The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 8, 1934
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Served by the United Press BETTHEVILLE T11K DOMINANT NKWBl'AV'KH Ol* NOHTHBA ST AUKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Jhevllle Dully News Blythurllle Courier .Hisslsslppl Volley Leader lilylheville Herald B1.YTIIKV1U,K, ARKANSAS, TIIUUSDAY, MARCH 8, 1934 SINGLE COPIES. FIVE CENTO QUIZ DUEY EATON IN COUNTY JAIL HERE Another Special Session May Be Called to Ob- lain PWA Funds Dividend Checks Ready at First National Bank Checks for u dividend of 15 per cent or a total of $20.000. are available at Ihe office oi the Phsi National bank, H. H. Bradley, rn-eiv- jcr, aiinoiincrd loday. This tlili'il dividend makes a tn- Inl of Qii per cent pnlcl depositor:; jnf Hie bank. »-':ilcli closed October 30, 1931. More dividends will tor paid later. Mr. Bradley salrt. Customer.; are urged to call for tlicir checks. There are now on hand 19 checks for past dividends, which have Wen unclaimed. She's Florida's Prettiest at 16 I,n'l'l,F, UOCK, March 8. <UPi — A clear title on the state hospital (01 nervous diseases is necessary lie- fort n Public Works Adimni.uiaUon ITAII tan lie made available for repairs OH t'.ie old building mid com- jilnion of the new hospital at Benlon. : Indications loday were that.- a tywtial session of the legislature will have 10 bt- called to repeal the law ot 1931 which gttvc ihc state eon- suiiclion commission a mortgage on the hcspiui! property liere as se- ciiriiy for a $500.000 loan. Governor PinreU has indicated he hopes ihp special session can be avoided and that, a loophole can IK found in Ihc 1031 act so that tilt 1 loan can be had. The present old building houses Marly 4,000 insane persons and it lias teen described as a flre trap. Some, ot the loan would be used to Unidentified Man, Killed Near Frenchman's Bayou, Believed Suicide An unidentified man died beneath tl-.c wheels of a Frisco freight train, apparently a suicide, aboiu 12 o'clock lasl nlghl near Frenchman's Bayou, in the southern part of Mississippi county, ii was reported here today. Members of ihe train crew said lhal ihe man was walking alone ssion be called il is possible lhal legaliMlion ot „, , . .. „„ lulling on horse races and lh= con- ^ tlam ' NDl 832 ' u»; <>i littuor sales in Arkansas will hi: sought. May Demand Removal of Lake County Sheriff ''CROWN POINT, ma., March 8.] (UP)—Lake county officials today debalcd filing legal papers asking the removal of Sheriff Lillian Hoi- ley, from whose jail John Dillin- utr, alleged killer, escaped. The move was hacked by Robert O. Esllll, eou-.vly prosecutor, and Kdward Earce, assistant attorney general of Indiana. Tiie removal would be accomplished under a siute law which provides for the removal of any co-.mly officer who was enrouie from Memphis to St. Louis. Reports here this morning were that no papers or articles by whic'.i the dead man could be Identified were found on the body. Coroner W. H. Stovall said that no inquest would |»e.he!d. A crew from the county Barm near Luxora was dis- patcr.efl -to Frenchman's Bayou to return ' t*e body to itie farm' lor Interment in the county pauper's cemetery. Terrific Dynamite Blast Fatal to Four K1.NV1L. N J., Mur. .. till') — nr men Wriv kllli'd uidny uy l.'n-i;:r I'xpiixtlmi in thi- dynamite fiMj'uiUiuTO ol ilii 1 IhTi-uli'.s I'owdei I'lii- explosion umnrril as <i:iv int'ii urn- I'-avIm: the plan i'u, nil rijiial iLimiljiT welt 1 rc- l''Mu- lor dmv fjiintly befon ' J I'. M. C. ilnbrm'K, Mi;nTlnlrmleiil : i:i>ur el i iic wni'kc'i.s ivu -1'ii'k n[ Ihr jii'isoniifi re wrre TJiuiiias McCiihill, Wll in (ni.stlri. Vinivm I'uro^/l am I.'dii-n Clupli'. lln'xwk said. Death Is Sought I Wi ! Speed !f". ma ' lV \. _ _ , ^ 1 IJ*titift> n 4w Pviunln I • In Murder Trial ne 3lecls duly. or fails to perform his :r's success in walking out of t>.e jail under the menace of a carved wooden imitation of a gun. v."3s lt".e source of a slorm of serious charges. New York Cotton NEW YORK. March 8 (UP) — Cotton closed firm. __ open high lo«' close 1201 1215 1225 122C 1234 March May .Inly del Dec •Ian 1244 1199 1205 1237 1218 1250 1228 12GO 1240 12CO 1243 1213 1225 123S 1248 1259 1264 Former Local Resident Dies Near Denton, Mo Gcnrge K. Brock. 59, formerly o this cily. who has lived neav Den ton. Mo., for ihe past y;-r. died a ir.e family home yesierday. Pu neral services were conducted Ih' afternoon vilh the Rev. Mr. S'.vee officiating. Burial was .made at Ih Manila cemetery. The deceased, who was n nallv of Henderson comity, Term., spen his boyhood there, coming lo Bly- lacvllle in 1910. He and his family ived here until last January. He is survived by his \vife, Mrs. Jary Brock, six children, Forest, loracc, Myrlle and Bessie, who live at home. Dow Brock, of this city. William Brock of Armorel, a step daughter, 'Mrs. Maggie Wortham o! Manila, and one sister, Mrs. Delia Sutton, of Kansas cily. Mo. Moss 0uderlaking company is in charge of arrangements. Johnson Outline's I'Uns for Helping Industry Mecl Demands WASHINGTON. March U. (UP) --A w.iruliu: thni this rmmlry Is minim; low.ivd the workl epidemic uf s'.uk'-.i In its hlstwy tcidny itc- cninixiimxl the linusi-veli udminls- ''' l:i ' shuok llu 1 raimlr iriulun'.s demand upmi Industry to f '"' IS iiilli-s mound. hu-ti'Lise employment. To aid industry in mining til' Hecovorv AdminlMrnlor johnscn antHjniKcd reor- Kiinl/alluii ol NKA would be undertaken immediately. Plans oiillln- ed lo a congress of NI!A Indiis- rcprc.-4'nlhii; employers of DO per cent of American hulustrla workers, called lor rbniif;e.s In wage and hour schedules, ell'ectlvu enforcement iifalusi chlseic-rs. protec lion n?alnsl immojxily. nnd pievcn- lion nl ciil-lhroat coiupetllion. In nil. twelve points of reform and reoryaiii/uiion were lo be tm- dertaki 1 :). •[•| w Hn , Haay Lelnud Martin, jolinscn called upim industry |, D 11!Lslov (lt (lu , Flrs( u^hi lo Increase hourly wage,, .i u , rc ^ . a SemuoTila. Miss., has been Eltul Chosen Pas- lor of First C h u v c h Merc rales 10 per cent find I" reduce work week by [lie sa Tills would cut. [he avenuje NliA M'nrk week lo 36 hours but labor would receive the same pay now ubuiined for 40 hours. Johnson said that it was intended thai President KuvcIl shortly would impose upon Industry a new deal, including (he shorter work week. However, each comp.iny or industry first \vlll be n]lowed In preicnl proof that Hie plan wru nol practicable for u. A "Mi33-Amerlca" In iho niaklus, It's easy to B§e, la lovely le-ycar- ol4 Maiy E'lBiD Wecuis. Sho'B j shown at Coral Gables, Kin.. a£ler | being adjudged "Miss Florida" ut i WUIHf, 11'IJlHI^Cll llll^D I' ItJI HI.' til. | abtauiy toaieal held at tliu Miami I Ba<'KCVS Hone lo [im.,,nr n llnlnl ' ' liolel. . — Carullimvillc Institution Soon letted pastor nt the Firs', church hero. The call was made following a caugrcgniloiml tnecllug ast 'evening. An alumnus or union University somtuary nt l.oulsvllli'., ICy., the Rev Mr. ^i^^rl^n was awarded thc lion ir.a'.