The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 2, 1949
Page 6
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I«AGE SIX BI.YTHF.VIT.MT, (ARK.I COURIER NEWS ' SATURDAY, JULY 2, 1949 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION IMU? r*u p«f (In* *<K con**ouili« insertion Minimum coarg* XJc x time p«i Hot JSc J ttmM> pel vm* per d*y He 3 time* per un« pei aay i*c t> time* pf i I in* pet daj '/c J'!4 (hue* pel nn« pfi day >c Momn p« line . We Count tivf avrag* words to the Jin* Ad nraerea toi tntft 01 six tiniffr *nd ttopp«a n<ior* expiration wtJi o*- cfiarg- »«i toi in* n urn Dei oJ time?- in* ad uppttita ana udjustinrni nl Dili niaae All OJa^sLiiw* Aacrnmn? copy K UD- muifO tjj persons resiQlns. ovitMat- (vl tne city innxl DP acctimpanira oy casti Hat** may ^a-^ily OP wimpntPd from thi- • Or)v« tanie AdYerUKInx urjf't roi irrt^iiJut IOMI- iiruiR ia*e.* me one lime table No rt*Ar>onsiriiiii> wil> o*- tn Ken lot more man one inrfirrect msrrtln& nl any ciasMiipo no An ad* are rcstucii-ti to men ptupn classification *-iytt Aiirt lypt- fnp <.:oun<"i »*-spr?c< th* rljh' to =du 01 rrjrct any a a Notic ICC At **mc«, sir rimmr O'flurf, Kegi*- i iffrea Olonde CocKei Sue WorJrt ten- ' awne« rttoi-kflale OlrwdiUi^s Tut cm; ( Mne Unampions, jour ^eneiAiioiia, P MUORKN PLUMBlNfi FIXTURK6 No aown payment IW.b f HA, L O ROLLISON Phon* 63t& PLASTERING BOB MALONE Cull 2Q-28 Blytheville or 407 Osceola I 5-2 pk 8-j5J Matte you) nom< pirlty 101 «pno£ | xpeji Hufc (.-'leaning S«rBic* w jam PKKRI.ESS CI.RANERS Ko r AM [ y p f.s [»111 n ibl n g w orfc ca 11 Hairy My*r* Ph 6J49 «,M pk JU4 ory uaiiifrt inner nnd butldet l>n 101 nvft i went v >'*:rtr» 11KHA1D W FCKU.E JUS Wcsi Keniuckv Si b'.'.K-pfc-T/iK I'rice.' KrcltH^ri Hells Buckles. But- LUIS, ana outtnnnme.'; Ph WJ'J Wife /or Rsnt .\-foain furnun^n apannipnt. newly rtPi-oraliiti (in* pq-iifxti'mr. e Jen vie !<;- fngtraior, f,oo<t luiiLihnc- t' Simon, ph :il'J^ 6.^9 ck tl ] -'i loom. 1 -3 room ap^ri LIIPIU Private oain, ftferii n: stovr, Krl-jldhltt 11* xV*j*i ^sii Piione "i^Sl Close i». Plione j)K-7 6 2l->2. H R Schmurk 1708 Wes 6 15-pk-Yi Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Itny^ti srntin i.'nrnn* ana Kent ing DON" EDWARDS I'n*- cjifK-wrn*! Mttn ill> ft rfrt/'ntl Si PlJinir .CtHi for Safe Misc. ilurdy son .* l'2.'l Jainl- 6;17 ()lc l\\'\ ROOKING -AND SIDJNCi (Jet Want's low prices! nspniili i testea n^ HUO H»JIW imro Small luj-ntshert ftpsrttnent lltt urnisued Close in Phnue fi'.iOfi uriijiH aitu romriMl Couwv.nient tntmth 6 2o-1)^-7'3 ly lernin Knoll UK. a wide variety 01 room."!, screened porch «lh. Si, fvpanmeiii, lar^f. U-room furnished apt RpirlgerHinr mid attic (an Couple only Ph 41M 01 '£M\. »2l-ck-ll Business Service Directory Auto 5upp/i«s and Services Jeep parts now available at P001.E AIOTOK CO. Wi can [in an fnui ne«ao iiet Kenuin* part* iroao oui com- ptei« une ELI,Iti E'UULfc. OVVNKH & UfKRAlUR Souin Highway 0] at Sl««le Un Pfinne atn'l* 49 CHAE'MAJN M»m A: t^iTis ICK STATION : t^iTismn Phcme i . enagngei . ymu i«nilty * Lire*— BUY LEJE riRES Loons Money to Loan l>o you npM a loan to repali 01 r»- mno el? N'n ar>wn payment no mortgage. DO rea tape FHA AFPHOVEU RATE i% ASK. FOR OKI AILS Max Logan, Realtor Phon* 3U34 Lyncb .BiiDdinj AUTO AND P'URNlTUHfc LUANb frompt Personal Serrlce lien«tat r>nntract Purcnsxf CJnrp lOfi Snutb Stb Phnnr 803 . Services Kodak Flolfining -j* nour service SIRBMJ STUDIO IpB-rfc-tt styles r lay lot Hit wtUrtCUvp house at lou COM MONTGOMKR V - \VAtt l> HOLMSON LQMI1KU CO in iim> A: Camp Mrtnllrie u «.y (Jas & art weJder, eJecitlc fnrypt u lo .strip nmnnier, drill <k meiy. nand SHW nut) rip saw, pfaj)- ;i^ niaonJne. It pnsse 5 n.p nioto;. J n motor, ami tot-s oi small tools WUJ seJI any piece or an at & bargain Henry Ed^ln, t'tciat Street Leach* e. Ark. 6,30 pk TfM THE PRICE IS RIGHT WHEN YOU BUY A CAR FROM PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. • See These Cars, Trucks • 19 IS t'tti-d Super 'Del.ux« Forrlor, nice manton finish, h:is radio, healer, and l».(fl Arkansas license . . . an all-around good car . . . $l.'t95. 1!)I7 Ford Super Del.uxe 5-jiassenjter Coupe, maroon color, has radio and healer, in excellent condition . , . $1295. I!)-IB Ford Super Del.uxe Tudor, blue, has good healer, 191!) Arkansas license . . . $1095. Hill Ford Tudor, original black color, equipped wilh K<»)d healer . . . $795. HI 1(1 Kord Convertible Coupe, Ita.s radio, lieiii- er. HIM! I!)IB Arkansas license . . . Slinll. 19-lfi Kord One-Ton Pickup . . . $!l!l.i. Ill IK Kurd I'icknp . . . SS-15. l!)ll Kimt I.DIIK \Vhcelliase I'/j-Ton Truck, in extra fine condition . . . $1>W5. PAY ON CONVENIENT TERMS 5-toom house and 2'/t acres land on Highway 61 South. This in a real line country location and the land is Super Help Wanted, Mat* Would niake chicken or truck farm. House Kine, ranch is vacant aod ready to move into. Beautiful three bedroom home on Ash Street. Kent house in rear lor $85.00. Servants house rents for $20,00. Have very nice house on corner lot South 16th Street. Price 14250.00. New 2-hedroom brick on Salesman with car, Unlimited amount of pay, home every nijfht. Write Box QRS, c-o Courier News. 6-30 pk 7-8 fot Kent Mouern »pi* * cabin* by veek «c nuiutu Cftla urrle* Ldcl Boy tumrta Wanted to Bay *] w more for your car whco you trade lor A new Hudson at GUn Harrison Motor Co Now you hav* the perfect opportunity to drive America'* large lot. This is, a. tine home.! itn«« aio car, th* -w Hudson AIM financed K. H A. Or G i Hv«rj soon for July wiling GUN n. n. ui \j. i. HARR1SON MOTOR CO 517 W«*t Anh irior Washer. xllRMly used. Just Ilkp -ew. Kvcelent. condition, priced ICA- onably. CalJ 4140. 6;^o ck 7 J Window Inn; '^4 In ejicased. fits on lUVSicie. Excel tun l lor cooling 0 eel room ir small apartment Dick .White. Ph 3392. 6 30-pk-7|J HAVE FOR SALE nice re.stnurant In oou location lias equip men I. ii(XKi lUiirev Phone liKtt. «,M-p!i-7|7 L'ompleie .-set hiilh-nwni lixtures kiicneii smt, wHier lank with runnrit siae artn Dinner, clou: ca^liiK window* Silt Ynung r-h Ki2*2, 6,'28 pV 7,6 I' in ms lor salff. Mrs Hnrvt ntfriJi ol Fan Groiind.s 35c per Pure bred black A white Cocker Sp*nleL. Mrs. N. G. Jerome. Ph :uni. 7 -I ck 7 9 Kiiy your 4lh of July Fireworks nn Huvay fll Hoiilh. 7:1 cX Tl'J 3-sretloti rtlsh washer with trap, cast Iron ^nll. stesini inhlK 6-noIf, rihhcs, si K siooK, rcietA] nood, R»S Alovr. 3 burner. Apply Jone.i' Barber Shop.--1917 W. MBin. 7;l-p^"7i6 T.ake St. Ph. National Window Guards furnish silent, sturdy barriers against burglars. Ask for an estimate wl RUILDKRS SUPPLY, INC., ph. 2*13-1. 6-28 ck tf Run your eyes over these buys 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 Hiding iflenJ to: tool slietl ,e StiUUU I'h 62^/ ti ^ r pump H pk 7|ti ii'L'fcll* [o the plione and ask for liia foam MIL; and upholstery cleanet. Dears I'alnt iSlOre. 