The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois on October 2, 1984 · Page 13
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The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois · Page 13

De Kalb, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 2, 1984
Page 13
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Mattingly's clutch hitting nets AL batting NEW YORK (ITPTi hii eves Sunday nornlng, Don MatUngly knew nothing could go wrong. Everything was going to wind up perfect lor him. Or at least, near perfect. He was going to bet winner. Even if he lost. The way things turned out for the left-handed hitting first baseman who became the first New York Yankee player to win the American League batting title since Mickey Mantle in 1956, he was absolutely right. He wasn't quite perfect. Only Mike Witt of the Angels was in that 1-0 wrap-up perfecto he pitched against the Rangers at Arlington, Texas. But Mattingly was near perfect with four hits in five at-bats, finishing with a .343 figure that was three points better than teammate Dave Winfield's .340 in their final day showdown for the batting crown. "To me, there was no winner or loser," said MatUngly, sitting up on a table in the Yankee clubhouse following a 9-2 win over the AL East champion Tigers with his hair tousled, shoe polish under his eyes and a day's growth of beard. "I woke up this morning, my wife gave me a big smile and said, i love you.' That to me was everything." MatUngly had two doubles and a pair of singles while the best Winfield could do was beat out a high Bowling MONDAY WASHOUTS Welcome Lanes High teem game Miller Real Estate 678. High team series Anderson Dry Wall 1914. Alta Hough 529-175-201; Carla Phillips 178-177; Alice Cadle 160; June Lampklns 177; Artle Seldal 179; Peg Walt 175-185; Peggy Burchard 528-196; Prlscllla Clayton 180. FRIDAY DEKALB MIXED ' DeKalb Recreation High team game The Old Stylers 659. High team series Die Hards 1851. Michelle Fleetwood 502-176-179; Red Cunz 210; Melody McCleskey 180; Helen O'Nell 176-179. DEKALB ELKS Welcome Lanes High team game and series BoydS 835-2344. Brooks Parker 509-186; George Yochem 507-179; Roger Gustatson 488-191; Craig Munson 190. GENERAL ELECTRIC WOMEN High team game and series Hustlers 863-2441. Jean Shepardson 520-198; Donna Colbert 175; Marcla Tennlson 181; Donna Oraham 555-211; Jo Singleton 178; Sherry Eggum 179; Charlotte Allen 175-182. FEDERATED MIXED Four Seasons High team game No. 6 786. High team series The Head-pins 2207. Sherry Freeman 181. COMMUNITY Recreation Hloh team game Neo-Llfe 1043. High team series Mattson's Trucking 3036. Al Staver 567-211; Norm Schaetter 565-201; Bruce Thorp 562; Rich Courtney, Jr. 226; Randy Ferguson 210. CUPANDSAUCER High team game and series Lollipops 672-1958. Hazel Seltzlnger 113,105-187-405. MONDAY FORTY NITERS Four Seasons High team game and series Hair Designs 855-2464. Betty Mathey 528-191; Sandy Yunek 506-175; Linda Russell 509-194; Linda Barnett 500-182; Glenyce Corn well 510-223. MONDAY MORNING TRIO Four Seasons High team game and series Wallflowers 625-2245. Mona Pltstlck 181; Mary Curran 199; Karen Hamingson 181-181; Glnny Rasmusson 194; Cindy Leffelman 180; Jerri McCue 182-197; Pam Bllckem 197; Bobbl Bloyd 175; Nancy Halverson 184-214. MONDAY FORTY NITERS Four Seasons High team game and series Ideal 873-2423. Michelle Fleetwood 521-234; Sandy Yunek 517-203; Betty Mathey 545-182-189; Glenna . Singleton 188; Linda Russell 508-177; Linda Barnett 200; Prslcllla Sebby 185; Carol Schulz 505-194. HAPPY HOOKER Welcome Lanes High team game Weavers 774. High team series WWL 2250. - Kim Parsons 218; Nikkl Zlegler 186; Cherle Plncon 180; Mickey Beckman 192; Penny Bolt 180-190; Norma Goodman 221; Terry Kessler 183; Kathy Slonlker 183; Sandy Torbett 191; Nancy Ruback 515-179-179. DEKALB COUNTY HDCP. Welcome Lanes High team game O's Gold Seeds 998. High team series DeKalb Liquor Mart 2,756. Bill Anderson 603-217; Rlchard King 597-215; Ken Johnson 592-243; Ed Salsberry 589-214; Ed Peura 579-236; Melvln Stlllson 571-227; Marty Koch 568-207; Steve Brlggs 562-244; Stoddard Allen 555-208; Blll Adklnson 551; Jim Scott 551; Robbie West 206; Ed Hill 206; Bob Johnson 202; Tony Ip-pollto 202; Jim Luke 200; Tom Anderson 200; Ivan Adams 211. MONDAY NITE MISFITS Welcome Lanes High team game and series C.T.I.C 