The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 17, 1967 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1967
Page 4
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6-Algono (|g.) Upper Pet Moinei Thursday, Aug. 17, 1967 ltrcflltrjITfflllintflllBOT^ AROUND ALGONA I iirainmiiKiiiriraiiiiTO^^ BY RUTH SHIERK GUEST OF Mrs. L. E. Hovey tills week Is her granddaughter, Janet Hauck of Humboldt, who is visiting while her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hauck and daughter Barbara are visiting in Jefferson City and the Ozarks In Missouri. The Hauck family expects to return Tuesday. MR. AND MRS. Richard Thoreson and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Murtagh, entertained at open house Saturday from 6 to 8 p. m. at the Thoreson residence for Sheila Sullivan and her fiance, Don Mclntyre, who will be married next Saturday. GUEST OF Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bohannon last week was her brother, Dr. Harold J. Bcmri- stetter of Kenedy, Tex. He also visited relatives and friends in the area. M.R. AND MRS. William Dau, Jr., and Marilyn, and a sister of Mrs. Dau, Mrs. Dorothy Miller and daughter Barbara, Mason City, left Sunday to spend several days with Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Fraser and family at Minneapolis. He is a brother of the two ladies. MRS. ETHEL (George) JOHNSON, former resident of Algona and now of Warrenton, Ore., has spent most of the summer visiting in Algona and the area ana has been a guest of Mrs. Pearl Potter. She left this weekend to visit for a couple of weeks with relatives and friends at Britt and Garner, after which she will return to her home on the west coast. Her grandson, Gregory Craven of Portland, son of Mrs. Leonard Truitt, the former Mrs. Dale Craven, formerly of Titonka, will be married in Portland Sept. 1, and Mrs. Johnson plans to i/e back to attend the wedding. Mr. aai Mr?. Larry SUcv ana Marsha, Washington, \l:\, sjsni Bie veskend in the hc^e of Mrs.. Stacks parents, Vu. ani Mrs. Ray Thilges and y. Mary Trienen and Jerry Broenins, Sioux City, sier/i t^c nd" in tte horns erf Mr. an; T1 t TTTI'i: MR. AND MRS. Miles Sloni);er recently attended a meeting of the International Councillors of Lions Clubs and this Sunday attended a district council meeting. THE FORMER Sue LaBarre, daughter of Mrs. Donald Ferris, and now Mrs. Sturges, was honored at the home of Mrs. James Merryman at a postnuptial shower Thursday at a 1:30 dessert luncheon. Hostesses in addition to Mrs. Merryman included Mrs. Craig Smith, Mrs. .Allen Buchanan, Mrs. George Harris and Mrs. Paul Owens. MR. AND MRS. Dale Laws have recently bought the former Don Sjogren home south of town. Mr. Laws is interested in raising pedigreed dogs there. The Laws family moved earlier in the month and the Sjogren family is living in an apartment above the grocery store. St. Joe Man's Sister Dies In Minnesota ST. JOE — Mrs. Hiiaria Klein Schreiner, 64, Eden Valley, Minn., sister of Al-.ln Klein from here asri '<"!ck Klein, Livermore, died Aug. i an-d funeral services •s-ere held Tuesday in Eden Valley. Survivors include five daastters, three sons, her mother, five brothers and four sisters. Attending funeral services from here were Mr. arid Mrs. Alvir. Klein, Mrs. Rosalia Hlg, Mrs. Adeline Wagner and Peter Eormann. - o Sister Clare Becker, ML St. Francis convent, Dubuque, will conclude her visit here Tuesday with relatives and friends. Rev. Luke Becker, Booneville, Mo., and Rev. N. J. Becker, Gran- viile, were also visitors here with relatives. Sister Clare is assigned to Aquin Central High School in Cascade this school year. Mr. and Mrs. James Becker, Bancroft, are takin? Sister Clare to Cascade Tuesday. Ann Marie Bormann, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Bormann, born July 14, was baptized Aug. 11 in St Joseph's church with William Bormann and Alberta Walling as sponsors. