The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 24, 1967 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1967
Page 21
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6-Algona (lo.) Upper De$ Moinei Thursday, August 24, 1967 iiinimiiflMim^ I don't know how this is going to work - I feel like a one-armed paper hanger. I go from ankle, now pronounced 100 per cent, to a left hand that is practically useless - what happened ? Well, I gave It a king-sized sprain when helping myself out of a chair. I'm grounded now except when helped to my feet by a nurse. And if you can imagine how cute my hand looks- red as a beet and swollen in the wrist area, then a hot pack, over which is a cellaphane bag that makes me hungry when I read "buns" on it. With medication started this a. m., I hope I can soon spar with a wild cat 1 Bless the man who invented aspirin. It has tided me over some bad moments. - o - Hazel Lusby brought me two beautiful roses from her garden- a hard-to-describe shade of pink. They had such a wonderful fragrance. Alas, roses don't stay fresh very long and today 1 am reluctantly having them thrown away. - o - When Dr. Ray Potter told me about three trees near his house being struck by lightning three times within a few days, the latest being an oak tree just split down the center, I said "Maybe there is a vein of minerals in the area." So when my wrist is O.K., don't be surprised if you see Ray and I digging, hoping to find uranium 1 Then watch us fly high I Pll have nothing less than a Rolls Royce, a four carat diamond 1 I don't know what Ray's desires are, but he'll make it big. - o - Seriously, the old spire on the Congregational church was struck by lightning so many times it was finally removed and there was conjecture that there might be a mineral vein nearby. Well, I'd settle for a gusher oil well on the lot where my little brown house stands. - o - Our bird feeder has taken on a new look, painted white and the pole and disk to discourage squirrels painted green. - o - I caught Ted Larson peeling apples - a good job for a retired man whose wife, Nell, was preparing to can them - and I suppose as sign of her appreciation she made him a nice fat apple pie - sweet and witli plenty of cinnamon and a slice of Velveeta cheese, or a scoop of ice cream. I'll take ice cream, thank you. We might say Ted was on KP duty. -fl- it was with interest I read in the Register that a life-size replica of Iowa's first church building - the Methodist churcli built at Dubuque in 1834 will be featured at the Iowa State Fair, Aug. 18-27. The first speaker will be our former pastor, Rev. Newton Coughenour of St. Luke's Methodist church, Dubuque. Other denominations will be rep- THURSDAY, AUGUST 24TH Free Back To School Show TWO SHOWS - 1 AND 3 P.M. PICK UP TICKETS AT THE Laings Plumbing Faraway Star* Harrison's Variety Hub Clothiers Coast to Coast Penn«y Store Upper Des Molnes Pub. Co. Iowa State Bank SAL Department Store Graham's Honsbruch Rexall Drug FOLLOWING FIRMS: KLGA Radio Chrischilles Store Advance Publishing Co. Gambles Smoke Shop Diamond's Frederick V * S Hardware Hutzell's Security State Bank Bomgaars Ben Franklin Sheakley's YOU MUST HAVE TICKET TO BE ADMITTED YOU'LL SEE CLIFTON WEBB IN "MR. SCOUTMASTER" AND CARTOONS THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY AUGUST 24-25-26 1ST FEATURE START AT 7 - 2ND FEATURE AT 9:10 A FEW D3IUWS It's the second J motion picture of its kind! It won't be the last! CUNT flUIWPOP LEE VAN CLEEF GIAN MARIA VQLQNTE SATURDAY - MATINEE AT 1 ;30 -SNOW WHITE AND THE 3 STOOGES" AND CARTOONS MATRON ON PUTY - ALL SEATS 50c resented on different days; Msgr. L. V. Lyons of St. Ambrose Cathedral, Des Moines, Dr. Robert French, Presbyterian synod, Des Moines, Dr. Louis Valbracht, St. John's Lutheran church, Des Moines, Dr. Harry Coulter, Baptist, Des Moines, and Dr. Irving Welngart, Rabbi, Ti- fereth Israel synagogue, Des Moines. - o - Birthday cards have begun to arrive. Thank you Leota, Maggie, and a letter from Dorothy Young Campltell. When I can use my typerwriter after my wrist is O.K. Pll give some interesting quotes. Drinker And Dancer Last year two friends took me to Starlite Village, Ft. Dodge. Happy Birthday is played for those observing an anniversary