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The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois • Page 4

The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois • Page 4

De Kalb, Illinois
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of Belvi Jere. but cant do 1U but. believe me, Pit I ha vi. the most serious' plans that the' bunch; here arefine; and every once Is a while we wilt gist tb Charles Gilchrist baa returned Miss Clark la -rruneua- inai caught the eye of Adolph Zukor, and hopes for my pictures," ahe con from his visit in Iowa. talking and wondering what jobs fided to, an Interviewer. I feel Dr. Wyllys, wife and son of Rock- they on aow 5. distinct to the picture art by her daughter, Mr. Decker of ty camore visited relatives; In Rock- ford day last.Cweek i lafgi compdnxtof friends AL relatives game red. at the noma Mrs. Minnie Wilson in honor of her -son Glenn, who Is home on a abort furlough, from Michigan, where he ford called riends here Friday. Well. WIU. I gues wlU quit for for 1 the creation of productions never forget them, I will be -able to tell you about' them when 1 1 get home, and tell Ilolllster when I set back I never will be still any mere, I'll talk and make more noise than I ever did before. i W11L thla -country eanV hold a candle to the good old U. S. Of TH DE ALB A I NICLE Published Daily -Except Sunday by -v i THE4JEKALB CHRONICLE PUBLISHING COMFAXtY Frank W. Greenaway, President I E. J. Raymond, 8ec'y-Treaaurer 11S-123 East Lincoln Highway, DeKalb, lUInola SUBSCRIPTION IIATE3 George Koch and George Schoon- this time end will write another let President of the Famous jiayers-Lasky Corporation. 4 and set Wm speculating as to whether or not Miss Clark would be as lrreslstlefe before the -motion picture camera as in the photographera-' studio. which have an artistic reason for ter to some of you folks tomorrow existence es well ae the promise of maker and their wives motored to Rockf ord Friday. or next day if we arent on the mportant confess a fond Mrs. -Belle- Matthew is entertain move. i is in training in the aviation corps. The more he studied the more ne ness lor the picture story with. big. tronr dramatic factors. It seems ing Mrs. Jlall Leet of Chicago. George Knighton and family and With love to you and all the folks, i I am your brother, to me. too, that there is a distinct became convinced that the star was suited both by personality and hia-trionlc ability to become sv great .10 course the people think so and we cant hardly- convlce them that tt is so, but -believe me, there's no argument spout it In our own I Mr. and Mrs. Will Brandt of Cherry Miss Gertrude: Osnderson' who spent some time at the siarshkll On Week One Month w. On Year eie I 4 Valley passed through here Sunday tt AO 4.80 place for productions of the kind, well done. In the field of picture art," Another Roche lie boy will soon be in France. Maiden Barker, a son of wlthMr. and Mrs, now I V'ntf evening on tnetr return trom an auto trip to Starved Rock and other home is Pooler. motion picture faTortte. Thu tne end of the long run enjoyed by "Prunella" found Marguerite Clark KVhy the DeKalb milk train equip Mrs. Josephine Barker, and a broth Mie Goodrich spent a day in Chi Man, per Year, in Advance. fJritared as Second Class Mall Matter at the Postofflce. DeKalb, Illinois places of Interest in that vicinity. Jm er of Frank Barker, of thla city, left an eastern port September 7. wlb William Burton made hit usual cago revisiting; scenes of her girlhood. Including Hyde Park High forsaking the taie to appear in a screen adept atios of "Wild flower." meat is worth. mors than the whole rolling Stock of these roads over here It reminds you of the mins ture rath-oads at Rivervtew. Park. trip to Rockf ord Her appearance la ihw was nai the 26th division for over-seas service. Maiden enlisted in' the field tt The King's Heralds met at the school, where not so many years ago she was -a student Miss Good PAINS SHARP ed with