The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 11, 1930
Page 2
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MONDAY, AUCiUST II, BI.VTUrcVIi.i..rc, (ARK.) COURIER NRWS PAGE THREV As New G. 0. P. Chief Took Office <CO!itimi"d from page onei school advancement ' to: 1 Hi; nex. two yoaiB. Co(nln? En for nr-arly si:; li.ird an fiUnck. is Jitslin Muthrv.s, 1, !((!;• j Hock, )i|i<lift:iy coiiiniKsjnnrr, aiioin Hays accused of roiu.-olliiig llu aovcriior'.s nlfice. I A third raiKlitlato, Jiul'jo John C Slienielrt, of Htlciiii. iiresulfiil ( the Arkansas Couniy Jmljjc; n i ciallnn, lins uiMickrd Ixuh Ilav .' ml i'iiriic-11 :ind driiinnilr-d npilh: : ; !>.- U!i|iolnu\l in ord-'r (n "I-.: r. . •jrafl on', of Ihe suilc-limis"." Sltclflcld s.ilncd • prominence i : the race* v;lu;n lie charged .suoporl- ; I'crs of Hays Mail n'.tcmpicd 10 'ori';- him it he wotiUi \vUiidra\v frs:ii ill , nice in favor "of Hays. 'IVo iiifn ' ifrMiesl D?'A'. fornu'r Hut 1 . 1 ^inployi" ;:i!id Unit. <-«\i. 1/e C.i>">vl. :cr I- facing charge-. 1 ; i\ov. r , urowjn;'. out <> i i Sheffield's aU;i}Pd c:;i>t>c. ; . Itnhinvm IhiUrr I'in: '. :U!j'arLin^ consulcr:!!:!* 3 :it- | Action is ihf UnUi'U .Stall's seiin ^ Viice in v.'liiei Ssnatar Jnsep'. ; IT. Roliinson, veteran l:gislnlii'.' 1( adjr, is fac^d with nppoxilicm lo- the; first limp, in 12 yenis. Tmn \V 1 I Cinnjilirll. Link- Rock ultorncv i ! Penney Company Shows j Good Profit This Year NEW YORK.—Tlie J. C. Ponncy Co. rrnoris net dunhujs for Hi'. 1 six rtidntlis ending June 30. 193(1 i'.'.lu'r ildlucdon.s fur federal laxri I but bcloro preferred stock require, nit-ins of $U.-i07.-iOO.'.!8. ' 'I'liis coinp.ii'i'.i with nel earnings ! fr.r Hi i; mine ix'iitxl nt Insl yerir . all sainrcs, of $3.72!>,07r>.&<;. i 1'i'plpiTNl stork dividend jequlre- | men 1 ..', for lliis ywr were $T?1,789.28 1 Ifiivliu; nel cumin: 1 ,:! for Ihn His 1 : six i!i<:nlh<. alter all ilrdtictions, o' ' jL!.!liO,W.V.!8 vvliirh comi>ai'C"i wilh nvi cumin;; 1 ; (or ilic sfnnc period o ' year, after all deductions. r,l BIG I1KII)CF. FETE PLANNED I'u/lil.s in tlie tirsl sl>; months p.Tlud of this year, applicable lo r.minimi sioi'k, lUTflrdiiig lo Hi:''iiKiil. were W.iBl.iU-l.r/l on 'i.- 4<ia,'JW shares<liiK. equivalent lo Sl.H per slinrr. Proflls re• i>:)iifd for (he same period of Inst year vete. to $1.32 ,1 sharp nil Hie ouiKliiiullliu no-pi' TjnLOIT, WIs. (UH>— The picnic, claimed by Us sponsors lo be tlie world's largest fnrni picnic, will be held AUK. 37, ar- •ordlnc to atinounremenl by of. fleer. 1 , a ihe IHirilU sr.inge. span, sorin;; ;s soili annual event. 1'rep- U'itN :ue tjoinn niadp lo eatv fui I'l.AI'l'ni ANN'IC KITS SUI I.IVAN, Intl., (UP)—Flapper Anne I* the ilrst Iree siller of hr-r kind in Hiiillvan. nnd probably In HIP. iiEitinn. Fliipper Anne Is a doll. She Ins been up in a tree for more than S. r , limns, easily bc-ntine tlie only o'lu-r Sullivan tree siller, a buy, who cttmc to earth afler an hour bemuse ho was hungry. No More Piles HEM-nom, the prescription of Or, J. K, l.eonliurilt, Lt e\it\m.Mce(\ 10 banls'.i iiny form of Pile misery. H ulvi-s n«l<* nctton even In old, stubborn cases. HEM-HOID sue- ccrds because It honls and (jlrcnglli- i dis Die uffcclrd pnrUi nnd ramovps " blood congestion In tlio lower bow- el-llu; const' at piles. Only on Intrrniil mcdlchio cnn do tills, tint's uliy salvfs nn'l cnltlnc '«". Klrby DriiB Co,, mid ilrugfilsls cvoiywlicrc sell IIKM-KOID wllli giinrnnlw llml II COM. you notlilnji If U'1 rnd Pile iiBony.-Aclv.--No. 1 an curly campaign and lui.s • Senator Sitncon D. Fcts of Ohio, lefl, ncwh-appoint ,'d chairman of every section cf the slate tile Republican National Committee, is shown here shaking i~.. | STI;AM NAVIGATION j On August II, 1801. nolwrt Fulton i von recognition as tlie first man to • make strain navigation connncr'ci- ' ailj siieccfsfnl ivlien he sailed his steamboat, The Clermont, up BII river from New York lo ., campaign has u=2.