The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1930
Page 7
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FRIDAY, DKCEMBKR 5, 1030 JjMTllBVIUiE. (ARK.) COUUIEIt NEWS CLASSIFIED' ADS Two cenls a word for first Insertion and one cent a word for each subsequent Inscrtlo:!. No advcrllseincut takc-u lor less than 50c. Count (lie words and ECHO' the cash. • PhoriD 300 —., I ,PAGE SEVEN ANISI . TUG BLACK PIGEON DIG /WtNGiNSPAPCOT "MURDER BACKSTOPS' iOURHOAUDlNGHOySE •'HI* By Ahern ,."$ nr.iii* HI-HI: ln\i-xcl;;(it[ri^ thr -, AMT.l SDI.IM , ' i!rir ol lirtdut- FOR'. SALE' FOK SALE—C».fC wo:lli $300.00. $75.00 Cash -will buy, owner uo- inj lu Kio Grand Valley, Texas, 407 West Ash Street... 3V-K.S FOR SALE—Two WalkrvuhpuVHs, l'\o and five; years; ,6'.'oV>'. b'hv trained on deer, ot)iev partly: train, ed. Both tor $75. W. M. Taylor Keiser, Avk. 2P-K11 ..yesterday, and—" "And ray little wtfo Is worrying herself sick over our boy—Just ilireo mouths old." Judge Marshall lolncd the urotesl. "I'm all for as- ^Istlrif- Justice, sir, having served 'fo.-jlti beech mytelf, as you doubt- feisi ffujf, but—" "Tm/'air •right, really, HUBO," KalPen'..Marshall.faltered, laying n very, while little baud against bcr elderly-busba'nd's cbcck. FOR SALE—Fifq .Insur'oncCj tfj^h'cy, s pays $200 to $250 monthly 1 ';La& r | t company In • world. ^'Ycrni'sJ II! ','• tst desired. News.. V OR .RENT - '^•"•.•\- FOR RENT—Furnished- I'conis ;-.fpr light housekeeping, 700. Walnut. Also unfurnished Hat, 1013 Walnut. 2-1C-K8 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment; garage. 305 Dougan. .' 5u-l:13 FOR RENT—Two rooms, -fumishGd for light hnnsekcepln™, C25 Walnut St., Phone 521. Mrs.-'.Es; P. Cavcndav. ' ic-TF FURNISHED APARTMENT •'-'Jbr rent—E. Davis. Ave:;- ;: -Nice little npardncnt at $10.00 month. Thomas Land Co. Beautiful residence cut cast, all ccnvcnieuccs. One of prettiest homes in county. 535.09 rent. Thomas Land Co. 3C-K8 FOR RENT—Five-room house and bath, newly decorated and nicely furnished. ! Servant house, garage. 1306 Chickasawba. Call 83 or 280, c-k-7 Iji- ri-|iL:ijTr^ i]t llir "Jrnrh hntul. 11 ' K.VNY fllAI.V li.UlKN, MAIi- ll.ll.l. unO CAUOI.YN Illi.Uii; Lilii! cl:r hnnd. CI.IVI-: jmiMDM) and HI. ".iiut'i-, i'iH.1,1 m:.u.i:. in in<.> :i1nrluln til thr Hint nf Ihc mur- '.'e^r,' tidinlr' IIUI-IIIK lunch iilih • 'iillv hud fn lirrnk bcr t-nnacij- i -irnt "llh Mlii n, cJn .o. Nlir »n>> 1 lit' riiuiij : Itnliil, fi\l Ihc *ic|lni •mu«r. nlir/-r In- un« fadturi'llni: 'tip i-UKI iir, miHMlelln£ Ihc/Sllilr.- liriO [iim-li yllli him, find ilnr* iinl , -^^-.-,...... -, :.iiu» nhr In-i« not n< tiir nanr.. jrVpl'KASG be patient a little «-a«"- l -'Jriii'n" l 'Vvp| M i!' 1 ' a"inn- hr \ "longer," Dundee urged apblo- '•niif >irai'Riii'ini t !i ih<-"h" . Sfilcally. After all. only ono of «im mi Tim- .in ii \- these people could lie guilty of Nlta IP nnii" V M'w' r nB l -ii l i l ip'""! Se^ nl ' s murder, auj It iru» beastly ' (n have to hold them like Ibis. But ono, was guilty! . "You Jknew .Mrs. Sclini In Now York,- Spraguc?" he asked, whirl| lug suddenly upon tho man wllb I tlie Urbailw'ay stamp. '•."I met Nita l.elgli. as I always heard her called, when 1 waa as Bislant. director In iho Altanionl Studios, out on Long Island,' .:jioyn;n si'ii.i(:i?i:J ni'rviim-or tin- i.