The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 11, 1930
Page 3
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PAGE FQUB COUHIBR NEWS I I- THJJ BLYTHEVUfLG COUKIER NEWS '•TJS'COmSSR'ttmtti CO., PUBMSHEHS . C. H. BAJWOCK, Editor . H. W. HAINBS, Ao'vwlKU* Manager Bole . NiUonU Advertising aeprestiit*lives: : Tb« Ttjbmw ' t. CUrk Co- inc., New York, Phll»delj*U, AtlmU, tWUs, Bin Antonio, Ban Prindsw, Chicago, 6t- Louis- Every Aiwrnoon Except Sunday. •Jbt«rid M Mcond tiau m«uer >t the post office «t' BlytMTlUe, AifcAWM. under act o! Ooc«Tt»s October 9, 1*17. Served by the United Press .' SUBSCRIPTION RATES By <»rrler In the city or Blythevillc, I5c per week or t6ff) per year In advance. By mill within a radius ot 60 miles, »3 00 per jrtu, $tM tor six month*, too lor three months; Sy mall to >wt*l tatau two to sh, Inclusive, 10.50 per year, In rones seven and eight, 110-00 per year, payable In 'Ivance- A Good Type oj Campaigning A forluiiule slate of afl'niv.s exists when one candidate for a county office can and will publicly praise liis opponent. Wd hear so much dirt in iwlitical campaigns that it is genuinely refreshing to have, a seeker after public office describe another man who wants the same job (is a gentleman and an able man. The editor of tlic Courier News got a real thrill last Fviirny nijflil. when Billy Gaines told the voters assembled on the courthouse lawn that he regarded his opponent, T. \\ r . Potter, as a "line gentleman, \veil filled for Hie job" which both of them are seeking. In publicly praising his opponent Billy also .proved himself a gentleman, and set an example which might be followed by niany another seeker after polil- ical place. And also, whether he wins or not, Billy Gaines showed better political sense (him s3ems.Jo.,^>e common among candidates.'.. frMfpeople may gel a big. kick out of mud slinging, but it doesn't make votes. Personal dignity and , >\ decent regard for one's own self respect are not tiualities that arc as lacking in political value as seems frequently supposed. ' A Safely Measure Paying For the War A, few years ago you heard quite a a lot of talk about canceling the war 'debts owed Uncle Sain, but they weren't canceled. Europe is still paying for the war, and will continue for many years. It. is interesting to note that the semi-annual payments just made to, the United States by foreign 'nations total ?117,1'52,000. The greater part of this sum represents interest charges, §71,355,000, The rest, ?'!5,787,000, was applied to reduction of the principal. England paid ?G6,390,000, all of which was interest. France reduced her principal by $35,000,000. Italy paid ?5,000,000 and Belgium ?.l,32u,000. Smaller sums from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Jugo-Slava and Die Baltic countries. This money helps, reduce our national debts. That, at least, is consoling to every taxpayer. OUT OUR WAY H will not bo loiii; .ir.tii t!if "cotton icaEon" will open and HICK vuil lx m..ny co'.loti wagons on the read niter injiu M^-.c:y sujyi'sls tliat In limes past a numb:: o( serious and ncar- seiloas accident* hivo ixv.irml In this county and district ilirounh cc>icns ul raw with wagons or teams after nifhl- b« t ui>c drivers ot tlic slower vehicles did no: piovlrte thointclvcs ivllli nny sort of llehl or rdlrcu-r whereby their presence could be drieetrO a; a little distance. There is on ():•? iiwikri locally a simple little red glass Rumor which i> caslh attached tmil which sells for a very iiY^nalile price. Every driver of a wagon ti 'fatk ^iculd have- one ot Ihe.ic, or something similar, attached to his vehicle (where truck tall limits are not easily discernible and waguis should have one at both front, and rear. Whenever u molorUl sees R reel rodoclor he Is iiMimlly on his guard Mid proceeds more slowly until the nature of the obstacle is ascertained, n.iimige ts life and pron- crtp may easily be averted at only a few cents ccst and it Is one of tin tat insurance measures a farmer can riitjiloy when he secures a red reflector for his vehicle. Of course Ihere Is no law In this state making o:ie attach a. warning light or relicctor to a wagon, but everyone who values his life and property and Is desirous of averting damage to others dees not need lo be made to adcpl .v> siinplt a safely measure. Our advice, whcll:.:r II be valued by the reader or not. Is that no farmer venture onto ti crowded highway alter night without u warning light or a red reflector on Ills vehicle, bolli front and rear. U Is Inexpensive Insurance for himself and liis team.