The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 24, 1967 · Page 28
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 28

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1967
Page 28
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6-Algona (lo.) Upper De» Moin« Gar rig an Expands Faculty Opening Garrigan High School's ninth session of classes, Rev. C. H. Friedmann, superintendent, announced the return of 18 faculty members and the addition of 11 new teachers. The enlarged faculty will enable Garrigan to offer several new courses including advanced biology, consumer-economics and an expanded industrial arts program. The guidance department has introduced scheduled counseling times with four teachers, Rev. Gerald Zeman, Rev. Jarnes Smith, Sister Mary Karol, OSF, and Sister Mary Lucile, PBVM, available in this capacity. _ "i**/'*>-',' -'.., , • -,?lons '..ill begin the year. Freshmen and sophomores will report on Monday, August 28, while juniors and seniors start Tuesday, August 29, at 8:50 a. m. Short biographies of each teacher are given below. Curriculum Offers Wider Variety i: Hi-li SHool. AlEona, Iowa - ."lO'i Thursday. August 24, 1907 Happenings . . . School daze, school craze, Darn old rack and rule days. Reatlin 1 and 'Ritin 1 and 'Rith- metic, Each one selected to make you sick. ("Doutli Knell oj a Summer Vacation" from "Paradise Lost") Hang it up, man. It'sahappen- ing world and school is one of the happenings. You haven't seen those people all summer. Old friends turn teeny-bopper and hippies go legit (major happening). There are new teachers to get a load of (minor ? happening) and old teachers to re-brown. Practice for the season's first football happening is In. (Sorry, needlepoint for boys under 35 Ity MARY ANN EISCHEN is still Out.) There's also trivia such as comparing schedules, locker numbers and summer gossip. Talk to those kids who took the real vacations. They're the ones with the suntans that don't stop. They'll tell you what it's like to be out and about, but remember, silence is golden. Who knows, you might even find out if people in San Francisco really do wear flowers in their hair. While wading down the halls through masses of summer blondes and big, strong bleach boys, lefs hope that summer tan didn't scramble any brains and that everyone is capable of lighting his own mental fire. New Look Dazzles Students Garrigan has done some sprucing up this summer to add to the i j ver-changing school. A splash of color sparked up the bleachers with orange, blue and red sections of seats. They were also enclosed at the back for warmth; the sides and front are covered with brightly colored panels. In addition, all of the outside atliletic equipment, goal posts and buildings were given a yellow coat of paint with a sharp black trim. This includes the new maintenance garage which offers an extra concession stand and a unique little office for the custodians. The blue team also has a new "Pride Sign" which spells out practice, running, initiative, desire and enthusiasm. To set off the whole field, a black and gold "Home of the Golden Bears" sign stands at the entrance. In the school there are new book shelves in most of the class rooms and three new offices have been tiled, panelled, painted and lighted. The shoproom office is for Mr. Bruce; Mr. McCall has the Dean of Boys office in the old coat checkrcommand the north janitor room has been converted to Father Smith's office. Add shining floors, strips of corking for bulletin board materials and well-trimmed lawns, and you come up with the assurance that the custodians, Gene Nichols and Vic Frideres, have had a very busy summer. Paperbacks Enrich Lit. Program Rev. Gerald Zeman Rev. Gerald Zeman will be teaching Religion IV and counseling for his third year at Garrigan. Father has his B. A. from Loras and M. S. from Creighton and has attended Mount St. Bernard Seminary. He has also served as chaplain in the U. S. Navy and this summer vacationed in Colorado. Steve McCall Mr. Steve McCall received his B. A. from Buena Vista College and will be teaching biology and physical education and coaching sports including varsity basketball. He is Director of Citizenship and dean of boys. Sister Mary Deborah For her third year at G. H. S., Sister Mary Deborah, PBVM, will have the typing, personal typing, shorthand, and secretarial practice courses. Sister Deborah received a B. S. and M. A. in business education at the State University of Iowa and this summer taught typing classes in Dubuque. She also likes art and music. Terry Bruce Rev. Cecil H. Friedmann received his B. A. from Trinity College and M. S. from Creighton and has also studied at St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, Iowa State University and Westmar College. Father Friedmann will be serving his third year as superintendent and will also teach American History. Father