The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 11, 1930
Page 4
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MONDAY, AUGUST 11, 1930 Bt.YTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COUlUliiU CLASSIFIED ADSl - 'i-ffo cents a word lor first iu- KrUon uut one cent * wort tor e«cb tulucqutnt irmr- tlcn. No *dvcrtl«m*ntuktn for less than 50c, Ccimt th» words and tend the Pkone 39* OUR BOARDING HOUSE NEASERVICE /«c?..".'.. ./y. ERNEST LYtsjN/ FOB SALS nrllrr FOR SAL«-paby QhicltS. Custom hatching each wwk from nowou. Marilyn Hatchery. 26<*«t» Used Car Specials For This Week Durlnf thli week we are offer int the following USED CARS at SPECIAL TRICES, subject lo our rejuhr 30 Bay Guarantee: 10M McJrl Ford Tudor Sedan $435 1928 Mod- Ford Business Coupe $315 |;'1028 Mcdfl Ford Plck-Up Truck $265 Nlil23 Mod. Ford Sporl Roadster $Z95 9 Model Ford I'haetoii ... SJ«5 f 1929 Mcdel Ford Sid. Coupe S335 1928 Mod. Chrysler "62" Sedan 5375 1928 Model Whippet Coach S205 |19J6 Model Chevrolet Coupe S 9» (I92C Model Ford Coupe S 05 P, 1MB Model Star Coupe S 85 192G Model Dcdgc 3-4 Truck S 95 See these cars today and make your selection. Weekly , Fl.-in, Monthly Plan or Fall Terms. Your Car taken as part payment. Used Car PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers 1'IIONE 811 TODAY nt:«i.% IIHHI: Toiur H, i(oii>rr»od nd former N*ir Vi'irfc ucuniiuHcr »in", uscei" AXSI! WIN'TliHi «!»> lin« «"« rrv»> Tulin. Ok'u* ig icck tnr;i wgrk. lie lnkc« « dffli f»lrrr»< In hrr. linn l> ivltk Cmdmnlnl 1'lrlurm, nnJ nut vcrjr Mll»Hcd nilt «!ml lir In ilolnic. ABBC 1» Juki H Ijpulnnrr. Anne livln v.xlrn iMirk nl llrmid I ulCrd uludlut. Sin- Kor» In HIT Mllb l»» ulhcr rvlriTH, MO.\A JIOKIUSON nnJ KVA HAHf.llV. Ttf Inltfcr f* n Ijitlrr Individual, liutKlljly lik'i-niiHt 1 <if hrr failure In tfrl lulK-li work. nud from brr ]>nu Iriirim II lul tlliuui <bc |iroh- Irm* of the \fi»1 nrtuy of rxtrii*.<HV SMIA.X, famous Jlrrr- 1<>l, bflR noticed Alliie \tlnfrr. lie lirr H "Ml" J» a ulclurr. nut lllttntr SliiAH. nlthouyh i'timlly IMC* MM, U * alve thru Antic inn? lnteri'Klii]£. c!if» Onn. Dept. n' *'OR KEN! LOST—ranama Hal at court, house Friday night-. Return Co Courier News- " ROOM FOR RENT, private family, 312- North Fifth St. OpkH FOR RENT — Front bedroom adjoining bath in private residence. Call 473-W. Ilckl5 Ill- lilt .-iptirr] Hiul him xmv t:<> nx >vrni TIII-: si'oiiv CIIAPTEU XII easting dlrcclor at Cvaml had telephoned Anne [ Winter tlmt lie wanted la sec her. ] The call had come during P day I ivhf-u Anuc was doiiifi extra work i in a idctiirc nt First National, and | It was Kva Harley \vlio save hor i Hie meesose that evening. .Mine said, "Heally, Kva?" In sucli | a tone of unbelief thai tlie older' girl laughed and imt an Hrm around lier. "Vou know I wouldn't fool you, darling." she saiJ. "You'd better lie down and rest, Anne," Eva added, seeing the other's face suddenly turn iiale and sensing lliat she might vie »t- lucliiiu; iiinvarrantod significance lo a teleii'.iouc call that might lirovo lo lie little more than routine. Kva conld have told licr uot to let lier hones ruu too high Antic said. "I wonder what lie wuuur and stretched out a. lillle wearily on a'sofa. "IJo you know, i barrasscd, Mr. Bell." Kva? Where's MouuY" | "Mavlic he has a bit Ipr yon," "if you knew liow many ,...,..,,„ :,, I like lo he ill your shoes at this Kva answered. Ma>nc us; r ., r , ,._ ..... v ., ,„;„,.,n, ,\ butler, even; Imt You wouldn't lie," liv t'jld'her. f « I'/ 5 rh woult) c "Well, acl. yijiir iitcltiebt tor liim. ! Miss Winter. Wc'r» \i\Mns a cast Miss W!