The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 17, 1967 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1967
Page 16
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WASHINGTON Mt try-Go-Round DREW PEAKION SPECIAL REPORT FROM WASHINGTON WASHINGTON — President Johnson has been studying new welfare proposals that would ease the pressures in the Negro ghettos and reduce the risk of riots. But soundings on Capitol Hill have convinced him that Congress is in no mood to provide more aid to slum Negroes. He is also nervous about asking Congress for more money to fight poverty on top of his request for a tax increase. One of the President's biggest problems in seeking answers to the racial problem, however, is that Congress is run by old men who simply are out of touch with the times. Not only are they too crusty to come up with answers themselves, but they block the efforts of younger men in Congress whom they tend to regard as unseasoned upstarts. The average age of committee chairmen is 67 years. The oldest, Senate Appropriations Chairman Carl Hayden of Arizona, is 90 years old. House Government Operations Chairman William Dawson and Judiciary Chairman Emanuel Celler are in their 80*s. Eleven committee chairmen are in their 70's. The youngest, Senate Finance Chairman Russell Long, is 50. But age is not the only factor. Most Congressional leaders also come from small towns and have little interest in or understanding of big-city problems. Of the 16 Senate committees, 13 are headed by Senators from small towns. Of the 20 House chairmen, 16 come from small towns. These aging, rural-minded leaders just do not understand the need for improving slum life in order to eliminate a cause for riots. Their idea is to pass anti-riot laws and to send the Stokely Carmichaels to jail, ac- tion more likely to inflame than to calm the ghettos. - o - - ARMY STRAINED BY RIOT DUTY - Some top Pentagon officials are worried over the reduction of Army forces at home at a time they're being called upon for riot duty, The total strategic reserve in all 50 states has now been reduced to five Army divisions, one at only two-thirds strength, plus an Army armored cavalry regiment, two Army brigades, two Marine regiments, and some artillery, signal, engineer and other support units. One of the brigades, the 198th at Fort Hood, Tex., has already been ordered to Vietnam. The President also has promised Gen. William Westmoreland, the American commander in Vietnam, the equivalent of two more divisions. Yet the October draft call was actually reduced, and President Johnson has refused to call reserves to active duty. One reason is that most reserve units, according to a confidential Pentagon study, are in a poor state of readiness. The National Guard also lacks training in riot control. But the chief reason the President is risking the drastic strain on Army strength at home is his desire to hold down the budget. - o - - APOSTLES OF VIOLENCE - The leadership of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee has been taken over, ironically, by apostles of violence. Most of them believe in the anarchistic brand of communism preached in Peking, and they no longer try very hard to hide their communist sympathies. COME JOIN THE FUN! State Fair 19G7 ONE OF AMERICA'S GREATEST ENTERTAINERS IN PERSON! TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD And The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show featuring THE YOUNG AMERICANS with Teddy Phillips and His Orchestra NIGHTS: AUG. 22-26, MATINEE, Aug. 25 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Rodeo NIGHT, Aug. 21 AFTERNOONS: Aug. 21; 22 Topflight rodeo as loading cowboys battle outlaw stock for points that count in national championships. SIZZLING AUTO RACING BIG CAR BATTLES Afternoons: Aug. 20; 26 SUPER STOCK CLASHES Night, Aug. 20 SEMI-MODIFIED DUELS Night, Aug. 18 SUPER-MODIFIED THRILLS Night, Aug. 19; Afternoon, Aug. 27 LATE MODEL STOCK CAR CLASSICS 200 lap, Afternoon, Aug. 19; 250 lap, Night, Aug. 27 ~JOIE CHITWOOD THRILL SHOW Afternoon, Aug. 18 HARNESS RACES Afternoons: Aug. 23; 24 2 GREAT HORSE SHOWS SOCIETY HORSE SHOW Nights: Aug. 18-24; Matinee, Aug. 20 ALL WESTERN HORSE SHOW Nights, Aug. 25-27; Afternoon, Aug. 27 HUNDREDS OF FUN FEATURES INCLUDING: Mammoth Midway • Talent Championships • Baton Twirling Championships • Festival of Bands • Travel Village • Radio-TV Shows • Art Exhibit • Photo Salon * Wildlife Building a Checker Championships • Cookout King Contest • Fiddlers' Contest • Garden Show • Arts and Crafts Show * Horseshoe Pitching Championships « Team and Pony Pulling i Iowa Championship Tractor Pull • Hall of Health • Farm Gadget Show So Much That's New! IOWA TOWN & COUNTRY ALL GAS HOME More than a model home! Filled with new ideas to help you better enjoy the good Iowa life. 1865 STEAM TRAINS Authentic >/4 scale models with sightseeing cars. Exciting new way to get to and from the huge parking lots and all around the fair. PIONEER HALL A fascinating museum of early Iowa history. Artifacts, photographs, antiques and antique auction. Exciting new addition to the fair. IOWA'S FIRST CHURCH Exact replica of the first church ever built in Iowa. The original was built in Dubuque in 1834. Daily services. VIET NAM VILLAGE Full scale reproduction of a typical village in South Viet Nam. See Vietnamese