is also chaplain of St. Ann Hospital. Mr. Terry Bruce, who formerly taught in Aurelia, Iowa, received his B.S. from Westmar College in LeMars. Mr. Bruce attended a coaches' clinic at Mankato this summer and will be teaching all of the shop classes this fall. Rev. Verne Stapenhorst Rev. Verne Stapenhorst received his B. A, from Loras (Cum Laude) and M. S. in education from Creighton University. This second year at G. H. S. Father will teach Religion I and D. Father Stapenhorst has served three years as National Guard chaplain and has spent this past summer in Pocahontas. As a "rock hound," Father spent a most interesting vacation in the mountains in Colorado. Sister Mary Maun Sister Mary Maun, OSF, will be starting her second year at G.H.S. teaching journalism, English n and Religion I. Sister Maun received her B.S. in education at St. Mary of the Woods College in Indiana and did graduate work in English at Marquette University. As Garrigan's new dean of girls, Sister's other interests are writing poetry and dabbling in art. This summer Sister Maun helped in the riot area in Milwaukee. Sister Mary Jane Having attained a B. A. degree in matt from Cardinal Stritch College in Milwaukee, Sister Mary Jane, OSF, will be teaching algebra I and advanced algebra. She will have a sophomore homeroom. Sister Mary Jane also likes teaching Catechetics. Sister Mary Virginia Having been principal, librarian and English teacher at St. Joseph School in Farley, Iowa, Sister Mary Virginia, PBVM, will now be full time librarian at Garrigan. Sister Virginia has her B. A, degree from Loras has an M.A. L.S. from Rosary College in River Forest, 111. Sister likes poetry and art. Sister Lucille Having taught four years at Garrigan, Sister Lucille, OSF, will be teaching Latin I and n, French I and Gov't-Econ, She will also be the sophomore moderator. Sister has B. A, and M. A. degrees TEMPTING KAREN FUCH- sen with new paperbacks is Sister Mary Ignatius, PBVM, head of the English department. Over 400 titles have been added, totaling about 2,000 books, so that all classes will have a greater variety of reading materials. The titles include KAREN, LORD JIM, LEAVE IT TO BEANY, SWEET SIXTEEN, HERZOG, FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS, DRAG STRIP, 0 PIONEERS and DR. ZHIVAGO. (Photo by Jim Bristow) Sister Lawrence Marie Sister Lawrence Marie, PBVM, has her B.A. in home economics from Clarke College in Dubuque. She will teach clothing, foods, homemaking and will have a sophomore homeroom. After a summer of graduate work in home ec at St. Louis University, Sister Lawrence Marie will be starting her third year at G. H. S. Sister Mary Dominica For the second year at G.H.S., Sister Mary Dominica.PBVM, will have all of the choruses and teach aesthetics, Sister has a B. A. from Loras and a B. M. from DePaul in Chicago. She has attended the American Conservatory in Chicago. This summer Sister taught music education at Mount Loretto and attended a choral workshop at Drake University. Richard Balcik Mr. Richard Balcik received his B. S from Mankato State College. Previous!] of Lakefield, Minn., Mr. Balcik will teach English D and HI and aesthetics. He likes golfing, bowling and reading. Mr. Balcik will have a freshman homeroom. Sister Mary Imelda Sister Mary Imelda, PBVM, received her B.A. from Loras and has had graduate work at Notre Dame, Iowa State University, University of South Dakota and the University of Seattle. This will be her ninth year here teaching chemistry, physics and earth science. She will also have a senior homeroom. Sister Imelda likes reading and music and taught two math classes this summer. Richard Walsh Mr. Richard Walsh. received his B. S. degree at Sioux Falls College and will be teaching physical education and grade and freshman sports. He will also have a junior homeroom. He has previously taught in Sioux Falls and Sioux City. Having moved to Algona this summer, Mr. Walsh is looking forward to teaching at G. H. S. Rev. James Smith Rev. James R. Smith, who was ordained June 3, 1967, received his B. A. from Loras and M. S. in education from Creighton. He will be teaching Religion m and will counsel. Father is assistant dean of boys. Frank Mousel Mr. Frank Mousel received his B. S. degree from St. John University and was a student teacher at Humboldt High School in St. Paul last year. He will teach biology and advanced biology here and will have a junior homeroom. Mr. Mousel likes sports and enjoys fishing and hunting. Sister Mary Lou Sister Mary Lou, CHM, will be teaching English I and n this year at Garrigan and will have a freshman homeroom. She received her B.A. Sister Mary Iva Sister Mary Iva, OSF, will be teaching Art I, n, El and IV and aesthetics. She has a B. A. from Loras (Magna Cum Laude) and has also attended Briar Cliff, Viterbo College, The Catholic University of America and Notre Dame. Sister spent