-rcuiiit nVlVSlOM) MDIInnri nn.' I In. r.rnnf 'i\nrr£, cniiip In • vrltTn him. nnil. llii-> iicnl In On- rilnlng rnniii. J.l.NJVI I.OI.1 . DI'M.AP .Innrl ncVn.fs- •I.VDIA. Ifir mnr.l. nf ilir innril'i • tlt'r hor. ••' I.jHIa tx cnllcil hi. nnrt I:)TII Ihrti i.tir Ci-ll ni.liT|i Vrniii I'K< clTrri ,il :>n nnc«lTielli' yivcn lirr fur IH-I rooth. She krt>M -^fic tlld nnl L:<, I;! Hi XlinV liciitnimi nl nil Hun- xow « <>.\ \yi rii Tin: CHAPTER XV LOST AND FOUND STuuEN—Light bay horse, one. eye, white hind legs, weight about 000, smooth mouth. Reasonable reward. Phone K. B. Mullen, Cooler, ?,fo. . 3P-K.6 WANTED BIRD DOG LOST. Liver aiul White six>tted Pointer Dcg. hlcdium size,, with j heavy name-string collar. RE-.' WARD. Call 8U or 776. Cecil Deen. 4P-KG' ryOR i:ic lirst time iluflns ^he dim cult Interview nunrlee v. : ns sure (lint l.yilla Cart- was lying, Fm a fraction of a sccnml bar sfunle oye y.'avered. the lid flti-Vrer^cl, [lien lipr Harsh, flat denial:. : ''I didn't see nobody." : "1 presume your .(I'asemcut rnnn;- l:r.!i a wlmlinv lonkiyis nut lirjon i!ie brick Kar<Un?".L)jln<lc9 r-ers'bicil. •"Yes, H has, "liuCl-'ilEdn't waste r.o time looking /niil of It." Lyola r.T-.sivercil Briinjy.- -.'.•[ was -laylnp ilnwii. with aii-ic'd:cr,|) against my " rjl:o ?Ji(J seen someone. Dundee tol<l liiraself. l!ut tlic trutii .would lie harder la ': cri'trpct from tl)_ai s'.ern. star-twisted ntoiuli. Iliau Hie abscessed loolh had been. Finally, when her lone eye did r.ot again waver under his steady .r^.ze, lie dismissed. Her, or rather, returned "her to Captain Ktrawn's custody: "\VeIl, Janet. I hope yr.u're sntl3- WANTED — ' Family Washings.'! Washed and ironed ' by competent white woman. Mrs.- Brown. 704 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF WANTED WrKc • Jil'rv • Rbgevs;=WV£ 6t nrdevi Bank Bldg., Caps Girardeau, Mo. . 2p-k8 WANTED—To trade Oldsmobile Sedan fc-r good radio. Roberts Garage, Broadway. 5G-K-12 nsi!'" fenny Grain said Ditingly, as she dashed unashamed tears from li^r brown eyes. "If ever a maid was absolutely crazy about her inls- trcss— " "I'm imj satisfied!" Janet ftjy- mond retorted .- furiously. "She's t)ic ; ;Eorc-.that .woiild hariior-a then, -all - Sprague answered, his black eyes '• trying to nice 1 . UnniU-c's wllh an nlr of complete frankness. "Wonderfu little gir' and u great dancer. . . Screened damned well, too. 1 hat boned to give her a break some day at something better than douulln for stare', logs. Rut It haprcnec that iS'lta, who never forgot even a casual frlo|id, had a chalice to el me a boost herself—a clianco show what I can really do with camera." ' '' '1 knew I'u Been---your nnm somewhere!" Dundee- 'excblmcc "So ypu're the man the. Chamber o Commerce is dickering, with. Coins to make an historical .movl of the founding, growth and beau tics nf the clly of Hamilton, aren you?" "If 1 got the contract—yes." Spraguc answered witb palyablj assumed modesty. "My plans, nal- ura'lly., call for a great deal of re "search.