6.2SJ ck T^y KOR SAhE CHEAP ONE SIXTEEN INCH WHIHL WIND FAN WITH AD- JUSTAlSluE STAND C.OOn AS NKW A HEAL BARGAIN BROOKS MUSIC STORE, TGLKPHONI 311 6 'in cic ti CarhiRc rails 21 gallon stxe Cial•a nizeii -so s to IH.SI for yurs Mt-em ci ',y i e<j mreiu en ifi t2 97 Mou igomery Warn A." C'o, 6 29 cV 7|7 For Sale. Reat (state Real Estate Farms — Cify Prof>erJy LOAN: II intr/p.etco ID Bliy1n|| or cpmne «*« Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls F. B Joynci Bldg. Phone 819 lltlfi DeSdln l-iloor SedHii, a fine-owner, rilv-rifivcn tar. . . equipped with radio, liealer. and new lires. 5!H7 Stmlelr.iker l-d<n>r Scdnn. Inlly etpiipped, a nly- di iven cur wilh very low rnilenge. I!)I2 Dodj-'e I'.j-Ton Truck. .. .will give von Inls cil guild service. llllll Inlet iiiiliiuKil ;i -1-Ton I'ii-knp... priced verv Imv 1!H1 I'lynioulh ^-<lo<ir Sedan, lias healtr, seat covers, and a new engine. lilll C'lievnilfl a-dooi Sedan, eijuipped wilh radio, seal clivers, and "nod lires. 1 !••'(!! I'hevrolet 2-dodi 1 Se<f;ui. new engine and new (nrly e\cellenl slia|ic. "When »el(ci Cars Are Hnill. Uuick \\ill Build I'hrm" Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Salesmen Otho Stanfield W. J. "Bill" Wunderlich Langston-Wroten Co Vtalmit a\ Broadway o>»\ 555 lot Neat and Modern Five Rooms Located la nlock off Holly Street. nm rouse is efficiently arranged, well ninit and thn bacK yard. Is completely lenced. llnrdwoocl (loots. Of course, anrt mat, -»-tiKt] Rttlc fan really helps in inis nm weather Good teims lor Gl oc tum-veicvan E. M. TERRY Realtor l>nr Abstract I'hone 2'J8l Rnalty n W. W Co. Inc. iOniu Si. «:30-ck-7 For Sale, Real Estate BARGAIN HOMES BRAND NEW MODERN E room bungalow, floor furnace automaUc attic fan, disKp- pcaring stairway, lai'ge clos- els, concrele walk HIH! driveway. Lot 75 x 190 ft. ir COUNTRY CLUB D R I V i ADDITION. If Ks a nice home you want, we have il Priced 510,000. Terms KHA Gl. 6 large room and bath oi Eusl Kentucky. Kxtra wid< lot, 2 screened porches, gar- aKC and outside storage, nice yard, back and side fenced. A GOOD BUY. Priced 58800 100% Gl Loan. Good 4 room house and bath. All rooms extra large and A WHALE OF A LOT (j<) x 320 ft. Will accomodate a cow, a. pony and 4(iOO chickens at $1.00 each will pay for this place. 100% Gl Loan. See or call JOHNNY MARR Phone 4111 or 2506 112 So'ith Second St. Loans, For 100','f. Modern 3-bedroom home in best part of town. This home will go 100% loan to G. 1. Price $6460.00 Seven room home on Main Street, Has two fine lots, corner location. Paved on two sides. This home must sell i lo settle estate. 5-room house and bath on S South First Street. Old but very livable at (be cheap price of $3750.00. Main Street building for sale. Excellent location on corner lot. Tourist Court and Cafe and living quarters. Income at present on tourist court about $800.00 per month. Can be handled for 'A purchase price town. Balance monthly. Fine Grocery Store and arage and Killing Station. Equipment and fixtures all "or §5500,00, Lease on buikl- .VVe have several farms from '10 acres up. 100',; G. I. Loans We are building several iiOLiscs now and have for sale houses that can be bought by paying only the closing costs. See us if you want to buy or build a home. V. H. A Loans lOO'.i G. I. Loans NOBLE GILL REALTY F B. Joyner Cecil Earls J. E. Stevenson, Jr. Phone 819 66-30 ck 7-3 n Hlythevllje r27-<ck-7l4 Hlgtml price p*ld for CHICKENS— KCiUS Asn Street Grocery * Market 4:7 w Ann «J7 ck tt Production of canned ment more than tripled In i . 