The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 7, 1967 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1967
Page 4
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fHwnrfay, sSfpt. 37, 11947 /ground. fthe firee Honda Ni DaVALQIS ;Kossutli;.E,Ktensioni Director ? Question -from yWhittemore « I ifprayejd rjny : corn with 2,4D. ; Is i'ihis (sale rto ,inake ,iato silage -and-fecd-to dair.y.cpws ? „- \¥es ;.fl)is ;is O.K. : ,is a very sale : diemJcal lin.reference, to livestock, Question .from ;Swea City -.My .corn xvas recently .badly .by hail. ;Pve 'heard about nitrate,poisoning. - is this corn #Jfe rto",inake ;kto silage .and be?,live$tpck:? •Answer .--To make along story :,short there .could 'be ,a small ^possibility of high nitrate, levels in your damaged corn, but the nitrate poisoning stories have been /greatly -over-*inflated by :farm ; magazines. A Jew years ago ,in the Iowa, ;low.a State University took over; 1,000 samples ..and .less than •3% showed any possibilities of nitrate problems and all this feed could be .fed:if a couple of precautions are followed. These precautions are: l. : If there are high nitrate levels taey ,are found low in the , stalk ..r- so chop your -silage at THIS OI\i;E HAY AND EAR CORN Just -as ;Fast as You Can Feed it. •Stf -MIXER jFeeciers.asked for a .better .grinder-mixer, one to .-perfprm r at-high-.volume without '.'spoon feeding" Lfiradyibuilt it—guilt it like the custom-feed rigs ;:tp Jake,the:toughest abuse, day-in, day-put. That's .wliyitbeswitch has been to Brady. llO'Auger :: swings -180= ... . delivers into a silo up ttP:5p';high, merely by adding pipe. ' J015 NOP.TH AtOOWA ^rpwerg -have itq«nd ttfeat :h%h .corn :firflftts Are .dfiftende.n.t «n ihowwsll they planned M ;M4r ,,«pr.ilf oRera.tion6 dwing the m awl 'winter. '.Why ,ie 'JJii^ ^tenning .SP .important ? fine ..jjhecKs Jhe :rainfell ;recp.rdp .during April, -he .an Average of : pnly ijaight day^ sutfioiently dry ^ -,tp Z, is d«,laxe.!i after : May ;;p. iiay A Met <& «8ch .operatipp needed before planting corn -ilie jjay^ .rsfluArsd tp cpmplate tiie jpb will ishow that ar* OimiftUy ru.s.lied ; fpr eopMgh foc-ri (feys in fte ;fc>W sflo >:PU ifiave .these important l9F »WJ^Mbe.d.preMrjitipn and early panting for ' " " . jfeed, .feed some agrain or,-hay,;Hong,'Xrtthi it. ;;3. iThe sensil-ig tproc^ss :by jgm^ ypjur .c.pniplste .cprn jEor ,ne«t yegr,. Set ypyr 'yie.ld gp^. fee reppinnieu^aypn wtf itieMe :broftdca8t starter ier^ser tp n« in the save vajuable spring feys .p«j Dray ty ym Jtoi CUSTOM FAfiM , ; half, so , delay /feeding the. silage ftor : iat i least tthr«e-. weeks and .& moatli wQUM/tieibeUer. •4,'Corn-ffed ; ^reen cchopicoold be ; more , dangerous <, than silage so be;more careful. :5., Add .20; Ibs. of groundi limestone ; per' ton to tbe'sllage. ,6.. Feed ; a supplement [level of '20,000 units .rjf -.Vitamin A ; per animal per day. If you wisi, a sample checked, contact rrae -and :I'll /tell you; how- to prepare a sajnple;for ; mailing to Ames. 1 ! MEMOSFROM MARGARET >»••«> «.«.«.«.«&<.«>«* M .-.i .-•i "i BY MARGARET PRATT Kossuth Extension Home Economist You are invited to take part in the Extension Home Economics program this year. This invitation .is being given to all homemakers in .Kossuth .county in several ways. Programs are planned for existing club groups as well as special events and short courses for persons who are particularly interested in a certain subject — for example, interior decoration. Chairmen and vice chairmen of various homemakers' clubs, both .rural and urban,: throughout .the county attended a meeting .last F.riday p. m., .Sept. .1, to learn more about theprogram. They, in turn, will report back to their .respective clubs on program