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The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois • Page 3

The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois • Page 3

De Kalb, Illinois
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page THnrr THE DS KALI) CHR0N1CLG WEDNESDAY: MARCH 21; 1817. country, today 'withdrew. there win speak on "City Government and he will continue this for two meetings, going intp all the details of the subject. COMINQ SOCIAUTCf FAIRS Tomorrow Might Company A inspection, Armory ihalL I YbUNG FOLKS FOUND DRUNK IN DANCE HALLS (By Cnlul'l'rcM) Iia.vDe5S.allb' Society Received A Beautiful lot of 24 inch guaranteed Switches, Special this week only $3.95 i "Cv pleas of nott guilty in the: United States district TnilM. V.n muf vihA won them to change tbeir pleas wilWU naa Anf onrA nrvm tfiAm r.l "SAVES THE These are authentic quotations from the pamphlet on babies by Dr.

L. Emmett Holt of Columbia and Dr. Henry L. K. Shaw of Union University.

A child two to Jhree years old should eat dinner at or 2:00 p. and should have one-half cup of chicken beef or mutton broth or soup thickened, with barley or rice. A jchop, rare roasf beef, rare steak, or chicken or broiled fish, boiled or baked asparagus tips, carrots, string beans, peas or splpnach. All vegetables should be thoroughly looked and For dessert. baked apple, 'plain bread or pupdding, corn starch, cust ard.

Junket or stewed prunes skins removed. guest to a merry-making which was In her honor at the home of Mrs. Sam Bambrldge, as complete surprise for "the lady with the bjrth-day." For diversion there was conversation and several hours at "500 and a biTthday luncheon of three courses daintily served came late in the afternoon. The presentation of two lunch cloths from her associates, was. made by Mrs.

Le-Roy Foiles, Mrs. James Parks com posing the clever little versest which were read as follows: Many good things happen to us all that we do not realize are good at the time they happen; for instance, 43 years ago today we did not realize that anythng out of the ordinary was happening to us and yet what greater thing can bap-pen to any of us than the coming of a true friend. And if( that friends be of a happy and sunny disposition the greater the Joy In our lives. The first day of Spring, What a day be born; When the first robins chirp. In the iiright early morn." JsNI iL -7'.

I ii "vwn Birds love and song, flying here and there, Bird's song and birds love And you with gold for halrj Birds song and birds' love, Passing with the weather; Men's song and men's love To love once and foreveri i. Men's love and birds' love, And love and 1 And you my wren with 'a crown of gold, You, my queen of the wrens! You the Queen of the wrens Well be birds of ar feather, I'll be King of the Queen of the And' all in a nest together. "Spring," Tennyson. -You who believe in preparedness, have you your garden seeds and implements ready? Have you decided how many "springers' you to raise ryou notice tho scribe says "want to" because it Isn't wise to count your chickens before thejr ar hatched If you haven't completed your plans for the spring season do it now, for today Miss Spring made her formal appearance. And a very ladylike, well behaved person she was too.

Reference to files of a year ago. brought 'out the fact that Miss Spring was an altogether different sort, of person last year. For she came, bringing with her huge drifts of snow so. high that little children coulunt go to -school and ven grown-ups feared" to. venture (Unt, the weather was' so severe.

But today birds are building their neststho crocus "and tulips, bits of scared little green things aTe beginning to peep out as though they -hardly dannl. the buzz of the vacuum cleaner. IttnaUlng eweet intinir In the housewives earn and everywhere the spell of spring ha iauht- us. Hubby's poor packet book which has Just begun to catch ltd since ChrltmanMhop-ping and the'tnxes, is beginning to feel queer-and thinner, not from Lenten fasting but for Mother's new suit, Sister's gown, the new -rugs and cuftains and' all the other thngs which" are sure signs of spring Well, anyway. Spring Is the very loveliest time of' the year.