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Berte have returned Irom a trip through the Black Hills and a visit with relatives and friends in South Dakota. 1 SPRAYING Aerial (3 PLANES AVAILABLE) or Hi-Boy -BOOK NOW- SEE YOU AT THE KOSSUTH COUNTY FAIR ALGONA, IOWA Mmmmmmmummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmummm CUSTOM FARM SERVICES, INC. TITONKA, IOWA CORWITH, IOWA Phil Pfeffer Jerry Krause Phone 928-2610 Phone 583-2392 BODE, IOWA Bill Langston Phone 379-1682 Mrs. Ray Tr.ijges and fa~iil> . Mrs. iren* Eorrnarji, Jeariit and Mark, acccrr.ji-iit-d t.\ Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Kd^str,, 'A^itie- ir.ore, and Sister Anr. Marie, spent several cays iast ^esk it St Benedict's Ccnver.t, Madison, Wise., M-ii^ M;e.erJ- ; Anr.. Sjs^er at Si. Cecelia's convent, Alccru, Mother JoAr.r, an-d Mrs. Hermann are dauer.ters of Mr. and- M-rs. Koilascn. Enrc>'Jte home, Sister A.-J Marie remained at ?re- senta^on convent, DrV.\iQue, --r.ere sne attended retreat before rerjrning to Charles City, her mission assignment for te ne-- school year. " Sister Kay Ann Reding, Mt. St. Francis Convent, Dubuque, daughter of John 5. Reding, is spending this "'eek visiting with relatives and friends. Sister Kay ATJI attended summer school at the Bowling Green University and will return to Corpus Christi Parish school in Chicago following her visit. Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Kohlhaas, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Reding, Leo Bormann, Jim Hilbert, Howard Bormann and Ray Kramer spent four days last week on a tour to Farmland Industries in Kansas, Missouri and Iowa, representing Livermore Elevator. Ellen Bormann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bormann, entertained at her home Thursday at a farewell courtesy for Mary and Carrie Thilges. Classmates and friends gathered for an afternoon of games followed by a delicious lunch. The girls were presented an electric clock as a farewell remembrance. Carrie and Mary are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Thilges and will move Sept. 1 to their new home in Algona and will be 7th grade students at St. Cecelia's school. Attending were Cecelia Gales, Theresa Kohlhaas, Leona Berte, Margaret Capesius, Sandra Kollasch, Barbara McGulre, Diane Bormann, Rita Schiltz, Margene Thtlges, Monica Berte, Donna Kellner, Barbara Frideres, Maureen McGuire and Ellen Bormann. Sister Lois Marie, Mt. St. Francis Convent, Dubuque, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Erpeldlng, is spending this week with relatives and friends. Sister Lois Marie attended Briar Cliff College, Sioux City, summer school and will teach at Dyersville the coming school year. OTTOSEN By Mrs. Donald Usher Snack Time 5 i>. in. in tlui iliiyllmi! anil 7 In 0 p. in. In (ho (ivtmlni;. The (inly niiUerliils iit!cr<i!nary In 1m brought by workor.'i urn ulimiiiui; mid poll.sliliu; elntlio.s •- ntluir tmiturlal will bn I'liniLshoil anil Komouiio will ho on liamltoillroct work. Tlio work iiclicdulu Iti ;aH up UK follow.s: Hurt- Monday, Ann. 21. Tltoiika - Tuuwlay, Aug. 22. Swoii City and I.;ikota - Wednesday, Alitf. 