The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1936
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MAY 28, 19SC (Aim.) coirmwu NEWS Luxora Socicly — Personal p Mrs. Jack Brown is visiting her tssary and Morrison Will ^ r 'u\^ l!SVicksh ''' i: ' Mlss " f ° ! ' Operate II As Band Box Mr - " ml Mls - Kussell llowen aiul pi Mrs. Louise Mclienry were In UCiUlClS Memphis Monday. • Mr. mill Mi-s. H. w. Burrow W. T. Morrison of Cfmillicrsville aim Raymond Essary have bought «jc dry cleaning plant of the Lewis Stamp ,., •' •-'* o >j"niv vi ui« 1/,'SVlS Cleaners, 411 west Main street. mvJ will reopen for business June i. The wtabllshmciU will be known as the Bund Box Cleaners. The plant was established here yettrs ago by the Memphis *>icam I.aundrj-, but has been operate! for the past year by Mrs Harry Lewis. Holli Mr. Morrison and Mr Ks- sary have had long experience in Uic cleaning business, :1 ml )iam me well known. M,-, Morrison was connected with the plant when it was Known a s the Unique cienn]»» Serj vice. He has had 16 years experience as a cleaner. y.r. Kss-iry h . ls Been In [he denning business neiv lor 14 years. Collectors Want Old Lepanto Postmark USPANTO, Ark.-Postmnster 131- ucr Murphy O f Le|-;nto was 1111- iware of the fact tliot n new dec- i-ic canceling machine was to be Installed in the postofflce here until collectors began writing in for canceled letters. The old ma- cine, an American hand power canceller, was cue of a very few 'eft in the country. The old machine Imprinted a ring with thlr- | teen slurs on it, white the new machine replaces It with a few wavy lines. Well, anyway after the letters kcsnn pouring in from thither iiml you for cancellations. Postmaster Murphy received word from Washington lo dismantle the machine and ship it to headquarters. Mi-munis Monday. Mr. iiml Mrs. H. W _.., and son, Douglas, have moved lo the Rosa community. Mr. Bur principal of Ihe Rosa (he home of Mr.;. CrltehfioM Tuesday allernoon llicy had us their guests from Lusora, Minos. Kussell Bcwcn. Jesse HIWII, T. I-', ilud- «n, Louise McIIenry, Joe Hires, Sum fimveti. T. 1). \Vllklus, li. W. r.'lcliols, It. U. UiiiK-Uon, 11. W, Huller, and H. T. Si'Bi'aves. and Missis Flcrcme Rush and Babe Ilill'.S. Clarence Crawford Jr.. entered Baptist hospital Wednesday oil 1 , ^hsli'ik'llon of a „„,,,,,., ..,,.,,. accuiint of mi ear Infeclloii. lie ! "[B .I" 1 " 11 ls <'«iuomplalcd on com- 10 Luxom from his, 1 *" 0 " Ol » mlhvay already slarl- ti> link D/lu's-kavm with the •atinida coal basin. Vast Copper Field Surveyed By Soviet; ALMA-ATA. U.S.H.H. (UP)-Kll- i glneers lu\ve lieiennlncd by tap- IjJltifj and iirospecthii; (he 'itehe'i- ! Kiiziian co]i]H'r dfliosil, lai'm'sf ill Hie Soviet Union, that It coiilalns 3.500.000 ions of cojiner. EIIU'H- PAGE THBEB «'!H fiiioute s'chcol In Columbia, Tenn. , Kulhi'i-inc Kevlerc, dauglitcr of l ^'"'" t! " 1 (Mr. mid Mrs. Kidiarcl Kevlerc. Is TT, J school for Uie'ensuing'tmn.'""'"i n , f'-n'" '" ll11 ' Kin '' Eye - KKii ''\ riu- i Mrs. R. T. Ballew has been' " !VOCU liospllnl, Memphis. | ' •' notified by the Quaker Oals Co.,| ~ ' that she hus been nwnnlni n r:i>:ii i Luminous hair dyes,-which'Blow r yes, wc B ow of one dolmr in their recent softly in the dark, are We limn- stores eve where on ' u .Minnie Itch Ticalmcnt one a»p)jcn I Ion iit>rr.s.snry. ""' Un« 8 tri ni the adoption of one Hem of a London 'hairdresser of the famous Dinnne iiuinluplels. '. • Mr. and Mrs. Elinore Campbell,' and daughter, I.ourelle. of St. LcnLs, will spend the week end with Mrs. H. w. Spann and MLss Moreiice Rush. Mr. and Mrs. Elinore Campbell, find daughter, Ixmrelle, of st, Lewis, will speiid Ihe week end with Mrs. n w spaini and Mks