It makes you feel all glad and happy inside and you are very It makes you feel all glad and happy inside and you very, very glad that Yyou live In this country Yon feel though 4the world is a wonderful place and and that really you are quite an important persons, i It's a season for; poetic moods and all sorts of fancies when mere man thinks he Is a poet, and sneaks off to write a few verses to traj la, la. Well, aiyway welcome, to our city, Miss Spring, we're most awfully gladtq see -'The -prfee of Ice cream sodas won't be lialf so hard on us as the soaring prices of coal and potatoes! Sterling Gazette: The fact ha Just come to light, that Miss Gold-ie Hewitt, of Sterling, and Thom- 6 1 Chicago, 111., March 21 The Juvenile Protective "association ol Chicago Is fathering a bill In the legislature prohibiting the sale of Uquoc in dance halls, and provid ing a $200 penalty for violation. Charging that the majority of the dance halls are run primarily for the sale of liquor and in many cases are actually owned or controlled by liquor interests, the association committee report shows' that police have ne conception of their duty at dance halls many policemen are found drinking fights are common indecent 'dancing prevails after about 11 o'clock, although until they become intoxicated the danc ers are usually orderly, minora and often, small children are permitted to become intoxicated, while pa rents langh at their drunken an tics: At one dance, given by a church as a. benefit afiair, many little children were found "outrageously drunk," according to Mrs. Bowen's report, and women threatened to mob a policeman who closed a gambling -device being op- "Men and women become lntoxi cated.

says the report, "and dance Indecently such dances as "Walk ing the Dog. 'On the Puppy'a Tail. 'Shaking the Shimmy, The Sta- ii rrl trrYA Ytl "At 205 of the 213 halla invest! gated liquor sold, and at IS of these minora were present." Laura Jarboe Stricken With Appendicitis Miss Laura Jarboe waa stricken with appendicitis yestrday after noon. Today her 'condition became such that. It was necessary take herto the nospuai.

me many friends of Miss Laura will wish for her a speedy recovery. Death List-bf Five For the Vigilancia (By United I'nmii) Washington, D. March 21 Five Americans died in the sinking of the steamer Vigilancia. The consul at Plymouth reported the death list to the state department today. JUi Cattle and Hogs 1 Shipped to City Much shipping has been going on the past few days at.

Elva. Cattle and hoes haveb een shipped to Chicago within the last few days by Chauncey Watson, N. J. Smith, James Matteson and John Hagman. Elroy Bollinger Is Gaiining; After Injury The friends of ESroy BoITinfrer of Sycamore who attends school here will be glad to learn that he lfrecovering nicely from his painful injuries of Friday last when he slipped and in the fall wheh followed, broke his leg.

Newspaper Men Change Their Pleas (By United Press) New York, N. March 21. Albert O. Fander and Carl Wun-nenberg. former newspaper men.

on a charge of attempting to launch a military exn)3ditiou against Great Britain from this La Crosse Happy Farmer Tractors anKS! HBBif2SV mm mm" 1 i')iw Tjliii fi 111 Mtst Enicient Low-Pricicl Tractors In the Worlci44vc made good from Canada to Texas Win on tylerit What A Few Users Say i From Kansas think I've got the best and simplest plowing outfit vwr saw. Am pulling a 314 inch engine plow, plowing from 4 to 5 inches -deep, and it sura does fine work." From Texas "We had to go 18 mile on the road, and yesterday We plowed -o acres with 3 diaka in heavy stickv block land, and I would like to see any other 1 ractor do it. with it. It ia easy From Ohio "The photos pulling sod field so hard the plow plows in the ground aa deep plowed, from 72 to 8'A FARMER never made a balk From Arkansas "The machine has anything I have seen in thc.rtee.helt skinned sixteen city blocks, and I have seen at least 30 different makes and. types." Jt MODEL is the greatest sensation of the Tractor World Burns Kerosene mor perfectly than any other ever built our own special design Perfect mechanical lubrication HYATT ROLLER BEAR INGS throughout Turns square corners, right or left--Weih only 3,700 lb.

