.g th'e j«w»l lhievB» on Ih« Q«rl Whil. W*y. t, i|PARKyAKARKU$ I AllAN IANE ^GORDONJONEJ ^%*j . WOQDBUftY SS^PI P""JM«<*" . «°' W .°- r- ifc l£$"" r -' ' ' fl Also sckcfcd sl , 01 .[ S Women's House Dresses Vat D.vml! l.nvclv I'rinls! Everything for your enter (ainmcnt and comfort. Admission Malirtec IBc * 2Cc Admission 16c & 35c Watc!) Society Page Of Courier News For Free Show Guests Weds. - Thurs. TON!. 27x27 Uinlstyt Diapers 69c DOZEN (Men's Val Dyed SHIRTS J)o:iruble I '» Herns cKiilur CSc and 7!lc Vjilues C BACH' Weijlit Ucnim A Close Oul! liACU Alcn's Shirts K.inscr Val Dyed EACH Year Giinranlccd 0 SHEETS KA€H Si/e Slxll'j S1.110 Value Faramouiit News & C'omrdy Imiwion Matinee 10c >t 2Gu & 3Gc Blylheville, Ark. SJiop Diinlap's and Sav6 Ihc Difference! . loshen Card* FuH Program For 2 fthvnnt (he coufcssor, 0110 of England's kings, would lniv« beoii much, hiipplcr UK mi abbot ihan :us n ruler, no wns n mild and peace- till soul and dedicated his life to erection of Westminster Abbey, which was consecrated In the last yenr. of his rclsn. 4 , Friday F Saturday Your Car WASHED THOROUOHLY CLEAW ' LUBRICATED BY FACTORY SPECIFICATIONS BRAKES TESTED ON DYNAMIC EQUIPMENT, MOTOR TUNED BY TRMNEO MECHANICS Phillips Motor Co. silr PhmVe '810.

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