The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 2, 1949
Page 7
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JULY Z, 194» BT.YTHEVTI.L1! (A7JK.V COURIER NEWS PAGE 8EVEW OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople FRECKLES AND HIS FUIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB Nol Giving Yet OtiEKT CAESAR? M.V POOR HEA.D WHYOOK'T VIE HW4E AX! ARWY 8AH.' WHAT AILS MS,T» ILL JUST £€KIOTK BOOK mm AMD LET HM REAP TMC *fl 6TORV Or R£ACTWG» H** ^U STORV--HE CAW READ TRACKS V AND SMELLS.' TK COO* GOT \\ FLOUR w rr. cucLvcxtep H** /! SAPPIE, SOC7A SKINNED A ' ^KUWK, STtFFV SMOKES A PIPE, AW TH 1 &(3> AS£GUM£.WTS ROiWrEP SOME U^~N AKJP-- _^tX !i£C M\ VES.WK'VE ALL REAP rr _ IF VOU'RE GO*J TO WRITE HIM. TELL HIM1-- AIL t TXD WAi SP0TLI6HT -fHEia P6TTV MIT THAT FIR&— caoono LO i GUESS.' CANCELED frtt WfJCM TOO/ „ THE S.TORV BSH1MO THE STORY NOTICE OF ACCOUNTS OF EXECUTORS AND ADMINISTRATORS FILED Notice Is hereby given that during the month of June, 1949 ihe following j.ccounU of Executors and Administrators have teen [iled for settlement and confirmation in the Probate Courl for the Cliickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas and that such accounts willi their respective filing dates are as follows: No. 1880. •Estate of Mrs. E. C. Marler, deceased. Final report of Willie Mae Marler LnFerney, Executrix filed June 8, 1949. No. 1893. Estate of W W. Campbell, deceased. Final report .of E. M. Holt, Administrator filed June 10th. 1949. No. 1664. Estate of Olga Summers fcsrnes, deceased. Final report of James M. Barnes. Administrator filed June 15th, 1949. No. 1848. Estate of J H. Smart, Sr., deceased. Final report of C. M. Smart and J. M. Joirtz, Executors filed June 25, 1949. ALL PERSONS interested In the settlement of any of the above estates are warded to file exception* thereto, if any have they on or before the sixtieth day following the filing of the respective account. 1 ! afilinK which they will be barred forever excepting to the accounls. Witness my hand and seal as such Clerk and the seal of said Court the 1st day of July, 1949. ELIZABETH BLYTHE County and Probate Cleric By Stella Cain, IXC. CLIPPED ANGEL Copyright, 1949, NEA SERVICE, INC. Read Courier News Want Ada Service — That's Our Motto! We iparc 00 tHurl IE pruvldloi »n EXTRA eYeryda.v prescrtptloc service which meant extra roo. lenience to foil Peel tree to can on us at any time Prompt delivery service Phon» SOT WOODS DRUG STORE T WAS sitting at the bar in *• llic Golden Hoom, thinking the thoughts thai come to a man after his third rye highball, when somebody (humped me on the back, tn the mirror I could see il was Doug Wcyman; i restrained Ihnl lirst murderous impulse. "For Pole's sake," Doug shoulcti, "why didn't you le\l me you were back? Here I ring up your oilicc lo tiud out how many more months you'll be away, and lliey tell me you gol in ycslcrdny. I've been chasing you all over. How are you, Mike?" "Pretty (food, Doug. It's been a long time ..." ! "Darned right it has—three years. Why didn't you look us up when you got out of the Army? What's Bolivia got that we haven't got?" "Well, it seems there was a tin mine—" "By gosh, Carol will be tickled to see you." • • * |~\OUG is Like that and you have to bear with him. He's a partner in a topnotch firm of lawyers, and it's my guess he's their vice president in charge of browbeating lough witnesses. "Listen, old man," Doug wenl on, "I've got a client with a special job for you." "No, you haven't," I