and I have received an invitation to visit them again and have a smorgasbord dinner at half price. A nice gesture. - o - This will have to do for this week. Hope to l)e ship-shape soon. - o - August 14-The wrist is much better but still not fit for a typewriter. It has been such a nice birthday- dinner guest of Velma Hagg, a glimpse of the fair which reminded me of a beehive - cars and trucks zig-zagging in every direction, and a brief chat with Lizzie Post who is in charge of fancy work. None had been put up yet but were being labeled. There was hammering and noise in the floral hall and the Episcopal and Catholic stands about ready for business. I gave a nostalgic look at the place where Frank Mathes used to prepare chickens — the corner where the taffy man made such good candy. How the years turned back. - o Back to town, past the lovely new homes on ground nude years ago when we attended the fairs, past the late Edna Shilts house, which the Albert Haggs have bought, and having sold their California property, are hastening back to begin extensive improvements to the place. Thence to the site of the old McCall house owned by the Dr. Cleggs, now a mass of wood. Our old Algona is disappearing and Pm just old enough and sentimental enough to almost resent the changes. Oh, progress may be O.K., but it kinda' hurts - Pm just an old ninny. - o There have been gifts, too — Paul Newman and Shelley Winters drink and dance in this scene from Warner Bros.'Technicolor and Panavision thriller, "Harper", which opens on Sunday at the Starlite Drive-In Theatre. Jerry Gershwin and Elliot Kastner produced the film which stars Paul Newman in the title role of Lew Harper, a smart, quick-moving private-eye. Lauren Bacall, Julie Harris, Arthur Hill, Janet Leigh, Pamela Tiffin, Robert Wagner, Robert Webber and Shelley Winters co-star in the production directed by Jack Smight. thank all of you - and thanks for the many more cards. One from California contained a colored picture of our latest addition to the family tree. Little Katie Henderson Kierulff in a huge arm chair, red curls like her grandfather, Melvin Henderson, and such a beautiful baby she is. A wonderful cake from Marg Dahl which had me in a tizzy as to whom to give a piece. After all, large as it was, it would only go so far, so I selected the ones who wait on me most frequently, and I trust I haven't hurt anyones' feelings. Candy, pickles, flowers and cute little cone dogs, and "happy birthday" sung by Carl Hansen's six tots, cute little tikes, Erman who looks exactly like his dad, others resemble him, too, but one or two show a streak of "mama". They also brought a pretty bouquet of artificial flowers and a lovely card, bless their little hearts. And so another year has arrived and I wonder what it will hold. Good health, I hope. - o - A friend had "Back Street" but it isn't like the book I had in mind. I wonder what it was. - o - Yes, I know from childhood — "Castor oil-Ugh nog." - o - Oh yes - such a nice visit with an old classmate, Melvin Muckey of Tacoma, Wash., and SUNDAY - MONDAY . TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY I AUGUST 27-28-29-30 MARKED FOR •MURDER! I m^mmm A Slowly they stripped Sam Laker down until there was nothing but animal left... CONTINUOUS SHOWS ON SUNDAY 2 SHOWS EACH EVENING MONDAY THRU WEDNESDAY ADULTS • $1.00 - CHILDREN UNDER 12 - 50c HMMMMiMIMIMMMiMMMMMMMtM on another day with Myrta West of Perry, former Algonan, and widow of Bob West whose father was a Bancroft doctor. 4 Blue Ribbons At State Fair, Area Entries Exhibits from Kossuth county entered in the 4-H home economics division of the Iowa State Fair won four blue, two red and two white ribbons, according to Galen DeValois, county extension director. Those receiving awards were: white ribbon - Nancy Elschen, Algona, article or an arrangement created from nature materials; white ribbon - Carmen Montag, West Bend, article using a design inspired by nature; red ribbon - Susan Walker, Algona, wall decoration made or finished by the member to solve a home improvement decorating problem; blue ribbon - Rosemary Fortney, Bancroft, arrangement of three or more accessories that may be used on a shelf or on top of furniture; blue ribbon - Jean Ann Dodds, Algona, small metal, wicker