Pulls 3 14 inch plows 7 inches deep under practically all conditions Handles all belt work on the farm A decidedly superiosv Tractor at a much lower price than any other of similar ratinyTHe, Tractor for the man who needs more power than the 8-16 If P. Model PERSONAL FLAT FOR NT Phone 660. 95-tf Paul Nehrlng la spending today i Chicago, Wilbur Hope had business In Chicago today. Mrsv Ella Mosher of Elva spent the day in town: Mrs. Clayton tSehrlng of Elva was here yesterday.

Sam Peterson spent--' today In Chicago on business. F. 6. Corey was ai Rochelle on business yesterday, T. L.

Oakland of Sycamore was visiting in town today. Herbert Evans was a Chicago pasenger. yesterday noon. Fred Johnson went to Chicago this morning on business Friedolf Olson went to Geneva this morning on business. George I.

Talbot went to Chicago this morning on business. Mrs. Martin Qulncer of Malta was, in our city yesterday. Mrs. Ed McAllister of Sterling is visiting DeKalb friends J.

A. McDole of Elva was a business visitor here today. Mr. and Mrs. E.

C. Johnson of Elva were in town yesterday. James Coyne made a business trip to Rochelle this morning, Mr. and Mrs. S.

F. Parson went to Chicago! this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Olsen are spending the day in Chicago.

Miss Mae Russell enjoyed a week end visit with friends Mrs. 8. 8. Wheeler of Elva 4s-in Shabbona to spend some days. Paul Thief of Maple Park was visiting his friends here recently.

Mrs. Glen Reynolds made a butl-ness trip to Chicago this morning. Mrs. J. A.

Sadgley Is recovering front a serious attack of the grip. Professor A. T. ScovlU of Step Hug wan here Saturday on business. iTenry a roves and John Divine were Chicago passeners' yesterday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Anderson went to Chicago this morning for thfe day. Morris Wolf, the east end clothier spent today In Chicago wholesale markets. Mesdames Thomas Ronan and Neil Overly are here from Sterling for a visit.

Martin Hollenbeck is a trifle easier today, though his condition is still serious. Dicer O'Connor is on the sickt list He is staying with the Wilbur Hope family. I Mr. and. Mrs.

Sturtevant of JriTt atrnot' ova unlArtatnlnr Nortn street1 are V- V- SS VWlMtAA guests Genoa. "Albert Horn of -the Illinois North ern Utilities spent the day in Chicago on business Mrs. George Barden who has been very serously ill now sits up a portion of the time The Misses Florence and Mary Buzzell spent Saturday and Sunday with relatives in the city. Miss Laura Jarboe suffered an attack of appendicitis last night, but today is more comfortable. Mr.

and Mrs. Frank Dresser and family have moved to Anderson, to make their future home. Oscar Evans of Sandwich was a DeKalb caller today, going from here to FranMln Grove ony.bus-ness. -f George Thompson of. Thompson and Striglos is ill with pneumonia at his home on Seventh street Mr.

and Mrs. Thomas Sherron of DeKalb visited Mr. and Mrs. James Masterson on Sunday in Sycamore. Mr and Mrs.

Roy Lower and Miss Hazel Olsten spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. T. L. Oakland In Sycamore. Mrs.

Mongovern has returned. to the he. of Mlsiu Kelly on North street after spending a few days in Harmon. 111. Mrs.

1 James Holderness and lit tle daughter returned this morning from a several days' visit with rel atives at Oak Park. Miss Winifred Kannally will go to her home In Sterling tomorrow to spend the next two weeks. She is a Normal- student. Mrs. L.

Anderson who has bln auite ill is better today. Miss Beatrice Anderon was qhite sick yesterday wlth-neuralgia. Mrs. C. H.