Morcnce I'tiuili. Mr. unil Mrs. L. p. Fleming arc in Memphis to spend several days wilh their daughter, Virginia Fleming. Miss Nora Wise accompanied Mrs. Will Wise to the Baptist hospital Wednesday. When Mrs. Edward Seg raves and Mrs. K. n. Crihlield, of Osceola, entertained at bridge In Don't Sleep OtTLefP'" Side—Affects Heart If stomach Oas prevents^ slceji- ">g 0" rieht side try Adlerika. One dose brings out poisons and relieves gas pressing on heart so you sleep soundly all night. Kirby Bros. Drujf Co. —Adv.TG »Ol>l\s '"^X t ff ROACHES, BCPSUG, and oifxr CRAWLING we Bee Nr.-iml Insect Pou-dor is flne —into many more killin(; puiti oiliK'L'. Tlmt's why it kills crnwl sects 32','t quicker. Bee Brdnil powder is harmless to cliiklren an •—will not coiitu foods. Ask for it by n Kill Flics, Mosqui with Bee Brand Ins Spray. Contains 47% tra killing pov/er ('J7 more pyrcibrins). McCo mick & Co., Inc., Baltimore, Md. PUICKS FOK FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Oratory Meet for Young Republicans of Pemiscot OAUUTIIERSVILLE. Mo.—Pemiscot county preliminaries in t'ne stale Republican oratorical contest will be held Friday night, May 29 in the city hail. About twelve members of the Young Republicans organization p! the county have signified intention of entering- the contest. They will speak on file subject, "The Republican Party for Young Americans.' Each contestant will be limited to an eight-minute address. Judges for the contefsi. are Chaj G. Ross, Wyman Ditlman, Mrs." J Thomas Markey,-- all of Carutiiers- v}lle. and Mrs. Mabel Weaver Steele, and ''"George ' Klinklmrdt jHayti. A prize-of 510 will be award- .cd the winner. Leonard Limbaugh. of this city icounty ckninnan oJ the Young Re- .publicans organizaUon, today an- iiounccd a])])ointment of Quinten Still as vice-chairman of the 'Gibson precinct, and Russsll Frakes of Sleele. He said about twenty-three jothcr precinct vice-chairmen are yet to bs appointed. Limbaii^h also announced file sclection-of Roy McCloskey, Braggadocio, as secretarj of the county group. In addition to the oratorical con- Mis, a short address will be made oy Ross Lee Laird, of Chicago, who is national Republican organizer for Missouri, and was formerly II- inois s(a(c attorney. Ul L Names Luxora Faculty LUXORA, Ark.—S»pt. T. U>. Williis of the Luxora city schools has tnnounccd the faculty or the cliools for t'nc 193B-37 session ns ollo\vs; Jirainie Slack, principal high idiool; Marvin Sanderson, science [ind coach; Miss Bob Williams, high kchool English; Miss Wilmti Ten- jiyson. Frcndi and mathematics; .Mis; Lois Hill, seventh and eizlitli : ;r!Kle English and typing; "Mrs Louise McHenry, sixth grade; Mrs. ;«m'Stanford. fifth grade; Mrs. R. vV. Nichols, fourth grade; Mrs. R ,V. Butler, third grade; Mrs. R. T [Sallow and Mrs. T. D. Wilklns econd grade; jriss Maxine ffal- itead. first grade. ^^rs. Mattio Poison will tcacli In '.'ic school at Double Bridges. Singing and Dancing Recital at Steele Friday CARUTHEBSVILLE. Mo.—Gram- nar and high school students of mgltig and dancing, under the di- ;ection of Mi^s Margarita Fergti- on. recently of I'nis city, who iio\v csides in Memphis, will be pre- ented in recital nt Steele FttSny ;i?hl. students of both the Steele ;chool s and Carulhcravillc school vlll take part in the program. About fifty will take part in the rogram. it W as presented Vierc tonday nisht at the high school udiloiiiim. The program consists f dancinj nrd singin<7 numbers olli group and solo. The program will befjin at eight •clock, in Cne Steele high school ) ditoriutn. Epworth League to Meet CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. —The egular monthly meeting of the lounty Epworlh league \vlll bo e!ci Monday night nt Portageville. ,-ith the Portageville members hav- ng charge of the program and ocial entertainment, according to n announcement by Roy McClos- ;ey, county president. He said t 150 were expected to attend. THESE VALUED CAN'T BE .BEATEN!" Bath Powders Lcndicric . ..... §1.50? K\ r c in I'aris ____ §1.1(1 Arniiiiiil's ........ 