-work, a' large expenditure of money, a very careful selection of 'stars'—" : "I see," Dundee Interrupted Then bis lone changed, became slow anil menacing in Its terrible emphasis: 'And you really couldn't let eveo a good friend like Nlta Selim upset those fine plans of yours, could you, Sprague?" Even as he put tlie sinister question, the detective was exulting to himself: "I.i'gi't at last! Now 1 know wliy this Broadway boundei was received Into nn exclusive crowd like this! Every last fcnule in the bunch hoped to be the star In Spraguc's mollon picture!" •"I don't know what you're drlv- iiiR at, Dundee!" Sprague was OD . . That nota you sent by tptcltl csscngor to Breakaway Inn this oon, you know." lie bad Hula lutorcst tor tlie uddcn crumpling o< Dexter Prague Into the chair from which e bad risen. Instead, na bo drew ic uolo from his coat pocket, JunJeo's eyes swept around the ooiu, uoted tho undlsguleed relic! u every face, Iho nlraost elioulish iilisiaciiou with whlcb that closj- ult group of friends seized upon n outsider as- tho probable mur. .ercr of that other outsider whom hey bad rasbly lakcu Into theli acred circle. Es'tn Penny Craln. horny little stickler for fair play hul slio was, relaxed with a tremu- OUB sigh. » • • ,4you admit tliat tills note, clgntd *• by what 1 tako to bo your 'pet ^aino.' was written by your liaud, S]iraguo?" Dundee asked matter- of-faclly, as ho exlcnded tho sheet of bluish notcpapcr, "I—no—yes, 1 wroto It," Sprague faltered. "Hut It doesn't mean a thing—not a damned Ibtagl Just a Itttlo private mailer between Nila and myself—" "llatber queer wording for an un- Diportanl message, Sprague," Dundee Interrupted. "Let me refresh your memory: 'Nlta, my SK>cV " ho began to read slowly, "'Forglre your had boy for last night's row. hut I must warn you again to Katch your step. You've already gone too far. Of course 1 lovo you and understand, bul— fte good, Baby, and you won't be sorry!—Deiy.' . . . Well. Spraruo?" Sjiragua hands on wiped his perspiring his handkerchief. | know It sounds—odd, under ilio circumstances," bo admitted desperately, "but listen, Dundee, and I'll ry lo make thai damned note as clrar ns possible to a man who ucesn't know his Broadway, . . . Why. man, It Isn't even a love let- Everybody on Broadway talks inJ writes to eacb other like that, without mcaulni; a thing! ... As I toid you. Nlta Leigh, or Mrs. Sclltn. remembered some little kindnesses 1 liail done her 1 on the Alia moot lot. when she got here 10 take up Ihal Llltle Thealer work Mrs. Dunlap is intcresled in, and found Ihal (lie Chamber of Commerce was Inlcreslert lu putting Hamlllob Into Iho movies, in a big boosler c&m- paign. She wrote me and 1 thought "Why—since alio was n prnl.-s- slonal actress?" Dundoo doiiuimleil. "Ilecauao she isn't n lliuiillic.ii girl, of course, aud the Channel at Comuicico nanls Hie cast lo bo nil local talent, Spraguo answered, lapsing lino Hie present tcuso "Anil Just wliat were y«u warn- I UK her cualnsl?" "IM (old her before lo wnlch tier slep." SproBuc went ou moro easily. 'Vou sec. Dundee, Ntla lx>lRb is— was—a (list-class IIUlo rntiin Ami I could BCD sbo was plnyluK her cards with Iho men hero"—ho Inill- caled four of IlmnlUon's most prominent Chamber of Coin:iific« mciubern wltli n wave of his Imml— "to eel llicin nil so crazy lu-r lliat they'll vole lor her as lli« mir of Hie picture. 