The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1936
Page 5
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'I'llURSDAY, MAY PW-TBIBIflE FROM Memory of Gcoi'ge Rogers Clark Will Be Honored at Vinccnnes Inol., li.v Nt: ASn vice V1NCKNNKS. ind. _ Graceful marble columns stand In Vliicenno; today iviicre tliei'e was only a i-oujjii log fort 157 years ago. The Wnbash, which in lhat spring ol 1719 spread an icy blanket of flood about thu region, is spanned today by a. broad and monumental bridge On June 7, or soon thereafter, the president of a nation or 130.000,000 people will stand ;md dedicate a memorial on ground wiicj'e George rtojers Clark and a ragged, freezing band of frontiersmen won an empire for their compatriots. 'flic graceful circle of marble which Is the center o[ the Rogers memorial park stands exactly whore Fort Snckvillc once assured British domination of the western country. H was the determined and au- ilacioiis feat of young Clark. I'nen only 26 years old. in taking- Fort Sackvllle and -,'viiiccnncs, Kakas- Ma and Cahokla from the British that changed the history of the American people by opening ' tha west to their expansion. For 10 years', local committees (AHK-) CQUlUBR NEWS lo raise a suitable memorial to Clark and 'nla men. nut not until Congress nuproprlntixt $1,750.000, Indiana $650,000. and Vhiccn- ncs and Knox County $250,000, was Die present dream made true. * * » Ucatcd in Lovely Setting In a lovely park reclaimed from riverside slums and factory refuse, (he memorial was designed. The Lincoln i'rail bridge, built In 1933, and the ancient cuthedrnl church and French cemetery adjoining, arc all united in tile de- 51311 for the memorial park, Center ol the ineiiiprial park Is the classic, marble memorial itself, uniting the tribute of sculp- luiv, architecture, and pain ting. It Is cylindrical. 88 feet iii dliim- cter and 71 feet high, designed by Frederic Hirons. Around the entablature Is carved "'file Conquest of the West. George Kogcrii '• Clark and the Prontievsmci.v of ttip. American Revolution.'' ' An ornamental cornice wil'n a 'star represents each of the -18 sales, A single entrance, guarded by heavy brtmno doors, gives entrance lo. 11 marble anil limestone interior. j in the center of the room stands |,a heroic broiim statue of Clark a.s «, young man, by. pennon. Mac' Neil. Covering the. inner/. p \va.lls is a sci-les of powerful murals by Ezra, winter, telling tile story of Clark. • . Seeks lice I eel ion jfc* SEE HOW WEGiVEYOU MONEY VITE Goodyenr dealers ' ' sell (he most tires— by millions! So expect more for your money in a Goodyear —you'll get it from us with another plus: our roof service! Goodyear Margin of Safely for quickest stopping — plus 43?o ' miles, of real non-skid, grip— braved by our customfrs-' records! ALL-WEATHER America's, biggest seller— latest improved edition \ TOM' -LITTLE JffiVROLBT CO. Blytheville. Ark. cnior at Detroit. Tlic.British posts in Indiana and Illinois wtjrc tlionis ui IhOiAiiioi-iORii flesli. yotuiB Clark, alreadj;, a veteran Virginia Indian lighter nnd pioneer, at- 25, secured the backing of Gov, Patrick Hoiiry, in a desperate plan. lib would i-aiso a 1 volunleer force from such men as were not, already ill the Cpn.tincntal armiesi march across country, from Kentucky, and attack the. flritlsh'.vjosts, . ."