delicht by the American home of Mrs. Addle Upstone Satur The Chicago Tribune and the rich', be it known, la of tne inaiana and British public alike, and never day. September 29, for the last meet New Yorn Times, have an office In hospital corps, of the First Massachusetts, end prepared for foreign service by taking a 11 weeks course school of genius, having been oorn did a sUr leap -so quickly to puouc lng of the year, Paris and they print a paper every at Logansport. AUD favor, for wlth'her aavens me day. Of course it lsnt near as Mrs. ilay Rickard has been under in the field hospital corpos at Farm Miss Goodrich Is now busy iwlth motion picture she gainea a puduo the doctor's care for a few days. Ingham. Mass. The 26th division Khe tentative selection of dramtatlc hundred times larger man sae complete as in the States but it will do for awhile. We sure wQjUd be glad to get a bunch of papers from is one of the so-called "rainbow ti u-i cnuld ever hare hoped for on the Mrs. Jacob Lantx who has been quite ill does not Improve very fast material for her picture work. An divisions, Woman Thou-' htSheVfotxKJ Riley Brown snd family of Rock- speaking stage. Her Paramount pictures since that time; In the the States even if they were of old dstea. nouncement Jes to made Tery shortly for her first picture1 pUy and of th etudte arrangements. Die. Cured LydiafiM ford spent Sunday here at. the H. order of their appearance -mtb Tell Art, would Uke to get a PuikliaxnV hn- 'The Crurtble." Th' uoose Brown home. David Schriver and family of 'Irene were also callers which are now in-the hands of east Alex Duncan was a Rockf ord risi "Gretna Green." "Pretty SlaH letter from him and from all of you folks. Each one, of you write sep ern members of the MutuaVs staff. Com; pound. tor one- day this week. here- Watch this column for the date It School opened Monday morning arate. The more we get the better Mrs. Peter Rasmussen has seen VI WWU W.Mfcv. Waters "The Prince and the Pau will come to the Star. with -an excellent corps of teachers. entertaining her sister from Chica per." "Mice and Men," "Out of the rtlMlMmr. WiavsueredlroBi go the past week. Miss Mabel GilchriaU the principal has had years of experience and is nrtftn." t- -Molly-Make-BeUeTe, we feeL But you folks' will have te takej a letter to any one of you as for all you and-1 dont know Art's addres so I cant write to him. female troubles which canned P' Mrs. Stella Bickard accompanied "SHks arid -Little Lady Eil no stranger to. Palrdale. having throueia utnr ttaek taught Hre before -and spent much I hope by the time you receive een," -miss' ueorge vBnB-u" -ann. Whlta. "The Fortunes of and aide. I CrT of her time here at the borne of her title that Aunt Nell has improved a uncle, Charles Gilchrist. Miss Good lot in health because that would be Flo, -The Valentine Girt" and now -TivaUBaaonaC' yUchwlU appear rich has charge of the intermediate THI8 DAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY October 1838 Death'; of Black Hawk, at Eldon. Davis County, Iowa, on the Des Moino River bottom. -y so 1 bad tj bed. Tb doctor advised env oper? fine news to hear; grades, while Miss Gage will again at the Tflncess-xneaire jtonignu A HOUSES i 1). "Ji tbtrsesm Thc: Amazon; 1 AVARiSVtRlTt CLARK The: Amazon; Tell. Pa, gHs short of me. 1 atioo but. I WOU4 teach the primary, classes. MnMMMMBBSBBBSeBIBBBBBBBBSnBieieiei I 4 night capture a couple of Germans Mrs. Wilson Stokely spent Satur and -send them to him. They do i day and Funday here with her moth good -work if you them, er, Mrs. Jacob Cline. not listen to it. A thought of what had read abotrt LyCa B. Pinkhem'. table Compound and triad it. ThoCflrtt bottle broosht threat Teu cau tell Slhv that sho needn't THIL STAR I mind telling me about eating water- John Blake Is home from Roseoe, melon and such stuff as that be D. cause we sure dont get any of that Ralph Lanta was a recent Rock You are always sure of a good reUof and six bottles' have entirely NEWS FROM1 THE ford visiter. berepsnd for Billy not. to play too the-, school 'house and about cured me. All women whd here female program of pictures and music at All You Need te riS yMNelf ta llaae or drag kaMC Is to take cnhw of treatment At Keeley Institute. 