offerings. You, too, even if you do not belong to a club, will receive a program ol the educational offerings in home economies extension, as well as a. complimentary copy of .our newsletters "Especially For You" written by a.member of .the committee. Tiiis newsletter will contain .interesting .items on homemaking, a ifavorile ;recipe and notes from your Extension home economist. Watch .for it! We all have to .see that clothes :for our families are cleaned and ready to wear. Do you have problems .about the laundry ? .Come to toundry Clinic, .Oct. •23., ,1967, at .Algona, featuring a ;Style show pn launderable clothes, at : ti>e new .American Legion .building (old postoffice ibuilding). .open to all. of devotions, Marilyn Cherland presented the program for the evening, and Steve Cheiiand had the entertainment. Mr. and Mrs. Konneth Andre, Barbara and Joy, drove to Mountain "Lake, Minn, last Snnday where they visited at the home of the' litter's sisterandhusband, the'ErtU Oeltjanbruns. Karl Andre, who had beon visiting there, returned home with his ; parents. Blakjer .Lutheran church women met at the church Thursday with Mrs. Olaf Oftedahl and 'Mrs. August Nelson as hostesses. Bible study was presented by Mrs. Edna Johannesen and the chairman, Mrs. Raymond Bergum, :had -charge of the cause of ithe month, pensions and the worship offering. 'Mr. and 'Mrs. Cecil Baldwin drove to Des:Moines Monday and spent the -night with their son and wife, 'Dr. and Mrs. Donald Baldwin. They returned home .Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Evorett William and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wlthum attended the wedding of Linda Ramus and Tom Long at Lone Rock Saturday evening. Many Sens cans attended the wedding of Tom Lyncli and Bridget Quinn Saturday at Bancroft, They were also guests at the dinner and reception, Mrs. Marilyn Hubiaim and daughter Itaren, Uomnoy, W. Va., concluded their visit with tlic former's .nurtiier and siirtfjr, MJT, Niiii! Kruuht unci Lincis. Sue, after having spuiit tin; Hummer her* Mr. and Mrs;. I'retl SiiiUs .of Algmi8 v/«J'e TuesdB.y evening visitors tit the Cecil Baldwins. Mary ami lOllan Iiyncli, tevt uf the Kuberi liynolin, last wfiukoncl v'itli their parents. Ellen is atteuditiE a l«auty cultiirt KChnol at Spencer aiUl Mary it c laboratory technician stuclmri at THE FLAG !S FLYING IN MEMORY OF PVT. .TOH.t; R. LBCTM V/OKLI) V//V.K H - U. -S. A.HMY EXvSTLAWN AAEMORiAL GARDENS 700 S. Phillips - Algcms Phone 25>5'7153 Mondoy-Fridoy: P ci.m. - £ p.m. Saturday: 9 n.m. - 12 Ma:>n Sunday: 1 - 5 p..m. .Lucky :(and excited) ..winner ,ol-.a :free;Honda:motorbike, given .way by :.Diamond?siin: cooperation irtth:North "Iowa Appliance here Fnday night, was Jerry : Richardson, 15, Ledyard. Jerry ;is shown above with his new prized possession. He .is -the son of Mr. and Mrs. John .Richardson and lives four miles north and 2:l/2rmUes east of Swea City where he'is a fresi,- man in high school. (UDM JJashfoto) SENECA ItllWUIIiUIHHIIUUIUinilliillU L .Relatives irom ;tliis .area attending ..the wedding pJ .Eldon ;iarseji, .Minneapolis, and :Emma .'i/ou.Mundforjn, [Harmony, iMinn., Sunday :included :Mr. .and .Mrs. Gaylprd Qlsen, ;Diane;and .Coleen w$ Mrs-CleoClftsson, iUnested; .Mr. and Mrs. ;Howard jRreston and JMnii; 'Mr. .and Mrs. .Clay :Bpyd, Chuck 8nd.Danial,.Moscpv^, Jjiaho; .and :David .Qlsen ,«f 5an -Gabrial, Calit. Mr, and Mrs. Curtis Qlsen ware unable :tp attend. .Eldon ;Larsen jp j& toother of ;Mrs. Classon and Mrs.. Curtis Qlsen. .Mr. and Mrs. Clay Boyfl, Moscow, .idahp, house guests pf the Curtis Qlsens, visited Thursday at itbe.Clep Classoft8Wl;Merie ; Fjint hpines, .Ringatefl, and the .Hans Hansens, ruralEstiierville. Thursday evening guests at