said. "I've just spent three monlhs at 12,000 fee* and I'm going to sit around at sea level until my lungs have shrunk back to normal. Honest, i Doug, I'm a wreck." Doug laughed. "W*rn out at 37, She said hello in a voice that made you want to hear it again. "Didn't 1 tell you I'd find this fellow in one of our better bars," boomed Doug:. ;1orious creature when you set had made me judge the wench loo harshly. "Maybe I'm wrong," I said. "Maybe she's kind to dogs and husbands." "How'd you like to find out?" Doug asked, with a peculiar smile on his face"I don't pick up strange women —much." "Come on," Doug said, "and bring your glass with you. It's all right. I've met her. In fact, she's—uh—a client of mine. 1 * PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE | Concrete cotv«rts. fi Inch to «l inch, plain or reenforcrd Abo | Concrete Building Slocks cheaper than lumber fnv barns, chicken I houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds We delivet Call us for free estimate j Phone 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. "I'm not kidding. And, furthermore, from now on I'm through .-iimbing mountains. I'm going to lire assistants—young ones—and let them—" 1 "This client of mine—" Doug i began. j "If you'll excuse my candor," I ' •aid, "to heck with your client." i I finisiied my highball and signaled j i'or another. "How are Carol and ; the kids?" j "Fine, fine," Doug said, grace- | fully dropping the client. "You j 'viiow, H's time you got married ; Mike. You're missing the best part of life." "You and Carol have tried hard enough to get me hitched," J snid. "Ye gods, when I think of the charmers you used to parade before me . . . Every time I had riinner at your place 1 felt like ilic chief buyer lor the Sultan of r'ottawotfamie. Not that they .veren't nice kids—some of "em." "You're to<v darned particular, 1 ' LJoug grumbled, "I'm .eclcd. decent education, intelligence, mature mind—in olher words—" "—in other words, the impossible," Doug grinned. "Tell me, Sul- Tr TIOW will you recognize this I WAS half way across the room I before 1 realized T'd been neatly trained, and then it was too late : to back out. This was the "client" i with the special Job. Doug had ' spotted me at the bar, phoned her and held me til He kept gfancing over bis shoulder, as he, talked. The argument seemed pointless so I cut it short. "At my age you get so you can read characterful a glance. "Okay, Sultan, I'll just call you on that. Lamp the gal that's just coming in—the one that looks like Rosalind Russell." • * * T TURNED around, and I couldn't help staring, "You mean the one that Rosalind Russell faintly resembles?" I said- The girl was a stunner. Black hair piled over an ivory brow and good clothes worn the way a model would like lo wear them. But the arrogant sweep oC her walk and j to conic over, Ihe way she held her head was a she got here, dead giveaway. There was only "Cafe Society/' 1 said. "Beau- - "i°"8h, that spoiled liful, sure-but spoiled as i he | scheme: not for any money or any 1 person would I give up the holiday I had promised myself. Doug introduced me, "Cory, (his is Mike McTaig, Mike, Iv5iss Cory Parnell." She said hello in a voice that she is beautiful, too many times/' j made you want to hear it again. "Mike," Doug said disgustedly, j "Didn't I tell you I'd find this "you're the most skeptical guy I've fellow in one of our better bars," ever known." •Maybe he was right. In my business you've got to be a skeplic. It's a