1 could set IHT point, all right. It would liave bcon a bin chance for her lo show luny Bho could act. . . . Well. I could SCO It wai n dangerous business, tud tint iho girls"—and he Bintlcil jerkily at tho tense women hi Hie ItvliiK room—"were cetlliiK prrlty wrought up over Hie way Nltn «:is behaving. All except Mrs nmilai!," ' ho aililcd. "She didn't wmii lo not In lhopuHurc,.nn<] Nlta didn't m.iku any headway et all wllh Tcler l)uu- lap." • • • M'PHANKS. Mr. Spracue." I^its Dunlap drawled, wlih in amuseil Quirk of her broad mouth. "Get along wilh iho row, Spraguc:" Dundee commanded 1111- patieiuiy. "As I snld. It wasn't really a row. I just pleaded with N'lln iasl ul^b! to sniootb down the girls' rumpled feathers, and to make U clrnr lo them thai she didn't want ll:c slar part in iho piciurc any more tbnti she wanted rffiy other woman's hus- .„.,„. TC'Jaiici.!"" -Lois'.', rfunfap" '?'">' crialky race; I cominaiideil with n curlness tliat sal I in E me of—of—" I oddly upon her klmi; pleasant face. ' "Of killing Nila Selim?" Dundee I "Listen here. Dundee." Traccy I asked lazily. "Oh, no! Nol—yet Miles brcic in. almost humiily. "My Sprague! 1 was just remembering a rather puzzling note of yours 1 happened to read lliia aflcrnoou New York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. 5. (UP)—Cotton cl05Cd steady. Open High Dec. new Dec. old Jan. now Jan. old March May .... July Oct 1035 1033 1045 1047 1070 1094 1113 !130 1039 1039 10+a 1047 1075 1100 r.'3 1136 Low 1032 1033 1012 1042 1058 1092 1111 1128 Close 1036 .1035 1045 1043 107-1 1008" 1110 1132 Spats clcssd quiet ed at 10-!5. and unchanj- Ncw Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 5. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close 1034 104.0 1033 1033 1044 1049 1014 1045 1009 1075 iOCB 1072 1093 1093 1033 103G 1113 1119 1113 1115 1130 1137 1130 1134 Dec. . Jan. . March May . July . Oct. . Do not delay lo pay PAVING AND SEWER TAXES Doc. 31st Is the last Day. Pay today and avoid the rusli. G. V. CAVDILL. Collector. HAY Dun hn'.n or a train lead. EAR COHN, shuck on. 88c hit. Shuck off, 80c yer bu.. in'car lots. Cotton States Kales (V, Inc. Blythcville, Ark.r .-- : Phcnc 174 or LU 1805.' " ' I'AVINGT.-VX : Time lo pay I'avlnj, Taxes is Scltin; short. The penalty is :oo high for anyone lo neglect Wjinjf In-fore the Iwoks Close— titllcr I'.iy Xo«— C. 3. r.VKARD. THE IJEHT HOT !>!(;, CHILI AND COFFEE RUSTIC INN ..•wife is geltlsg pretty anxious about Ihs kiclilie4. Tlie nurse quit ou us it looked good everything and enough come. to drop .. Of band or sweetheart, Jusl a course Nita anil 1 got to be .closer friends, but 1 swear to God wi were just friends—" ','And wliat was tho 'friendly' row, About last uigbt, Snraguo?" .. ; .. "Tlicre- wasn't a row really. 1 ' Sprague protested with desperate earnestness. "It was merely that Xlla insislcd on my casllng her for (ho heroine o( the movie—a thing friendly warning—" Spra^uc iliv a deep hreatb. "And tbal's all tho note meant—absolutely!" 