—Carullirrsvllle Demccral- Argns. MONDAY, AUGUST 11, IDBft SIDE GLANCES By George Clark THE WINDMILL TOO 1-:AHI.Y When midnight comes in Jersey City, N. J., all miniature golf courses must close. If that law is adopted here I will have lo i|uit playing fn- tliely. It tak:s me that long or longer to make (lie first hole. .¥. :<•. ,-f. AMO.NG THK MONI-:YI:I> ,MKN They jay that cvcryllilng comes lo him who walls, or something to lhat elleci. and 1 sure believe It, now. 1 hnve always dreamed, hoped, and walled for th? lime lo tome when 1 would, have just plenty of money and 1 realized my j dream- this fnoinlng. I lomul a dollar. '' * -Y- * • '.;•" I think I'll Invest it. all in a seat at' the prize light tonight. ' YOU IH/rCHA According lo documents and testimony of loadjng scientists, an earthquake of calamitous proportions may IK ex|Kci.?it at any lime. Well, 1 hope (hat those scientists made more mistakes in their documents than 1 did in the tale I lold my Vr'ilc this morning when I tried lo explain why I wns out until three. CUBA M. IUGDON Kind the young man who spent his last dollar to mukc a good impression when invited to week-end at the boss' country place. WASHINGTON LETTER BY UODNEV DUTCIIKR j mix Ihings up by filing against ... N !.j' A Scrvi « Writer I Senator Ocorec W. Noiris, For WASHIKO'IX>K.*-j;i)I(),pi;fjo4 t .ot . liinutely a supreme courl judge | licat. ami ilrougl'U, ' which""hinkcs I who Imfl-'tlic: |>piiem of an electric icily folks wrclcliccl. disheartens Die i f«» kept Grocer Norris oil the fanners and maddens tlic bcasls ballot. of the field, Is iilso becoming a sil- You get w\vay from this year's ly season In politics. primaries and elections nnd you About the last lliing anyone ! niKl mlt lhnt presidential-talk is wants lo worry about Is pollllcs. "Milcrlng on a former partner in. bi.t politics Is showing s)|ch a tendency lo BO hnywlrc that It is 1m- lo ignore some of Hie aberrations. Tlie most astonishing' development seems to be • the • revolt, of ioulhcrn Republican ' politician* Uijalnst tlic olllclal who .in-the past lins nhvnys kept southern Republican politlcinns politically alive. 1'cstmasler General Walter it isn't the licat. it's tlie aridity. TJen there's the nlijlosophls banker who regards the trallic cop's bawling out ns merely another item in tlw curb quotations. Ty™ men imslng as plumbers robbed a woman of several ll'.uusand dollars' \voilh ol Jewelry. To them Hie job was a pipe. the House of. Morgan, Uivlglit W. Morrow, Ten years' ago anyone wlio suggested such a thing would have been crated up and sent away. During this kind of weather in Washington, however, it is commonly agreed that anyone who wauls to come, down here and live J for four years can have the job for the asking. Tiie only beneficial effect anyone Brown is the big patronage boss'of I has yet noted from the ho!, dry the bij federal pic comilcr known i spell is that not a single govern- as Ihc Postoillce Department. Post- xent official lor the last monlh has Then there's t'.ic philosophic banker who re- who ivlipn asked lor an invoice, hummed -Oe boss a time. The fact Mr. and Mrs. Lindbergh have taken thrir first.'flight together Ejnrc Charles, Jr.. was born, leads to Hit suspicion the ha by has already become an endurance cryer. All that is ni-ccssary lo cure the sinoklng habit, according lo a Russian scientist. Is lo Ukc tlircc hypnolic Ircnlincnts. It might work tor a spell. By Williams office pic is to the southern Hcpub- llcan polillciaii what marrow-is to the marrow beau. .'..•• Yet Republicans (ranvnliic southern states have gathered nl Savan- niili to make a protest against Brown, which only 'goes to show what a.real heat wave con do if it tries. Some of the same group insist Unit the south Is ripe lor further Republican victories, Indicating that the heal aiTccls some people worse than others. • Another "About Face" Democrats in the south who voted for Hoover have been acting just as strangely, however. I-'Jvc thousand of them in North Carolina are reported to have signed a petition demanding nomination ol Al Smilli ugaiii in 1032 and the only hope for North Carolina teems lo be to pray Jor snow. Texas lias suddenly taken a shine lo Ma Fcrgiison together which is entirely inexplicable until you come to consider the wenllicr. Jim Ferguson, 'Ma's husband, was n bum governor that Texas liuprachcd him .several ycats ago. Then it elected Ma governor lo vindicaic Jim and Ma>an the slate with Jim's help. State Idghway coiv Uruls. pardons lo convicts and one thins and another were invcbll- galed during the Ma-Jim regime. in Ihe recent primary for governor, however. Ma ran 70,000 voles ahcnd ol any candidate. She ha: u ninull primary ahead of her before It is definitely determined whelhi'r healed Texas will bring Ma back into Ihc governor's chair mice more so as to vindicaic both Mil and Jim at the same time. Almost any candidate has « chance in this weather. One in n soiillnvrstern state ran for fena- loi it:i a platform which would have given a co\v lo every farmer in the state, lie lost. it's. true, by some nuke. But Alfalfa Bill Murray, who wan tin' fln-t Democratic subcrna- fuiial 3>:itnary in Oklahoma by F two to otic majority, and is likely 10 tc ilic next governor, promises 10 rent oul ihe governor's mansion ai'.'i live hi a garage in the back <;in! in case lie is elected. "Scelnj Uoub)c" 1 Illinois gazes pop-eyed at thn | i:!;;>roca!eiilcd spectacle ol a wom- i.v.