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The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio • Page 17

The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio • Page 17

Dover, Ohio
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JJA Most HUDSON FRANCISCO of the time, Albert Johnson teaches film courses at the University of California, But for four months each year, roams the world in relentless pursuit of movies and movie-makers for the annual San Francisco Film Festival. His persistence would do a big- game hunter proud, Johnson has bagged a major catch tot this year's 13th edition of the fllmfest, which' starts Wednesday Auditorium. at the Masonic Mike Nichols, former comic and Broadway director whose two Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" and "The revolutionized big studio Hollywood-productions, has agreed to discuss his Work in one of the festival's retrospective tributes. What's more, Nichols sayi, that' if the brass at Paramount will permit, he'll bring along a chunk of his latest work, The filming by "Catch 22." Nichols of Joseph Heller's masterpiece of black humor awaited so eagerly that it can only result in Nichols' greatesi triumph yet or his, first flop. Nichols could have his pick ft personal appearances on televi sion or in person, but usually picks none of them. That was he was Johnson, who director of the Festival. "I asked Mike is San program Francisco to come in 1966. He said he'd like to but he was going to Berlin," say Johnson. "I asked him again next year, but he was making 'The I saw him again this year and he finallj agreed. Besides, he reall believes that festivals like our Big One are worthwhile," Bette Davis also kept urning down Johnson until she inally accepted this year, Shell turn up for a salute to ier career, which spans more han 30 years of stardom. Just to show that he is not about to rest otr his laurels ohnson says he has got the egendary Mae West about convinced to come to next year's event. "The only trouble is that ihe'll only appear at night and we usually have our retrospec- ives in the afternoon, But we'll ust have to switch things around for Mae." Wednesday's opening night of he 1969 festival will find a 3lack-tle audience viewing "The Secret of Santa Vittoria." Producer-Director Stanley Kramer and stars Anthony Quinn and Verna Lisi will attend. Twenty-three feature films involving 20 nations will be shown during the 12-day event. Johnson is especially high on "A Nest of Gentlefolk" from Russia as well as the festival's first-ever African entry, Senegal's "The Money Order." Another film to be screened is a politically radical French film that Caused a stir at the recent New York Festival. It was at former San Francisco festivals that influential works such as Czechoslovakia's "The Shop on Street," and Russia's "Ballad of Soldier" came to the me HE'S RETURNING HOME. Dan Huyrth, 11, who lost one hand, the fingers on his other hand and part of his eyesight by an exploding greriade, waves farewell to his foster mother and friends who saw him off from Houston Friday for his home in South Vietnam. Dan came to this country last March 3 to'recover from his wounds. (UPI Telephoto) With Station ANAHEIM, Calif. (UPl)-The first manned space station to orbit the wfffld may bear the hammer and sickle of the Soviet Union. Space experts attending the annual meeting of America's most prestigious aerospace society said the Russians already have flight tested all the elements of an embryonic space station and may soon attempt to create one. A major puzzle, they said Monday, is why no such station was put together during the flight of Soyuz 6, 7 and 8 this month. The answer may be that trouble developed during the flight, they said. Fritz C. Runge, advanced space station program manager for the McDonnell-Douglas Astronautics said the three space a total of seven the sections for "modules" of a total station. "They had space station equipment up there," he told a news conference at the sixth annual meeting of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Another possibility, Runge said, Is that the Russians were testing the station components individually before trying to link them technique already demonstrated on earlier two spacecraft Soyuz nights. Gaining First The WoHd-ltS BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (UPI)- The Sotrthsfde has posted this sign in its parking lot; "Unauthorized cars will be spirited away owftet'8 expense." HILO, Hawaii (UPl)-The University of Hawaii Bflfiftf regents Monday approved a list of 278 students deserving free tuition. Those on the list were deemed "well qualified of 1ft financial assistance" by the university. One of those whose tuition was waived was Shirley A6, wW9 last year was divorced from Honolulu oilman Wendell lips. Phillips, reputed to be worth $120 million at the time Of their divorce, agreed to pay Miss Au $660 a month alimony and up to $1,100 a year for tuition if she went to college and did not remarry. Miss Au is a freshman. LONDON (UPI) Graham Kane pleaded guilty Monday to obstructing traffic by running out into the street stark naked and grunting like an ape. SAN FRANCISCO Public Health Service nurses passed out free peanuts in front of the Federal Building Monday and wore necklaces adorned with goobers to express their feelings about recent pay raises. Target of the salty demonstration was the regional Civil Service Commission who granted the nurses hikes of $3 to $50 per year while bestowing raises of $750 to $1,000 to other federal employes. Several dozen Public Health Service nurses, who are not allowed to strike, participated in the "peanut parade." Show People Show Heart! attention of U.S. audiences. Johnson New York concedes and San that the Francisco festivals have, much in common. They are the nation's only events comparable or perhaps better than the older European festivals. Peanut Butter, Mayonnaise New Narcotics 'Substitute 1 CHICAGO AP) A federal drug expert says youngsters in some parts of the country haVe taken to injecting peanut butter and mayonnaise into their veins as-a substitute for narcotics. In several documented cases the result has been death, Ernest A. a lawyer- pharmacist in the Federal Bureau of Narcotic's, told a news conference Monday. Carabiilo said the information that -peanut butter and mayonnaise would send users "on a lit tie trip" was in aiHin- derground recipe "book purporting to outline "culinary escapes from reality." 