-y dcErcc of D:ctor of Divinity by Mlsilssippl eoilcRi 1 , Clinton, Fo 12 yi'ivrs lie was pastor ol tlm clmrrf iu ludiauulu. Miss., tuul Is also former secretary at the Baptist ed 'ic.uion coinmls-sioti and has licl various other iioslltons in eliurc ntfalrs. He is actively idenltflcd with Ih Isenalobin^Roiary and glks clubs This c'r.urch. which boasts t! largest coiiisrcl'.tulon in the clt hixs been vjllhout a pastor scvcri months [oUawIng Che resignation o Ihe Rev. Alfred S. Harwell, who IK no wpaslor :i! ilie 1-^irsi church ul Brownsville, Tcnn. 't'lic Rev. Mr. Martin preached here sevt-rai weeks ago. Return to Private Lines WASHINGTON. Mar. 11 tUI 1 ) — '^Million lo carry out President [xv.evi'U'.i plan for a ri-urrtiinl/.iMl [Mih 1 opcniUon ol Hit' alrimil! will li' imrmlurrtl In I' Mllh- lil n few iluys u nd pri'.wd li early I'liarlnU'iil. Cliiilinuin Kenneth MrKi'llar of Iho .viiule oil.'n i-imimlltfp Mild linlny. MeKelliir said Hint Hie ' ( {I'liliim" of tin 1 in'. ln\" noiild IK lo provide for "lion Ml ci'iiipL'llllve bidding" on Ui EftTH PEHUf FDR Sale ol Whisky "By ill Drink" Legalized Yes lerday, 619 to 41 Mo. —T) "good old days" Unit, mndc 11 clly famous returned last nlK nfler local residents volcrt ove whelming. Oil) to 11. lo nllow t li! of liquor here by iho drink. Two bars opened us soon as I unofficial result of the elecll wns ntmoiiMcert bul the fninlll Despite hlfl lioasU lliat ho BOOH would 60 froo, Harry Plcrpoat, Dllllnjrer gnni; member, boro la a picture ot dejection n» UG nils, heavily umnnclcd. In tlm Mum, O., courirooin and ricnra tho stiilo ilciimncl iliui IIQ dlo tor (h« ilayliiR ot Btierlfl Jeis Sarbor In II>B Ullllnger loll delivery lut October. I. S. May Surrender Him for Mississippi Highway Robbery Trial, Uoucy Enlon, Mississippi bad man lid slayer ol n federal olllcer, and wo companions, sel/.ed by county nd federal olflceis yeslerdfty In Ihc ,lltlt! IllviT section, 211 miles soiil.i- whi ot here, were questioned at ciiKlh lierc loday. Three others vere held ul CMccoln. • ' Although fctleini olllce-rs, flvo special inve.stlualors of Lhc denarl- iH'iit of jiBitlce, declined to reveal the results of their long sessions with cadi of ih<; men, they did .leny lhal Ihelr concentration hem carried any nimsiml import. They saM ihul Ealon, joe Daij- gelt and Henry Cre.bbe would prob- nbly be removed to Jouesboro tomorrow or the next day for hearing on charges of violation of the Dyer net before U. 3. Commissioner F:. L. Wcstbrook, Jr. Whether l-'nink Eaton, cousin of thc desperado. Hoy Uincnslcr, and Quy. will UL 1 taken lo .loncs- Imiss Milling, now outlawed, was Spins clored steady at I24S, up New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Mar. 8 (\}P>— Cotton closed steady. open high low close Consider Big Lake for Recreation Area Site Interest in the possibility o: establishing one of (en proposed Deputy Arrested for in Robbew CARUTHERSVTU.E, Mo. —Dale Perkins, deputy constable deputy game warden of Hnytl, jailed here with the holdup at Hnyll Monday Mitchell, negro an vict. Approximately 5300 was Inken iu I lie holdup. Mitchell, in :i statement lo officers here, named Perkins, also n former convict, (is the man who CARUTHF.RSV1LLE, Mo.