571-1572. Sandy Overton 486-176-176; Myrna Egerman 181; Judy Fisher 198. NFL National Football League Standings By United Press International American Conference East W IT Pet. Miami NY Jets New Engl Indlanap Buffalo 5 0 0 1.000 3 2 0 .600 3 2 0 .600 2 3 0 .400 0 5 0 .000 Central 3 2 0 .600 1 4 0 .200 0 5 0 .000 0 5 0 .000 Ptsbgh Cleve Clncl Hous T IB mm West 1 0 .800 1 0 800 1 0 .800 2 0 .600 2 (K .600 Seattle LA Raid Denver San Dgo Kan City National Conference Pet. .800 .600 .600 .400 .200 East W 4 3 3 2 L T 1 0 2 0 2 0 3 0 4 0 Dallas Wash NY Giant St.Loui Phlla 1 Central 3 2 2 1 1 West 5 2 0 .600 3 0 .400 3 0 .400 4 0 .200 4 0 .200 0 0 1.000 2 0 .600 2 0 .600 3 0 .400 Chi Tampa B Minn Detrol Green B San Frn LA Rams New Orl Atla Monday's 3 3 2 Result !-' Awt i'' -i iff i triiiiiinwrHftKtfmnmim,,,,,,,, . '"" .. r 5 ? bouncer to third base in the fourth inning for his only hit in four trips. The Yankees put the game away early when they jumped on Randy O'Neal, Detroit's 24-year-old rookie right-hander, for three quick runs in the first inning, but few among the 30,602 at Yankee Stadium had too much interest in the game. The vast majority had come to see the showdown for the batting Utle between the 33-year-old Winfield, who started the contest hitting .341, and the 10 years younger MatUngly, who was at .339. MatUngly was crowd favorite. Maybe because he s part of the New Breed and earning less than one-tenth of Winfield's two mil a year. Hitting third, one spot in front of Winfield, he gave clear evidence of things to come when he singled to left his first time up in the first inning and doubled to right his second time up in the third while Winfield grounded into a forceout in the first inning and was walked by O'Neal in the third. MatUngly boosted his average to .3428 when he connected for his second double down the right field line in the fourth they were carrying out both averages to four places now each time they hit and after Winfield got his infield hit in the fourth he was at .3416. In the fifth, MatUngly made the last out of the Scoreboard Pittsburgh 38, Cincinnati 17 Sunday, Oct. 7 (All Timet EDT) Denver at Detroit, 1 p.m. Miami at Pittsburgh, 1 p.m. Minnesota at Tampa Bay, 1 p.m. N.Y. Jets at Kansas City, 1 p.m. New England at Cleveland, 1 p.m. New Orleans at Chicago, 1 p.m. Philadelphia at Buffalo, 1 p.m. St. Louis at Dallas, 1 p.m. Washington at Indianapolis, 1 p.m. Atlanta at Los Angeles Rams, 4 p.m. Houston at Cincinnati, 4 p.m. San Diego at Green Bay, 4 p.m. Seattle at Los Angeles Rai- ders, 4 p.m. Monday, Oct. I Kow to warm up a room and still keep your heating costs down. San Francisco at N.Y. Giants, 9 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 14 Chicago at St. Louis, 1 p.m. Cincinnati at New England, 1 p.m. Colts at Philadelphia, 1 p.m Houston at Miami, 1 p.m. L.A. Rams at New Orleans, 1 p.m. New York Giants at Atlanta, 1 p.m. New York Jets at Cleveland, 1 p.m. San Diego at Kansas City, 1 p.m. Tampa Bay at Detroit, 1 p.m. Buffalo at Seattle, 4 p.m. Dallas at Washington, 4 p.m. Minnesota at L.A. Raiders, 4 p.m. Pittsburgh at San Francisco, 4 p.m. Monday, Oct. 15 Green Bay at Denver, 9 p.m. inning, sending a soft fly to Chet Lemon in short left-center and dropping to .3422. Winfield had to get a hit to stay in contention when he came up in the sixth, but he skied to Lemon and went to .3409. MatUngly collected his final hit of the day, a single off rookie second baseman Scotty Earl's glove In the eighth, and that gave him more than he needed. After which, Winfield forced him at second on a ground ball to third. Winfield, standing on first, sought to shake Mattingly's hand as the Yankee sophomore headed across the foul line for the dugout, but MatUngly failed to notice. They told him about it when he got to the dugout and he bolted up the steps again, waved to the cheering crowd and shook hands with Winfield, who came out for a pinch-runner. Winfield dressed in a hurry and left the park before the writers could get to him. That was too bad because he never got to hear some, of the nice things Mattingly had to say about him. "He congratulated me," Mattingly said upon being questioned what Winfield had to say to him when they shook hands in the eighth. "I've got to say Dave is a great person. I got to know Dave a little more, especially these last few weeks, and I can't say enough about him." College poll NEW YORK (UPI) - The United Press International Board of Coaches Top 20 college football ratings, with first-place votes and records In parentheses (total points based on 15 points for first place, 14 for second, etc.). 