1 Other recent fads, he said, included the use of paregoric, cleaning fluid, the local anesthetic ethylchloride and freon, the presurrized propellant gas In aerosols. Carabiilo said users of narcotic substitutes confused the bi zarre and toxic reactions with the so-called "high" provided such drugs as heroin or mar ljuana. He cited the smoking of dried banana skins, a fad of a couple of years ago, as an example. Frank Gulich, a narcotics bu reau official stationed in Chica go, said the underground "cook books" usually sell for about $1 and often give the formulas for Smoke Inhalation Claims Woman, 64 STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (AP) Maffett, 64, of Stenben- ville, died this morning in Ohio Valley 'Hospital, apparently of Bmofce inhalatiqn during a fire which swept her second floor bedroom earlier today, Authorities said -the cause of preparing xirugs such as LSD. Drug users, Gulich said, are 'always looking for new drugs won't be a violation of the and Gulich ap- law." 'Carabiilo 'Zodiac' Killer Remains Elusive Beared at the annual meeting of American Academy of Pediatrics. Carabiilo urged hospital and control centers to help the narcotics bureau by reporting new fads among, users of drugs or substitutes. "Hopefully, with this type of information, we can eliminate the necessity of waiting for widespread manifestation of a particular form of abuse," he said. He did not specify the areas where the peanut butter-mayon. naise fad had cropped up, or how many deaths had been caused. SAN FRANCISCO (AP) A meeting of seven police agencies from an area terrorized by the Zodiac killer has developed a general strategy aimed at identifying and capturing him. 'But, says Police Capt. Martin Lee of San Francisco, "I can't say we're any closer to catching him." Lee told newsmen after the three-hour closed session Mon-. day that he could not reveal the strategy. But he said that "handwriting, ballistics and fin-. gerprint experts linked the same five slayirigs. in the San Fraricisco Bay area since last Dec. 20. Ihle of the San Francisco Crime Laboratory said the best clue may be the gun used to kill four of the 9 mm pistol of which only 143 have been sold in the past 'three years in this area. The. fifth victim was stabbed. "It's a gun for killing," he said. "It has a terrible impact quality." Permit applications for per. sons who bought such guns are being ichecked with handwriting on the Zodiac notes. Police have said they believe man. He has boasted of the slayings in telephone calls to po lice and notes to newspapers starting, "This is Zodiac speaking." He has written which he says give clues to his identity. In a recent threat, he envi- soned "picking off the kiddies as they come bouncing out" of a schoolbus. Up to 70 police units are accompanying school buses as a precaution. Lee said he thinks the conference gave officers "a stronger and better picture" of the man they're hunting. The 26 men at the meeting In another development, Walt they are dealing with a mad- Recipient Sought for Kidneys Charles R. Ellsworth, manager of the agency's early space station program at Marshall Space Flight Center in Hunts ville, said the United States today has all the technological know-how needed to build space station. U.S plans call for a three-man orbital workship in 1972, followed in 1975 by a 12-man space station that would be enlarged, section by section, until it became a 50-man space base by 1980. Plans for the space station were a major topic at the meeting both today and Monday. Chrysler Lists Profit Slump DETROIT (AP) An 87 per By MIKE DOAN Associated Press Writer LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) Astrodella, a topless showgirl, isn't supposed to might slow her recovery from her eye operation. But when dancers and musl clans chipped in to help pay for her surgery, "I just bawled my head off," said the dark-hairec dancer, whose real name is Janet Boyd. Astrodella pops out of a "space capsule" nightly at How ard Hughes' Silver Slipper casi no. Then she does an exoti dance and a strip act. the was determined. immediately Pension Bill Is Finalized WASHINGTON (AP) President Nixon has signed a federal pension bill boosting retirement benefits for senators and congressmen in addition to other employes and a measure more money for construction of the John. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The pension bill bases benefits on an employe's three years of highest earnings, rather than the present five, and ups the contribution he must pay. The JFK Center bill authorizes total spending of $66.2 million in federal funds, an increase over the original authorization of 119,8 million. The raise was due to increased costs of con' struction materials and labor. CLEVELAND (UPI) The kidneys, of a Detroit woman who die'd Monday were kept alive by a special machine today as doctors at Cleveland Clinic sought a recipient whoso life could be saved by a transplant. The kidneys of the uhidentir fied woman were flown to Cleveland packed 1 in ice Monday in the first joint effort between Detroit kidney specialists and out-of-state specialists. The kidneys, according to Dr. Donald assistant professor of- urology at Wayne State University, could not be used for a Michigan recipient because none had the same blood type as the deceased woman. Doctors in Cleveland said they had prospective recipients and tests were being made to determine which was best suit- ed'to receive the vital organs; "Instead of letting them go to waste, we contacted Cleveland Clinic. They they had 10 possible recipients," said Jab lonski, envisioning the day when no human organs need be lost because a recipient could.not be located. "Soon every donar and possl ale recipient in" the country will 36 recorded in a computer. When a donor dies, the computer will' determine which possible' recipient is best suited for the kidney and it will be flown there," Jablonski said. Three doctors from the Veterans Administration, Hospital in Cleveland flew to Detroit by helicopter where doctors at Detroit General Hospital removed the woman's kidneys shortly after she died, packed them in ice and then had them flown to Cleveland. Truck Driver Reports Gunfire AKRON, Ohio (AP) A Youngstown truck driver says four shots were fired at him as he was driving on 1-80 early today. Summit County sheriff's deputies said two bullets hit the windshield and two hit the door of the tractor-trailer rig driven by 27 -year'0ld William Gardner. Gardner is a driver for Stoneys Trucking Co. eluded representatives of the Napa and Solano County sheriffs offices and Vallejo, Napa and San Francisco police as well as the California Highway Patrol and the state Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation. Another Flag Marking Is Set WASHINGTON (AP) In a change of plans, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has decided the Apollo 12 astronauts will place the second U.S. flag on the Moon's surface cent slump in profits for the third quarter of year has been reported by Chrysler Corp. as the firm struggles to cut its operating costs. Board Chairman Lynn Townsend and President Virgil E. Boyd told Chrysler stockholders in a letter Monday that profits plunged to $3.8 million, or seven cents per share, from the $29.7 million, or 63 cents a share, for the same period last year. The profit nosedive was blamed on higher costs of materials, labor, selling and market- when they land there next month. The Apollo 12 mission director, Ret. Navy Capt. Chester M. Lee, said NASA Space Program Administrator Thomas 0. Paine ordered the change in plans for the landing in the Storms, 800 miles from the SEA of Tranquility where Apollo 11 astronauts placed the first flag. The flag, like the one planted last a standard-sized 3 by-5 foot nylong sheet, fitted with tubing along the top edge to unfurl it in the Moon's airless environment. The 22-year-old dancer, a 6- footer with a 38-24-36 figure, makes about $425 per week. But she ran short of money two months ago paying for a cancer operation for her mother, who died last month. Then, during a routine visit to a doctor, Janet was told she would lose her sight unless she had surgery within a week. Queen Elizabeth Changes Custom LONDON (AP) Queen Elizabeth II has decided to forego her usual Christmas broadcast this year and Instead issue written message to Britain am the Commonwealth nations on Christmas Eve. The tradition of a roya Christmas broadcast was started by the Queen's grandfather, King George In 1931. A Buckingham Palace spokesman said the Queen had decided Both eyes were affected by a hereditary condition, and the rouble was aggravated when she was shaken up in an autb accident last summer. The operation has been performed, and the dancer expects to regain full vision. But her health insurance had lapsed, she couldn't work while recuperating, and she faced a bill of about $5,000. FelloW dancers and showgirls chipped in $160. The orchestra gave her $100. Entertainers urged friends to send contributions. News columnists and radio and television people passed the word ing autos, interest rates and costs of product improvements in the new 1970 models. They said profits totaled $93.2 million, or $1.97 a share, in the first nine months of this year. This was a 47 per cent decline from the record $178.5:. million, or $3.83 per share, in the January-September span of 1968. Townsend and Boyd noted recently announced cutbacks in Chrysler's capital Improvement program and orders to lay off a number of the firm's 40,000 white-collar workers. Chrysler's U.S. passenger car market fell from 18.5 per cent to 17 per cent during first nine months of 1969 with retail sales of 1,070,053 cars. Last year, retail sales totaled 1,160,328 forj the same period. on the change because of wide publicity received by the royal family in other activities al ready this year. along. So far there's $500 in the kitty. Fugitive Still In Special Care STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (AP) -A West Virginia fugitive shot and wounded by Jefferson County sheriff's, deputies Monday night remained under intensive care at Ohio Valley Hospital today. Deputies said they fired at Floyd Hennis, 21, of Wellsburg, W.Va., after Hennis fled from the taxi in which he was riding in Steubenville and 'fired three times at the deputies. Hennis, deputies said, was wanted in connection with a $2,099 theft of mining equipment In Brooke County, W.Va. They said a fugitive warrant had been issued for Hennis after he escaped from Brooke County deputies last Wednesday. 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