Dollmeyer who Is pending the. winter in Chicago is vjslting for a Tew days here witn her relatives and rtends Mrs. J. WtcRae motored over from Jollet to see Mrs Emmett wll- rmarth over Sunday. Mrs.

McRae will be better known here as Mrs. Dell Garbutt. Fred Diedric of Eva who has been at Hinsdale sanitarium for several weeks expects, to return home about Friday. Mrs: Died-rich Bpent the week end "Mth him. SATURDAY IS LAST DAY TAX coixEcnoN Dputy CoQecbor George Bris-tow says today that Saturday is positively the last day that taxes can be paid in DeKalb.

After that date people who have yetfall ed'to pay will be compelled to gu to. Sycamore and settle with the county treasurer. -v Mr. Bristow received notification from County Treasurer Charles Pond today informing him that he must call at the court house in Sycamore Monday, March 26 nine o'clock and make settlement. Mr.

Bristow says tht Saturday will be a busy day aa there are always any number of people, who wait until the lagf day before set-tins TONIGHT The Princess offers the most nonular of all screen stars. Mar guerite Clark In mTss Clark's great est comedy, "Miss George This whirl-wind of humorous complications reaped by a single lie will discourage anybody from departing from the truth. This is an attraction for all, old or young. large or small and we believe we can safely say' that all who see this most famous star In this her greatest photoplay to date will feel well repaid for the time: and money spent. The Princess.

Augmented Orchestra have some special music arranged for this most humorous photoplay. Performances to night at 5:45, 7:30 and 00. Adults 15c children 10c MINISTERS IN FINE MEETING LOCAL CHURCH The sessions now going on at the First Lutheran church are proving of mor than unusual interest to the visiting pastors and local mem bers of the church. The sermons last evening. were delivered by Rev.

J. A. Kngwald and Rev, T. Martinson. This fore noon, at three o'clock another interesting service was held.

Dr. Qustav Fleetwood of Peca tonlca, Dr. J. W. Johnson and Rev.

O. E. Hehmdahl of Kockford were the spcars for the afternoon. This evening Dr. J.

Nordling or Geneva and Rev. E. II. Carlson of Madison. will officiate Com munlon service vill also be obser- ed this evening.

Today at the noon hour refresh ments were served in the parlors of the church and the same wll' take place this evening. Special music is furnished at the evening services by the church choir CABLES OFFER TO NICHOLAS FOR THE MOVIES (By tTnftfd Prenn New Yirk. N. March 21. An offer of 1JM2 jmbles a week 000 Anvrican money) was cabled to Nicholas Romanoff of Russia today byOuis Zelnick, armovin picture p1fducer.

come to America and appear in films. Nicholas Romanoff is the former czar of all the Russias. Zelnck, once- a penniless exile, is now a moving pltu-e magnate with fortune of millions. J. A.

Machesney Out; Again After Acciaent J. Machesney who fell through two floors a.t a residence on Lin den Place, is again on the streets after his accident. Mr. Machesney was fortunate in he suffered no serious It is a miracle that he was not killed or fatally injured as he fell some distance He managed to crawl to his feet and get home, however, and is now able to get out agsln. CKaree of Car Bams Claude Laker Has Claude Laker, who has been a motorntn on the DeKalb-Sycav more electric line for some time past, has taken the car barn sup-erbitendency la the place of Will Hartnes who resigned and went to work, for the Aurora line.

1 Two Farmfrs in Loss of Horses 'Within a few iiys two valuable horses have died at Elva. One was a drivifg horse, the property of Grant Mosher and the. other was' an animal of value which le- loneed to William Schalk. It's death caused bv blood-polsou-tng from a rusty nail (, Zeppelin Passed Over Thi City Mrs. W.