50c Marvelous .'. ...... 55c. ; I-e .lade ........ §1.1!) Hotibiganl ........ ,?1 Dorolhy 1'crkins .... SJ April Showers .... SMe SIR- IT COST ££ TO HAVE MY FAMILY TREE TRACED/ Deodo Powder FITCH Tonic 7:">c I'ik'h 2oc • l-'itcli SOc Scalp '(SI. 50 Value) 39c •' -> All For 76c I .6C-c;Nonspi 49c 49'c BUT THERE S ONE THIN6 YOU CAM'T'KEEP '• QUIET AND THAT5 TH' DRUG STORE REPUTATION FOR DEALING; 66c Neet Powder |l.i Citrocarbonate $1.29 11 Citrocarbonate Hospital Cotton Rubbing Alcohol, pint Armands Blended Cream £8c Chill Tonic For That Outing Sun Holmefs l!)c Sun Glasses l!)c (o 7oc SO I'iiper Napkins . l()c Gallon Outing Jug $i.:j<| Half Gallon Jut>- . . !)Sc 5«c 75c $1 $1 Chill Tonic 79f Black Draught 19c $1 Fountain Syringe 59c TOBACCOS ]>rince Albert 10t Vclvef Hair & Half ............ '.'/. iic Plujf Tobacco, (i for . . . !0c f'hiif Tobacco, :j for .'.'.'.' 5c Sack Tobacco, li for 1 Oc Sack Tobitcco, .'! for .... 10c <>r )( , KOOT I'UKl'ARATIONS IS'oclo 75c :!5c I'Vecxonc 2Dc 25c lihie Jay Corn I'aci l!)c Alaralhon Foot Powder 25r: 25c lihic Jay Liquid . . I tic LAXATIVES 2r.c Kx-r,ax 25c Kccii-ii-mint Snl Hcpad'ca fiOc Syrup Pepsin .. (iOc Syrup of Fijjs . . 2ic, c, 8!lc ,](j c DENTAI, NKBDS SOc Calox :i!)c 50o 1'cpsodenl 1'aste .. .'!:ic 50c Ipann I'aslc ,'l!)c 1'rophylaclic lirushcs .'Iflc Wr. \Vcst lirushcs .. I7c SHAVING NBEDS .)5c Ingram Cream .. 2<ic ,!«€ I,:fe Huoy Cream . 27c flOc .VcKcsson Lotion . 39c I'matid's Lilac §nil (50c Pinaud's Talc Krcc) w.asjar^srstKSfei __ " — • i ii • .'•^^•MV^MUW I IreenCorn H 10c I IfTTTin? l-a'-Ko Hwids rC LilllUUl „;„,,,, 0. ' CC »iir 'J l.illli' Kii\ft a/>C •IS III SI.55; 2-1 II) rJ OIL 8(J S,u95 L1 ^^^^^^^^^^™«^M Potatoes Now lied '''Humph I'liiiiul 3k 48c LIMES Juicy, P'resli 10 ARMOUR Snmlwk'h f}£V Duinli'c. ;i rni ,.25 ( APPLES >,, 10 <J VINEfiAR Av LUX SOAP I0es £ r 6 {; CORN FLAKES ST 9 Home (.'roft'ii QK,' Un'ntli 02 SARDINES Am ^';4 c TWINKLE ASH( - F1 g 4° FJ.AKF^ '' iir ^-^ 1 li-allLo Hnnill - K) t . c. c., i.b asc French, l,h. .. atlc .lewel', 1,1). .'. . 17c Jewel, 3 IJi. .. ,|<) t TUNA FISH Mission l.iKhl Meat Can I2c Peaches C. C., 2/j Can Iftc Avonilitlu .Large 'iVi Ciin 12c Pickles Snin- or 1)11) I'lill Qmirt 12!e CAKE 0. K. joap TEA GINGER ALE ^ W FRESH BREADS? 10 IIIJ rij Sliurteninjr ("ill IULU' S His iISc; -I II; ctn ill) BROOMS """"Lh ID 1 SALMON Chum liny EaclilSc •BMBamaKsai APPLE" BUTTER .'iS-O/. Jin- Each 17c GRAPE FRUIT J S10 C - ;iinr;intcc(l Fresh Duzcn PEANUT Jir W PAPER NA '' KINS S- 8 C TOMATO ' ' furCE ' Spn'nji [!ru»k 25c Cnnnlry Club 2Sc Special Kat more POULTRY: Hens and Fryers .'•^BMBB^amMt^ni^^T^^B^^^^^.^^^^^^^^,^,^,, , , J Lambs Shoulder Ro;ist (lluips ). 15c Ib. 19c Live or Full Dressed ^•••••HBBMgnMHHHWHHMHIHMI Mill<l/ oa IRoastlb,15cin. •W Stewlb. 1UC -CO«NTRYBACOM,b25 c FRESH BRAINS,., 15' : BACON SKINS MIXSAUSAG GROUND BEEF F 5"1S C CATFISH ""*• '"T».25 C FRESH SHRIMP ,.,,.19 C TENDER 1 - TROUT SPAN,fACKEREL,,,15° SALT MEAT ItartS K19 q CHEESE Wis. Mo. -1 1 IOC I.b. 15. ^ Fresh 171C y U). 1/2 SAUSAGE 1> lirc 1>o ;;l; BOILED HAM slic ,l 49 C SLICED BACON Kvvick Krisp, l,l>. :!:ic Silver Farm, I.b. Steaks Clnl) or Shoulder Hound I'diinil 27c (•IHI^BMn 25c Lunch Meat THICK Rm > Lb ..... • ..... "c FANCY CHUCK, Lb ..... 17 We HIHSKBT, 1,1, ........... isc

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