- w , th c i nu( ij lls Uti'tcn of Tennessee, retiring chnirniau. as Fexs S^^^rTr^""" K —> >»"-""> « l "" C " °- "' ""•""«"»- <" W -""' S '°"' **»'"" is exiicclccl lo be a \'K- i Is ihe firsl Ohloiui lo hold the post since the rtay.s of Mark Hamiu. |Alfci!iy, ,1 jo:i.-ncy of 150 miles. | tor because of his long record. j • . In the presence of thousands of It is only in t.his race that echoo: , —______._—. ———— I of tlie 1!128 election have b?e-> i [I "" _. .. . |hc.utl. Campbell has made n. pliv -\\ Ihe Editor S I for Ilic voters who bulled the bum- j!l j ,. n 1 ocralic parly tv.-o year auo. He : '| Letter DOX I charged Hobinson supported a we' j : .Because of Hie frequency wit i best dully paper published in East- ."Slonlshed spectators The Cler.noilt em ArViuisas. limb a credit lo !«artc<l omLs ci«chal trip, making rroinulinfr icrrl-i nl> average speed of five miles an ir Lo ihe tov;n ; h f)lK '- which was c;nsitlercd a great WHO IS BELVA MARTIN Candidate for : lllyUicville and sur i toiy. and an honn. *~ ..... ~ i named for iliu Rev. Henry Thomas i uch.cvcincnt. It look J2 Hours to i? rom Williams "! Blvlhc. ,„, , 110 tlie cnltor:i I which Robinson's name is n,-n I l;on3d as polenlial presidential | Please make a correction 01" :tn I candidate in 11)32. he has ihe soliti j error made in vour is;ne of August | support of the state oryanizallon. jsih. -Your repotlcr rcfered to me' Ihornbc-rrv Gray of Eatcsville, a . .. _, . , I fourth cnndl:lale in tnc governor'' | al thc D ^«cranc Lxecmive Com- ricc! losi cotisid» ground when , miltee meeting, as Ales Williams. ftutii Albany. , When Fulton Ilrst proposed the '.idea of steam -navigation 'he met ! vihli rebuke on all sides. As he I limisi'li said: "When I wa"&~ bnlld- • ing my fiisl steamer in New York .the work was viewed by the public LOVELAND, Colo., (UP)—P. A. | cither with carelessness or con- ncspcclfully. Klliott Williams. ' Luxor:). Ark. IIKAlt 1.0SKS AKGOMENT Commissioner of State Lands She is bettor known in Blythevillc where she lived during- tlic lil'c of her husband Herman Hard in as BELVA Seville \n-.<x tears, anil is willing I 1 »Jt^ 1UJH. CULI.1IU _: llljll- |;i UI11H1 i\ IILTEI 01 •-" * t he was forced to qi.ll his active | '^s we have a colored Alex Wil- tc meet them half wtty. One bear tempi, as a useless scheme my fiiends. indeed, \vcrc civil, but they I campaicniii" n'arlv a month a--- ! Hams living in Fletcher V fownsii'ip • Hint Neville met near here refused >CK> shy. As I had occasion to I became of heat prostration. I I think in justice to both of us : lo let the Lovelai'.iter continue his I pass dally to ami Irom Ihe building In the liciiteiianl-envernort rac? | that the correction should be made, jcutney on a narrow trail. Four - yard while ray boat was in progress, Ir scrambled fight is cspscted in the , as Alex is 3 Baptist Minister :uu ' ?lioU from Neville's rifle won thc ; f mien loileied unknown near idle Ivciing lor the six candidates. They I arc:; Lawrcnc? E. Wilson, Fre:d iHult'o, W. P. Strait. Tom A. Hill. and F. O. Butt. A vigorcns race was made for the I secretary of state's office to suc- I feed Jim Higgins. The four can:li| dates, Ed. McDonald. John Parker lonyjr A. Dlls and Charles M. ipra'et'ins made extensive cam- Firif Woman Candidate Four candidates for re-election I were not opposed.. They are Ha! I Norwood, atiorney-general; J. Os- I Car Humphrey, s!at<? auditor; Earl Pa^e. commissioner of inir.