The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 8, 1967 · Page 38
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 38

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1967
Page 38
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This gives us a chance to make repairs, clean up and paint up, as well as to take a short vacation. Along with the hogs, Waack produces some beef and has 160 acres in corn, 80 in oats and 100 in hay. He is assisted year-round by Carl Haese and in the summer by additional part-time help. "We use some of the feed we produce in our beef operation and sell the rest," explains Waack. "We don't feel we can afford the time to process our own hog feed. It's more profitable for us to use quality controlled bulk commercial feed." 6-Acre Set-Up Because the operation which consists of two farrowing houses, five brood sow pens and twelve growing and finishing units, is spread out over six acres, Waack feels his method of bulk handling feed is more economical than a completely automated feeding system. The money saved by volume buying bulk feed more than pays for the storage and handling units needed in his setup. He uses one 20-ton bulk tank for sow ration, a second for growing ration and a third for finishing ration. In addition, he has one 10-ton tank for pre-starter feed and another for a medication free ration for use just before sending pigs to market. The feed store keeps the bulk tanks full and all Waack has to do is fill his auger wagon or trailer with the proper feed and haul it the short distance to each operation. "This is the first year we've gone through a complete cycle of feeding, starting with the sows before they've farrowed. We maintain a constant quality. The feed is the same USE FOR LESS THAN 1CENT PER DAY! GENERAL ELECTRIC FLUORESCENT TUBE NO MORE FLIES...NO MORE MOSQUITOES... NO MORE FLYING INSECT PROBLEM WHATSOEVER! SAVE $5 - PRE-SEASON OFFER! " MM. SUC. LIST NOW $ S ONLY 14 95 rui 2 for $27.50 SEND FOR FREE BROCHURE New at last tkis all-new kug trai eai give yen Usect-free, carefree living this year and for years to come. Your first investment is your only cost. 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We could open our windows; no moths or mosquitoes entered. We could sit out-of-doors * truly enjoy it. Our trap captured from a pint to a quart of flying insects every night. Even our neighbors remarked about the decrease in insects, so we knew the effects were far-reaching enough to cover our own property. All night-flying moths and many J«<fi«;tive day flies as well are attracted to light. We kept ours in operation until after freezing weather, a period of 5 months. The decrease m insect damage in just this short time was noticeable. By putting it into use in early spring, we .are hopeful of even better results.' 1 Recent tests at the University of Kentucky Agriculture Experiment Station showed experiments since 1962 in other southern states have had very promising results. Oyr new 1917 modi! will give you many years of trouble-free service. There are no moving parts to fail. It is completely silent, and is transformer-operated for maximum safety, featuring solid-state circuitry. 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