— Htorl: ' far a new ucuik iu this city has uren j oversubscribed, according to W. fi. Uernai'd. chairman of a committee appointed to •.iiipccvlse soliciting subscript ioiw. I'laus are to have the new liauk "in op-ration a. r . scon us u charti 1 !' be arranged. NcgoUlicms arc under way to establish ihe new bank in Ihe quarters formerly occupied by Ihe Bank of Carulhcrsvil!: 1 . Hardly hnd unofficial word <>( the vote been passed out when W. N. Ptsher, proprietor of th(> Majestic. Hotel, opened his wine, and litiuoi' shop. Hatcl Hi'olhers c, cd minthcr al Wartl and Third streets. was selling by Ihe. drink for 15 cents with 11 variety of >mm!s obtainable lodny. The new liquor storr.s ivru called "by tin drink dispensaries,", as illstltigulsh ctl from the oUl sal'oon. They ha.i solid glass Ironls Insteail of Ih concealed bars of John Btrtty corn's fln>l reign. In order to scl litiuor by the drink it is necessary thni such eslabllslimenls have slock valued ul. Jt.MO or olhc goods or mcrchaiidlM on sale. Carulhersvllle was n well known resort lor residents from the neighboring slate of Arkansas In ioro on similar charges Ls doubt- ul, although they arc being hold on Dyer act charges while Ills'In- vcstlfnllon continues. FiTeew Capllal Charge Federal oincvrs said that Eaton's iclion Iu tnklng a cur belonging to a federal olilcer Tuesday was 'tin offense which gave them Jurlsdic- (ion over Ihe case as well as Iho Dyer act violations. They pointed out. however, that, highway roubory is a capital ofTensi; In Mississippi nnd Indicated thill. Enlon would Bo turned over to M&talppl authorities lo deal with. Eslon was scry- Ilig a life sentence for Ihe murder of v a federal ngenl when lia C3ca|)ed from a Mississippi prLsoa farm several montlis ago. Since that lime he has tmorli.V! the 1 countryside in the Tippali lillls seellon of, Nflssl.islppl. ciilmlnallng In a drunken'.spree anil series of'hold-lips and escapades Tuesday will) two coin- n]lfl |\v!ilch was placed in liquidation last Leachville Will Get Paving on Main Street I.EAC1IV1LLE. Ark.—Roy Spence nnd Paul X. Williams o[ the state highway depnrimein were here yes- lerday roinplrlmu iirnmijemenls for acqnisllion of right of way lo psr- mil the pnvliij; with concrete ot the south end of Main street. Moving ol ihe S. J. Matthews building to make room for the new paving his been sinrlrd nnd actml construction will stari shortly. The i new pavement will extend nearly End of Limits I ions Treaty Ratio Seen in Announcement Today , plan of organization U to!one-half mile south from Ihc June- of c me I ll " oi n earn eamc wllicll night by Willie I vhlcll and former con- subscribed, of be for common .stock and Slti.OW surplus. It Is at- M planned lo secure $30,000 from tile H. P. C.. giving a capllnl stock Of S50.0CO and $10,000 surplus. Tl.e bank will be organized as a member of the federal reserve planned the robbery. Perkins serv-•• lcm all( ) wll | havc government ctl a two year federal (erni several guarantee of deposits. years ago for his part in the fam- -[-he committee in cliavgc of ar- with Manila nnd concrete. lyacbvllli- highway Warns of Cheap Cotton If Bankhead Bill Fails March May July OCI I>c • Ian 1201 1210 1225 1231 I 1240 1258 1201 1223 123G 1248 1254 1259 1201 1203 1217 1228 1237 1258 1210b 1222 1233 124G 1254 1258 recreational^reas near Big j, us ' Pemlscot co . lint y prohibition! tangeracnls for ihe new tan!: 'i!<: law evasion conspiracy which Ecntky. B. Bernard. Caruihcrsville. Harry Bailey, "kins of _lhe bor-(chairman 1 . M. K. Rowland, Netherlands: O. I 1 . Tilghiiion. Watd-jll: Crows Reynolds and W. L Can- ticll. Ijoth of tills city. Spots closed steady 'nt 1232, up Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. Mar. 8 (UP)— Indication by Senator Dnncan "Flclcher ihnt the Fletcher-Raybtirn stock market control bill would be modified before it Ls reported to thc senate brought a sharp upturn today in stock market prices hi the last four hours of trading Volume Increased sharply. Shorts covered. A. T. and T 121 1-4 Anaconda Copper 15 3-' Bclhkhem steel 44 Chrysler 54 i- Citifs Service 31- Coca