A. Kilmer informed The Chronicle office todfty that as she and Mr. Kilmer were on their way to town last evening tney spied a huge aeroplane mgn in the sky. It was In sight for about 15 minutes and then disap peared. Can- it be that Zeppelins are flying over the' United States unbeknown to everyone? Revival IVIeetiners Start Here This Evening; A series of revival meetings start here this in the Swedish Mission church.

Out of town 'people will oe here to assist and the local church people anticl pate sbme very successful meetings. Young WQman Gains After Serious Illness Misa Rachel Wheeler of Elva who is ill in the Isolation ward at Evanston hospital is getitng along very well now. She is able to be up and about he room but will be in quarantine for some days yet. Over a score or our customers are using Parisian Sage on their ihair. It removes dandruff and pre vents baldness.

Sold on guarantee by Klrchner's drug-'Etore. Glidden School Parent-Teach- ers association, afternoon meeting at schooL Saturday, March 31 Woman's Christian Temper- A ance Union Easter bazaar. Monday, April 9 Home-Makers convention be- gins at Methodist churctu liciously served by the hostess. The next meeting is scheduled for April 3 at the home of Mrs. Hoak.

The younger set in DeKalb has set the fashion surprise weddings these. days and Dame Rumor today has It that another has occurred very lately Arthur Heff-ley, until lately of Dixon, but now of Belvidere and Miss Marion Tadd, daughter of George Tadd were married a few days ago in Wisconsin. The young woman arrived here th noon to make arrangements to go to her new home, Mr. Heffley having taken up his new work in Belvidere. It was impossible this afternoon to reach any member of the Tadd family but friends say that Dame Rumor has It correct this time.

Miss Tadd is very Jopular and well liked by DeKalb people who will offer her 1 lists of good wishes. She attended the Township high school and her acquaintances are many. Mr. Heffley is not so -well known here, but is highly spoken of by everyone who knows hrm. He Is a member of a prominent Dixon family.

The society scribe has an apology to offer for the "item" In last evening's paper which read that the Social club would meet next Sunday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Blackmail, when- It should have read Monday The Social club members are all people who keep the Sabbath and they'll please pardon "somebody" who made the mistake. German Lutheran society women will be guests tomorrow afternoon at the country home of Mrs. Frank Zeigler.

Last evening's meeting of the Eastern Star was filled with routine business. There were no social, features connected with the ses sion. Already DeKalb club women aer beginning makja plans for baby which comes the first week in May. Every )mem- ber of the public health' committee of the Woman's club requested to attend a meeting Friday night at 7:30 at the rest room, at whjph plans will be made for a "baby day" or two. Anothexof the series of Married People's dances at Davy's hall last evening entertained over 6t people, congenial acquaintances who en- Joyed the music of tWe Cusson- Henrie orchestra while they "tripped, the light fantastic." A similar affair will be given In two weeks.

"Nobody homV is a slang ex pression, but lust sometimes slang fits better than anything else doesn't It. Well. It was a fact that there was "nobody home" this afternoon, for every where report ers sought for an item over the phone there -was no answer. It really didn't seem that snvone was In, they were all out drinking in the fresh air and sunshine. Why should people care If DeKalb is dead socially when there Is a perfectly good out-of-doors like this to be enjoyed.

Really, these davs no' one seems to care whether the social whirl continue to whirl or not no one but the society scribe and in these days of Lent she is learning to say "I don't care!" Bad roads to the country horn of Frank Zeigler did not Hinder the young people of the German Luth eran Bible class from journeying there last evening for the study and discourse. Rev. A. F. Barge of Sycamore conducted the class study which wax rather short because of the length of time taken to make the trip to the home.

A luncheon was served late in the evening. A belated but none the less en joyable St dinner was that of last evening at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Smith which honored their sister, Miss Florence Smith, who was born on "St. Pat rick's day In the morning." St.

