The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois on February 5, 1914 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois · Page 4

De Kalb, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1914
Page 4
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THE DE KALB CHRONICLE THURSDAY, FEBRUARY S, 1914. 0 V t t:03TEC3LE Reals Paia Fcr illiasi Oar wraadmotbers had a gortietgn Rv edy.ior pains aod ache the ckl-tfshSoaed jaustard piaster. It did tbe work, tmt good&ess haw it did sting sad bliztei ! -; . Now yoo eaa get this marvelous relief, vevth. emt tkt platter aad writhout the blister ; J MUSTEROLE fa the Twentieth Century form a clean, white ointment made with oil v of mustard that yoa rob on aad tha palafagoa. . .v..'-. Aiid ft won't blister tbe teaderestitia- . It's to easy to apply. Yon don't bare to bother with a doth. Just nib , k la briskly So that It penetrates tbe pores aad yoa get delicious, cooling relief. There is nothing like MDSTEROLt for Sore Throat. Bronchitis, ToasUitis, Croup, S:iH Keck, Asthma, Neuralgia, Headache Congestion, Pleurisy, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Pains and Aches of Back or Joints, Sprains, Sore Muscles, Ernises, Chilblains. Frosted Feet. Colds cf tbe chest (it prerents pneumonia). Millions of jars of MUSTEROLE axe sold aannany. It is a staple ia tbe large hospitals. Doctors and nurses use it and recomaead it to the patients. Aks yoar doctor. At your druggist's, in 25c aad 50c jars, and a special larze hospital size for $2.50. If your druggist cannot supply you, send 25c or 50c to the Muvterole Company, Cleveland, O. , aad we will mail you a jar postpaid. iat Mas. Mavtik 3- Sum, St. PsaL lad-, utk "Xostcrote U worth Its wetglst ia etld.sad I reeoimmeod it almast every lr- It is tim best (or Asthma. Bronchitis sad BhramTlsm 4 mr.t 3Iug I h-" ever esed." DECEASED HAN ISINOVN HERE AGED RESIDENT OF ILLINOIS HAD MANY FRIENDS IN IN THIS CITY BROTHER OF MRS. COALH N Mr. Renwkk, Who PassedAway at Lily Lake, Was Close Relative to DcKalb's Aged Twin, the Oldest in the State of Illinois i 0 Automobiles Carriages Wagons Signs Winter is the itieal time for having Automobiles, Carriages, Wagons, etc., repainted or revarnished. We are thoroughly experienced in these lines and prepared to guarantee high class, satisfactory work. SIGN WORK GIVEN SPECIAL ATTENTION M. Ackerman Corner of Tenth St. and Lincoln Highway NSHTUTE IS HElTTFOR NEGROES AND INDIANS tBy Cae4 l-nrs.. Albany. X. Y February 5 Tbe first f a aeries of Important New York meetings of the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute of Vir ginia, was scheduled to be held here today. The Institute Is for Indians aad negioes. and is backed by the federal government, some of its up keep expenses bjlng paid by gifts from prominent . philanthropists. ELVA Mrs. and Mrs. J. A McDole spent Saturday and Sunday with their daughter Mrs. Claud Manning of Lombard. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Agnew wbo bare been epending the past to weeks in the South returned home Saturday night George Wilcox was a DeKalb call er Wednesday. Henry Welch and Charles Wenmuth shipped bogs from here Tuesday nirbt V! A mew rtt Chicago rnt Sua- i .iit v. k.U at Ct.,... .n jueeuflR. w- r joay wth hU parents here. morrow, at riocnesier on aionaay and at Buffalo on Tuesday. They m A) all be open to tbe public. James Renwkk, . 