«Ur| * lH'jnl)ii',iUl;;,' ";:—sn« noHudy knows U any iK'Ucr lliuu u catling director. Hill I'm nfralil It couldn't bo run any diKtiailly. 1 tliluk," liu added wttli u tinllo da he tqo)x licr arm and helped hur un soiue stcvs, "lliai you've EOI (lie cqulinnenl tliul niny carry you a tung \vuy. I hope Tin vlglil." . "1 coiialuly liojic you afe," Anno Bnld, lujklui; uu ul llliu, Hud lid!, sill! holding her avui. fulloved liA 1 Iliroui'li a narrow door Into tlir liarn-Hko Interior ot Hie sludiv. "Tlirru'a a iilimu over lierc." In 1 s;ild, ii.ilullni; llio vviiy. "Mr. Jhir- k\v will lulu us presently. 1 foiK^t lo irll vn;i Umt lio plays Hie plunii, FI> we uon'l need anyoiie elpc. Let's Kit down for u mlinili:: (lion yon can dvcK ititn onti ot those dicssiu;; rooms and slip Inlo your eostnnn 1 . It's jirelty brief." lie added siullLuj;- ly, "bin I have an Idea 11 will be qiilje iKtomlnx." SHlli.B liesldi- her In Hie niol dusk nf the Bludlo, lie (old her whui lie had in mind In asklnc lier lo daiR?. "I'tiere's u chorus iu lliu lilcdne. of course, and Koniu tuuil PUIIK numbers, -We've gol a vreliy tjood i!:inc!nK i:rou\i around here— you've inohiilily run Into llicin now and llien. Would you'llko a diam-o at dial?" "Whv. If I could." Anne said, a bit doubtfully. Hell was studying licr fucc. "H'^ i step up," lie said. "It might lead to most niiylliiiiK. It Hurley liikcs a faiuy to yon he might give you a fmv HUM; muybu a uolo—nnylblnB. Vou can't (ell. If u ylrl has Btrecn personality and .can sins und slie'a hard to slop these dnys. He added slowly: "Sloan tliiuks you've sot scveen personality; h» It's a musical *>nv JIu (old ber presently that Garrs Ue spoko wllh a friendly iSlo;iu hail been Eatitlicd vilh minute." and without a trace ol con- j work in "Married In May" unibthat Furniiiied residence for rent to re- • sponEible person, 209 West, Kcn- tuclty. Mrs. A. T. Sisk 324 North Second St. llcklS wouldn't WANTED court on it. some iilace in How," slic added, referring to a group ot small independent studios. "Someone over ihcrc is uiaVine a quickie: they'll probably work her Fiona's jceit; Mid ho told her it was a llttlo I'oveily I vefreslilni; lo fluil someone who ac- WANTED — Family Washings. I Washed and ironed by compe-l tent -.virile woman. Jlrs. Brown,: 1104 S Lake St. llck-tl f WANTED—Practical nursing by] lady with fourteen months experience with trained nurse. 113 W. 'Vine St. • bait Hie iiishl." Amu- confessed tu tually had (o be urged lo exhibit her talent. "There was a girl in hero just ahead of yon," lie said, "who was get I in 5 5150 a week In pictures for Horinier ™mc' ; , w |iili;. Klic used lo be a. iiiciiii- cure." Tin; castiiiB director sislied. "She ought lo be a manicure again. We can't use ber, and I'm afraid i "Reliable lady to take orders for well known Watkins Product!; in Blytlievillc; customers established; excellent pay. Write C. H. Worley, lO-ao W. Iowa Avc., Memphis, Tenn. time laler Mini she liad lulu half the nislit. Irvine not In build Hlr-i'osllrs and dctiicraloly socking fileeii. wilh her pulse nuiiuJiug nn ijudy can—uot as Ions as she ci:-1 CUE inailly and ;'- iiol-to-be-slUlc<l voice |,n,<.| S dial figure. Anyway, U seems 1 U ringing in licr fevered brain. 