'I see," Dundee said quietly, then quoted: "'no'good, llaby, and you won't be sorry!' " "That meant, of course," Sprastie look him up eagerly, "(hat I'd sco slit got a real part tn a regular movie, after I'd made my bit with tho Hamilton picture." Very plausible, very-plausible Indeed. Duudeo reflected. And ycl— Finally be lifted his head anil let bis eyes tbrt from face to face. , "All of you bavu stated, yejia- rst,ely and collectively, that you hetnl no shot fired In Nlta Solhn's bedroom this aflernoon," be Buiu sharply. "Is Hint true?" jlo was answered by weury noda or,sullen affirmations. "Then." he continued, "I must conclude Hint you are nil lyiiin or tliat Nila Selim-was killed with a FAMCS ATA BOOTH Like A PERSIA^, GREAT CAESAR-, IF I IrlA-f WMD OF MO/JeV T I GET /W AWAMCiS SUM FROM. A MEDICAL COLUEOS ! -^ -frle TWise CrlRIS-fMAS VJlW PO^V YOU 60 -fO A House: AM A AM 1 5E-f SIDEWALK -irr UP A cti i.ti<e 50 r^ecei^e is FROM GMlUG A Lec-TDRE -1H£ WtiS'CeM -TMBOPV •, V soMg sucri BOOTS AND IIEK BUDDIES THK RUSH HKC1NS By Martin 1 knew would alienate tho whole I dec. crowd that's been so ktud to us—*'I BiHi equipped ; .'wltli- a. Maxim silencer." Nevef'was a detective more unprepared for Hie effect of bis wonla upon i. group of possible su?pcci3 lliau was Special Investigator Dun- (To lie "SISTER • I flour with bakiny i:owiler and salt. Add yrlk of egg ivell beaten with 2 tablespoons milk- to first mixture- Arid remaining milk and dry :K1TCHEN SiSTEI! MARY XEA Service Writer n- Eredients alternately to mixture. Mix welt and tfir in chopped ngs. Pour into a buttered pudding disn and sci in a pan of hot water. Bake or.3 hour in a moderate oven. The 1 from the fics and the white of egg-.are lused for the sauc?. rutlding 1 Sauce 3 tablespocns butter, 1-2 cup fly syvup. while, of egg boat.?n stiff and dry. Anc cup '-f Pour will make enough pie dough for a small two crust pie Two cups of filling arc necessary for tliis size pie. Daily Menu I BKEAKI-'AST—California grapes | csreal, cream, ham omelet, crisp '. toast, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON— ScalloiKd oysters, celery hearts, rye bread and butter pears with cream, rcilod oats cookies, milk tea. DINNER—English mutton chojis, APl'l.fcS riFiil'i'KD A1IKOAD WATERLOO. N. Y. IUP>—Quan- tities of Seneca County apples hnvc been, sold to foreign fn;il d^alur?, Harry nollinagle, local n]iple broker. anoum-:d hefe'. Tlie variety .'hipped abroad arc chiefly what is known as the Ben- Davis, which is l;oL affected by salt water. "*fcu. IAE WOTW.R. v<.t6& OT H • I if. OVA VES , 1 6OcSS -, 3 5D- ; -KtG"2>t — X a VJO^WO \ \ ri^JHi. 3 TA006KY MOCrt 'I ABOUT \T gj ::! Cockin',; for two usually reduces! Creanl butter and sift in sugar.] beilcrt potatoes in parsley butter, 1 '- '- Bent until creamy. When ready toj turnips, grape fruit tal- Ecrve add Ihe hot syrup and white | ad, squash pudding, milk, coffee. Why 1'ay Alorc Than Hnlf I'rice For Auto Paris? JACKSON AUTO PARTS 20:20 ^hiin I'hoiic GO. itself lo a mathematical 'problem, bin, lu the ' r-.desserts thore arc other important factors to con- The size of pudding and bakini dishes ha : :nucli-'to' do with thc- suc^cr,-, or failure of d^fscrts for. twc. N~. matter hor'p'ainsUkmgly'- tho proportions of Ihc rule have 1 teen .calculated, if a small amount ^ of pudding i.l baked in a largo dish tb2 resuk cannot bs like - the or-' | With t!i:-, ir. mind. Email pud.