1220 Charles one of the best known Scots of Rock 'ford, who had lived the life of a pion er Jn both IhlTCnited States and Canada, died last nigbt at his borne after an Illness that begun last June. Death was due to the Jnfinnities of age. ' ' I The funeral, which will be private P000- wiii be beld at 'the home Thursday at '7 a. el. aad tbe body will be taken by the 7:45 train to South Grove cemetery, near Kirkland. Ill-, where the interment will be. ' . ' To gte the life history of Jamet Renwkk is almost like airing a his tory of the latter part of tbe TAFT IS GUEST OF HONOR AT IMPORTANT MEETING (By, rlt Frees. I Boston. February 5. Former Presi dent William Howard Taft, now professor of law at Yale, will be tlx--est of honor to be given by the Bo ton Vniversity La" School Association tonight. Professor Taft delivered ace of his lectures on "Legal fethJcs" at tbe Boston Law School this after- JAMES HARRISON DIES AT TOWN OF CREST0N James Harrison of Creston, for many years prominent resident of this vicinity died at his home yester- day after months of illness. Mr. Mrs. Shilte is keeping houe for Mrs. Everett who underwent an operation at the hospital in D-Kaib Tuesday. Ila-ri :--. Montgomery ms Ie-Kali. izuC'-r V. -dn'-lay. Mrs. I.a It rf entertained the women's cIoj Tu-Jay. a very inter-1 esting program a? ?iv-n. 2r Acn-w gave a ery interesting talk on her rip through the ?cj'h A very da.n-ty lunch was served Mrs. Koy Inzham a Sycamore caller Tuesday. F. W. Case shipped a car laod of Cattle from here Wedaeaday night. 9. S. Wheeler was a DeKalb caller Monday. Mrs. G. E. Wilcox and Mrs. A. Russell spent Wedneslay with friends In DeKalb Mr and Mrs. Art Bean of DeKalb spent Sunday with their daughter Mr. Lee Harold. The Church social was beld at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. Li nd berg last Friday. A crowd was ia attendance both afternoon and evening and over 1K was taken in. Mm. Lee Harold is spending a part of the meek with her parents in De Kalb. ROLLO ". Senon is quite skk and under the dfxtor's care. 4 X I r i. i f Jk ... . ! w h. a as visiting the Consolidate j hool in this place lat Tuesday. I Mr. Perham ent to Wedon lat ', Tu-Kday to pend a ft days itl ; her moth-r t.o i sick. The plastering in the in schoc at completed this week. Mr. and Mrs Pittrrian were tallei, to Iowa on' account of her slater's serious illness. ; They returned last week to Chicago aad ha occupied his pulpit In thia place l&at Sunday. The doctor was called for France Harper last Monday. She has bees unable to attend school for a few days. John Powers usoved from this place last Monday. They will keep bouse for his father aad family thia year. Clarence Swaasoo and Helen And erson were United la marrage Weraea-day. February 4th, at " p. m. m the church at Leland. The wedding sup per will be at the bride's home -two miles south of Leland at t p. m. Mrs. James Harper is Improving. The doctor did not come to dress her hand on Wednesday. Tbe first time ... . .. i- t couia oe leu lor -- Mrs. Eva Anderson has gone. her sister afTjary Indiana. to visit Oally ThawaKC When we look Into tha long avenue-of the future and sea tha good there la for eacb one of ns to do. we realise, after all. what a beautiful thing It Is to work, and to Ilea and to be happy. Stevenson. DDE 30E DDE inn DDE E3E DDE in 1 . I 1 1 " ''" ' ' ' .i rurnlshcd dally by MARTIN KENNEDY, 11S North Third St, DeKalb, niiaola. Member Chicago Board of Trade, Correspondent Lamoa Bros, ac Co. Pbona 79. - WHEAT Opaunur ' High Low Close May.... Wl-I m 921 i July.... 88, ti 8i 89 OOEH May,... J 6 W 65 July .... 64 I 651 641 64 OATS .' :,- ' May.... 19 , i S8 m July.... mm m m CASH CORN Ko.1 NalW SatY 644 65 Ko.1 59i 61 No. W . S . 65 No. IT 60 61 i No. 4 58 60 Na 4 W 62 64 No. 4Y 59 60 No. 4 Y new Sgm St . 54 581 CASH OATW No. w ; NalW 88 Na 4 W 7 Btandard 401 CHICAGO CAR LOTw 81 74 86 137 ' 79 865 M7 870 Wheat 88 Cora 1W. OaU 72 LtVCSTOCK CLOSE nopUuht..... ... ........840 Mixed ...... ...... ...840 GoodHeary..... ...855 Receipts 22000 5e to 10c higher Estimate 18000 Cattle 5500 steady Sheep lo000--steady No. 5 Yellow Corn......... NO. 4Yellow Cjrn.... ......53 No. .5 White Corn 59 Na White Oats 84 Na4 Tvbite OaU .. ...... ...53 Barley.................... ;.i41 Whoat. ......................74 Bya....i. ........... .49 55 teenth and the early part of the twentieth century. He waa born at Dumfriesshire, Scotland. June 3. 