Cola ins General American Tank 4\ 3-8 Citneral Electric 21 7-8 General Motors 37 7-3 International Harvester m 1-4 Middlewcst Xltllille.s 1-4 Montgomery Ward 321-1 Ne\v York Central T? 3-8 Packard 53-4 Phillips Petroleum 173-4 Hadio Corp 81-8 Simmons Beds 20 * s '. Louts-San Francisco 3 1-2 Standard of N. J 45 1-' Texas Co 26 1-4 ». R Steel 54 1-2 Lake was expressed by A. Pcrke M'd Wm. Scarboro of the! Ar.k.uuns Centennial Celebration commission following a visit to the lake yesterday in the company of J. Mell Brpnks. secretary of the chamber of commerce, and other local men. Mr. Brooks was given assurance that engineers of the commission would visit (he lake laler i xannne further into the suitable sites suggested for the iropoifd development. Applications Will Close (or Jewish Aid Scholarships Young men and women Interested In applying for the scholarships, to be awarded by the Jewish Ladles Aid, arc askcd^to communicate with Mrs. Roland Wolforl, Mrs. Milton Sternbcrg. or Mrs. Herman Hess before tomorrow night. These scholarships are to be given lo outstanding students in Bly- hevtlle and Oscoola for advanced sludy In dramatic art. piano, voice, cotton, secretarial course and dancing. der," and Sheriff Peie Robertson 10 prison. Mitchell said that Perkins told him Clay Pillow, one of the men in the card game, had thc larger part of thc money. Wr-ur. Mitcliell held op several mm in liie game he searched only Pillow and found $300 on him. The name was underway in the Morgan building nt Tlaytl. kins will br held here Saturday. Chicago Wheat Prince Surrenders Royal ! Status to Wed Actress LONDON. March 8. (UP)— Prince Slgvard of Sweden, grandson of King ous'.av V.. tcday married Erika Pat?£k. beautiful blond German motion p'.ctm? actress, at Caxton hall reside: office, near Wesl- minsler Abbey. In so doing he made great ?jcdficcs on thc altar; of love. As the b:irf ceremony was conducted, the Swedish high lord chamberlain was on his way to Stockholm to issue decrees depriving Ihe prince of his royal stilus for ir.ayryiuj a commoner. Hi- will b? dej.rivcd of ti:e rrjht Chicken Thief, Forger and Slayer pet Same Penalty CARUTHERSVILLB, Mo. — A •htcke'ji lliief, a check forger, nnd ft murderer were each senlenced to piison for the same length of time in circuit court here. Cecil WilTlams. negro, charged with stealing chickens, ancl John W. D:nton. charged with forgery, wer eihe first two. and Wccxlrow Koonce was the third. Kocnce was -sentenced for the slaying of Alford Young, of near BlytrevlUc. who was shot nnd kilted Jan. 27 at a roadhouse conducted by Dob Winters. short distance below Holland. Ail Ihreo men were given two MEMPHIS. Mar. 8 (UP)—Im] porlance of the immediate sup i port of the Baiikhriid bill bj thc southern colton farmer and! merchant was urged today by C. O. Henry, general manager of the Mid-South Colton Growers a.'so- ciatlon, an organization of 40,000 fanners in Tennessee. Arkansas and Missouri. Henry warned Ihe farmers Hint unless the Bnnkhead bill is passed they may expccl n imti-li lower price for their coKon. not only now bul next fall. TOKYO. March H. (UP)—Admiral Mlueo osuml, minister of marine, announced todny that because ol Ihc $150.000.000 Vlnson navy bill, passed by the Unllcd itates senate Tuesday. Jnpfin must build additional warships. His announcement seemed concrete evidence Japan did not hi tend alter next year to accept the 1-0-3 ratio of the expiring naval treaties. He said that al the end of 1939 Japan would have slightly over CO per cent, of ships as compared to Ihe United Slates. He cited tonnage figures as