400.000 tbcra har by neaas ef the Keeley Treatmat rid tbtiaflnm af hablta whUk wer palling thna dowa. It will do as saock far yon. it yem sa that llfuof er drocs ara aadermtatatT yoar you ar brtBciaa sorrow" to. yonr. frWada aod family, yv should stop.sslBg tbaaa thlas. a la earnest, about Besolvs to. take tha Kaeley Trcatavrat at onea. No til affects, bo bannfol drags, ao nasssa, so cosltassaent. Expert medl-est ssperviaioa. XHUgstrsl coaatort sad eoavomiraeo. Special accoatmodatloos for wosias. Crraspossasce eoafldaotUL Write tor details. The Xotley IssUtsta. Dwtfkt, Xniaois. Vearly 40 years of sseceaa.O Mrs. William Clark went to Beloit tne tar. Ella figuring on Christmas: she is Monday to visit relatives and also NEIGHBORING TOWNS looking ahead-, a -long ways. that's to take in the fair Mary! "The Pride of four months If anyone had told Earl Gallano and sister, Daisy, the Clan," her great Scotch picture comes to the Star shortly. mo four months that I'd be in France now I'd told them they were were here. from New Lebanon Sunday. Jake, who had been spending several days there accompanied rouble ef any kind 1001114 try Lydia E. Hnkham's Voire table Compound Mrs. Etta Dorion, OgdamabWgv wis. nysieUiiSSBMloiabtedly didtheir heat. battled with this esse steadily and could do no more, but often the most edentifta treatment is surpassed, byrthe saedicjnal properties of thvsoodokl asbtonod roots aw herbs contained- In Lydla E.1 Ptnkham'a If any complies afton exists It pays te write the Lydla Pinkham Uodidne ROCHELLE crasy. -V Mabel Taliaferro has the assist rnrnnml John Collins, of Co'. 1 haven't received the tobacco yet ance of a powerful supporting cast them home. Their cousin. Miss Ruth Gallano, also of New Lebanon nth Knirineer's Railway V. S. Ex but ws have only got one bunch of in her new Metro-Rolfe production, "The be seen at was here for the week-end. mall, so I suppose will get it be A PARAMOVNT PlCTUAb peditionary, writes interestingly of France to his brother Will pt thle fore long. Star Theatre tonight. Miss Talia Mrs. Alex Duncan has been entertaining her sister, Mrs. John Balrd Tell all the fellows on the road wonderful optimism which has con Lynn, Msssf or special Irng fyTj ferro is one of those stars who are city as follows: Samewhre in France" rw Attiust 23, 1U7. not afraid of having their own tributed so largely to the success or mis tamous American actor. lustre dimmed by the presence of At PRINCESS 1 r- 1 7H other luminaries. For -hbeer gritWd pluck little The part of Stephen Rutherford, candy inanufacturer is played by Dear Will and rotas: Well Will, we are- sUU in the same getting kind of ner-vous for another move. We cant stay place more than one day now and be satisfied. We are sure Marguerite Clark has no superior. In her latest Paramount Picture mam- the veteran "globe-trotting" actor Gerald Griffin. "Edwin Carewe 'ei if-v f'-'h 1 "The Amazons," she plays a torn- The above is a scene from Marguerite Clark's latest success "The Imainna" la nnnAarlnr nt fhft Miss Taliaferro's director, had plan boyish sort of a felrl who fences, boxes, tides and swims exactly like some boomers. Spot came all the ned to produce "The Sunbeam" a boy ana a mighty vciever ooy. at I'M-' TO some time ago, but waited, until he way from Chicago to France on could obtain the services of Mr. I package! of Bull Durhamand a dime Griffin in the difficult role of the 'snd the dime he lKrroed off of me. that. In several scenes she fights ithiose vrmo and fights are real, stand-up-and take-it fights, and little Miss crusty old millionaire about whom wow tnat is traveling wmw a everything but his disposition Is 1 received a letter irom you uer other tdar dated August S. That ls Clara got severely Druisea auring