'I'lic fiipliuu ilirector wantcJ to ask lirr - ?i>inc tincstiuns, Aiiue Isariicd, ami he salii. llicre was a her voice was very gootl. "Do yoi ; sing 1 '" he asked. I They were walking along a palm- lined nalii through tho courtyard, on their way from tho administration building to one ot the sludtOH. It was liol In tho sun, anil Anuc felt grateful for Ibe moment ot uliatlo when they paused Tor the giuivil to open the i^alc. it nlowly UOlll. Ill' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Marthi TSUI TSH! lobl liie casitiug dircijlor: "Tun ask difliciill <iuestioii5, lie wa* a ilappcr «he's been taking vocal lessons, nml | the wauled to slug, for me." . [Mr.- Hell. I sma a litllo lor my "And did slie 1 ;" Anne asked ' j»wji amiiauincnl,- becausu I like It. . " ... '. ,,, I'ui not at nil sure thai you would." herl'waft^'bi^'^Hyouid! M, Uu, Bi ,od. "Somcthms lells alerl-loo!iinsi ralll<!1 ' " ct l!o > '°" r slllf£ llcrc wc j l "e 1 will- You know," he added in bis early or middle|«n walk over to one of the vacant WANTED All or part time, bondabh agents lo sell stock, secure savings accounts, make collections and loans in Bljtlieville. See B. T. Cliftt. agency manager at Hotel Glencoe, Tucr.dny, Aug. 12th, 12 to 2 o'clock. Standard Building & Loan Association 211 W. 2, Little Hock. thirties. Anne judged; nnd wlien she had answered n number of (liiestions concerning ber history he smiled nnO lunpcil on his glasa- loj>|icd desk and asked her if sbc could'(hinrv. Anne ItCirilalcd. "You mean state dancing?" j IK 1 nodded. "Tap-dancing." Gravel Trucks Needed at Wilson. Ark. Schultz Construction Co. A -*• NNK said. "Why. really yinie in for I've never it. Mr. Hell, j stockings stages. 1 can dig u|i a iiiano jilaycr, ami we can get sonic kind of an outfit (or you from the wardrobe. That dress yon have ou looks pretty tight to kitk around in." Anne \Vinlcr cafierly agreed tliiit lliat was true. "Anil these heels jaic high, 5!r. Bell." She knew tliat Mr. Bell approved ot lier frock; his eyes had saiil as much. It was '.vhllc, as wi-i-e her saiulnls. Her the color ot hare seriously, "there's nothing that gives us a bigger kick around here Ihnu the discovery ot new Ijiknl. You've no .idea how closely every foot of film id watched, and you've no idea how many eyes aic looking yon over while you're .working, no mailer how insigiifkaul your job may hapiicn lo he—especially if a girl seams lo have screen charm." Ho felt, lie said, not noticing the lolil Lie bo You'd better gel iulo your cosluino now. Hurley will 1» here in a feu- mlnules." AKX1-: left him, walki-il •^ toward the drcsilus yt side, fliu sat down and hugi'.u to un dress, tlio castiiiB itlreclor's word:i slill Ofhoini; loudly In her nnljc- llevin^ brain. Hell hart said: "Sloan thinks you've nut screen iiorsonaJdy." She roiild scarcely crtdlt liur ears, she lolj KoriniL-r iiiat She ttumbr^il how Carry tjlcian could arrive at Hint couulnsluii; sho bad tloiic ho lillle for bint. llur cgslunic sl)e suw, consUtcd of- a Eleevelcss while silk hlmuu ami a pair of UgbL-nttlni; hlaelc bhorlu ami black dan Hell had lijhl lic-r it was pretty hiJcf, ami ihe easting dircctnr, wiiv by lier inlrrnreil lignre, wns notliitib' If not liullifnl. 3)ircctoi' Hurley was waillnt; with Hell when she emerged from the dressing I'uoin. lie got nil from his cliuir at slghf. uf her, cool a]i]iraisiil in \\\i t>es as they rcsl'jil on her alcinlrr. rurvlng liBure. Mill bis manner lolrl hrr Unit iliil imt I'Xjictl !UT lo be cunsci ot bare legs anil arms, llu said, "How do you do, Mlws Wlnler?" and he shnok liana's. And he tiirnctl to Ucrll and saiil. just as nuick look ot Inijuiry thai Anne! UioUKfi Anne v.