-1 •dtnj dishes ami pic pans; .pint ! rather ll'.ar. (tuavt moils, and small sauce pans rhculct be chcsaii- . Include a :rra!l d'-ver bpalcr \i1llil a MuElI cnr:lieuwar.2 bcwl In thD. kitchen cnuipaicnt. This beat3r andi bowl \vi!l be iinits]>enslble for beat-1 Ing cicssjrts of all kinn's and very comomenl for salad drejfi.igs. Cocoanut lapicca pudding is an excelh?nl (Iosiort. r for twr> persons. Ccccauut Tnpioc^r Piitjdhig 1 'Cne-iiiird cuy (war! tapioca. 1 cgf. .1 l'-3 fm« junk--..1-2'Clip su-i par, 1-B t;nr,]>oo:i salt. .!- ( 2 teaspoon; vanilla. %•• table.'pcons grated co- j coanut ffre^h or tlrL?:!). 2. njore! t3bles;io j -ns sugar. .Soak .U'picca in milk ovmiight,' or. if !hc puddlnj is wanted for riinncr. put the tapioca to soak in ! the moraing. Add yolk of egg well beaten yjth. :ucar and fal^. Add! vanila aiM'tuni intr- a'•'•buttered' |)UcUiins< dish. Bakii in a slow oven. for 30 minutes. Beat white of esg- with n whifk until stiff and dry.' Artri .'.near anrt cocoanut and 'rpread i our pudding. Return to -liiodcrale oven lor. eight minutes to ijutf and trc-^h merm^.ue. SMTC w^nn. • .I'iy-Tiulilinif for Tn;q, Two tablcipcons l)uttcr/r-3 cup- sugar. I-.1 cup milk. 1 egg. i cup f!oi:r. I icaspcon baking powder, 1-4 pound figF. . : Wash n?.,- and cook until tender.! This will-trite abr.ut or.c nnd crir- half hours. Arid \v1ien hslf' ccokcd and reduce juice to one-, half cup wh.en cone. Drain from! f-yrnp aiu! chop fl<rs. Cream htrtf":- and suvar .and sift In or.e-llurcl' the Jloinv Jlix and wit remaining',- GFISIIA HOUSE HA/.EI) HANKOW. (UP)--The Kikiira geisha hoim-. one of tiic finest nnd most costly Japanese style tullcl- ings in Hankow, has been destroyed by fire. The structure was b'.iik with materials entirely from Ja- I pan and cost over S200.000. OOW, FIIECKLES (>/$ /£ AND. HIS. FR|ENDS I 50TTA T6LL TV& HEBwr = , .-• THE ' FOOT PRINTS AH' )\j$ W/iRKS 1 SffH IN - // * ^ PXfTPRiKiTS AND MoftSe SHOS f^ARKS THAT TOWWEL .'.' A MYSTEKY HORSE!__ U.v.u.... I I VlE'tlC WEAO. >.-_^.; L yr: : -:|".LS & "}*•* <•:>*>, , ~ .-'l-j'. f>^^, 6- - ~Vf. STAWPIUS Tt!& KYSTCKY T THAT'S A W/STERIOOS PECSOh) VJHo RIDES A KvYSTERY WoasG AWD, AS FAR AS I UHGVJ.T. H£MER HEARD OF AUVSOOY ACTDA'-LV SESIfJ' 7UENv._. BOT TUEBS AEE A LOT CF STofiieS.... -L 5H TUHHS_ [ TO ~1E &RE vc.a^fRM. f 1 ^^--. - t ^^ H6R.O M.V. . UVE. Ucowes vmeNTMt pntS\oeNT ; PRE%ENTS THE "^^c.t)^^- o? <IIOON".TO ef-sv, PNV wsxKes EASY IS FOXY NCWJ, WN 600P FRW. . v\i\f ft leette /1 c^n t>Ki ^ THAT MORE DtSTRUCTNE THP.-' (TrtE COM81HEP BMTLE TLE6TS OF Grant 5E IUTER- ,-:-v.i!, sou 3L GL3V f:ET, ' V .''"L'). SUll. COOLO>iT f\FrORD V£j? 9CRt\f\T:i • ''• ^^ USE- UC^tfXUUNCi ACj^'lbl SOU 'S6U, EET r'1'.-rt RiCIV POV46US (\S FBAMC6 To COS'tP. ^ ,v.p WUA!'BWTMU. WHY, SUH, L- ; 0,000,000 CASW. \ —-^ I (^ -. .._ m -^-. ^ ' i.'-^ - 1.00,000,000! TllEtJC EES NOT SURE. TtW'5 yMW I SWD. IT'S OUT. 0' THE QUtSllOM. ]

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