the course of some of them. But sweet. the first mail we received so mere did that stop her? On the con Danny O'Maddlgan, a product of the reformatory, is played by Ray- must be some more of it some Place. trary, sho straightway engaged We moved so last mere ior a wdmb trainer, and actually took lessons tf Hid I guess they couldnt keep track ofH in scientific boxing. This is only an example Of the AGS MMS. way she has worked her way from i-l was glad to hear that you b4 taken the milk because I think it Is as good a lob as they have on the start of Her motion picture car Princess -today. This is another Of thlff most popular little star's comedy attractions. If you have seen her in any of -her plays like "Snow White" or "Miss' George 'Washing-ton we can assure you thatyou will like "The Amazons." If you have never seen Marguerite Clark you should see this one. Supper showv at .5 45 to night. Regular performances "at 30 and 9:00. i That extremely energetic and versatile young -man. Douglas Fairbanks, added another feather of glory to his cap of fame when he consented to embody his laugh and live philosophy into a photoplay story. "Down to Earth" Is the result of newest effort as an author coming 'to the Princess next week. That Art craft star has written a book, several and countless articles in addition to his other achievements and judging eer, stopping at nothing, making the Galena and they sure have some mond McKee, well known in vaudeville and musical comedy. He made his debut at an early age as "Grit, the Mr. McKee played Juveniles for Lubin for four years. A recruit to motion pictures rom the dramtlc sUge is Helen Alexandria, in the part of Ellen. She recently had the leading, part In "The Miracle Man, and was Henrietta Crossman's leading woman in The Tongues of Men." Mrs. Breyer, who plays Granny was for ten years stepping stone out of each obstacle. 'She started with amateur theatricals at her! home in Cincin A nati from which she graduated to a small part in the Aborn Opera com conductor to work for. He lsn afraid of work. Be sure and give htm and the engine crew- my regards and tell them that I would write but paper is getting' scarce and' they don't give us much time to write. You said youtnade three hours overtime on the Job. That's a ontomobile S3 of probably no pany and later to musical comci An aiiaugCTir.nt, hns been efEecteSl ihexeby tfeq Llax? irdalMotor Qossp fcsa fcsT45d for a period of five the uxupertleg. pf- the sten. little by she advanced, appearing on the, Btage fii cicry interest a member 01 tne cast 01 ine ma word I've forgoten since I Joined the Daniel Bertona. seen i ft army. They don't put any limit on to as one of tne mugs, is a rormer pugilist. nd Louis Wolheim. who you at all both in this country and abroad Some of the productions In which she starred were: of An atole," 'Snow White," and "Prune' la." It was a stunning photograph o' to VC3 if -von hove trtoturht Ghalmers Mcior Cloiiipaiiy; plays one of the others, is a college Av. I I suppose you read the letter 1 sent the folks, so I won't need to from advance reports, his newest of fering accents more than ever the graduato. while Eddie Redd way. the third, has been a favorite, comedian of the musical comedy "Stage. of buying a Chalmers xov tell you hr.w strong they are on the censorshin over here. You cant The iimsedx effect 1f this hardly write anything. thece cJmons reasons: Warner Anderson is one of the trajction is: cleverest children in motion pictures. The cast, further Includes 1 Ten obtain Lillian Shaffner. David Thompson 1. The Chalmers car 7ill be a good car. and Al Lee. a The Photoplay League, with ad z. xon ministrative offices at No. 655 Fifth Avenue, New York a national organization' for the encouragement uy equip-- We haven't been paid since we left Chicago but most of the fellows dont have any' trouble getting all the wine end champagne they want. The people here treat know they use wine here Instead of water and they put. rum In all their