The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 17, 1967 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1967
Page 18
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'iiiitiiiiiiiiiiittiiiittttitiinwitiitiiiiBiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiffl Evelyn Thursday, Aug. 17, 1967 Algonc (la.) Upper De$ Moin«$-7 Every woman gets the house cleaning fever and it caught up with me the other day. Among some clippings I had kept was a picture of Mary Ellen Kelley, Marcus. She was propped up in bed, had a bed table over her lap and was doing some writing. Mrs. • Mattie McWhorter asked me years ago if I had ever read her column in the Marcus paper, and it was because of my column Mrs. McWhorter thought I might be interested. Mary Ellen was an arthritic victim, too. Then I heard that she had written a book, "And With the Dawn, Rejoicing." I read it and her case was quite similar to mine, so much so that I wrote to her. Her response was prompt and she closed by saying, "I get lots of mail but your letter is one I'd like to keep and frame." Fortunately, my arthritis didn't come until I was 22 - lacking three months, so I had 22 years of dating, dancing, hiking, picnicking, long walks on Sunday afternoons, and all the things young folks did in my era, plus graduating from high school. Mary Ellen's trouble began in her teens. * * * At one time when I was about ten, I had .some knee trouble the doctor diagnosed as synovitis (water around the knee cap), commonly called "house maids knee", caused by some injury I was not even aware of. The doctor didn't want me to walk too much, so for awhile a classmate was paid to pick me up, take me in an over-sized "go cart" to school, but once there, I climbed the stairs in old Central to the second floor with no particular difficulty. This "water" may have been a forerunner of arthritis, but it took a specialist in Chicago to dub the lameness I had acquired very suddenly many years later as arthritis. * * * When I think of all the things I have done - Mr. Quinby offered me a job as bookkeeper when the store was in the J.C. Penney building, but Dad didn't want me to take it. So I worked in the courthouse for my uncle Frank Henderson who was county recorder and his wife Mary was his deputy. I was hired as extra help, also did quite a lot of work for O.J. Stephenson, county clerk, played violin in the old Call Theatre orchestra, and when Mrs. Apes Laidley became recorder and uncle Frank went in with the Long brothers in the grocery business, Mary remained her deputy and I was kept on as an extra. It was during that time I had an attack of something in my knees, and decided to find out WHAT it was, hence the trip to Chicago, two in fact. * * * For two years I was prac- ' tically bedfast, but I was getting my Irish dander up and I said to mother, "I'm going to get out of this. I'm NOT going to stay put." It took a lot of grit and determination, but it wasn't long till Iwas on crutches and gradually began doing things - washing dishes- the standing helped strengthen my back, and ere long I was in the cooking business. Pmagoodcake and cookie make r if I do say it myself, and I always did the salads. They take time and mother could get a meal while I was fussing with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, radishes, etc. I could use a broom too - but my "Legs" (crutches) I could never shake. There are still people who think I am tied to a wheel chair because they see me in it on the streets. But I haven't any use for it except on the streets. Now that's a part of my life's story and will clear up a good many arguments that have arisen over the years. Poor Mary Ellen died a few years ago-but her case was so much more severe than mine and I am sure somewhere for her the "Dawn" has come and with it' 'Rejoicing." * * * Leave it to a woman to have ideas I Mine is that all these rioters be sent to Vietnam, kept in their own company with responsible officers, non-rioters to keep order and discipline—and let these "gun happy" trouble makers fight the enemy and get some of the fight and ire out of their systems. I don't wish for any-one's death, but if these "hoods" SHOULD get killed, I am afraid I'd not be able to squeeze out a tear. And how good it would seem to get our beloved United States back to a place of law and order. * * * I have been asked about a Mrs. Boone, an elderly woman who is a resident here. Her name is Myrtle Boone, not Marie. They ORDER FUEL OIL NOW FILL UP BEFORE THE FALL RUSH! You get the finest quality fuel, oil for less money at Viking. Avoid the fall rush for fuel and call in your order now — COUNT ON FUEL OIL • DEPENDABLE • ECONOMICAL • CLEAN Bulk Wagon Delivery To Any Point In Town or Country. ORDER FUEL NOW I 295-3749 VIKING OIL CO ROY STOFFEU,. Qwntr WIT NORTH OFm'WAUKgi STATION IN AtOONA are no relation what so ever, and this information came direct from Mrs. Boone's daughter, Mrs. Ralph Diekoff, who comes to see her daily, They don't even know Marie Boone. * * * I love diamonds and so does Mrs. Ervin Wiltgen with whom I was talking the other day. I told her to tell her husband I wish I had been able to see the display he advertised. She said it was indeed a beautiful display. I told her I thought it would be a smart idea if he would give us a four carat one, let me wear it one month, then I'd pass it to her to wear a month, exchanging this way over a period of years. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hansen have had their grandson Bret Tippin, Storm Lake, with them a week and during that time Mr. and Mrs. Don Mertz and their granddaughter, Linda Alderson, came from Grand Island, Neb. The two children had a wonderful time together and Linda said to her aunt, "Oh, aunt Agatha, this is the most wonderful vacation I ever had." * * * Harold and Connie Jergenson of Aurora, Colo, were here to see me before they left for home. Harold's mother has long been a sufferer from asthma, but since moving to Denver is not troubled at all. * * * I wonder what has happened to' Bill Steele's hay fever? He's probably outgrown it in his "old age", but I can remember when his mother used to take him into Duluth, Minn, for several weeks during a period in Iowa's weather that made him most uncomfortable. * * * Just two weeks and Pll be adding another year to my age. And the Kossuth County Fair starts at the same time. How we used to look forward to the Fair. It has never seemed quite like the Fair since they moved the midway to the west and changed the am- phitheatre, though it was a good idea. When it faced west, we sat broiling in the sun and we used to get seats near the top to be out of the heat. And I don't like having the old race track taken away. I was never interested in horse racing but Dad and Mother and my aunt and uncle from Spencer loved them. * * * Grace Ramus is,also a "Leo" person, astrology has us. Her birthday is Aug. 1 and yesterday several of her friends came to see her, brought cake, and coffee was served with it. This morning, she sent a piece of cake to me. It looks delicious and Pll have it with my dinner. Thank you, Mrs. Ramus, for remembering me. I hope you have many more happy birthdays. Since you celebrated your eightieth anniversary yesterday, the celebrations we now have aren't as hilarious as they were when we were teenagers, but they are still enjoyable and we can look back on a period of time which seemed much better than now. Riots and wars unheard of- at least if they existed they were small. But, of course, we didn't have radio and TV to report immediate actions. But I know you'll agree with me, the old times were the best, and though you are my senior by a few years, we could do a lot of remembering if we were to talk together. I think the first big disaster I recall was the assassination of President McKinley. I wasn't very old, but I remember with what horror we read about anarchy and who was the woman who helped instigate the crime? ' I can't remember. But here's to happier times in our day, and as I said, Thanks again for the cake and best wishes to you. * * * Mrs. Maggie Pannkuk (Clarence) of Fairmont sent me a picture of her granddaughter Barbara Jo Pannkuk and her bridegroom, Kenneth Olson, Jackson, Minn, They had planned to be married July 6 but after the invitations were out, there was a lot of telephoning to do. His leave was postponed and the wedding had to take place at a later date-July 16. They had a honeymoon in northern Minnesota and he has now returned to Vietnam. * * * Earl Rich treated a few of his friends here to sweet corn on the cob for dinner yesterday, Oh how good it tasted! I wonder if it came from his farm. Mother raised a small patch one time and had a wonderful yield and at just the right stage when Frank and Mary Henderson came back from California on a visit. They certainly did appreciate the corn and we laughed about the number of ears we ate per person. "More than is fed a horse," we said. * * * We have some new chairs over here - the nicest sort for persons who can't get around too well. Small wheels which can be locked, trays across the arms at meal time, or left if one has books or papers or writing they might want to do. Foot rests, too, if one wants them, or they can be folded back under out of the way. * * * This morning's Register carried a New York exchange giving Judy Garland a most flattering account of her recent concert Well, they can have her. I don't want her nor any of these "belting" type singers - Ethel Merman for one more and any of their ilk. Give me Norma Zimmer of Welk's programs. * * * Since this is lakes and seaside time, here are a couple of apropo quips -"Ship Ahoy! One harassed doctor christened his boat "Tranquil Liza". On a teenager's skiff was "Buoy Crazy," and a tax-weary accountant named his cruiser "Non- Deducti-Belle." Not to be outdone, a southerner had on his ' craft "How Yawl." * * * I was wrong in reporting the Albert Haggs had bought the house the W.a MacDonalds live in, but that is what I was told. It is the Edna Schllts house and Us contents which they purchased and will be back to live In. Sorry for the error. Plan Family Night Aug. 22 At Ledyard LEDYARD - On Tuesday evening, Aug. 22, Mary circle will sponsor a Family Fellowship Night at the Ledyard Methodist Church. The program will begin at 8 p.m. and anyone interested is welcome to attend. Color slides will be shown by Nancy Herzog who will also tell some of her experiences in working with deprived children and teenagers from the metropolitan New York area. Nancy will return Sunday from New York and will leave Thursday for Toledo, Iowa where she will teach physical education at the State Juvenile Home. - o - HONOR COUPLE Mr. and Mrs. Fred Johnson will be honored with an open house at their farm home northwest of Ledyard Sunday, August 20, from 2 until 5 in observance of their 25th wedding anniversary. All friends and relatives are invited to attend. The event is being sponsored by brothers and sisters of the couple. - o- LUMBER COURSE Harold Herzog, manager of the Ledyard Lumber Company, has received word of the opening of a building management course Sept. 5 at the Northeast Area I Vocational-Technical School located at Calmar, Iowa. This is the first course of its type in Iowa geared directly to the lumberman's industry. All individuals who might be interested in this training program are encouraged to contact Mr. Herzog or call the school for further information. - o - Members of the Matzener- Estle American Legion post will have a barbecue chicken supper Friday, Sept. 1, Serving will begin at 6;30 and continue until 11 at the hall. Tickets are now on sale by Legionnaires. Mr, and Mrs. John Kramers- meier, Mrs. Arden Runksmeier and Lori returned home Tuesday after spending a week with their son and brother, Wallace Kra- mersmeier, Tulsa, Okla. Mrs. Lillian Riedel of Ringsted, Mrs. Murl Jorgenson and' Carol went to Mason City Fri-» day where they met Edith Worthington, Chicago, who came by plane to visit her mother at Lone Rock and the Jorgensons at Ledyard. Monday dinner guests at the Murl Jorgenson home were Mrs. Lillian Worthington, Hugo and Sylvia Worthington of Lone Rock and Edith Worthington, Chicago, Mrs. Clayton Roseboro is home after spending five weeks in Colorado Springs, Colo, with her son and daughter and family, Terry Roseboro and Mr, and Mrs, Roger Fletcher and family. IT'S A J \ TIME! FOR YOUR BACK to SCHOOL NEEDS SHOP ALGONA WHEN IT COMES TO BACK TO SCHOOL NEEDS, YOU WILL FIND NO FINER SELECTION ANYWHERE. ALGONA MERCHANTS OFFER YOU THE BEST OF EVERYTHING FROM FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS SERVICE TO PRICES THAT MEAN SAVINGS I THESE FIRMS INVITE AND APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE Taylor Implement Co. fnnk Plumbing & Heating Hood's Super V«lu Zender'i Thermogag Co. of Algona Irons Heating & Plumbing Cowan Corporation J. C. Penney Co. Schultz Bros. Garage & Oil Station Jack's O.K. Tire Service Kirk's Shoe Store Coast-to-Coait Store Algona Greenhouse! Behr Standard Service North Central Pabllc Service Co. Post Transfer & Storage No. Iowa Appliance Center Algona Plumbing & fleattog Dan Garage A Body Shop Foiter Furniture Co. Pjustrom Furniture Co. Graham'1 Viking Oil Co. Bnscber Broi. Implement Kossuth Motor Co. Salter'i Davh Paint Smoke Shop Honsbrnch Drug Consolidated OOp Creameries Wfltgen Jeweler* Joe Bradley Equipment Taylor Motor C*. Lentho!d-Wllliami (The Hub t'lothlen) Frederick Hardware Algona Flour & Feed Sherwln-Wllllams Painti Read's Furniture Christensen's The Chriscbllles Store Hutzell Office & School Sunnlv The Security State Bank Modern Dry Cleaners Sharp's Jewelry Algona Theatre Co. Sheakleys ^•^•••MH Iowa State Bank Home Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n Swanson's Food Store Ludwig's Ca/e United Building Center North Iowa Sewing Machine Co Percival Motors Algona Produce Co. 8 & L Pept. Store Harrison's Variety Bomeaars 5 & 10 Algona Implement Co. Ernie Williams — John Deere Lindsay Soft Water of Shilts Brownbllt Shoe Store Universal Mfg. Co. Rusk Drugs-Jewelry Upper Dei Molnes* Publishing Co Laing Plumbing & Renting

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