23. Lone Kock and KoiiUm-Tliiins- day, Aug. 24. Algoita and otliurs - Friday, Aug. 25. This Is a counly-wldo project and all people Inturusted In pro- serving Kossuth county history are Invited to loud their support. Help is needed and will bo sincerely appreciated. TASTY TIDBITS for Hugh Griffith from wild and weird Rosalind Russell is just part of an intensive campaign to lead a man to the alter in Seven Arts' "Oh Dad, Poor Dad. Mamma's Hung You In The Closet And I'm Feelin' So Sad," a Paramount Picture in Technicolor opening Thursday at the Algona Theatre. Produced by Ray Stark and Stanley Rubin, and directed by Richard Quine. it also stars Robert Morse, Barbara Harris and Hugh Griffith. "Oh Dad. Poor Dad" is a zany, but often frightening story, of a mother's wild domination over her 25-year-old infant. Notes Of (Servicemen Hist. Society Plans County Work Week Last Friday a progress report on the Kossuth Historical Museum was made to the board and other interested community men. Plans were made for an opening Sunday, Sept. 17, from 2 to 5 p. m. The ceremonies will include a short dedication program at 4 p. m. with the ladies of the organization serving refreshments. Angus Cotton, Lone Rock, is chairman of the committee in charge of arrangements, assisted by Stew McFadden, Algona, Florence Reynolds, Titonka, and Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson, Burt. The week of Aug. 21-25 was set aside as clean-up and polish week because all furniture, fixtures and exhibits need touching up. Special days have been set aside for each community in the county to help during the week. Work is done from 9 a. m. to AMARILLO, TEX. - Airman Jerald W. Helmers, son of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Helmers of Algona, has been selected for technical training as a personnel specialist at Amarillo AFB, Tex. The airman, who has just completed U. S. Air Force basic training at Amarillo, is a member of the Air Training Command which conducts hundreds of specialized courses to provide the technically trained personnel for our nation's aerospace force. Airman Helmers, a 1965 graduate of Algona High School, attended Iowa State University. HAIL STONES Jagged, large hail stones fell in the area of Riverton last month, large enough to smash through rooftops and auto windshields. The hail damaged much of the crops there. Many were larger than six inches in diameter. Friday, three Ottosen Luther Leaguers left from Fort Dodge for the National Trienniel Convention of the Luther League at Dallas, Texas. Jeanie Evenson is the delegate, Craig Kinseth is alternate and Linde LeMont is a visitor. They will be returning this Friday. Jennifer and Steven Lawrence of Springfield, Mo. came Saturday to spend two weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Thorsen of Ottosen and with their grandmother, Dorothy Hundertmark, West Bend. Their father, Dr. Ernest Lawrence, brought them Saturday and returned home Sunday. Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence will return here for their children. Monday night, Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Benson attended the postmasters meeting at Fort Dodge. Monday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Jolllffe from California and Oscar Nordley visited Mrs. W.G. Cooper. Saturday evening, Larry and Paul Nilges of Sumrier came home with their grandparents, the H.D. Bensons, while their father, Dean Nilges, Is in a clinical hospital in Wisconsin. Bret Meyer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Meyer of