The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 8, 1934
Page 4
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I PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS -' THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUISLISHEKS . ,-, C. R. BABCOCK, Editor : •» H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager . Sole Notional Advertising Rcpaf Arknnsas uaillw, Inc., New York, onioigo, etroit, 6t. Louis, Dallas, Ka"sns City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Sunday. Entcicd as second clfcss matter al the post oiTfce at U.ytlievlllc, Arkansas, under act at Congtias, October 9, 1917. Served oy tlie United Press SUBSCRIIT1ON ilATES By carrier In inc City °< Ulvihpvillc. 15c iwr week or $5.50 per yi-nr In advance. By mail Mllliin n radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, 53.M for six monllis, 85is ror Ihrce months; by mail In ixtftal rones two 10 six, Inclusive, 56.50 per year. In zones seven am 1 eight, 510.00 per year, payable in advance. llieiv Democracy Triumphs Under Experience H is iui instruct i\v i-<iiin:iilrmx' llial jFi'iiiiklin Koo.wvdl and Adolf Hitler completed Ihoiv lirsl year in of- lice almost on tln> saniu iliiy. AiiK'rii'a lias liiid a your MI' lilt.' ix iW deal; GormtiHj' has htul n yi-;ir of Na/i control; It is wii'lli while U'.isf Hit- stale of things in countries, ns •» menus ol' i- two utterly dill'eruiit ways of meeting national emergency. Ill making such (.'omiwnson is no need to contrast the i>iT.<i> of the American iircsideiil and the (!er- nran chancellor. \Yliat is iiiijiorlaiit \* the striking way in which Iwo diametrically opposite theories of government have been put to work in time. of crisis. : In each nation thcro was wiclrsjircail ! confusion, tlisut)tirngciw!iit. anil waul. ! a year ;IKO. Many men were out of ' work, limiiico and industry were nenrly 1 at a:' standstill, the mass of mankind : was reiuly to embrace, almost any Uiml I of program that promised action. * f * What have \vc loilay? In Germany there is an era uf suppression. A larjfe section of tlie liopii- laee suffers from a pitiless pur.siicu- tion. ThmiKamls upim thousands of men are in jail — suine hccause. of their race, some Ijccanse of their heliofs. -i Freedom of-the JH-C.-SS and of .siwrjdi is no more. No one ilares crilid'/.u anything (he government may do. An iron discipline fins descended on Hie entire nation. And over hero? Nobody is in jail, nobody suffers in-rseciilioii, noboily i.s under boycott. A newspafier I'dil'H 1 can say anytliiiijj liis heart moves -him to say; a politician can denounce ilu: administration in the mont violent terms his vofabiiiary will |icrmit. In the fall we art; to have a national election in which the voters, if they choose, can repudiate their national administration coinpk-lcly. » i> » To put it more simply, the Germans have Kaerifkecl the last vestiges of their individual liberty to meet H great crisis. We have met our crisis with our liberties unimpaired. Now this is not to say that we are wiser or bolter folk than the Germans. We are us«l (.:, democracy. We had : OUT OUR WAY had u century am! a half of experience in jjovernhiR ourselves. The Germans were not used Jo democracy; when (rouble tiimc it was only natural for them to turn to ;i dktalor for relief. And it is precisely that which is tlie point of I (in comparison. we have been able to make our democracy \vwk, v,v MV ;\ liujijikT people Uv.m the Germans, who have not been able to make