coffee. Oh! it's hard for some of these birds to take that too We are getting pretty good feeds. The only thing- Is they give us beef stew for breakfast -that's kind of bad but the rest Of bur meals are pretty good. 1.. Will, I have seen some historic places and had some fine experiences in the very short time that I have been away. I would like very much to tell you about them of the higher forms of motion picture under date of May 3, 1917, continued under the Chal-mera name for a period of five yearss distributors or dealers who have been successfully marketing the Chalmers car will continue 2. in a letter signed by. Frank Lascet-les, Director of the Leagued gave the following endorsement to the i 3e obtain a- car pro-jfaeediby cn 4ornlnTOtion Bluebird photoplay to be exhibited at the Star theatre on Friday with (DOT J0PAY2. Rupert Julian and Ruth, Clifford playing the leading roles: "I am i mntrfnilyi ctrcgthened by desired by the committee express to do so. thecition of able ectxtives. to the Biueoira tne pleasure they hsve had in recommending to their various branches throughout a swtMMMissM New Victor Records for October cm the country not to misa seeing- A Kentucky Cinderella which you forwarded for their private viewing last week. They consider it one of the best pictures of the kind, which they have seen, full of interest and genuine amusement, without a dull 5. CQt thCf, ,3 by im organizcn 111 'r rially strengthened bvfz moment from start to finish. It Is laneinl yMAz additional a pleasure to the committee at all times to see pictures such as this, and others which hare been submitted to them, and by their definite recommendation and notifi A iew "Last Rose or Summer- by Galli-Curci. A beautiful old 'song that is ever, new. John McConnack 8WK9 an, ardent love song "Any mace Heaven If You're Wear Me." De Luca In a melodious Traviata number "Thy Homo In Fair rrovence." Olive Kline slnKs two old favorites "Doan Ye-Cry. Ma Honey." and -Flow Gently Sweet Afton." Finale of Bothoven's Fifth Symphony, beautlful-t ly played -by Victor Concert Orchestra, Others lncludlnfl Lively Dance Numbers Exquisite Instrumental M. Solos, and Charming Concert Attractlve Popular Sonfis. Songs Excellent Sacred Extremely Funny Dia-, The appraisexo jprcp-erty arid their engineers report the current GLhahners model a good car arid: the Chalmers plant a wondexful firctorys. The first move wo havemadp is (to icTcaso tbcr; eHciency jq the Chalmers ornmization. The second move; H'as to place Chalmers ear the resources cf die Uax-well Motor 4 Mechanical veptliaUen tt You obfcun. a 'car cation to their -members to actively encourage and suport. such high class productions. A. a distributor orV deder Bluebird photoplays give positive iTAlIAFEQriO -S IN, assurance that an hour spent at the of thin 1 jfjSiH'L" 1 Star theatre on "Bluebird Day" will not be time wasted. Bluebirds are always good, the plsy being select VLzr Greatest 1' 3 logues Songs In-irrray -xuliircof Sunbeam ft. Si' c. if Drocner in- the tmr -jviusl by Star. Orchestra Performances: 7t30 and Adulte.ISc, Chtldresj 10c 5 r- 1 TOMORROW ed upon its merits, and the people playing It being engaged because of their individual abilities. y-ri Miss Edna among the latest Mutual's asquisltlons under President Freuler's policy, of blg Btars onlq." has quit 'm, highly successful, vaudeville tour to begin ork on her pictures in execution pt the Mutual contract. 4 i': Miss Goodrich has returned tb New York," where her pictures -will be- made; Just prior to her return We will gladly give you a complete descriptive list and play any music you wish to hear. Vic-trolaa In great variety of styles from 5150010 5350 LEWIS PALMER MUSIC CO. lis Third SI. 0pp. DalsSi ABillsrlsa TO FAIlCtS STAGE sar 1 -srw ft TVV CT 4 TT" fv'l IT 'ar to New York. she. fisited the home offices of the Mutual Film Corporation la Chicago and there discussed plans for her work. i Aduiss'cn iCi. J.r

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