Patrick's decorations made the lit tle tables where the guests were served at six o'clock dinner, gay, place cards and all the other de tails being, in green and white Games of "500" entertained after dinner. Mrs Thomas Huntzcker was a de ligTiflful hostess: yesterday afternoon to the members of the Afternoon Pleasure clubs. Progressive euchre wag the pleasant pastime and the favors went to Mrs Hunt- zicker and Mrs Jack Buckingham. Mrs. C.

E. Walters Is to be the next hostess. Matters pertaining to municipal and town government were dis cussed at length hist evening by Prof. C. W.

Whitten at the city hall under the auspices of 4he Equal 1 Suffrage leacne. In his address 1 i a Air. amen uuaea or lownsuip, town and village government, of the officers necessary for each. Be fore he began his lecture he dis cussed the bills which are at pres ent before the house in Springfield. This is one of the extremely interesting eatnres of every lecture wnicfe Prof.

"Whitten gives. acquainting his hearers with- Just what is being accomplished at Springfield Last evening's audience was rery large, thou eh the meeting was' a postponed one At next week's meetjig which Is to be announced later Mr Whitten A PRACTICAL, EFFICIENT TRACTOR FOR THE PRACTICAL, EFFICIENT FARMER AT A REASONABLE PRICE YOU LOSE IF YOU DONT INVESTIGATE. Ella Solon Many Pythians Fponf Malta It is understood thatjnevvl autoloads of Knights of Pythfiins; will be here tomorrow evening, and at-' tend the meeting of the locj lodge. such being the case 4 1 behobVes tne members of the local lodge to turn out in feoodly numbers evening. Customer more than pleased to learn." how the HaFTYFaRMER two bottom Tractor-sang: in expert could not keep the as we would have liked.

We inches deep. "HAPPY or a mishap all day.Tj COMPANY Address, Clare, Illlnola I 5 ii READY-TO-WEAR a M. R. ZELLAR Aacnts for DeKalb Co. La Crosse Tractor Company Minneapolis, Minn.

The dead cold of winter Has flown far away. And the promise of summer Makes our hearts gay. And now at this time Our Dear friend of the Sppring-time. Accept this friendship And our love for all time. Mrs.

Flemming graciously thank; ed her friends for their remembrance. Yesterday's affair was one of the gayest and Jolllest of this Beacon's social calendar. Holland's delicatessen hop has been- fairly "dish-towelled" to death this last few days and all a Ittle ad which appeared In The Chronicle, advertising flour sacks for sale. Every house-motherln town has bought sack for new towels and ah. even some of the gltls are buying them to put In their hope chesfH or "God knows when boxes." With linen dish towelling sailing high, "ye old tyme" flour sacks answer as dsh towels.

"Who shall care wether or not we have linen towels! We'll all be satisfied with cotton, by and by. Well, anyway Mr. Holland is very hanpr to. think he can help cut down the high cost of living if very p-lad to self the towels. Mrs Housewife Is' very glad to get bareain.j and of course vou shouldn't toot your own horn, but The Chronicle is mlghtjr glad that its advertising bring such good results.

-I Francis Sagle of Sterling who has many acquaintance and relatives here and who has been at ornell college. Mt Vernon. Iowa, since September, has accepted a position with the Redpath Chautauqua bureau for the season, commencing April fifth. He has been working. overTtime and has finished his college rVse un to he-end of the term.

His work with the ReVith bureau will be as ad vance man He is on of eleveni wmer young men rrom Mt. Vernon who accented work with the bureau. All of the chautsuaua entertainers of the Redpath bureau ill start from pouthern Florida on April 5th and will work north snrt west. circuit Mr Sagle IU makA will be along the Atlantic coast, but- will end near Omaha. Neb.

the middle of September. The meeting of the AnaMau-Kis club which was nlanned foy yesterday with Mrs. p. Culver was nstnoned hecanse ft the illneBsf Master Culver, who has chicken pox. Youpg married of the S.

I I. M. S.jclub who this winter have a series of most enlovable wvenjnaa last night laid asld thlr club dignity to enVX the hospltab or ftir. and Mrs. George.