theirs work. 11" we wish to preserve our happiness, v.v. must preserve our democracy. — lirnce Cation. Upholding Our Faith A fair sample of the ipieer things thai arc done in the name of censorship was provided the other day by Ihe Ohio board of movie censors. These functionaries had to pass oil a movie in which a district attorney ijuashes a mnr;irr charge against ;: Mvert young thing who shot her boy friend. The ttislricl attorney, it seems, took this step became jlig jierfiinjaJI^ was inlcresled in I|R> sweet yoiing thing. Tlii: censors dcliheraU'i! earnestly, and (hen decided that il was iigainst public policy to permit the showing of a tilm. which cast such aspersions on a government olficial. •So the (hiiiK is out, us far ;i s Ohio is concerned—and (hi; confidence of Ohio chi/x'iis in Ihrir elected nlflcials, one presumes, is saved, It would be hard to liml a case in which the ridiculous nature of censorship i.s illustrated more clearlv. •fHUHSIMY, MAKCK B, 1934 Pas/ the Corner A tabulation recently made by I he- National City Bank of New York shows in black and white just how the revival of the last 1:2 months has improved Hie status ul' American in- dn-'tries. This tabulation .studied some SlU corporations divided among y? industrial groups. In 1!);!^; the operations of those 810 corporations showed a net d'elicit. of :S.Jii,QOrXooO. hi 11133 they had iui prolils of ?<1-10,0(H),OU(I. Similarly, in 1!132 only -10 per eenl of these linns operated at a profit. Last year the percentage rose to (>2. Figures like these indicate that the improvement of the last year is very real and substantial. H becomes more and mure evident thai that Ionic-awaited "corner" actually was turned some time ago. We can look forward to the fuluru with a great deal of confidence. Thirty Days That Rocked the Nation • • • Heviewing the Crash—One Veiir*Affer IME GUESSES WHO WAS JAMES RuSSELL tOV/ELL SIDE GLAJXCKS Uy George Clark (Answers on I'agc? 7) CHURCH EXCUSES By Gto. W. Barium V!f see Hunt here. Thing* ure ml joins I" pli'i'fs." Such ati- rnatlor.» from Treasury SrmUry Wuuillii as lie emerged rroin a I'hlle House conference seryed in liglilen people's suirils durintf 'he bank lidlilay. Twenty-Third Day, March 8 BV H'lUJS THOKNTON M.UIC beginning lo realize that i'KA Servli-e SlafT t'urrespondrnl! iiichibltloii wns dead. Food hnaidliig began to IK iiol-, Sccrolnry Woodin. emerging fvoin '(I In some cities, nnd there a c-oiifcreiicc on the tanking bit- - i6 u small but uoltccaUte tta: v.M'.on, coviVribulcd his char.icler- 11 prices. . i.slically briKht touch: "We see Loin; shadows ahead were cn*l '.ishl here. Things arc not going ly nn order Issued l>y Ilic Fed- lo pieces." •ml Kescivc Uoardl. Member banks vote lo report nnnies ol nil per- MJXT: Congress convenes, ons \vlUulniwiiiK gold since Fco. who fulled to relnrn it by Murdi 13. . Witli about, 00 men, Coilc/. coil Banks began to reopen for- ttie 'i lll '".'d the entire Aztec nation by Imlted business ucrmlllutl by'ilic hol<li »8 Ihe Emperor " ' Vc'iMiry regulations, which cams ;l hostage, oul almasl. hour by hour, Locul luUioi'llies begun issuing .scrip In iutnc cnfw.. bill Ihe Idea oi a iiitjpiml scrip was abandoned :u -ivv6y.,o[lU)f; new Federal Hcseivc liank notes which sllll lire ' in use, nnd which the Bureau ol Engraving and Printing was beginning to grlnri out. mul distribute. • * V For the llvsl time, il was made car Ural insiders ill Washing- ion Imd brcn aware of the gravity of (lie UiinkliiR crisis from