or wood article, painted, enameled, stained or dyed and sealed; red ribbon - Betty Eischen, Algona, small furnishings article durably covered with paper, cloth, leather and plastic; blue ribbon - Judy Berger, Algona, article of cloth for a major decorating improvement; blue ribbon - Susan Smith, West Bend, major improvement for the home involving furniture. All home economics exhibits from the county were entered in the Home Improvement section and will be on display in the 4-H Exhibits Building on the southwest corner of the fair grounds through Aug. 27. Collection and construction exhibits from the county were entered by Mike Cyphers, Bancroft, entomology - red ribbon; Arlen Nyman, Bancroft, woodworking white ribbon; Mary Mertz, Ottosen, photography - white ribbon; Mary Detrick, Whittemore - red ribbon; Karen Adams, Whittemore - white ribbon; Linda Detrick, Whittemore - white ribbon; and self-determined project, Bonita Kiilsholm, Algona - white ribbon. These exhibits will also be on display in the 4-H Exhibits Building. "In prosperity our friends know us; in adversity we know our friends." "DR. ELLA'S DAY" Prairie City held an observance to honor their Dr. Ella Relnertson Johnson who has practiced osteopathic medicine in that community the past 49 years. Dr. Ella was named "Physician of the Year" earlier this year by the Iowa Society of the American Osteopathic Association. Dr. Ella was also chosen Community Mother in 1964 and an honored citizen in the 1966 Old Settlers Reunion there. TWINS David and Daniel Moore, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Moore of rural Montezuma, were chosen as the most identical twins for the second year in a row in the Hawkeye Twins Convention. David and Daniel were two years old April 9. Add Milk Substituting the same amount of milk for water when preparing cooked cereals will add extra nourishment as well as flavor to a favorite breakfast dish. TEEN FAVORITE — Dancing polka clots on dark colored cotton add flair to the skimmer. The elongated torso, accented by its own hip belt, swings into a flouncy skirt. White rick rack adds dainty detail to the Peter Pan collar and cuffed sleeves. roTTnryrirrwTnrrinrrrrnr^^ roTinn £' o o I MOVIE CLOCK ! 8 S.B.g . ALGONA THEATRE THURSDAY MATINEE ONLY- Back to School Show-Complete program begins: 1:00-3:05p.m. "Mr. Scoutmaster" -1:30-3:35 p. m. THURSDAY thru SATURDAY- Complete Program begins: 7:00— 9:10 p. m. "FewDoUarsMore"- 7:00-9:20 p. m. SATURDAY MATINEE ONLY- Complete Program begins: 1:30 p. m. "Snow White" and "The 3 Stooges" - 2:00 p. m. SUNDAY - Complete Program begins: 1:00-3:00-5:00-6:508:55 p. m. "Naked Runner" 1:15 - 3:15 - 5:05 - 7:05 - 9:05 p. m. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY Complete Program begins: 7:00— 9:00p.m. "NakedRunner-7:15- 9:20 p. m. "Born Losers" - 8:35 "Any Wednesday" -10:45 "Any Wednesday" - 8:35 "Born Losers" - 10:45 STARLITE DRIVE-IN THEATRE WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY Complete Program begins: 8:30 p. m. p. m. p. m. THURSDAY and SATURDAY- Complete Program begins: 8:30 p. m. p. m. p. m. SATURDAY MID-NITE SHOW ONLY - "The Killers" 12:30 a. m. SUNDAY and TUESDAY-Complete Program begins: 8:30 p.m. "The Mod Gambler" - 8:35 p.m. "Harper" - 10:30 p. m. MONDAY - Complete Program begins: 8:30 p. m. "Harper"8:35 p.m. "TheModGambler"- 10:30 p. m. SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY AUGUST 27 - 28 - 29 TM€ KOOK(€ST CRIMINAL £Y€R!.. ...When he sal down +o ploy,,. Me had but ^M^ h one key word... * —• >% .4% ^% i PLUS SCREEN COLOR And heres a different kind of .HARPER . HARPER .HARPER MAKES GIRLS FE€L fUNNY! TOUGH! BAD GUYS Newman *'Harper' Shows Start at Dusk Check Movie CLOCK FOR TIMES ADULTS- $1.00 STARLITE THEATRE ALGONA . IOWA FIRST SHOWING IN ALGONA WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY AUGUST 23-24-25-26 ^ " with her bike. ..and her boots and her bikini... she's out for kicks and in for trouble!!! Aimricm lntBn\a\unvA\ -. .... EU1ABUH Ai -.DON HENDERSON" rT.C. FRANK-w,;-DELORES TAYLOR- -JAMES LLOYD • I RECOMMENDED FOR MATURE AUDIOES \ 2ND BIG FEATURE SHOW STARTS AT DUSK CHECK MOVIE CLOCK FOR TIMES ADULTS - $1.00 SATURDAY MIDNITE SHOW ONLY - "THE KILLERS"

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