1S32. the son of Walter aad Mary R. Ren-wick. He was one of sixteen child ren aad whea be waa three years old his parents brought him across seas to Canada, coming on a sailing vessel that required eight weeks to make the trip across the ocean. To It 8. When Thirteen .When Mr. Renwkk reached hit thirteenth year he left Canada and came to the .United States settling in that early day at a point eight mile? west of St Charles. 111., at a place known then as Canada Corners, but known today as Lily Lake. He livec as Canada Corners two years and with bis family moved to a farm at Pierce, DeKalb county, where- he began life for himself, serving other? nnffl he hA obtained sufficient mnnev . . i ' . . . . . with which to purchase a farm of hif Prhsna f hs tnntt remarkable dwarf I on record waa Sir Jeffrey Hudson. tb I own- He bought a farm in South Harrison leaves a son Artnur and a brother Quarton la this city. The j relatives from . this city w -ill at- j tend the funeral ill SERVED IN A COLD PIE. Sir Jeffrey Hwdsen's In traduction ta NOTICE The undersigned county clerk cf DeKalb County will receive bids on or before Tuesday Feb. 10th 1914. for 250 Circuit Court Dockets, Ruled stock furnished by the clerk. Docket will be" ready for the printer Friday February 12th. I will also rect bids at the same time for 10K Astes sors' Schedules in blocks of V each and on good white paper. Also 4v. Agriculture Sutistic blanks on yellow paper, &o in a diock. S. M. HENDERSON. County Clerk. 1 little fellow whom Scott introduces ia "Peveril of the Peak." He wss Lorn Grove township, and cleared it with a pair of oxen, living in a covered wag Paraguay's Rich Forests. Paraguay baa valsable forest resources, tbe most important of which is quebracco. particularly rich ia ! tannin. ta itutiaaaszure. Engiana. in loiy. -fon while he was doing the work. Last When eight years of age be was pre- .nnm.r Vr n.nw-k Morpssod . aented by tbeTuke of Bucldngbam tol . v. A . A Queen Henrietta la a coUl pie. Heaft- . erward became attached to tbe court of I cniioien arove mm 10 tae xarm Charles L At one of tha court masks near Canada Corners. the king's porter, a man of gigantic I Three Children Survive . slxe. wbo used to torment tbe little tn igl Mr. Ren wick was marriec dwarf, pulled from one pocket a loaf of Mi .Roslaa wbo lurTTef ! ores a ana irom ise oxoer jearey. uves fa the anroriaa and amusement of the company present, Jeffrey was at thit drn. three of whom survive: Marion time only eighteen Inches la height. I C. Odor of Hammond. Ind.. R. H. Ren- He remained at thia suture until be I wick of Argyle. 111., and Mrs. Rose R was thirty years of age, after which a Lawbaugh of Rock ford. Thomas R Joluraiy Wise Boyle Woolfolk's great Comedy Hit, with Sam Mvlie in the Title Role, supported by a well selected star! of clever actor folk. Matstn Mditoriim Thursday, Friday and Saturday Evenings and Saturday Matinee Don't fail to see and hear the famous "I'eachblow Chorus," a Company of good looking youn? ladies who can really sing. Admission lO, 20 and 30c to G3E DDE 3E DCDE 3DE DDI 3 DC IB curious exception to tha laws of growth took place, sine Jeffrey rapidly grew to be three feet nine inches ia height. whereas moat men do not grow a quarter of aa Inch after the age of thirty. This dwarf had an enormous head sad very large bands and feet: otherwise his proportions were symmetrical and bis face waa considered handsome. Renwkk of Kirkland. I1L. Robert Ren wick of Maple Park. 111., Mrs. Margar et Julian of, Dixon, and Mrs. Ague Bryan of Sycamore. Ill-, are the sur riving brothers and sisters. -He leaves numerous relatives I-this vicinity. Clearing Sale oil Tha White Ship. The age of chivalry is supposed to be that age when young men dreaaed themselves cp in armor, and pounded one another with lances and sword. It is perhaps well to recall the story of the White Ship, which ia tbe year 1120 carried to England tha grandson of tbe Norman conqueror. Thia ship waa captained by tha son of the man wbo bsd