the ikeV.milion ol Ule Michigan moratorium. Hoover us president had coii- f-idercd the possibility of a mi- lionnl moratorium, and the plans for it' when il did come were the product of the tost heads ol boll: outgoing and incoming administrations. Announcement, by the Prohibition Unreal! thnl 11 would concentrate on sources and let si>eitk- rnsies go 10 local enforcement was allowed to pass almost unnoticed, lot 1 by now moM. iwople slowly 1 Ice) that Sislcr and Junior simply musl tic in church al leas'. every three or foiii 1 months this 1 year nnd lo this end 1 expect to ., exert my best efforts to find a J suitable perton lo go with tliem. 1 feel Hint, tliey arc entitled lo this'training. Of courec a woman ol my social leadership and abil-1 ily to plaii real livt; entertain- i iiieiu for our very select Siitur- niglit C!ub iiHist look for proper association for hrv cliiliir™ own in church for it was said by some of Ihe early nstronoim'rs or somebody, "As a twig is hem so shall tlie tree grow," so one can easily sec wliy T must be i;nv- ful in my selection of miuconc to lake them to Church. Uin Iroiu what I can leam it would sir. niir iivin' in loiUiy." ii woiililn'l rwognizc the world arts would be ii::: m.iny <;i ilic ladies of tlic | ing many of the 'i;:iTii know nothing of the lai- entirely last. -. i .-:U;js and liave ncvr-i - even at- i --- ----- miiti'd lo Irani bruise. I have | A lon ^ Vill) !, lm wollU1 .„. , , t iien saitl that were it not lor a 1:5,000 ten f.hi]> al 15 knots an l-.O'.ir cici-rcised the proper caLiliou in ilic ' ti"A- WO'.UCP. of my iviie and nblltiy '< for 30 years while a Ion of cont selection of members. I am (old 10 topp I hi: .social bide of life uo- I wouitl liai less thf::i 5 minutes that, the people in charge- have ^ KATOAU5NE l/AVILAND-TAYLOil' J iir.i;i* IIKUIC TODAY ritll.l'JO. n bnNtf»nmc 17-rrHr- >lil jiiiiUi. ti.irkM nl Ihr [ini^lial ••!,. ml:, li,>nir of nllll.Minlrr JI5I il II I'lii- irr it Illlcd r'n^tUhmun IMII n nrr^xul ulrl. l':ililhu kmiti* M>I|I|II|£ ur !I|M pnrrMln. U'hrD (• i-;ir^ otrt hr T^M aTTn» ftfim AM.I-:I.A. ibr hrttrtlfi* old rrnBp n oftikKC i-:irr kf Ira* Irfl. Slnr« tl.ri, h«> tin* Ifvrd »hh VORItlS l'i.-10'a rilrnn^rrf tvlfr nnrt th il-.-cMrr r«rni.l.R. Jirrlrr tl.f l-'lnrlrtn k.inir. I'nl.lllr, . INirll^ nnrf ftTinnif a I onre ra lit i. .IP ..III, drr vi-:r> iitfFiui:!!. n en»-i m f'li-lil hiturr. mnn* Kl» hnnr ml Don't gu into tli'. 1 ftjfest or iv.L-iulu'A tti ]jic^ luiisluoouis. only an expert c™ dc'.'irmlrtc I lie (iillcrence between the mushroom and the so-called toadstool. — l j iof. L. J. Muchmore, biolo^i 1 .!. of LIIS Aiig/ies Mineum of HLstoiy. SL-icnce und Art. t * * I asirr uliuii-hciiiledly with rrendi-nt Rno^e- vi'll Hint tin; viisi. m-.jcrity of tlic people are iu titvu; of diKiriuaivicnl and i\ pt'uct'lul scHleiin-iil of internalionul controH'iMes. - Norman II. I)n\i.s, U. S. ambassador at Lifgc. Bv Williams ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Nc.vs has been authorized to announce the following; «." candidates for public oflice, sub : Jcct. to the Democratic primary next August: For Member ia Confrcss CIjlNTON L CAliDWEU, For Sheriff and Collector CLARENCE H. WILSON For Re-election for Second Term For County Trrasurcr ItOLAND ORIiDN JOE S. D1LLAHUNTY For Circuit Cnurt Clerk HUOH CEAIG ADDISOJs 611ITJI For County Court Clerk PRED PLEEMAN' For Rc-Electlon lor '2nd Ter.n F'or Asstsbor R. L. (BILLY, GAINKS U. C. (IKE) HUDSON For Constable of ickabuu'ba 'roims>ii|t JACK ROBERTSON •tl ihnl fin * hi. trlU I, colnc lit rp- "ml iilKhl. .MIH- In mrrl 5 STOJI* VOIl CITY OFt'ICI'.S Election 'iMesday, April 3. For City Clerk S. G. CRAIG R. L. MCKNIGHT ROSS BEAVEHb For Cily AHorncy SAM MAX ATT wa-r a$a.inst OrcaL ^port, American cdrtcx^nisl, born- n.