^3, manufacture and agriculture, and ClauC M. Hirst, superintendent of public instruction. Arkansas lias il's firsl woman candidate for state office. Mrs Belva Martin, who seeks the office cf commissioner of slate lands. Mrs Martin holds the office now through appointment. Opposing her i? Ed P. Rosser. Four candidates. Roy Lronarc', Walter G. Brasher. Frank Beasley ti':d R. I-. (Boh) Montgomery jr.. ore seeking to succeed Ralph Koonce as state treasurer. One seat on the supreme court bench nov: held by Turner Butler ii not being contested. The oth?r seat is being fought for by E. L Mclianey. incumbent, nnd John E. [Harris. a Republican, while myself am a : argument, ami ifucsts at two barbe- [ groups of strangers, and heard Presbyterian and a lifetime Demo- . ".lis voted :he bear's meal splen- ; Ihr-in scoff and sneer and rid.^me. crat. ' 1 am also named lor my did. • • • M l' ™rl: was always spoken uncle Captain* Fletcher who wilii : , of ns Fulton's Folly." nis Younger brotiier Thomas, n lad FK\V HOT S11NIJTK8 only a ?cw- months over 1G, fell at . MEMPHIS. iUP>—J. W. Herrinj- the -Datllc of Shil-h. following . ;on fining h iation employe, hari n General Albeil Sidney Joimson. I | :0 ; C0 upie of minut:s here when and my colored neighbor informs ( i| ; tail O f his shirt caught fire ill me liint his near relatives fell at ,. cn:! . unknj'.vn manner. The sta- Ihe battle of Ft, Pillow fighting. (j c n manager pulled Ihe garment General Nathan Bedford Forrest.: uctn his back before he suffered , _ I read yotti-'daily, and'think it the' liom anything more than fright. ; t he had great success in tlie construction of steamboats, various lawsuits in which lie was engaged in reference to the use of, some of his patents, prevcntd him from ever becoming wealthy. HARDTN. She is the sister of DWIGHT BLACK.WOOD. She was born and reared in Mississippi County. She is serving- the first term as Commissioner of State Lands. She has made a good officer and is entitled to a second term. Lets give her the unanimous support of her home county. This ad is published and paid for her friends in Blytheville without hei knowleclg-e or consent. 'Hungary to Rebury 70,000 War Victims BUDAPEST. '(UPI—Negotiation? [arc nov: under way between Ilim- t and Italy for the letitrial in la huge centra! cemetery sami- fwheie In norlheastein Italy of the B70.020 Hungarians who during tlie IworlO War fell on what is now lllalian territory. Ihe expenses of |sucli reburial to be raised in Hun- ! ary by public subscription. I DEATH FOLLOWS VISIT KENOSIfA. Wis. (UPI — Death Irani!! lo Charles Deppe here just few (lays after lie had fulfilled a Ilifelong ambition, visiting with rel- latives in Germany. Deppe returned Ifroin Germany a few days ago aft- Ber celebraiing his lOih birthday in •the fatehrland. Sudden Illness cnd- l£<l with his death. ForLieutenantGovernor W of Morrilton, Ark. A ManWnrUn/toSitin the Governor's Chair Get Your CALCIUM ARSENATE At Belote's Open Day and Night Chancellor Marion Futvcll of Para- goiild, in last Wednesday's edition of the Pavagould Press-Soliphono, endorsed W. P. Strait, candidate for the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor, aS'a man of outstanding ability, unquestioned integrity, and of gubernatorial timber. Cast your vote for lieutenant governor in,Tuesday's primary for a man who, should be succeed to the governorship, will do honor to the state. A resl-jinckft wilt hahl it. this Free book helps make Long Distance like a local call . . . W. P. STRAIT For Lieutenant Governor G""L/9° U ' WOLT.D YOL' like to pick up yonr tclc- t-/ L phone .inH, almost as quickly .is on n local c.tll, j;ct in touch with friends, relatives, business associates, i hundred...two hnndrtcl... miles away? \Vonhl you like to Hw\'on could do this, not only in emergencies, but on ordinary social .tinl business oils?... Yon CPU ilo it, iii practically every case.* 1 It's easy. All you h.ive to do is give the number of the om-<if-rmvn telephone you arc calling. Knowing the number s.tvcs the operator the time of looking ir np in thc directory, and enables her in most cases to ring die telephone almost as quickly as if it were in your own town. Vr/.ir/j/.vr //wr//-.;; cnS e:t: cf trtrj 10 ff fieri ler.