toe Curtis Olsen home as a .farewell courtesy .for their daughter and family, the Clay Boyds, who were leaving the following morning for their home, .included Mr. and /Mrs. l r ,verett Zitterieh and family of Terril, Sir. and :Mrs. .Howard Preston and family, Swea City, Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Olsen and family of .Ringsted, and :David Olsen, San Gabriel, Calif. Nancy Dugan of Algona visited from Monday through Wednesday with iKarol Jensen at the Ted Jensen home. :Mr. and ;Mrs. Olxif Oftedahl drove to Waltham, Minn. Thursday evening where ; they visited until Sunday with .their daughter and family, .the:Donald Dokkens. Mr. and Mrs. Art Bergum, accompanied by .the Matter's sister, Mrs. :Donald Larsen, Burt, di'ove to .Minneapolis Tlmrsday v/iiere .they visited the ladies' brother and Jamlly, the Gary JJixons. They returned home JFriday. Mr. ,and Mrs. Robert Rice and family .recently : moved from :tJiis .area ;to :Estherville where :he :ha* joined the schoolfaculty. .Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Osborn ..took :tlieir .son : ; David to.Annadale, ;Minn. .Aug. 2Q, 'Where :he spent a week at .Carnp Friendship. Mr. .and :Mrs. ;0sbb.rn continued .into :npjrthexn .Minnesota and saw;the ;iron ;mines :anti :topk .the Lake Shpre ;Drive .near Duluth. Upon ,their ;return, Ihey :spent several days with Mrs. Osborn»s sister and .family, .the Arnold Kueckers, MiijfteapoUs. .Mi-B. Gladys Smith, Chan and Jim, who .have been living in California, moved Aug. 15 into ,ihe :hpme vacated by tthe .Robert Bice .-family.. Mrs. Smitli re- cently sold her California home. The Raymond Bergums drove to DesMoines Monday and spent the day at ;the :lo\va State Fair. Willie -tore they attended the 4~H demonstration team contests and saw the local team, the Seneca Progressive Farmers, present their demonstration on Civil Defense. Presenting the demonstration were Douglas and Darrel Nyman, sons of the Wayne .Nymans, who were also in attendance. Blakjer 'Luther League met in the church basement Siuiday evening, with Dennis Wilberg as host. David Krause had charge If you and Pa are too busy to enjoy yourselves these days, perhaps we can be af service. Save iime and energy by calling in your grocery order — we offer free deli- veiy ; .twice dally. Then why don't you and Pa get out and swing a little? ALGONA UNDER MEW OWNER-MANAGER SEPT. 1st Stan-Hoi£l Auger reaches as high as comD^itive 53-loolers Yps,;tt).e s.Ofnpsct'Slan-H.oi.s.t Auger tesliy puts your TOt&rijSls .P.P -fast A Ststi-Hoist 6-incti gatyanizefi twpe .will tieliy&r ,up to J80fl-bu. per ; i!9uf. -The ;&insh .up itp 2W-bu. per hour. SpecisHy tiesignep;. tslescppingifa'fiflffe allows yo,u Id get clossr':tp .bins. Al'ktws y.ou to use 0 shorter auger. >.Ypu can -resell .further with .§{ You'll like the 'v,eloefj. gal- p-. .seamless tube. "U" bo^ structure ,|t)g fluger tube gives .gutter .support- 1 .self-aligning Bearing? '.thrpuaho.ut j;al- -shaft. Mew Owner-Manager Announces "SERVICE !S OUR BUSINESS" And We'll R 0 || Out The Rerf ^^ To Entertain our Questions Chows ORTHO ,tt!£f> #5 sfrniBittti»# -55 tote's 1 With bUn-H fww for s Isntcr njigcf thjjt »,on t dp ,,5 JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT Purina Sanitation And Health Aids Porina Sales An<i Serviceman Grain Buying Grain Drying Grain Storage Seed Needs Educational Farm Trips Arranged Building Plans Available informative Feeding-Management Meetings Check.-R.Mix Grinding, Mixing & Delivery Fertilizers — insecticides — Fungicides Weed Killers Application Units Available Serviceman Soil Testing You Can Depend On The Checkerboard ALGONA GRAIN AND FEED CO. 916 f. STATf ALGONA, JA. 295-3674

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