% WITH III CIIAITRR VII l^flR nn-mnp n-ns a place of low cnnviru irecp from which bimp Florliin moss — [lie gray, cuostty crnwih Hi:,, iirincs (lie ecrfncss o( .1 inn<)]]|ps?. wind-h.iuntert night In to ihi> iiiislitr:-! o) noons. Some times iliurc were fugitives (liere auit niu;u-s ilicrn were snakes. .N'oyp? siiiveri'ii. piir.lilo.q ID among HIR trees ivlio a blunt prowcd I '•nnnc. |||. rc.ircil tlie place hut to- uitfii a Firougcr fear made It n sanctuary, iNo one roal[| trnek him hare. He knpvv [Jic swamp as few koew It null 11 mane left no seem (nt 4<jg!i. I'crliatia oven noivnt Itanium's they i 'ore irnichiUK for him. lie remain- ticrert. nil), n eolil clutch at his heari. hnvins snulilinl Jcflrics for tellln.K ni n club tlicy limn fre- i Tiienicil. a mil loo pleasant story c.r ?. wnninn lacy Doth knew, lie woailcreil whether Jeffries rcmein- fccred. "Kvcn IT lie ilwj I don't, regret II." N'oyes salil lo bimself. I'rosenlly lie discovered thai 'K'i'li In the snamp 5 nme one hail III a tire. A [aim (rom II *k^ "Vou're lal/;»:g f:iei;;, A MAN, short and fitocliy .i::il .-: (Jark, stCppClJ illlo tlio i:;c r from a spot tliat v,a.; o|i|n. N'oyes. "Where you been?" tlio c asked pctolaully. "t thought I .heard yanii.i:! " .v»y» .-.u.4 S ee ,-b, , ia(1 , it tb . JJ h ^,. to God we t0 '"" tire atur he- h3<i Ued nnd bidden I l^ "' cro . Kir |. we'll IK- .„ v ' 'fc^l » T U "' he I" 5 ' " S " e " I l^orrow nlshl How often . - lv> M\O« V.IIQ else was her* aod Hi ivould also help to put ID the time 1'aMitn was alw tliat meant he Nnyes' nervca t hey Tory oi en it 1 1 r »n a rid Ot-ga \\ to ([iiarrct loinliy. Noyca crept n^ay. Kurtiuiyiely 1'ytililo nevi-r u-ent io Ihe cnnip nr nlshL. NOJ-P-J TL- !tori(>iL Otherwise . lit tniirln lie sitspiM tod of (he itiLH'i Umt was plauiieii IT Noyt!? con If] ii'ii \n 5otne \v;iy tlirniij;fi I'alilito (urcstalt the plrm'3 rtiniurid^. Soincihlns sH:rcil iti ilit urulur- growui to ftlilfier ovt-r L[IL- gruiitnl anil slip wHlinut soajul ijilo u pno) of st;i^tin[it water. N'oyca fory/-r tliai wlilcli lie heanl. io ruim-intHT only liis wallitiy. I j cih:ip5 nnu-. si this very iusuint, I'nWito a) [jnn turn's was lic;Klug llie fart thai n se.ircli vias OD foi" Norri? Noyca. O ANTU.M (JifJ nol Itnow o( any- girl called T.nltie w'hn iind e.-rnjipjl Troni a rerormntnry r>n n l.-irtiler she fi.ifl inade of two slier!*, hrr olglit KOWII and liic rua;rn:i'? i;c?t a [iron. Louie's career. Uaniuni safd. as he icaacil .nero?a tlie liar, bail hcr-n "suinclltUis tierce." yiie lirtil stolen 1 to an extent tintt woulri Nnve landed any man In Sins Sins, to< * Inn? ijcricd. Hut liie iururs ue.-e men ami l.oiiie liail crieil |,in-nr:?l» as. she looked at tlieai ami she had been seut to llie rernrnintnry. winch cvitieiuiy diil ti"t suit liiir fancy R3 a borne fur even the s'.orl tune slic was to serve. She hart dark h:ifr. diui'c p . curlins lashes aod gta.r CJL-S Ai:il there was a Ills fewurtl out V-T the man or woman who fmuu) i>er. "Mere's lier picturi-." snirl Una tuni as lie banded 1'aliiito a iiriuicil bulletin. "Any other rcwnrd.1 m:t''" IMN "\Vi- -ill do," Haul inn ari?«LTi <l. "No. iin:i*'r= uo otiier.s itini I tno'* uT. Wliiit'iill you have?" "H-'rtcN." r.jlilito answered. l>a <!r;iit.cfl h i ? "lass, re.