The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 31, 1967 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1967
Page 12
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6—Algona (la.) Upper Dei Moinw THur*t*oy *"?> 55 **>«(*' EDITOR'S NOTE: rnir, thf ?i>?5il£-. . ,iar a: a ci Sne Snssr*; :i;;v. T; airr;;rf.rii. ttour: Neglect in; i^. ?v=r-^ii--lr52-6 ruzrt i: ±-r — ::i, ?-: 10: r^ in- iefsurci^r, stia:/ '*"-•<- r: Irrs ret x" "rr - :s: rri^z-ioir-s. GRANDMOTHERS AHE PEOPLE «TTH ven icir .N'o EHter -.hat naughtiness a parent relis ner a cMii ias ccnru™^, Grandma can always remember some misciue: fully as isn, or worse, that Mom or Dad got into -men they vere little. - o - GRANDMOTHERS ARE PEOPLE who carry treats in their pockets or purses. Our Grandmothers know it is dangerous to come to our house without at least a stick of gum. If s been some time since either of them has oaten the candies or taken home the favors from a party for these are saved for treats for the grandchildren. With the increasing number of grandchildren on both sides of the family, this problem gets more and more complex. It takes the skill of a diplomat for Grandma to treat each one equally. - o - GRANDMOTHERS ARE PEOPLE WITH LAPS. The human anatomy is the same as it has always been, as far as I know, but today's Those who know MINNEAPOLIS Know > ~ '•_•_!. ••' MOTOR HOTEL / For Convenience... For Luxury Accommodations... i For Friendliness... For Budget Rates... For Resort[like Atmosphere... Easily Accessible to All Highways! , .mil Suiii-, Hi.Id Mr.lal .W.,,,1 |,,..,|,.,| Kmu-Si/r ^'A miming I'IMJ! CiiniiilHi- Hold EXCELLENT FOOD — Hed.cO!* Din- ii i W.m <citu,«g Heirtl, Ct-U'.ojl »mplt fin PirHnj in F'ont 01 Your Room ' ''hl'u.inl • lift-TV • I'liiy An-ii l-oi Cliildmi • UnliySilU-rSi-iMi-i.- Children unjn I.'IHU MI unit loom mill Adulll. SINGLE MOOMS. DOUBLE ROOM! • 13.00 toJH.SO Will 01 wrili for R««jvi|ion« — Phont <»«» 61?) i8g 4(*!r HOLIDAY MOTOR HOTEL M. H^h..,, | 0 0 ,nd V, We-.! "-- Mmntipolli 22. MinnuoU. Minul.t liom Downlo.n - 15 M.nulti (-cm Mel SUd, u , Homi ol Ihi Tmni in* Viltingt _ 20 MinulK liom In), A,iport. Haul the big load, over roughest ground I ill 'urn full! N'j need lu /.^rry tt,-.v.. ',!,,;, H . \ V/,i|;un iirnti rt-iilly lake il. In- ',! ,-, •• .1 niiinini; j;tar (choo';e Inj-n fe >,< '.'. t..... hoisl, ,jnd all meUjI Lox ,jrc • un,!(/..-; - \>, out? fomplele unit. You -^^ c.ipirit; ,•.'.!, too! '.»,<). W). tif :i?!J ( .ut,ii: I,-..-! nifiini yuu can li,iul bi(;j;tr \,,;_,a: up u J';'j iHlihflb. i«alie It-is tup:, 1-. nn;) fr:,rii y.-, ;j r fields. You'll find (lint you; SI,-in-Mo,n •;;*/•,<.; 11 i:>-e you all season . . , ,j|| puii; ,u- \<v.- lullne',5 . . . haul com. KMHIV r'.Lr.. :.,|.|,-..-' Make ii '.viie in.eSKneni, |i,:y jjt.,1, : ..,.' vt We'// Demonstrate Coll ui todayl JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT Algona, la. .a,-. *si A.-J ' iwi '.hji» lilw (r-iiiiinothers do. We use our laps iirtAKij. ,"i>lM-ji 'wiii'i t.> -Jiu;' ;<:. iuiPm always amazed when ?,m. nn-v- •-. >»)v ni Hi,- :aj;, vicits up the infanf s heels, and r ( ,U t-..^ j-.»s uiit, m i;--iif :n>f.s ^ive made me pretty pro, » M,.i, V in- iw»^ •'«> ' ur - 'i«>-ss I h^ve a bed or other flat ..» r, -t.v.i,-.; t. 'ui.x :'*ii u>. '-•liimTs. .Xiu1 laps were made be- hifj.jnsttJ:,. ' r -.\ (ait, to;>iiiij;; ill? iri^omothers always hold the W;.; s ..: ; "HO {."uak that there is some ir ii.i/ jcirrv to death. \Vhen we go to ii,-4 -M>-(i,- u-j .-.'.•«„ "Ufs see, Billy, or Mary mi> -<.:ui ,;-uiuui,jr.T:->-.x: to eat?" Even during um«- nh-:i lit; .