homes, furnishings, how they live. You've read about it, now see the real thing. GRAND CONCOURSE All new and beautifully different. Fabulous new Celebrity Stage. Special decorations and plantings. Free entertainment all day every day. HALL OF BETTER LIVING All new layout of exhibits in the huge Varied Industries Building. Bigger, more beautiful displays. MORE FUN! TEENTOWN CHILDREN'S DAY, Aug. IB HERITAGE VILLAGE AMERICA'S GREATEST AGRICULTURAL EXPOSITION OUR FAIR LADIES NIGHTLY FIREWORKS CAMP ORDER GOOD SEATS NOW! Gold Circle-Stage, or Gold Circle-Box (Specify) $3.00 Blue Chip Section, $2.50. Green Section, $2.00. Send Check or Money Order Today To: Secretary, Iowa State Fair, Des Moines. Children under 12 admitted to fairgrounds free throughout the fair. ONE OF THE WORLD'S GREAT ANNUAL FAIRS! The most notorious SNCC leader, Stokely Carmlchael, isn't the only one who has been attending communist conferences. He was accompanied to Havana by two other SNCC leaders, Julius Lester and George Ware. Lester was seen dressed in a Cuban army uniform, which may be grounds for revoking his American citizenship. Still another SNCC leader, Cleveland Sellers, turned up in Tokyo to attend a communist- called convention. He was as outspoken as Carmichael in calling for a Negro rebellion in the United States. Meanwhile, it is known that SNCC has developed contacts with revolutionaries in Asia, Africa and South America. SNCC has received far more publicity, however, than its numbers warrant. FBI reports state the organization has no more than 150 members throughout the country. Most are congregated in the South, a few in big cities such as New York, Chicago, Boston and Washington. SNCC has also lost most of its liberal white backing since it switched from nonviolence to violence. Two fund-raising off ices- one in San Francisco, the other in Cambridge, Mass. - still collect some money from whites. But most of it now comes from militant Negroes. It is also suspected, but there is no proof, that SNCC has received secret financing from communist sources. - o - - TIMES HAVE CHANGED Sen. Hatfield of Oregon, a rising star in the liberal Republican firmament, was introduced 'to an audience of young Congressional interns the other day as "the man who nominated Richard Nixon." Hatfield, who indeed delivered the nominating speech for Nixon at the 1960 convention, is definitely no longer a Nixon man. He smiled at the interns and said: "Richard who?" - o - - RUSSIANS FOR PEACE - The Russians have informally sounded out U. S. Ambassador Arthur Goldberg about calling another UN Security Council meeting to seek peace in the Near East. They indicated that this time they would use their influence to persuade the Arab nations to abandon their position that Israel must be annihilated and to accept a co-existence policy, if the United States in turn would pressure Israel. to give up captured Arab territory. This proposal by the Soviet Union is believed to be the reason for the visit of President Tito of Yugoslavia in Cairo last week. Meanwhile, Egypt's position in the UN has been weakened by confidential reports from the International Red Cross describing Egyptian poison gas attacks in Yemen. The reports are detailed and documented. They have lead to suggestions from several delegates that the UN conduct a formal investigation and condemn Egypt if the reports are confirmed. They argue that the United Nations cannot permit the use of poison gas anywhere in the world. - o - - WASHINGTON RUMOR MILL- The rumor has been circulating in the Senate that Clark Clifford, after his return from a Presidential mission to our Asian allies, tried to recommend a de- escalation of the Vietnam war, and as a result was chewed out by LBJ so mercilessly that he asked Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas to help restore him to the President's good graces. The rumor was categorically denied by both Clifford and Fortas, who told this reporter that they hadn't even spoken to one another since Clifford's return. Clifford further said that he has no private differences with the President over the conduct of the war and that the President has never been the least vituperative with him. Usually there is a grain of truth to a Washington rumor, Clifford said, but in this case the rumor is totally unfounded. Yet some prominent Senators are still spreading it. - o - - ROMNEY WILL CHALLENGE NIXON - Michigan's square-jawed Gov. George Romney, in a bid for unity in liberal Republican ranks, recently offered to withdraw as a Presidential contender and throw his support to Gov. Nelson Rockefeller. The New York governor emphatically rejected the offer. His wife, Happy, told the Romneys with emotion: "We aren't going to walk down 'that path again." Rockefeller repeated his determination to help win the nomination for Romney. Rockefeller subsequently has given every in- For And About Teenagers ] &CVS GO fix. \ ) THE _NI«e LJ" THE WEEK'S LETTER; "I have a problem 1 would like some help on. Please print it in the paper. My girlfriend and I have the same problem. We are both 17 years old and do not have date?. U'ehave several dates with boys and that'sabout It. The boys like us and tell us that we are very cute and very nice. Our parent's tell us that it is because the boys aren't ready to settle down with the nicer girls. What we want to know is, why don't boys go for the nice girls"? Most girls are very forward, If you know what I mean. The boys we dated are nice and the kind we would like to date, but we never get asked again by them. When we have dates we are both kind and try to do the right things. Our parents tell us that when the boys are ready to settle down they will come look- Ing for us. But we arc tired of s it ling around waiting and watching other poople have dates. 