-ipJ'fi'lJJ^ }>lr:,M;i:lly ID tr j C'JlJleri!-^ by » w.ii-mtli '.vtiirli ^.rea'J sli.wly ovrr came Ihrougli the denso under hnisli ami Hie curtains of seemingly yet evergrowing moss. l.-ink here : ••ii'.i'? of It: ; ^firing ihi- Klasa dnvvn. pj t.ic.v rln-^ly he liml I l Ijy ,llio il:n.i7ltt nf (hJ hi louil i for Oul in tlie uricn lo lio:ir me?" h il;. hut he luv.c:ei would be slow ere nl such a state tiiat Inaction iras torture. lie licirt made his way very cau- llously within 50 feet of the tire hidden by tha thick brush, wtcn iia halted. From where ha «<sod, when it,e moving air stirred tha drooping leaves, lie could see a sirl who was pTCUr lo llie faMilon' of rlclures ou cnleodars. Her perl face «as round and her features were regular. Her dirk, abundtnt (NUT w ns (, ur i r ,| tol) thickly; there "in nias.-arn mallea en her lub«» "'"' ........ '«li coloi on tier clicets Bin- sal ou * log Mia her short, thlik lianrts clasped arouud her ot tll | s Koy(| Mi«-iv slir n a5 3 stranger. An Ine ..iiiN.HNUti,.,, -iltb swampa uui inviie ouf IP tit uyop I ain't so s;.:. [ic place myself tml 'io j-. me bawling 'No but ws can't all l>n ^'.:i ! « :i[nl i\'o>cs cnni<i lie^r nr :•-• r'.,::i aa i~ui,i[tfil uii;d 01 i. i ;-•;::- i.tirsh aurl clrar fron i n/uli wlii. j-or. "{')''•• a;: lisi-.r." .^.,0 siii V/ :L-:.;I!I a:nl Inuiily. "hftt I lMl>M(o tlrc WHU all ri *": ^ rt r one s tt-:n e lie r -1-" fallo 'i - v ln lhu you, darling." "Shut up." for a moment tlicy were <mii!; His msa standln? anil Innkii..- down at the small life, the eiriV eyes, too, held by tl. K!io Inokc the silence. "I don't like il-.c:n Spanish rigs anyways." she said "Siiy, what's ttc- rr.aitcr n-i:h you?" the man nsknii rotisin* 1 "Haven't'I tote you about tit n[ Field's tans has picked on >mV "Ttist don't Biakc mo like 'cm DO twtter." "It makes It sale." "I don't liko It." "My God, Lottie! Don't gel n:ie of your nervous streaks." the Aflnr he .•.!iij'i:i": rcnr a ct)l=tijf.:p f"r night lie vm:td M suaiun anil <i-ll N"iH-- |H '' ro tt:ls U'llliui; to vrmry niivit In the suuii. iiusfiy- t' 1 '- 1 shop '1 a; t i.e lournl but t*'> <-"'*'-« : r- and. tell since on* woiilil 1 -" tM ' Mll ' ; ' l;im a clown. I'Jbim scuv.rf i'i-.' -.v tint would make him a l-ir^.i'' -i. "V.'rnp It up in ^ V, niy win you?" lie ashed .ilrn.-.t rcvrriilily. " I Inrcn't iin:fh lini- —Ho went to Hie sw in-.;- ^a o nn- np.'eM ol! tor-driven Imat «•':;: li tio had lo quit where the «.iii-; «:ia knefr a L-II up airalu! nlh«r ii;o!" > sayirr vcn're even | Ills civ, will all l-e l •!;:« of the place. kf.rhrs you itoin* U you '} >OU'TO powtlnrlri'—li*ln* fiainncd simple it's Jr And U;o with mo. deep. Nnvr.^' rat. (• ii.rl ^ilgpd la further. 1'alilit.' v-«' ihe s"'l naicr-b^llnm a-, :k-liil> n> lie could. a wary car t '.rkcd 1m ilie rongh sounrt or no ali^nini »lio movns ponderously but swiftly, de h.~.! been at llm camp I«:fi'i9 the !(.-• vants' dinner an-1 c-en ripg fellow Is gOlDS »• anil we've not Iielillouetl. "Yon know luc j, , much ii;rferonl in build. Wo won't had boeu 0.1 calm as it in ( do to me before a J,,h. If y«« tctTJ«V «»l« tlicy unmask your head there's uo reason »by) Bta hroie ID wiib souje petulant. »• «houldn't c!«ja up eiiousli tc i low toi e.4 oh;eclioQ. Thfc, «s- wlieu llie itrvanls waiting calls fur Wnct coitce. No one Ihere. I'tUUo t«lt ecr- um. tai! ttjrd i;;yilili:a. (lip Us r<l':i'iHH-:|)

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