-'ipxuri is tare, or the cookie jar ••- <*•-'• ••"'-•• ''' l J 5 -^ -'"icJcer tastes wonderful, .-:.'.•. \.-ivih-SnVfe- ., r ,.v, d.r, fv. mil, ' L.-C. 1 ^> ^ I :-_ili.".-*l M •Oi'-C<-. ^^ rli:<,,T,.i- '< . Hi»?•''? ii: : .».N'.' -s "Jirough his stomach," the hi- ;. r v .t,ui-u:s/ :v .in? ."' tie ways to the heart of a K? ii,:i-i>.:'.,; 1 jr.t !.•; xc; r.r:v-I?gsd to have many warm n n \ -. ;-ir..5'ti'-nnri ;it.:inf ^.-i yeirs we were growing up. .->!,?« -.;v.r,ii--in.- ;i ."-.rtsirji ire connected with food. ;-: .-: >?.-:i. ilii ti'.-it-'f.s iri; ham stew. There was one .•!. ri^ii.'-. himti-vi:- :>'. l-~;. i^ins because a certain boy I-;,-!, i.".; su-ii;.-. K' f~isir.:^ther took the seeds out of -. it;), v-t hi. --'id ^' ±-e sense of touch, because she Uir.,, si Jim: «)« :':ti nuke us our favorite Choke \ :: >ii!>!!- ; «:-?iilir.i leans like that or that kind su-> wi. \v; !ji--;>; :iii::: v.tjid never taste the same if it -:>.• i.'llimii ;:--iin::r:,i'.-vuusr.ceandlove. Both Grandmas ;i tixi;- nii«ni:i:'.'i:j :.i.''= ."'Jtiived them. ti'.'.' .'UfV.-LTI lUl .:. Slif'j iri. -Klf.. Ul.llir: : i rirri :;' > ?7 7 HE SAME as they always were. If s s ra: iis changed. Today Grandma can ••.••-r.cL v ;e sport in bowling alleys or golf izcrs as well as her teen-aged grand- i;iii isset than a wet-blanket when if s •Trie's best babysitter when she isn't - 3 - :-Z_OClI.i H.^ TK.OID IN HER little lace cap for a slightly p:c7 :ii.u H;r liir :-_r.- be gray but she sees to it that it is ar- rinr?: =:: ±1: ir's =;r= i mark of distinction than a sign of age. She •is=s r.:s~eno.s ssillMly in spite of the teachings of her youth i.':o- ';^zted vometf. In fact, if s getting so it's pretty hard on v-^i-ie Toires. \\~hea you see a slick-looking number walking d:«- tie street, you are taking a big chance if you whistle at her. She's very apt to be somebody's grandmother! GRACE Grain Storage ins Being Sold Rapidly A number of farmers have inquired about the excess Commodity Credit Corporation-owned grain storage bins which are being offered for sale to farmers who are interested in storing grains to help support prices, R.L Anderson, chairman, ASC county committee, said today. The offer includes not only selling the bins to eligible farmers, but also dismantling them and transporting them from areas of heavy concentration into southern and northeastern areas where a possible shortage of storage space may occur later this fall. Farmers eligible to buy the bins will certify that the bins will be used for storing and handling agricultural commodities. About 10 days after the operation started, firm orders had been received for <"boutl30truckloads of the disma. •" bins, with 8 to 10 bins to each lo. According to the chairman, farmers needing additional storage for their grain and soybean crops who are interested in these sales of excess CCC bins should get in touch with their local ASC3 county office for further details. The bins will be sold by competitive bids through public bidding or sealed bids, at not less than the established minimum price. Louise Paulsen Weds Roger Rochleau Aug. 13 Notes Of Servicemen WEST POINT, N. Y. - U.S. Arrny Specialist Four, David E. Wildin, has been granted a 90 day early seperatlon from active Army service. This has been granted him that he might attend the fall semester of college at Mason City. Specialist Wlldln, presently on a temporary duty assignment at the U.S. Military Academy, will return to Fort Bragg, North Carolina where lie will be separated from the Army. 295-2421 FT. LEONAKD WOOL), MO.