sort of armor. You keep company with promoters ami prospectors and excited investors, all of them with a share in pome mineral claim, and all dead sure they're going la gel rich quick. . r dickens. ,, . Id say she s : specimen of the 'too many' i "Huh?" j "Too many people have tokl hot \ You're a skeptic because you know that in ninety-nine times nol asking much," I ob- I out of a hundred their dreams will "Beauty, unselfishness, a end up with a few pieces of rusting machinery and a hole in the grownd. If you forget it, you don't last long as a mining engineer- I thought about thai and I wondered if my professional instincts 4% HOME LOANS filbert S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society Phonr fi'i'tX evening* Dine & Dance at THE SUPPER CLUB In South Osceola ORCHESTRA Every Friday Night O. C. St. Clair Call 911 for Private Parlies (CAIPNNY .STUDEBAKER What's the Best Way To Buy a Truck? SEE IT DRIVE IT C O m Kcnl j-t, 1013 Sludebakcr 1-Ton Pickup 1917 Sludcbaker 1-Ton Pickup ia-17 Studelinker '/i-Tcm Pickup W 1916 Dodge 1'/2-Ton Cab & Chassis > 1916 Chevrolet 14-Ton Pickup m 1912 Dodge Vi-Ton Pickup inn Ford '/i-Ton Pickup 1910 Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton Pickup. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Sludehaker l>altr" Railroad & Ash I'hnne S8S •STUDEBAKt 1 A«A LBWWG- DOMESTIC SERVICE FOO. TW6 HUBIY- BURLY Of TO MPtXSS r IN LANGUAGE GONSO- ANT WfTH GRtAT NATIONAL. HOLIDAY—I MY INDEPENDENCE/ WO OffSHSf INTENDED , Bur L FEEL i AM WA4TIN& MY MEREty WAITING ON OTHERS BE6GIW& XXJR, PARDON. I AM NOT NOW AT LIBERT/ TD WS- CLOSE THE EXPLICIT NATlJCC By Clive Grierson Cornish "A lot of kissing ami clinching—won't they ever team what people like?" PRLSCIM.A'S TOP HY AL VKKMEER OH. WALDO, YOU RE RIGHT.' ITS ALL I'VE DREAMED AOOUT! HOW MUCH DO THEV WANT qUlCK, HAZEL.' rOUMD JUST- HE HOUSE WE'RE LOOKING FOR.' KY MICHAEL O'M ALLEY and RALPH LANE AS- IONG AS I HAVE KNOWN YOU, JOSE, NEVER SEFOBf HAVE YOU REFUSED I GET OUT, TO EAT A PI ATE OF J/ WOMAN.' t MY CHILI. rJ. r.a« MUST MAKE A CALL WITH YOUR TELEPHONE. BOSS, J MADE ONE AVJfUL MISTAKE TONIGHF. 1 HAVE GIVE BILLS TO THE WHOH6MAM WEARING A CARNATION SEMSMBER, !05S, THIS IS OSE'S FIRST MISTAKE. 1M THI4 BUSINESS, MY FRIEND, THAT IS ONE TOO /VUSNY/ WASH TUUKS Step Right In! HY I.USUE TURNER WE WAS \WOT ABOUT THI5/ I FISfiElR. IT OUST KIUIIT \HftCKIM'ONTH'/ VWS TECWITES r BUB. FACT is, WE HE^RD'EM VEAH..TWO TERMITES TRYIM' TO GET IN TH' HARD WW 1 . 1'IL M^XE n LOIS WITH UNCLE 3W<E'» STOOGES IW'STOMSE ICAMGET1H LOOTIN PEACE! ft, ATER WE "^ JA.ILEK, ODD T&.PPIIJG NOISES, RUSHES TO INMESTIGiTE. BUGS BUNNY THIS CA.KS SOT POR.KY.' LOOKIT, t—,— \ TELEPHONE' I fs-OOSH. HEftE'S ANOTHER. SUPER GAO6ET SHOW VA .' No, Nothing Wrong / MY 5TA.SZS OOP, I VVHERE'VE YOU WEU....T.LL BS SEEIN' YOU AT SAGE FLAT, FARPNUH.' EEM ~\O H\PPEN TO FOLKS \\1TH ROCKET KNOW HOW, SENT ME TO SEE tCC. \VONMua STAVEP HEALTHy.' HOOTS AND IIKH HUDDIKS HY KDGAR MARTIN boomed Dong. "Just a hard-rock minor at heart. Comes down from the bill5, throws his money around, and then goes back lo save up (or the next time." "If you'd been where I've been . . ." Doug pulled out his watch "Ixjok, cbiklien, I've got to run along." He stood up arid grinned at Cory. "D'you know what?" he said. "This guy says you are a spoiled brat. Show him he's wrong, will you Cory? See you later, folks." And he dashed oft lo spread sunshine somewhere else. (To IVe Continued)

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