- Republican cnndidalc for the : Si::intc running ii.i;aiiist a moil i with iiink whiskcr.<. To wit. Until Ui;uina NkCormick and James Ham' i'.ton Lewis:. The candidate willi tlic t piat: \vhlskcrs demands a return j o: i ho days w-hcri n ivsau could t'riiiK-ami see pink elephant In; MI-.I-I ijl soing bliiid aw! :.ccln;! O»eilcr.s tu Hie liiiiiung i:rnlric. i clt up lo making any toasting | tatemeiits about, the national pros- icrity. Only one. feeble effort has been nade lo bring tlie nation back to lormal. President Hoover, talking over the very long distance lelc- ihone to President Ibane/ the oth- :v day, offered to s\va)i tlic Wnsh- nglon climate (or the cllmtitc of Santiago. Ibanez was willing lo ncyoliate. But nothing further has Ucen done about it. Tiic inlertia of our public servants has been deplorable. President Hoover himself was so wilted and defeated by the situation Mint, instead of promptly naming n commission to deal with the Chileans he went oir to the cool banks ol the Rapidan. K1U- MOUNTAIN LION'S FLORENCE, Colo., (UP)—Hunters ol Fremont ^county collected bounties from tlic Stale for fcill- ; 10 mountain lions. Announcements The Courier News lias been, authorized to announce the following candidates: UCMOCRAXIC WIIMAKY Tuesday, ABgrat 12. For CDcuIt Judge JUDGE WILLIAM CAHROLL. SUNSTRAND The world's fastest adding machine will keep anybody's business. Adds—subtracts—multiplies— divides. The following users purchased their machines from us. Ask them about the Sunstrand. RODERICK INSURANCK AGENCY, Leaclwillc FIRST NAT ION A UNSU RANGE AGENCY ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO. BUFFALO ISLAND GIN CO., Manila EASJl ARKANSAS LUMBER CO. BLYTHEVILLE CANNING CO. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE HALL & RUSK W. W.SHAVER C. A. HOVEY Special Listing and Adding Machines for Gins and Cotton Buyers Ask For Free Demonstration and Trial ACTON PRINTING COMPANY Stationery — Office Supplies — Phone 10 TAXES... For Slate IJeprescnlalivc W. PAUL MARSH. For County Juclco OEOROE W. BARHAW, election). ZAL, B. HARRISON For SSerilT W. W- SHAVER (lie-election) (He- i Tor County Treasurer W. W. HOLklPETER. JOE P. PRIDU. For C Ire alt Ourl Clerk T. W. POTTER. BILLY GAINES Vor Cuuniy Cuml Clerk MRS. JOHN LONG <Uc-clccMon> For toonlj Assessor J. 3. DnAuMIUNTY. JIM FOWLER, (Re-election). J. W. WATKINS. For Justice or the Peace UlilcVas.iwba 'lownslilp JOHN WALTON. KD .WALKtU (Ue-clcclion> OBOAH ALEXANUIiR (Re-clcc lion) R. L. McKMKiirr (Ilc-clcclion) I i f Ni 'ousksi thmiglit tlie-y aerc sec- I GEORGE J. WALKER <Hc-elec- i Ult; Uuid'U •'(• awhile nh.-n Iwo | lion). j candidates naimd GIOTI ' vor-'! • ' ".I.', 1 " found.iiled in the Kcuubt j lu-.i-.i si-natovijr race.' The -Nyc'l' c.i'r.iwi^a hutfillg.illcn ccmmlUec ; c •••> l'.>li!¥ lo find cul nlrlher' 1 | ; l ':'> ;hc I'.caT or somethir,? JCFS ex- i cu.«:ii/c which pci'fiiedcd Grocoi'i .Gcurge \v. Norris of Broken Cow t" ! .Ver Counly Cuiuucr W. ii. CTrCVALL. Fc,r ConslaWo Clikkassuba TowmJup C. U. Himcil. HARKY TAYLOll. direct or indirect, are the most rapidly increasing part of our cost of living. They affect every item of the household budget. In the cost of electric service 10 cents of each dollar is for tax burden. The aggregate cost of government— federal, state and local--in 1913 was $135 per family, approximately six times the average family electric bill. • In 1929 the aggregate cost of government had grown to §460 per family, fifteen times the average family electric bill during that year. This means that for each dollar a customer spends for household electric service he has to pay nearly §15 in taxes for the cost of government. In spite of the tremendous increase in its tax bills, as well as in the cost of- labor and materials, the light and power industry has steadily reduced rates. It will continue to do so in spite of the fact that during the current year it is being called upon to add approximately one billion dollars to its property investment. Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "Ai Your Service"

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