of that lime on the basis of present programs ns: Japan, 735.003; United States, 1,135.240. That Is a 5-3.5 ratio, giving Japan 05 per cent ns many ships as thc United Stales instead of the present treaty ratio of fiO per cent. ven without the building program 10 said would be necessary. tho old days when most poluti In lint stale .were "bone dry." So far as known here this city Is Ihn inly one' In smilhensi Missouri low legally selling liquor by thc Irinks. A recent .'act of Ihc slate legislature allows cities and towns of fiOO to 20.000 poniitalton :o vol.c on thc Issue. • Luther M. Stiles Dies in Kentucky Hospital Luther M. allies. 42, died yesterday ul Murray. Ky., following a six weeks illness from malaria fever. Thc Blythevllle resident was taken 111 nt his home, 100 Oiierry strecl. nnd was lalcr removed lo Ihe Murray hospital. He Is survived by his wife, Mrs Cardie SUles, and three children Vllllam. Annie Mac and L.. C. Funeral services are being hell oday nl Murray with lire Moss Un clinking company in charge of ar angc-mcuts. Spanish Government Fears General Strike years each In prison. I Firemen Answer John's Call Bul It's False Alarm MADU1D, March 8. (UP)—Rccn- forcemenl or Ihc O\iardia Civil and Ihe auxiliary police was sought b> Ihe government loday. Operallng under a national state of alarm decree II ncted on the belief thai So- cinlisls planned a revolnllonarj general strike. Large public gatherings, polilica or social, \vere forbidden in ix ne\ .decree loday. The government wa. jpieparcd. if necessary, to declan ' martial law. Speedy Trail Looms for Basil Banghar CHICAGO, March 8. (UP)—At :orneys for the state nnd defense :oday speeded Hie trial of Basil Banghnrl, former of Ihe "Terrible Touhy" gang, on charges of kid-1 naplng John Facior, Chicago t»r- bcr wlio made a Jorlinie In stock speculations In England. fn contrast to Ihc deliberate maneuvers through which attorney. 1 ! went In a previous trial of Roger Touhy. Gus Schacfer. and Albert Kator, on the same charges. Bang- hnrt's trial promised to set new speed records. throne. open high tow close of succession to tho May 881-8 8C 5-8 851-2 86 3-s! — July as a-8 861-4 85 B« ]^ asons Meet Tonight Chicago Corn open high May 50 1-2 60 7-8 July S2 1-2 52 3-4 52 3-41 viled. Burglars Take Cash From Billiard Parlor AbouI SIO was removed from a rcglsler in the Pastime bil- !hr,-| parlor, in iho 200 Wes: Main i stre:t h!ock. sometime last niglit. II [was lenrned Ihls morning when cm ; plove.i opened the parlor. j Police yrre inclined to Ivoli'nY 1 ;th.u f.omecne hid in tl-.c building The iocal Masonic chiplor will (when il was locked last nig.-l and drawer. A rear opened from !hf John Smith, city fireman, didn't hesitate to call his fellow firemen out last night despite cold and stormy weather. John. It rccms. did not have to brave the elemcnls, (he fire being right at home. For that matter there really wasn't any fire, other firemen said, and vented Ihelr wrath in a little playful manhandling when they arrived at John's residence 317 Host Davis street. C. L. Moore Again Heads Red Cross at Osceola OSCEOLA. Moore Ark.. March 8.— G. re-elected chairman Leachville Editor Shows Improvement LEACHVILLE, Ark.— B. L. App'.e- by, who has been critically ill with nose hemorrhages (or several days. appeared slightly improved last night. His brother, Dr. Scott Ap' panions. OSCEOLA, Ark.—Rouey Eaton, Mlssls-slppl desp?rado nnd escaped life termer from Parchmr.n prison farm, and five others, were taken in custody on Ullle River. 