Ireland at a party which was today termed "a scream" by the members. Men of the club came dress as girls ad those of the fair sex were in attire of the sterner sex. In between the hllariousness there were games of the favors going to Percy Lundberg and the hostess. A late lunch was serv er Next Tuesday evening the club will meet with Mr. and Mrs.

Stan ley Strongman. f- a Tioay arternoon memTer of Che Young Woman's Missionary society of the Methodist church win meet at the home of Mrs. Fred Miller. 5I4A for their regular meeting. The society will follow un its discussion and study of "In- nmi regular misiriAoq wfii ia auenued to.

Miss Aileen Milll- gan is in charge of the program. irsL Miner will be assisted by mrs. rercy webster as hostess. Honoring Mr. and Mrs.

Ray Lat-timer who were the principals in a surprise wedding a. few days ago was tne affair which neighbors and friends fostered for them Monday evening. Through the evening games and music amused and a lunch. was served. The young people wre given a purse of money, with congratulations and good wisnes rrom their friends.

v.V- Miss "Teckla Johnson will enter tain the Cette Annee club tomor row evening at her home on North Sixth street. For Rotary, club members there was a delightful afternoon with "500" yesterday at home, of Mrs. Cal Dart, North Seventh Mrs. Herbert Kaesser, Mrs. Leslie Hork, and Mrs.

James Mar- ray were iven the awards for high and low scores. Luncheon was de- UiHiniiiilt)MtilitiiUUMUtt(nU)UIIIIIIMl)IIUIUHIII)IIHIIIIM)llllHI 1 Sjprimig Waists as Ronan, of DeKalb, were united in marriage Thanksgiving day in DeKalb. thus springing a surprise on; their many friends. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and -Mrs.

Charles A. Hewitt of 17 East Fourth street and has lived all her life in Sterling where she Is well known by a large circle of frfends. She had been employed for several months at tne Nill Confectionery store until she went to DeKalb, a few weeks ago, and on her return she worked at the Far- go Confectionery store until evening, when with her sister, Mrs. Neal Overly, she went to DeKalb where she will Join her husband who is employed in-a garage at IeKalb, where they will live for a few weeks. They, expect to leave for Dakota the first of April to make their future" home.

Many friends in this, community extend heartiest congratulations to the young couple for a happy wed-tied life; The Twentieth Century club will be enfertalned on Friday of this we-k at the home of Mrs. C. 1. Dlckerman on East Lincoln High way. V.

A licenxe to wed was issued at Kirkland Saturday to James W. Holmes and Mrs. Margaret C. Cole both of Kirkland. jf Mr.

and Mh. John Renwlck and their children arrived -today from Canada, to make their future home in thisviclnity. Mrs. Renwlck was formerly Miss Mary Glidden and the family is at present vislt-, lng her Magistrate and Mrs. V.

A- Glidden. A family gathering was held at the home today in "honor of the Renwicks. Will Glidtten of Canada who has been yiere for some weeks will start for his in the north tonight. i in as complete a as we've j-v ever made Among them youMl find Organdies, Voiles, Tub Silks, Georgettes and all" types that Miss 1917 might wish. if i i i 1 I I 'Bad roads interfering with plans to go to the country home of Mrs.

George Flemming yester day to assist her in the celebration or brthday which came today, did pot dampen the spirits or -16 vwomen who Instead planned to he5- here to the party. In- They are priced remarkably low, and we are sure you will heartily enjoy looking them through. mmm iffinif J. iJ n. 1 WHOLE WHEaT RKD rcatTEryBnFaEY a if mm FOOD I BY A SX1LFUL THESE rwtlTH mm DRY GOODS, SHOES AND DEKALB, ILLINOIS 4MtM4UMHltHlllliilHiiiiMWHtWllMiMlMilll(UtUtWlli l4U4it4Hli.

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