10 years between 1937 and 1947 Insurance Call 3545 For Complete insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 ft Ash Si OLKNCO* HOTK1 BUlLl'LNU *;i-cE-K 1 iasii caiiit-rnt roj tl) occaslnn? STr-JEiN ta tiTULJiO 4J5-ck-t! Pfivotc Jtoo/ns housekeeping 1 room. Phone 'J wo imrurnishea rooms Call 2652 t.arne. com Dedrnom sv Walnuv Men onl? 310 6 l .a pS 718 Heauttlul j-betltoojn nom« jXiect Call P B JOYNER. ph on Ash 3'lOi pk Vjl The firai ahnatiac in this country came from Brad lord Press in Philadelphia in 1687. FARM FOR HALE 174 Acres in south east Mo. *M in cultivation-well [ocatnl near inwti and RVXJO Htgli School Sandy (cam soil. an equate improvenient.s n 11 d prlnfid reasonnbli; Fos-se.sslnn Jnn I. 1950. Hfi- or call Cftle.s-WorthlnRton Co. 115 So :ird at Hlythevlllp. Ark- Ph 2751- S room modern home, rental house V rear Kxlra large Lot Located in western part ot town, near Central School on loth Street CJood location Plenty oi siiade and Irult trees Price cut 54./Mf Terms can o« hart fi room modern ho me located in new subdivision wlln three 60x150 tv lot.i lias rjeaiitlln) sharte, plenty of trim trees, grape arbor. Priced qmofc s»tc. s-i.500 House and one lot priced at 13,150 Terms- See or call. l.U I'HER 'TRAY. REALTOR Pnone Sl'.i 120 Kasi Sycamore HlythevlHp. Arkansas Arthur Uook. «aLe.S[nnn Plione 3585 6 28-pk-1;5 BUSINESS FOR SALE because; ot 111 ii.ea.Lth o*'tier nlfetrs LO sell complete business find ho Grocery store. OI^K stoclc fixtures it«NSt:iurant rtiia fixtures, and four nxin House all on U)t 38x190 feet Welt lo- rated autl tlolng exccUent Ijii^lne-ss I n1s property will stand good Loan i-'or lurthcr In Tor mat ton see or cal catPs-WonhinRton Co. 115 So :ird St Hlyinevllle. Ark. Ph- 2751, 6 HO cfc for Rent, Houses om House with bath 'none ^944. J room rurnlshed house. 407 Personal mi nut* pnrvuiBiatit '' For Sale, Cars & Trucks |y4fi Nash 4-cIoor Sedan. Radio, heat- cr.. v/nite side wall llres. 5200.00 down. (Jail 3^6U, 7JI pk 7,6 'Save Money on These USED CARS Notice NOW! New Low Prices on Good Used Cars & Trucks! !!)!? Plyitioulh Spoi'hil llel.uxe Tudoi- Sedan, e wilh brand new lires. still vovers, radio, heater 1917 Chrysler Coupe, ra lii'es. lilifl Chevrolet, -1 door, .See now! and heater, new set ol hick, wilh excellent rubber. Chevrolet, 2 door, new paint, complete in every 19.'?7 way. 1S37 Ford, 1 door bargain at $225. I9-I7 Dodge \Vi ton. Rrcen color, exi-ellonl rubbei, cab and chassis. 151 inch wheel base. ^ednn, conic in today and see this 1HI6 Alack, 2 ton trurk in excellent rubber, I SI inch wheel base. totidilion, gotxl T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main Ph one 2122 ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of cluirge in trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blythe- nlle. Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 6-28 ck 7-28 • rat ILstl and iRrge Bnrfrtlo Ri I1W South Olnrh Sired Tk birert Klish MarXiH Ptinnr deliver 6 2:i-cfc-in Fieati Courier News Want Ads 48 Jeep Station Wagon witl Overdrive. 48 Jeep 4-\Vhec) Drive—A Bargttin. 47 Kaiser Sedan with Radio & Heater. •JG Chevrolet Hi Ton Truck —A good buy. 41 Poutiac Sedan with Kadio & Heater—-Very Clean. 