- Army Private William L.MUltr, 20, whose part-iitB, Mr. awl Mm. Lawrence 0. Miller, and wite, Miyllls, live In UVerue, completed a cooking course at Vi. Leonard Wood, Mo,, AUK. 1«. During the couree, hn v/ab trained In cakeaivJpastry l/^kliii;, meat cutting, and learned loyrib- pare and serve food In Army lac-Kt, halls ami in tin; flt-M. - o- FT. KNOX, KY. - Aiifiy i'ti- vato Flrsi Class Uroy J, IM- uen, 23, son of Mr. an/I Mr«. Charles F. Helnen, fd^nm, CO«H pleted armored pfers'.xiMl carrier training Au({, n atR YJVM, Ky, During the course, he was trained to drive the Ml 13 armored carrier over varied and rugged terrain. He also learned how to fire the vehicle's armament, operate the communications system and perform basic repairs. -Or FT. LEONARD WOOD, MO.~ Army Private Ronald E.Weiland, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Weiland, Wesley, completed a wheeled vehicle mechanic course at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., Aug. 18. During the course, he was trained to repair internal combustion engines and wheeled vehicle chassis components. Instruction was given in the fundamentals of electrical and tans- mission systems. - fl- UBS ORISKANY - Aug. 16- Airman Apprentice Terrance J. Weir, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Weir, Wesley, Is on "Yankee Station" in the Gulf of Tonkin off the coast of North Vietnam, serving aboard the attack aircraft carrier USS Oriskany. His ship is a unit of the Seventh Fleef s Task Force 77 and is the flagship of Commander Carrier Division Nine. The Oriskany, on her third combat cruise to Vietnam, launches aircraft on daily bombing raids against a wide variety of targets in North Vietnam. The carrier recently played a major role in providing firefighting and medical assistance to the carrier USS Forrestal during the latter's disastrous fire in waters off North Vietnam. The Oriskany provided airlift assistance with her helicopters transporting medical teams and supplies, firefighting equipment, and food to the stricken carrier. - o VIETNAM - Aug. 21 - Marine Lance Corporal Marlyn L. Helrners of Algona, is in Vietnam serving with Headquarters and Service Company, First Battalion, Fourth Marine Regiment of the Third Marine Division. His company directs and coordinates the operations of the infantry battalion, and provides the facilities with which the battalion commander controls his unit. The company also provides supporting weapons fire, including anti-tank defense for the battalion. The unit is also engaged In a civic action program designed to assist the Vietnamese people in completing self-help projects, such as the building of wells, culverts, small bridges and schools. Equipment and materials for the projects are made available through the Marine Corps Heserve Civic Action Fund. Marines in Vietnam provide Die know-how and guide the Vietnamese people in carrying out these projects. FT. IJKNN1NG, GA - Private Mrucjfe i, Keil, 25, son of Mr. and MIB, Maurice Keil, Lakota, re- ct-lv(;d the Army Parachutist bad^e Aug. 9 upon completion of Ute Wuntry School's three-week HMmiui course at Ft. Beimlng Qn. ' Louise Anina Paulsen, Algona, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marinus Paulsen of Ringsted, and Roger Eugene Rochleau, son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Rochleau, Algona, were united in marriage at St. Paul's Lutheran church in Ringsted August 13 at 2:30 p. m. with Rev. Harold Andersen performing the double ring ceremony. The bride, escorted to the altar by her father, wore an A-line satin peau de soie gown, featuring a lace bodice with long sleeves and a chapel train falling from the empire waistline. Her elbow length illusion net veil was fastened to a crown headpiece. She