£ililtj»;tc.ilh it: firm M//;>£ it ttmtltdla th talhJtlii'i^r.c trlilt It fclJi lie lir.!. OK tf.t it-it ttr flisljwti — n f toK9i'.:-''t — lit prafutitn n titi: t?t.ntr. To make it easy for you to use this speedy mcthod.we will supply you, if you wish, with an "out-of- town number hook," Hsiing the _ names and addresses of jaw ont-of- town friends, relatives, business associates, and telling yon how much it will cost to t.ilk for three mimttes to each. THIS BOOKLET IS FREE To obtain one, simply write on the coupon tlie names ami addresses of three or more persons in other cities whose telephone numbers yon would like to keep handy. Then mail or hring thc list to thc office of the telephone company. We will obtain the numbers for you, enter them with thc other information in your own private long distance telephone directory, .md mail it to yon promptly. BUSINESS OPFICH, SOUTHWESTERN UHLI. TELEPHONE CO., CITY I woulj like 10 luvc thc telephone Dumber^ of tli: fallowing out-of-rrmn people. Abo, plra~-e tell me v.-hat it umiUfcoscto ulL totlieinby "lonj; distance." Vo'.ir iVamc Street Tel;phone No (H'r/rt numi tilsr) Name . Srrcct ............. Citv Snt: .Street Cily Mam; Street City Name Street City State. To the Democratic Voters of . > Mississippi Co. I vilsli iii dlsaercc with thc cilUor of Hie Courier as In hi editorial of Aunust Dili hcadrd "On Pkkliif I'ubllc O«kcrs. 1 ajtrrc with (be cdllnr as to his pararoph two In thl I'dldirlal hcnrsly Is thr llr,t r.vrullal In srltcllnt nif In nil iilLuv.i cf rr\ponsl|iility. .i a,rer with him xv to pura- Kru)ili tbri-t 1 Ibul ubllKy and (jualllli.itlcn should be essential in nur imlillc efflelil.'i. .In pariit'.il'li live «f his editorial, Und Ibis I-. whcr« 1 disagree) he slalm: "On the other band unlesx wr :IIT In consider public oftlces us plums lo be passed cut In i-rn-.jitKfim of party srn-lcr, a man's political views are nf Illlle cr.'u'ciiui'iu 1 ^ if Ihe office he seeks U one ot a purely admJa- IslMllvr rliaruclrr. In srlrclinj in officer vhose duty 'will slnilily \tf lo carry cut Ihe lask prescribed for hlni by' law wtr nrrd lo knowl he Is honest and that he hxs it will and L'hllily lj MTVC the iieople in the jtosiltan he seek?, but we nrfil net mueh cc.ucern ourselves with his view on public quntions ur rvru for that matter wilh his pcllliral affiliations." If tills be Hie rue wliy have .1 Deinocratlo Primary for auy ulhrr i filees, rxrcnl I.eclslallve Offlfes. The Ilemorratlc ftl- Is not a general elf c;.on, it Is an elecllen 'for the Dema- crallc 1'arly lo nominate the nominee they' expect to support in Hie general rlecllon. .If a man Is a Republican let him run .lAahut |be nominee of Ihe Demamtic Party in the general rlrrtion r.n the Republican ticket and then let the people deride- which Is the best man. .If he iats not like Ihe principles of the Denicrralic 1'arly or UIR Republlran Party then lei blm run as an Independent candidate In the jenrral elecljon against llir. Dcmoerallu nominee and then let the petple select the brjt r>f (he three. .Nc^V Mr. £dllr,:, I am a candidate for Tiruturer and I take your eelltoriul us a, special slam at me anil (be Democratic Party. .1 feel that I have the qualifications for (Ills office In every resncrl. .1 slnll make ycu a compelent, 1'ourleinis and trurtwt'.'lhy olTlrer und Me that the funds of Ihr rntinly an: ul a|l 1{meK carefully protected. .Safety and sanity In every sltualicn shall be my policy. Beinr <horiu[h!y acquainted \vith the co'unty I xhall he va^Lible oC carrying out tills very necessary jiDllcy. I hate lived In Misiisslppl couniy over' twenty-fire years! p/irt of the time in the south end, and part of the timfe In'the north rml and 1 know-1 can number my friend* and acquaintances by tlu Iboufajids. • I.el me five you a little personal Intgnratloii as to myself and inmr cf the reasons why 1 am a. IVmocrat and why I believe, in only regular Democrats running'In a Democratic Primary. I was born in Colbert County, A'.tbami and I am the son of a Ctntcdtralc Suldlcr, wliL WAS a. member cf Forrest ~Calyary. t am a veteran of the Spanish-American .'War, havinc left'sfhbp) to join the Hrsl Alabama yolantctr R<-»lpitnl. .As'.ioon',is .ibe', war wait ever I xrurrd-wcrk with, (he,.U. S. Enilneeri at Hlilloh National .Park. .When I came .