the summer at Notre Dame in art classes. Sister Iva has also been an art unit leader for in-service workshops in the Dubuque Diocese. Sister James Mary Having received her B. A. from Clarke College, Sister James Mary, PBVM, taught Spanish at St. Columbkille School in Dubuque. This year Sister will teach Spanish I and II and Religion I. Sister did graduate work at Loras during the summer and is also interested in art. She will have a sophomore homeroom. attended summer classes ' . . H , ri me Unfversityof from Mar >' crest Colle S e of Davenport where she . Chicago, Loras, Briar Cliff, the Catholic Univ- versity of America, Marquette University and Laval Univer- Mrs. Keith Logue Mrs. Keith Logue has studied at State College of Iowa and Drake. Her second year here she will teach remedial English. Bernard Cooper Having received his B. S. from Morningside College, Mr. Bernard Cooper has taught eight years at Garrigan. This year he will * each consum er economics, American History and coach sports including varsity football. This summer Mr. Cooper managed the Algona Pool and was also emcee for the Miss Algona Pageant. Norbert Rezac Mr. Norbert Rezac, Garrigan's band instructor, received his B. S. from Mankato State College. This summer he and his family enjoyed a camping trip to the Wisconsin Dells; in fall he plans to attend night classes at Mankato State. After having taught in public schools for 12 years, Mr. Rezac feels that his thirteenth year at Garrigan was his luckiest. He will continue to provide instrumental lessons for the children of the five parish schools as well as direct the G. H. S. band. Sister Mary DePaul Sister Mary DePaul, PBVM, received her B. A. from Clarke College and has taught mathematics at Mount Loretto in Dubuque. Sister will teach geometry, math analysis and general math this year. She lists art as an outside interest. Sister will be the junior class moderator. Sister Mary Lucile Sister Mary Lucile, PBVM, has a B.A. and M.A, and has attended Loras, Briar Cliff, Viterbo College in LaCrosse, Wise., and Notre Dame. This will be Sister's ninth year teaching bookkeeping and business math at Garrigan. When her many duties as registrar and counselor permit, Sister enjoys knitting,also. Sister Mary Ignatius Sister Mary Ignatius, PBVM, will teach English IV, debate and aesthetics. She received her B. A. from Loras College, M. A, from the Catholic University of America and has attended Iowa State Teachers College, Creighton, Notre Dame and Marquette Universities. Sister Ignatius is looking forward to her eighth year as the best in Garrigan history. She will again have a senior homeroom. Sister Mary Karol Having taught at St. Joseph High School in Ashton, Iowa, Sister Mary Karol, OSF, will instruct English El, Religion I, aesthetics, senior home room "and will also counsel. She received her B. A, from Briar Cliff and M. A. from the Catholic University of America. This summer Sister Karol continued ! her post-graduate work in counseling and guildance at the University of Dayton in Ohio. Out R " _. _ August 28-Freshman-sopho- went to the Junior Classical | more orientation, half day. League (Latin) Convention at _ August 29 - Junior-senior or- Tucson, Arizona. People, art • ientation, half day. and study groups are numbered | August 30-First full day of among Sister's chief outside • school. interests. ' September 1 - Football scrim- mage game, 8 p. m. September 4 - Labor Day, no classes. September 8 - Football scrimmage game, 8 p. m. September 13- Parents' Club meeting, 8 p. m. September 15-Dress Up Day, Student Mass, Varsity Football at Estherville. September 16- Band to Worthington Turkey Day. September 18-Football: Sophomores vs. Clear Lake, here, 7 p. m. September 20-College Day. September 23 - Football: Varsity vs. Clay Central, here, 8p.m. September 25-Football: Sophomores at Estherville, 7 p. m. September 29-Football: Varsity vs. Sioux Falls O'Gormann, here, 8p.m. October 2- Football: Sophomores at Humboldt, 7 p. m. October 3 - Football: Frosh vs. Fort Dodge St. Ed's, 4:30 p. m. October 7- Football: Varsity vs. St. Ed's here, Homecoming. October 9-10-Diocesan Teachers' Institute, Sioux City. October 9 - Football: Sophomores at Emmetsburg, 4:15p.m, October 10- Football: Frosh Sister Margaret Having taught history and English at Chicago and Worthington, Iowa, Sister Margaret, OSF, will teach English IV, American History, and Gov't-Econ and a Freshman homeroom. She has a B.A. from Loras and Briar Cliff and is interested in teenagers and the Atlanta Braves, Sister Margaret was delighted in coming to Garrigan and as an American History student herself this summer she hopes she vs. Emmetsburg, here,4:30p.m. I has acquired an "I-know-how- October 13- Football: Var- • you-feel" attitude for her future sity at Emmetsburg, 8 p. m, _ history students.

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