steered across the conqueror himself. Tbe ship sank. There was only one lifeboat. Tha young prince waa put in that, to ha rowed away. GANGER KILLS 7 TT3 1(1 LONG FIGHT V (By Catted Press. Baltimore, Md., February 5: Con gresamaa Robert Bremner of Ne uia aisier acreameo. tsa pux oaca w jersey whose brave fight for lift save ner aiao. bo many wapea into la One Way tha Reeemblee Mother. A young man on the South Side, newly married, was asked If his wife could make pie like his toother used to make. "Well. I don't know about that," be aald. "but aha eaa make about, thesame 'holler" when 1, track mad into tha house." Kansas City 8ur. ' - Good letterheads aad eavai-opea make a favorable impression oa your respondents. Batter see if your stationery esc not be improved la soma re apacta. - Best at to west prices eaa be had la oar Job Prtntlag departmest. against tbe ravages of cancer attract ed the attention of tbe country, died today at a sanitarium where be under went the radium treatment. At n time did tbe physician hold oat hope bis case being too far advanced. TKa v4t lie e kKawii Kv s) satv n a at m ay I a asaaut.jr atuvaa vj as . utu. a as. c Some InveaUgator of curious subjects I tonlshed tha physician wbo believed . . ... . . . I f. 1 VI. .1 l- Ll-k nas - ciacoTerea inax ua lavenior ox traveling incognito was Peter the Greet the boat from the sinking ship that ail were drowned except one botcher. wbo clung to tha mast. The passengers on this ship were 140 picked and no ble kalgbts. guarding tbe person of their future king- Collier's Weekly. of Russia. The next after the famous Rossian sovereign to adopt tha practice was Joseph IL of Austria. wborh 1777 made a little stay ia Paris eader the title of Count too Falkeastela. During tbe revolutionary period Louis XVIII. barfed bis temporarily useless royal dignity under tha privacy of Cotnte da LCle. whlla Charles X. passed as tha Comte da Mariea. Tha ex- Empreas Eugenie la her splendor f ra it was only his own optimism which kept him up. In final effort the pby sician injected $100,000 of radium i-to his shoulder. He became uncon scions at midnight and did not re Tive. Bremner was greatly interested in radium and Its use to alleviate can cer. When ill he said, "if expert men ting on me baa added a new fa?' to science, treating cancer with rsdl quently took littla trips a tha Comteseeh1"1. then my life hla not been la vala.'t de Plerrefonda. a "THE MELTING POT" Practical Results. I ' - . -There may be aomathlaa: in thia tbe- cets are now oa saie at mica, ory of telepathy.- said tha mystical rd Dickermaa's for "The MeltJaf person, Pot," tbe annual play to be presented -Ton ? mean thought concentration by the Dramatic Club of the Norma" mat ewwa ywi w wpra. School. The date is Friday evening French Royal Wiltons.Royal Wiltons of all grades, Wilton Velvets, Axminsters, Body Brussels, Tapestry Brussels in the various grades. Fiber, Matting, Grass, Ingrain. Any and all rugs carried over are being offered at a price to move them. We need the cash and we must have the room for the finest stock of rugs ever brought to DeKalb, already arriving for the spring trade. Also Cleaning Up Sale in Carried over patterns in Lace Curtains Sec Us Before Buying We Will Save Yon Money February 13. oa others?" Inquired Senator Sorghum. - -Tea." - -WelL there may be something ia It. Bat doat depend oo It For practical I results ia Impressing people, telepathy Uqquhq for wui never compare wun a oraaa oasa and a. parade-"' "Washington Star. Admission 35 cents. ' ' ' 1 Terms a tha Gas Be Dearest, you're the goal of my affections. She (removing- his arm fire yards for holdlngi--IIarvara Boon, ... . ... A GOOD TAILOR! Levin, located at CIS Uacola High way la the one. Gentlemen's suits made to order. Alterations on Ladie apparel a specialty. Cleaning, press lng aad repairing neatly done. Call phone number 3. . $3 If il ft i

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