'Ac want to have some of the fun other teenagers are having." OUR REPLY: 'Hie girls who are forward appear to he much more popular, 'lliey really are not. If you take a good look, you will probably discover that iboys do not take them out more than a few times. Then they have |to find another boy to take them jout. i Nice girls are not under any great handicap. There are enough nice boys around. The girl with a good personality, who is fun to be with, who is friendly and witty, will be popular . . . and her popularity will last. f you hovt a '••r*OJ« probltm you W«M te ducwti, or on obitrvat>on 'o Txjk». oddrett YOU l>Hir M FOI AMD ABOUT TEENAOttS COMMUNITY AND SUBUKAN MESS StIVICE. FUNKFOIT try clication that he intends to keep his promise. As a result, Romney has gone ahead with plans to challenge Richard Nixon in the nation's first Presidential primary, in New Hampshire, a vital hurdle for both men. New Hampshire is probably the only state where Nixon's popularity, fanned by a conservative press, is higher than that of the crusading Michigan governor. Confidential polls show Nixon leading Romney in New Hampshire by two to one, Romney hopes to come from behind by barnstorming the state and looking the voters in the eye. His two-fisted personality, which has won him unprecedented victories in Michigan, should have an Impact in New Hampshire as well. As his hole card, however, Romney hopes to get the endorsement of Nixon's I960 running mate, Henry Cabot Lodge, who won a surprising victory in the 1964 New Hampshire primary - though he was on the other side of the wuild as U. S. Ambassador in South Vietnam. Public relations man Robert Mullen, who has worked closely with Lodge in the past, is quietly trying to line up the Lodge forces behind Romney. After Lodge's return from Saigon, Romney spoke to him on the phone, but didn't ask outright for his support. Romney's supporters are also seeking the endorsement of ex- President Eisenhower, who privately has said he would like to see Romney become the Republican nominee. The Romney bandwagon is expected to go into second gear this fall. Rodman Girl Is Queen Of Conservation Miss Bernadette Montag, Rodman, was selected as Queen of Conservation at the annual pageant at the Palo Alto County Fair in Emmetsburg Monday, August ** /. First runner-up was LeAnn Thilges, West Bend, and second runner-up was Joyce Banwart of Cylinder. Queen Bernadette received a watch from the conservation service. Each girl also received a pearl necklace from the conservation group as well as other gifts from local businesses and firms. Cresco Chums Name Officers For New Year Recently, the Cresco Chums held their Achievement Show at the Extension office, with 32girls present and a total of lOOentrles, judged by Mrs. Ervin Gerberand Mrs. Looft. A county demonstration was given by Rhonda Sabin and Diane Roethler. A style show, narrated by Sue Smith, was given by the 14 girls who are enrolled in clothing. Songs were sung by the 4-H girls and Pat, Dave and Steve Bescli. There were approximately 70 guests. The August meeting was held with Marian and Edna Frideres hostesses. Demonstrations were given by Diane Roethler and Rowena Wildin. Election of officers was held. They are: President, Marilyn Roethler; Vice-President, Debbie Sabin; Sec., Jane Simpson; Treasurer, Sue Smith; Thursday, Aug. 17, 1967 Algeria (la.) Upper Dei Historian, Marcia Sabin; Parliamentarian, Dawn Wildin; Reporter, Edna Frideres and Linda Weydert; Photography, Mary Besch and Marian Frideres; Recreation, Nancy Weydert and Mary Ann Erdman; Music, Jeanne Patterson and Linda Lallier; and Librarian, Rhonda Sabin. Guests at the meeting were Mrs. Ken Roethler, Mrs. Lawrence Besch, Mrs. Edmund Frideres, Mrs. Les Wildin, Mrs. Merle Moore, Mrs. Verl Patterson, Mrs. Howard Weydert, Linda Meehlhause, andMindyand Becky Sabin. Buck Night The third annual Iowa Repub- lican Party "Buck Night" will be held Thursday evening, Sept. 28. "Buck Night" is a door-to- door fund drive in which householders are invited to give a "buck*' or more for each person living in the home. Thousands of workers are expected to call at thousands of Iowa homes between 6 and 9 p. m. MEDAL A/lc Kenneth L. Dunlap, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard 0. Dunlap of New Virginia, was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal recently. Airman D'unlap was decorated for meritorious service as an administrative specialist while on duty in Thailand. For Convenience ... For Luxury Accommodations .. . For Friendliness... For Budget Rates ... For Resort- like Atmosphere . . . Easily Accessible to All Highways Sale Ends August 31st SAVE Fall Coats Hurry! Just two weeks left to save on your new fafl coat, styled in the newest manner. • CAR COATS • FUR TRIMMED • UNTRIMMED • SUEDES to Charge or Layaway V rahams IINI SIOHIS MHUUUHOUl 10*0

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