• He rnlsc'd' : aiicl clrlilccl ' a' little ban<l of 150 men, and marched against Kaskaskia, Prairie du Robber, i)iicl= Ca'nokiii. {[e «'on over Ihe French occupants, and secured the neutrality of the native Ineii.ins. '•, ... ; ' ' : . * * * '' • Ularh in Final- Triumph But Hamilton, the British gov- halred of a.ll the colonies by his hatred of All tlj[ ecologies by. his practice of. payliig Indians 001111^ .tiesifoi^.scalps.Jof murdercd>wcst- erncrs, knew that Clark was pl'ti- OUIIEIIL OHET Itooscvclt to <>moliilc. President noosevelf plans to dedicate the memorial on June 7, bub. the date may be s?t a'ncad if press rf :Wa.shington business' 1 :-nceciai- talcs. But tile blue-grass lawns and the carefully, planted native trees will give the scene n dilicvcnl :il>i>carance than it had 157 'years ago. Tlien. the American, ncoplo were .n revolt against tile Brilisli. With the war in the cast dragging on, year after year, the west wits also scourged Indian raids, to- , .. .. :. , - mcnted by Hamilton; British gov- to Dc'Voil \yu? daunt-1-j Q IT,. 11,,,, I - - less. Ho marched on Vinccnnes •I--' .l.l.ulullld . DENTKH ).. DIJDMiV icoiittiiuci) from I'ngc )) filled in all casi'.s hinl .siidk'lciil evidence, friend and foe ullke, mul ri'Kiivd- li'-^s of my persoiml opinion ot 'ihe Inn- alleged id htvve been vloluled. his record Juslllles your fiirlhcr il'liurl and it Is on my ivcord lal I inn scekinn icelecUon, "Iliirlus Ihe ni'xt Uvo years, cs- 'i'lnlly with the conimilnislk- pro- |iai!imdii that Im.s been spread a |),ut of Ihu cILstrlut mid Ihe nniny new laws vcecnlly married, there will lie need lor IKTlcncc and liiclful liandllni; of 1 o situations as llicy arise, nol only with reference lo possible I'Misranlons hut for the proper iiiolilliil! of public IhoiiBht aloim llifso lines. We have given this uialU'i' considcrnbln Ihoughv ami ntlentlon »ni\ believe we should be wiii)ltu>d lo carry forward the piOBi'inn platmed. "l hope ui ui- able lo see every voier iii the district before AUK, ll. However, Ihe spring term of cmirU'i will not be completed tor *mc (line, mii( I sltull tuke no time lhat should hi 1 given lo Ihe duties of the office to (urlher my JK'rsmial Interest; Ihereforc, If I do not sec all voters personally 1 would thank you lo consider Mils a 1 : my personal appeal for your vole utul inlluciicc ami lo assure- you Unit I shall show my iippro- clutlon by coiillinilin; the sami! honest, tinpnvtlnl and aggressive that I have used In the In conducting the affairs of Ihe otllce, "Sincerely yours, "DENVER 11. nUDLKY." In I'ne dead of winter, with only about no men. The Wabash was lit flood; Its icy water spreading over miles of territory about the 'fort. \Veary io dentil, hungry, ill-clad,'and ill- cnuipped, Clark's men forged ; forward, s'noHlrtcr-deep tit timOs, in the icy water. ....... Clark ordered his- six-foot-two sergeant to hoist ihe H-ycar-old drummer boy to 'nls shoulders nnd beat-the advance. , , . i In a night attack on Fort Snck- ville, Clark deceived Hamilton inlo thinking he hart a large force, and forced the fort's surrender. The northwest was American. It Is on Hits very site of old .Port Sackville. thnV t',ie president 6r Ihe United states will add his tribute lo those of (tie people of the northwest, expressed in marble and park. weak. Ho .marched down.from Detroit and retook Vinccniies. Since n «us- then midwinter. Hamilton felt secure from, attack, anct.scnt most of his troops back canvas and a peaceful School Gnu I wiles Receive Diplomas 1 HOLLAND. Mo.—Nineteen members of the Holland high school graduating class received diplomas at exercises last Thursday night James Bernard Spaltllng gnvq'hc salutatory address and William Wilson, winner of I'ne Lifters club, gave the valedictory/ Dr. W. w. Parker delivered the commencement address :• Officers of the graduating class are: James Sualdin.;. president; Thclma Kenlcy, vice-president; Mary Virginia Capshart, secretary; William Wilson, treasurer! ' ' .