1. Texas (34) (2-0 ) 593 2. Ohio State (1) (4-0) 518 3. Oklahoma (1) (4-0) 480 4. Washington (3) (4-0) 438 5. Boston College(l)(3-0) 433 6. Brigham Young (4-0) 387 7. Florida State (4-0) 356 8. Oklahoma State (4-0) 293 9. Nebraska (3-1) 282 10. Southern Mthdst(3-0) 245 11. Michigan (3-1) 134 12. Georgia Tech (3-0) 100 13. Louisiana State(3-0-l) 99 14. Penn State (3-1) 94 DAILY 15. Notre Dame (3-1) 54 16 Miami, Fla. (4-2) 53 17 Vanderbllt (4-0) 43 18. Auburn (2-2) 33 19 Georgia (2-1) 31 20 (tie) SouthCaroln(3-0) 25 20. (tie) Iowa (2-2) 25 Note: By agreement with the American Football Coaches Association, teams on NCAA or conference probation are Ineligible for the Top 20 and national championship consideration by the UPI Board of Coaches. The teams currently on probation are Arizona, Clemson, Illinois and Kansas. Advance for 6:30 a.m. EDT today Baseball NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES By Un NORTHERN ILLINOIS GAS CHRONICLE, DeKalbSycamore, III. Mattingly never thought It would come down to what It did on the last day. "Before that last Ume I went up to hit, they told me if I don't get a hit and Dave got a hit, he could win by two-thousandths of a point, but I felt no matter what happened there couldn't be a loser," Mattingly said. "Again, Dave has handled the whole thing so well. I never thought it would come down to the last at bat. It's so exciting, so draining." Over in the visitors' dugout, the Tigers were able to enjoy the whole thing despite the fact they were getting waxed because they're on their way to open the AL playoffs with the Royals in Kansas City Tuesday. "If you go out and get four hits under the gun like Mattingly did, you deserve It," declared Tiger manager Sparky Anderson. "I remember Pete Rose doing the same thing one year. He had to get four hits on the last day of the season to beat Matty Alou for the batting title and he did. Alou got three himself." Anderson was talking about the 1968 season when Rose won the NL crown with .335. "MatUngly reminds me of myself as a hitter." dead-panned the Tiger manager who played second base one year for the Phillies. " ited Press International (Head-to-head standings of competing teams) 1. April 6-Chlcago 2 at San Diego 3 2. April 7-Chlcago6at San Diego 7 3. April 8-Chlcago 8 at San Diego 5 (10 Innings) 4. May 4-San Diego 6 at Chicago 7 5. May S-San Diego 5 at Chicago 6 (10 Innings) 6. May 6-San Diego 6 at Chicago 5 7. July 2-Chlcago 1 at San Diego 5 8. July 3-Chlcego 3 at San Diego 2 9. July 4-Chlcago 2 at San Diego 1 10. July 16-San Diego 4 at Chicago 0 11. July 17-San Diego 6 at Chicago 5 12. July 18-San Diego 1 at If there's a room in your house that just isn't warm enough in the winter, there's no reason why you have to sit still for that Kind of discomfort. What you need is a room heater that will allow you to heat that room, and control its temperature, independent of the rest of your heating system. If you're going to add a room heater, you should choose one that uses the most economical kind of fuel. In this area, the choice is clearly natural gas. Today, gas is significantly more economical than the alternatives. And current forecasts indicate that gas will hold its competitive edge for many years to come. Gas is also the obvious choice, to heat a new room you add to your home. Whether you install a separate room heater, or run new ductwork off your furnace, gas heat will be the most economical way to heat your room addition. If you've got a cold room, or are planning a room addition, heat it with gas. It's the best way to make yourself comfortable, and keep your heating costs down. One ol the NICOR basic energy companies Tuesday, October 2, 1984 13 title Chicago 4 ( Series tied 6-6; 1-3 In Chicago A San Diego) Transactions Monday's Sport Transactions By United Press International Baseball Atlanta Fired Manager Joe Torre. New York (NL) - Waived outfielder Jerry Martin; purchased pitcher Ed Glynn from Tidewater of the International League. Football Chicago (NFL) - Waived quarterback Bob Avelllnl.

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