-cri! a mile durlcd at him. (bat the motion pic- i'^tcad of right lliero be^iilu him: I can tlo a few steps; TJ' C B S - ^> 1(1 Fllc kncw tllal - lici '. llil "'l lure tjoniiianics owed u great il'clil | "Ehe'a a pretty girl, Hnrvoy." stiidle'il for a while when I was a "'as very black against the brim of 11 0 t i, c cslras of Holly.vooil.. "Wei Hell laughed. "What ilid I icll lilllo girl." the llghHHtiiiE white lial. • : C au r l got along without' them, aiullyin'" And hi; liirncil lo Anne "I don'l i:\iH-cl imrCci'lioii." Slic watched niin as be picked j il's a sliaiue we can'l do more for land linked lier if she wa-i nady lo Harvey Hell ^iiid ciiouur:ii;i]iflj-. I up the li-lepliuiiu anil hsued a few Ibeui. It's not exactly our fault eiitorlulii Ilium with n few slc|i'-:. "^Voiilil you miaft Hb'j'.vinK mejl'jw-sjKfkc-u urdcr-^. anil \vlien lie that Iherc are l*w niuny uf them "Mr. Hurley," he snld. "14 what you can ilu?" i hunt; up be lurntd to lirr anil said here lo keep llicm nil einplaycil, lint "Vuu mean rislit here—in your office';" "Of coursi—why sol?" "Vliy"—Aaut laughed nei'vously he wanted her lo meet -Mr. Hurley. "[In you happen to know Vred Hurley, ihe direi-lor?" ho -^- : . [ ;C 1 .ind Anuc shook her head. we're always glad lo give any of them a t-Lancc when we possibly can." He said, ''It's a queer business, i on the !;!u<:k Hurley laughed and K-H il struck a preliminary chord or ami besan lo play. Ci'v lie C'onlinue.l) LUST NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 ou r dental offices will be closed jflch Thursday afternoon. Dr. I- H. Moore. Dr. II. A. Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis- LOST—Three mare mules from fiirm at Half Moon. B. F. Gay. HpkH Closing Stock P ices V. B. WAS HAM— Tramrer DaUy trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots, lyocal PUopa 851 Memphis Phone 3-3315 WERT [He Makes'Em Set A. T. and T Aviation Chrysler Cities Service Ccca Cola Fox General Electric .. General Motors .... Grigsby Grunow .. I. T. and T Montgomery Ward Packard Radio Simmons United Gas U. S. Steel 1-JKtLKUiS AND HIS FRIENDS OSCAR'S MISTAKE! By B}93S«i THATS JUST viUAl m Oo:ii' IMSHT 66T TH£ OLD IF Ycuoof'f W/HOffl 0-4 THIS R;-ncH STOL6 "O'./.T I/OHEV fS&/~ \tQ3t I ~. K. ? // TJS. I/AO3SH ^ I S£T New Orleans Cotton Mo?L^LZ ( NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 11. (.UP) Cotton closed, steady. Op;n HlgH Ixnv Close Ocl .... 1^7 1?33 1216 1230 Dec .... 1245 1253 123ij mi Jan. ... 1255 1255 1247 1255-53b Mar 1210 1277 1262 1275 May .... 1265 12910 Spots ctosco quiet at 1211. ofl C. Royal C. Mills Public Accountant, and Auditor Socializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 52- Ingram Bldg. Blythcvlllc, Ark New York Cotton NEW YORK. Alls H- <UHi-- Collon closed steads'. Open High Low Close Oct. old 1250 1258 1238 1256 Ocl. new 1225 1231 1215 1231 DM: old 1203 1271 1253 1270 Use.- new 12-10 1250 1234 12W Jan. old 1207 1277 1«H 1277 Jan. new 1250 1259 1245 1258 Mar .. . 1268 1277 1267 127C May .... 1282 123(1 1270 1290 Spots closed quid at 1255, oft 5. SWEEP IM BOT I liAD Y W SOU^-TMOSE. TO RWJ HARD TO G&T } JACK RABSITS , 'Dy Cpwaf

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