*' V. Holland NEWS Nn.lcs A picnic tor the faculty ol the Holland consolidated school district was held last Friday at IDiyti. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Ira Zalmer,, Supt. and Mrs'. W.> I. m 6UIF5PRAY H£ AlWAYS G£T! HK BUC / i 'Blytheville* Gridder"' To Undergo Operation! Carney La a ,Te71u,h,eUe director Sl^cb™ " ^ S id head conch at Blytheville Imd Larry wimp igh school, .nccompanic:! O'Neilj Miss Dorothy Dean Dates, d nu? l,Craig. veteran football player, to u- r of the late W. A, Dales sr. and ?££*,? ,^SJ?!? y ._" le ™?? 11 ' M». Dcalc Oates. will receive her . Miss Pauline Condit. O. J. Deeds, Craig is lo undergo an operation injured knce x al Campbell's College Boys Bid For Own Crusoe Islant HONOLULU (UP)—in mi cffor_ i solve for themselves the pres- ul economic coiKhtinii In th l/iil(c(t Stales, three Ifaliu.niw.oc oys have applied io Hie Honoluh ihainbcr of Commerce for an im ilmbllcd Islanil in Hie Pacific. They arc Denver J. '1'otld, Ear I. Plevson nml Piank S, Tomp .ins, members, uccordlng to ctlcr, of the 10;W class oC Knk iinzoo College, Michigan, nn< harlcr members of the collcg hajjt'er of the Share the \Vei\Ul Society. Their letter reads: "Feeling ourselv,cs unable t ;ope with the present, day Indus rial situation nnd being dissntis led with Ihe economic order 1 his country, we would like to lo ate on n small Island where, w could live unhampered / by lii ircsent coinpetltlve systeni." John Hamilton, secretary of 111 C/hamber of Commerce, iii his re ply, pointed out Dial It would . difficult lo get nwny from tli American economic system in in : sland in (lie Hawaiian crcir.i, i .hey are all under American ju Isdictlon, , . . degree in nursing June IB from the Washington'University School of Nursing. St. I.ouis u'.icrc she has on an clinic. Craig's knee handicapped hiai I |, ml in ' triiinln.' for three vcar's considerably last fall, when hh! MUB oales, vaTediclorian 0 he all round play ; failed to measure 1M2 Holland |,I,[H school gradual- 110 IO I11S SLatltlnrd f)I Mln ni-l.v nil-: ,; _l - . " . . Up lo his standard of the previous ing class, was one of lour girls rc- yea, SrnW* at .he chnio pian j cenl^'^cd "E I e'^m^n ^ B " Tr'nf SS. '^L't !™«y "«"*«• »; Sigma Tncfa knee and Laslic expects Craig to be in top shape for next tail's grid campaign. • PTLlS World T.tmeut Clinic's Prlvalo Picuripllon Now, A»»iljiljl« to All Suficrcrt old iigfl licrausG of I'ilo pain unit luriniu- innllon wHlrti rin Iliclr vllalllr. Tlio 1TI- valo formula IVrnTliulon "( I fit! Tlinrnlcm it Minor (.Illnlc. world's ami lar*;fsl rcclat InsHlnUon.fsUic, Ilno.'t "rrrUMicniwo know of. Sol',1 on a inon'cy-bujh fii&vamc*. '—l Robinson Drug Co. Tail, 'honorary nursing sororitj 1 . Mrs. Marj' Anccl has returnc;! to licr home at aikeston following a visit with 'her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Slay ton. Mr. and Mr Ira Zalmcr Mr. and Mrs. Voris workman went to Cap.? Glrnrdcnii Monday to enroll for summcr'courses at the state Teachers college. Jim Harris, of Scnalh. is visiting his niece, Mrs. Susie Wal- diop, and other relatives. i Mrs. Frankle Harris and sister Mrs. Clara Broleman. have re- I turned lo Iheir in St. Loui; Gulfspray kills nics, mosquitoes moths, roaches, and other insects: Stainless; Mild, pleasant odor, -ipc pint at neighborhood and depnrl- «^» ment stores and Good Gulf Dealers. 6ULFSPRAY iHSecrmttK Bakery Specials All Day Friday, Saturday, Sunday Baltimore Dip Cake, each 17c (Dclfcion.'! f'tiyui' Cjik Doughnuts^ dozen lie Parker House Rolls, dozen 8c Plain Rolls, dozen 5c Raisin Bread, loaf- 8c Specials for the "Buterey Hour," 5 to 6 /;, m, daily, Friday, Saturday & Sunday Vanilla Wafers, doz ' 2c Pineapple Wafers, doz. ......' 