15 mllrs west of Osceolft by Sheriff Clarence Wilson nnd his deputies Wed- esday afternoon. In spllii of thc fact, that Eaton nd iwo of his coinnanloiis. Jo« linggetl and Henry Craubc, barrl- nded In n house without windows n the lier.rl. of the woods, were nurd with hlch powered rifles, rc- nlvers, ancl n quantity of nmmu- iltlon. liielr (irrcsl was effected, vllhoul n shot. Offtccru Crash Poor Quietly surrounding the house, a mile casl of the Floodway road and six miles north of Highway 40, Sheriff Wilson's men crashed the one door and covered the threo occupants before lliey were aware, of lite officers presence. Eaton was lylntc op n bed In the comer and Crabbe and Bajselt were playing cards at an improvised table.- The officers reached thc .scene in n Pord touring car they had commandeered three miles back on-the Floodway road, where Roy L. Lancaster, driver of Ihe cnr. bis brother. Guy, bolh of Rlcnze. Miss., "nnu Prank Eiiton. cousin of Rouey Eaton, whose home is on Lltlle River, were labcn in ciistcdy. * While department ot Justlca agents, heiried by John If. Hansen, special agent in charge of the Birmingham offlcc., who Is today iu charge 01 tlie case, were loud In their praise of Sleriff Wilson for the capture of Rouey and his gang, the sheriff passed a big .share ot the credit to Btllt Sh.irpe. deputy constable of Liltic River township, wit'.-.oul whose intimate knowledge of ihe country aton? Lillle River and the Flcodwtiy it would hsive been Impossible to find Roucy's hid- iiiR place, he said. Shnrpc led the posse was rc-cleclcd secretary. Mrs. R. L. nonch of Wilson is vice chairman and J. E, Montague of Osceola is treasurer. The executive committee consists of n. M. Fletcher, home ser- pleby of Kdslde. low close meet tonight, 7:M o'clock, al the i later rifled the cash 50 1-8 50 3-4 hall Veiling members nre in-'door was found oji John, a veteran smokealcr, and vice chairman; C. t. Sullcnger his wife were aroused nboul mid-1 disaster relief chalnnan; S. M night to find their home filled wilh Hodges, publicity dialrman; Mrs .'.moke. Roincmbcriiitr a fire IhatiOco. Deere. Junior Red Cross rtestroycd thrir home n yrnr nso chntrmnn: Mrs. C. E. Sullcnger they "liimcd in Ilin al.irm and chairman of volunteer service; then Investigated, The smoke was Mrs. R. C. Langston, Mrs. C. L pouring from an electric refrigcr- Bird, Mrs, Charles J. Lowrance Jr ntor. All the excitement was R. A. Carlivrlght and Mrs. P. P biiimed on a defective molor, Jacobs, cotter. Ark..'o at his WEATHER Arkansas—Fair, continued cold tom'ghl. Friday not so cold. Memphis and. vicinity—Fair tonight. Temperature 23 to 32. Friday fair, not so cold. of sherifl Wilson, his chief de|«jty, Hale Jackson, Deputies Baker Turner. Jako Trrnllslll. Shell Harrison. J. W. Sloton. Jess and Webb Grecr, Herman Splcer. and J. B. Morgnn and Chid Smllh of the Lepanto police department, which combed the Little River section tor Rouey and two companions, believed to be Crabbe and Bagsett, who abandoned their car and fled Into tl e woods when officers pursued them on Highway 40 HuMiiay night. Were Wefl Armed The actual capture of the three was effected by sheriff Wilson, The maximum temperature here I Deputies iickson, Harrison. Turner, yeslerdny was 57. minimum 38. and Slaylon. Deputy ccnstablc cloudy with .10 of an Inch rain, hall and sleet during the night. accord- Ing to Samuel p. Norrls, official weather observer. Tec temperature reached 31 last night. Sharpe. and Poiice Chief Smith, who surrounded the house, while the other officers remained with Frank Ealoh and the two I^ncas- (Continued on Page ElsM)

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