Algona, is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Fowler, for a week. Wednesday, Mrs. Fowler and Bret had dinner with her sister, Mrs. Anton Anderson, Humboldt. Mrs. Mike Frohllng and sons visited her sister, Mrs, Jay McCollough, Eagle Grove, Saturday. Allan, the McCollougli's son, Is now staying with the Frolilings. -101- Mrs. Dora Getting Schoon, Rock Rapids, was feted by many friends and relatives on her 101st birthday July 25tli. Pres. Johnson also remembered her with a birthday greeting. Mrs. Schoon is head of a family of six children, 25 grandchildren, 74 great- grandchildren and 17 great- great-grandcttildreii. STARLITEl DRIVE WEDNESDAY - Thru - SATURDAY, Aug. 16 -19 WE BROUGHT IT BACK SO EVERYONE CAN SEE IT. •SECOND FEATUREi ALL-NEW A Musical Masterpiece of Enchanting Entertainment! Walt DisneyV; TIMCONWAY-JOEFLYNN and the McHALE'S NAVY CREW ON THIS PROGRAM ONLY CHILDREN - 50c ATERMELON? SATURDAY MID-NITE SHOW ONLY KIRK DOUGLAS MiTZlQAYNOR, GIGYOUNG V ^FOR LOVE OR MONEY 7 .,<„,«„* COLOR LESLIE PARRISH JULIE NEWMU-WllLIAMBENDIX-RCHARO SARGENT SUNDAY-AUGUST 20th WATERMELON NTTE Gates Open 7:00 P.M. — Shows Start 9:00 P.M. ALL THE WATERMELON YOU CAN EAT FROM 7:00 P.M. TO 8;30 P.M. 2nd Big Feature THESE 2 FEATURES ALSO SHOWING MONDAY AND TUESDAY STAHUTE I)IUVK-IN WEDNESDAY & FltlDAY Complete proynuii bogins: 0:00 "Snow White ami Ihu 7 Dwarfs" 11:05 "MoIIalus Navy Joins Iho Air KUIT.IB" - 10:50 TIIU1ISDAY A SATtJHDAY - Compltitu pruuram liogins: 0:00 "Mcllalu's Navy Joins Ihu Air Force" - 9:05 "Snow Whllii and Ihu 7 Dwarfs" - 10:50 SAT- UHUAY MIDN1TK SHOW ONLY"For Um! or Money" - 12:30 SUNDAY -Gains open at 7 for (hi! Watermelon ulto. "Sands of the Kalahari" - 0:00 "Way Way Out"- 11:15 MONDAY- Complete program li(!|;lns: 0:00 "Way Way Out" 9:05 "Sands of Iho Kalahari" 11:05 TUESDAY -Complete program boiilns: 9:00 "Sands of the Kala- hari" - y:00 "Way Way Out"11:15 AI/iONA THEATRE TIIUKSnAY thru SATURDAY- Coiii|)l«tc program begins: 7:30 "Coino Spy With Me" - 7:35 "Oil D:i'l, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung- Yon 111 The Closet and Pm For'lln' So Sad" - 9:10 ONE COM 1'JJCTE SHOWING EACH EVKNING. SATURDAY Matinee Only Complete program begins: 1:30 "Smlloy Gets a Gun" - 2:00 SUNDAY — Complete program logins: 1:00 - 3:10 - 5:10 7:00 - 0:00 "Dr. You've Got to be Kidding": 1:30 - 3:30 5:20- 7:15- 9:20 MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY Complete program begins: 7:009:00 "Dr. You've Got to be Kidding" - 7:15 - 9:20 Thursday - Friday - Saturday AUGUST 17-18- 19 DOUBLE FEATURE One Showing Each Evening Startinq at 7:30 Clever kill your husband on Father's Day- /Father's Day Is not\ \ the orooertime. / > RICHARD QUINE rauim S1MWM Rosalind tell Robert Morse-Barbara Harris Hugh Griffith- JonathanWfnters&• WTO IT RAY STARK uo STANLEY RUBIN MICIIO n RICHARD QUINE soiimo n IAN BERNARD w.uimni TtCH«K;ot.oir ituaMMircna. ^ TROY SECOND FEATURE £tome l?/ovv Your Mi'nd- SATURDAY MATINEE ONLY 1 :30 "SMILEY GETS A GUN" and 4 Cartoons Matron On Duty - All Seats 50c ™"HBBBBHBBBflBBiMHMl SUNDAY Thru WEDNESDAY AUGUST 20-23 METRO GOIDWYN MAYER ^ A MANN UURENCE-WASSFRMAN PRODUCTION SANDRA DEE GEORGE HAMILTON There comes a time when every girl needs a husband I you've got to be kidding! It's the funniest who done it! CELESTE HOLM • BILL BIXBY • DICK KALLMAN • MORT SAHL 3flu iiCfC'tn pljy by diftctud bv DWAYNE HICKMAN' PHILLIP SHUKEN • PEIERTEWKSBURY pouted by DOUGLAS LAURENCE ,., PANAVISION^,.METROCOLDR Continuous Shows On Sunday

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