2c Hoi Ginger Bread, per square 3c Doughnuts, doz. 7 C Cinnamon Rolls, doz. y c [,imi( 'IVo Dozen Eaoh QH All Specials Blytheville Baking Co, LL^fE to the Biilcrrg I'rosram ever KI.CN Jl ^ ji'ln Dail" By "The Tennessee Whiiipoorwills" i^inii i i i Tin i 111 nm ii niMijij.ai__jjj.x-ii-ML after a week's visit with their par cuts, Mr. and Mrs. .;tm Harris. Everett. Mills arrived saliiril. from- Now Orleans lor a visit wit Afr. and Mrs. Jim Co'hoon and M and. Mrs. John Cohoon. He li Tuesday for a short visit with ol) relatives at slkcston. Ancc! Webb and Mrs. Lorci Pierce, of tiic school faculty, le Sunday for their respective lioni in Jackson ami Cape Olrardean Mr. and Mrs. Joe I,?ster vet week.end guests of- Mr. ami M L. Lester of Poplnr Blu. Miss Opal Claypooi, of Cap™ Oirardeau. Is visiting Miss Golclh Slayton. Following a week end visit 'ncrc with Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Best, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Edwards have re turned to their home iii St. Lwii accompanied by Miss Best Mrs. Juanita Ilcndrix mid Mrs W. O. Pounds have returned lo Iheir homes In Doothspolnt, ".„.... after a short visit 'nere with Mi and Mrs. Gartfn Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Mclvln Kitcr lc[t Sunday for Ncwelton, La. after i visit with Mr. and Mrs. j. A. Kl- fcr and other relatives. O. j. Deeds, principal of the local high school, left Monday morning to spond his vacation ivilli his parents at Waterloo, Iowa. Mr. and Airs. Tiniest Barrimjcr arc In St. Louis fo r a few weeks. Wesley (Uncle Wcs) Samford L seriously 111 at his home here with iicart irouhlc. Mrs. Louts Freeman and d;iii~h- tcrs. jimnilG and Joan, have returned from a visit wifn Mr. nnd Mrs. Bill Sccoy at Joncsboro, Aft, Drs. Wcrt & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' ston, "WE MAKE ''EM SEE- Phorie Wrecker Service - Gas OPEN ALL NIGHT PHILLIPS SERVICE CENTER Phones 717 - Biff Knitting Classes Tuesdays & Fridays, 2:30 P. M. ' 1103 Chlckasuwba INSTRUCTIONS; FREE ORDERS TAKEN FOR "BERNAT" YARN Mrs. Leslie Hooper Mra. A., p. Haley Pliotie- 792 CASH GROCERY PHONE - 6Q3 FKIDAY X HATllliDAY Sl'KClAI.S - VUVM DHUVI liv.x( (JniniHiuinl. l.b. 12ic BEEF--.ROAST' K. C. Chiit'li. l,l>. 20 c Franks I'll re il Ib.l5c nli.vucl. '1,1). SLICIi! I'ountl 29c i'oi m: i,h. iu NECK BONES 7K" i). I'i Li). CHEESE Wisconsin I c 'uU Ctviiui 1'wuul .CRACKERS ,,.„.„„ 17'.° 'MACKEREL '''"" i; '!r,,,, l>ci: JAR RINGS • l> • 1'kgs. ) •Bwfimil. [-\-w,. .ra 19c nlcM'ullin's - '5 Pounds $1.00 Butter Croiiiniii-y, (iiildcn Itiul lb.31c LETTUCE Liti'Kis lliiml 4jc SYRUI l.iiliLsiilM KililiiJH Gnllim 65 c SALT • i\|6i'lyn'.s"; 9£C ;t lto\t!S FLYSPKAY >inf UU STRAWBERRIES HOMINY ^ "T-^ c., 1Q' ; TOLET TISSUE ""£;,' 5° DOGF!* ""' '& Sunr or Dill 'Quart -Jur 15c T tt'l. tJMng *TflU| rr'rfe on . Don't riik t lift lo- fiVfx cen«. At the. new low _ pr i ior.Kttty her tir<s the v'tlut per ' t t.000,'miles et you/ worn tires' it ii - ttun 11,00, "Car mileage is a matter of business r | with me. Traveling constantly over all sorts of roads as I do I need a , gasoline that stands up in th« hottest summer heat and gives me maximum mileage. ... -That's one of the-reasons I prefer. Lion Knix-Knox-to any other gasoline I've ever ' \i«d. Another reason is. Lion is a South- crn company and.I kno.w.that the money I • ..--spend-with, them will stay in the South where it -will work for our own people," ARKANSAS MADE FOR ARKANSAS TRADE. KNIMNOX GASOIINE LION Oil, REFi.NING COMPANY U POSAOO, ASXANSAS -. •. ...' - T H BARTON, PuiJiii'

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