carried a bouquet of white roses with stephanotis. Esther Paulsen was made of honor, and Agnes Paulsen, bridesmaid. Kristine Evans served as flower girl. Gary Rochleau was best man and James Kain, groomsman. James Paulsen and Richard Rochleau were ushers. A reception was held in the church parlors following the ceremony forlSOguests. Suzanne Nielsen had the guest book; Berthine Petersen and Joan Leek poured; Darlene Swarbz and Mavis Evans cut the cake; and Pat Andersen, Marilyn Rochleau, Marlene Lichliter and Carolyn Gibbs were in charge of the gifts. Donna Nielsen, Diane Nielsen, Kathy Hansen and Kathy McGregor were waitresses. The bride is a graduate oi Ringsted High School and Mankato Commercial College and is presently employed as secretary for McMahon and Cassel, • Algona. The groom is a graduate of Algona High School, has served with the U. S. Army and is presently engaged in farming. After a wedding trip to the Black Hills, the young couple will be at home in Algona. (Photo by Glenn's Studio) ... exclusive tilth f he mark His training, which included five jumps from aC-130airplane flying 170 miles an hour at an altitude of 1,250 feet, qualified him as a parachutist. He also underwent strenuous physical conditioning. His wife, Carol, lives in Minneapolis. He received his B.A. degree in 1965 from Mankato State College. FT. CARSON, COLO. - Army National Guard Specialist Four Gerald L. Haag, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Haag, Whlt- temore, took part in annual summer training Aug. 4-20 with the 67th Infantry Brigade at Ft. Carson, Colo. He joined almost 6,000 other National Guardsmen from Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa to make up one of the largest singlf groups to train at the fort this year. The brigade took part in intensive training programs that featured mortar and artillery firing, squad and company training for the infantry as well as all other phases of field training. All oi this training culminated in a brigade field training exercise that lasted three days. Spec. Haag's wife, Marion, lives in Omaha, Neb. BRIDGE The 100-year-old river bridge over South Skunk river between Sigourney and Martinsburg is being replaced by a new bridge. The exact date of construction of the old bridge is unknown but it was designated on the Keokuk county atlas of 1874. Revolutionary GAS HEATING SYSTEM Multi-room heating without costly pipes and registers. Pours floor level heat out the front, back and both sides. Pre-fabricated duct kits pipe heat to rooms at side and back. Built in cool air returns for complete circulation. Available in two sizes, each with two heating capacities. Wall thermostat lets you dial your comfort! SEE IT SOON AT. . . THERMOGAS CO. OF ALGONA SO.PHILLIPS ST. 295-2841 Honor your loved ones with a lasting tribute of devotion With our new location, we are able to provide the largest selection of memorials in the entire area. We invite you to look over our selection of perfectly cut granite stocks that honor loved ones with lasting significance and beauty. Choose from selected stocks of Wausau Red, Barre, Rock of Ages, Georgia, Rose Damask, Medallion Mahogany and many other leading brands of granite to provide memorials of enduring beauty to mark the resting place of your loved ones. Every monument we sell is made by craftsmen with years of experience. And we offer the lowest prices possible for these quality markers. • MONUMENTS • MARKERS • LETTERING • CLEANING KINSMAN & SONS MEMORIALS i On U.S. Hwy. 18—1 Vi Miles East of Jet. 169 »<>«BHM 18 Algona - Phone 295-5565

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