40 Buick Super Sedan with Radio & Healer. 41 Chevrolet. Sedan — A Real Buy. 41 Kord Tudor — A Good Car. 40 DeSoto Coupe. Also several otlievs priced to sell. 61 MOTOR CO. North Hi way 61 Plume 2142 6-16 ck tf tires, tmrns no OH yoi N fiin. tit. ter, ticw to sell Lost ix>.si 2-Walliur Olack: AS white wi Hotn nidle F'ox Hounds Color U some yellow spots. or Mo Slate Line June 27th Call or set H W. Marmn or Russell Galncs 6,JO pk l[b Alexander the Great is said to have been so interested in discover in ft new kinds or foort that lie promoted soldiers who brought him aii unusual meat, fruit, or vegetable. CABOVERS—CONVENTION ALS—SHORTS LONGS—PICK-UPS— PLATFORMS—STAKES USED USED CARS-TRUCKS $50 to $2100 ((—Model A Ford Pick Up. Runs Good. 7—Kord 2 Door IS) 10—Kord '/i Ton Slake Body. Looks good, runs guud. I!)III—Kord '/z Ton IMck Up. I'rice is riRhl. I9.-V7—Korrl </i I'nn Pick Up. Triced to sell. 19IS—Kord 4 Door Sedan, Heater, Seal Covers, Good Paint. 1917—Kord 4 Door StHan, Heater, Seat Covers, Like New. 1917—Dodge Vt Ton Long Wheel Base. fi—Dodge I Ton I'anel Truck 7—Kord Sedan Delivery Tr«ck. Many Mor* to Choose From Blytheville Motor Co. Broadway * Chirktttiiwha Phone 4422 CHEVROLET SERVICE Gives You the Protection of Reconditioned USED CARS - ON OUR LOT TODAY - 1942 Chevrolet Town Sedan, has heater and • 1949 license. 1942 Chevrolet Special Town Sedan, beautiful blu* finish, equipped with radio, outside visor, and 1949 Arkansas license. .. 1937 Chevrolet Coupe ... at a price you shouldn't miss. 1939 Ford V-8 Tudor . . . the motor, tires, and appearance are excellent. See it loday. 1937 DeSoto 2-door Sedan, has 5 tires that look like new, spot Jighl, fog lights, and 1949 license. 1929 Model A Ford 2-door ... a good fishing tar at a give-away price. TRUCKS .. . 1940 to 194S models, large and small, lonjf and short, 2-speed axles and regular, some with bodies, J /« and 1/j-Ton, slakes and boxes. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always itlakt a tiood Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON, Chevrolet Company 301 Wesi Walnut Phone 578 You're making a wise investment when you let us install thin new Oldsmobile engine in your car. It's surprisingly low in cost -less than, a major overhaul! And it's available noir, on our easy Budget Planl In addition, this factory-guaranteed niginc-—precision-tooled with new materials throughout— assures you of increased operatsiig economy and lower maintenance expense. Call today for an early installation appointment. AVAILABLE FOR '3 7-'4 7 MODEIS LEE MOTOR SALES Bast Main Phone 2056 Announcement \Ve invite you to come into our showroom soon and see 72 an extraordinary automobile.. . a relic of bygone daya.^n This 192U Model 1 Ford Touring Car was a wondertul^J | thing in its day . but most amazing of all. it is still in excellent operating condition. It's now on display. USED CARS & TRUCKS 19-10 Packard 1-cfoor Sedan, new paint... $595. ISMS Korri 2-door wilh radio, heater, and while tires ?H95. 19(2 Plymouth 2-door. has new paint... .57-i, 1 ). 1910 Mercury i-d«or Sedan, new paint, new motor.... ?S95. i 1!)17 Mercury Coupe. .. .JIMS. 1941 Ford 2-door Sedan....a real bargain. .. -VU5. 1942 Dodge 1-Ton Truck with new motor $645. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phon* 4333

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