(»- Mfesisalppl .CsiHtyj Arkansas I secured n pon.uon wilh the-St. Franils Levfe Board, 1 serving them appeo.xln-i(eljr sixteen yean .and during thhtim: I wa« located nt Ojceola and Blyiheville, meanwhile bavitij nOrketl up to .Die position of Chief Enflrieer,' sererinj ray .'teh- nrctlons with theni while working In: lh«t. capacity. Since (hen 1 have been rlolnjr general enflneering work and farming. Now, as lo piy politics, nerd]ess la r;ijr, I was barn a Demo-• crat In u Democratic bcctic^i. In 'laci I am what Ikey call "A Dyed in thc Wool" Democrat nnd .1 expect io remain one as loiif as lhal old party'Is the only White. Man's. Party, "bid you ever hear of tlie Democratic Party sending rut negro speakers iirejrhln; social equality? Did yo« ever hear of the Democratic Party electing a negro to Congress? The Republican Varty dees. Did you know Pemisect County, Missouri, (ho rounty jnst north of our county, was a solid Democratic cc-*juty until, a few years ago. They were in a solid Democratic Ccn- giessinnal OLslrlrt and the white people held Demoeratlc, Pri- marlts nnt uJInulntr the negroes (c. v«(e in these elections. At that time a ncniinatlon by ;!ie Ddnoer.its was e^oal to'an elfrlTon, but )'ou know that today Temlscot' County, Missouri is a solid RepublicaTi County and that the Congressman in that District i.s a Republican? Do you know (hat if you, yonr wife, ir your daughter got on u :r.nn or bus at Blylhevllle Ar.l started tr f ':i|H: Girardeau, >ILssourl (hat as soon as yoi gc.t to (be Slalf f.Ine that some big fat slick negro would be more than likely to ccme in und Mt down by them and that there I:: no law In keep them from doing it? Well, how did PcmLscot County baiipcn lo get :n Che hands of the Republican Party? As tNulalncd lo me by one cf my food,Democratic friends up Ihitr, it was this way: In the first place the Democrat* started it, they liegau to let the Republicans who vc4e (he Republican licket in National elections vote in their Democratic Primary. The Drmncrals began splitting into rarllcns and getting some influential Republican to run wjlh their faction en the Democratic ticket in Ihe Democratic Primary. To what did ill lead? Well, they kept doing this until finally enough of these Republicans got into office, running n's Democrats, got the elec- llrii machine under Iheir control and they all turned back Rfpublicans and ucnf lo electing Republicans to office. At tbe present time you will find Pemlscot Ccunty and tbe Congressional District conlain:ng this county are Republican. The nerroc.> arc politically strcng, (hey are up to (heir nerk In politics and are sitting by white people on busses and trains.. Just gn n lifllf further nor::i and yon will find white ami black chilciren in the same school. This situation seems far off iml impossible to (lie while citizens of Mississippi ccunty, but liltlr mistakes often make bl£ disasters. .Am I a Democrat? Yc." I am A Democrat .ind I know 4 or One Hundred reasons why T am a Democrat, one of them Is it is the WHITE MAN'S IMKTY and at tht present time, Mr. Hoover will serve fcr the nthcr ninety-nine. .Vow, Mr. Editor, I am asking tbe people of this county lo vot? fcr me and would be gtad for you to join them with yonr first vo(c in the county In voting against Hoover, Hollipeter and Hard Times and vote for Pride. T*rosperl(y and Pure Democracy. Respectfully. JOE P. PRIDE A Democrat

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