The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 3, 1967 · Page 30
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 30

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1967
Page 30
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8—Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines Thursday, August 3, 1967 EDITOR'S NOTE: This edition of the Woman's World is a reprint from the Thursday, August 6, 1951 issue of the Algona Upper Des Moines. SOME PEOPLE LIKE TO KEEP TRACK of anniversaries. Not only the usual ones like birthdays and wedding dates but lots of extra ones too. Things like, "4 years ago today the baby cut his first tooth", "22 years ago this month we moved to Algona" and "2 years ago Wednesday Father helped with the dishes." Well, Grace is one of these people and the anniversary I'm celebrating this week is the fourth birthday of Woman's World. FOUR YEARS AGO, FATHER AND I were invited down to Helen and Curly Pratt's for dinner and to have a look at the new-fangled gadget, television, which was at that time very rare in Algona. Though I'm apt to forget half my grocery list and I can't quote any telephone numbers, I'm just like an elephant at remembering little details, so I can recall it was excellent roast beef we had that night and that I haven't to this day repaid rny hosts that dinner. * * * THE PARTY ENDED, AS ALL GOOD PARTIES DO, in the kitchen, and the conversation somehow got around to the newspaper business. The editor of this paper was one of the guests and he remarked that he'd like a little more "woman's interest" for tlie U.D.M. I grabbed at this like a snapping mackerel and before he had a chance to recoup his forces I volunteered to start writing a column. Not that Pd ever had experience along this line, you understand, but once I received an A for an English theme and I'd read some columns a couple of times. YE ED NEVER HAD A CHANCE. He was handicapped by not wanting to start a family feud so he said if I got around to writing anything to send it and he'd see what it was like. He thought I'd simmer down and forget about it before press day or that I might get interested in china painting or stamp collecting as a hobby. But he failed to reckon with our hosts who all during the conversation had recording machine. They had the whole deal on a little black disk for posterity- or for blackmailing the editor in case he failed to remember needing a column! * * * I WENT HOME THAT NIGHT AND dreamed big dreams about my new career. I'd be a new Elizabeth Clarkson Zwarts or maybe a Kitchen Kilgallen. I might turn out to be another Priscilla Wayne or a Dorothy Dix. There's plenty of room, I reasoned, for more sage observations on world events a la Dorothy Thompson. Even Edna Ferber started her writing career on a weekly newspaper! THAT BOOKCASE-DESK ARRANGEMENT in our bedroom would work out fine for my study. A sleek portable typewriter would make a fine birthday gift for someone to give me and some reference books and a couple of filing cabinets would be all the other physical tools Pd need. I had visions of baby sitters, a cleaning woman and an Ironing lady to take over for me while I spent mornings tapping out columns. * * * "CAME THE DAWN", AS THE OLD-TIME movies say and reality found a much deflated would-be columnist. The first three obstacles to realizing my dream were Bill, Mary Ann and Jean who at the time were ages 5, 2 and 8 months. I had them, loved them and didn't want to neglect them but their care left little time to pursue careers. A glance at the budget told me immediately that household help was entirely out of the question and I didn't have a typewriter nor prospects of getting one. And when I started to write down little items, I couldn't think of much that was fit to print. * * * BUT THINGS WORKED OUT AS THEY sometimes will and I had a sample column ready to send to the office. But I sure had to scale down that original daydream 1 The time for writing was found to be only after the kids were in bed. The typewriter turned out to be a second-hand clunker paid for out of the first several yards of my immortal prose. The light wasn't any good in the bedroom study and the baby had to sleep there so each column night we moved to the kitchen. The filing cabinets turned out to be dime-store scrap books - Pve just celebrated the anniversary by pasting the last six month's columns in them. I FOUND WHEN I TRIED TO WRITE LIKE Dorothy Thompson that I was fresh out of sage observations and that the world events that moved me most occurred right here in our own house. I found when I tried little gossip items about local celebrities like Dorothy Kilgallen does that they were all either dull, untrue, might get me sued, or even worse, get me snubbed at the super-market. I couldn't advise like Dorothy Dix because nobody sent me any lovelorn letters. So, in subject matter I again moved to the kitchen and started to write about things I know. AND SO, DEAR CHILDREN, THAT'S how Grandma started to write Woman's World. I still have the same typewriter, the same children, the same subject matter problems and I still do my typing in the kitchen. It's hard work sometimes, meeting the deadline every week and trying to have something to say, but it sure is fun! And it's gained me some new friends, renewed some old acquaintances and made me some spending money to boot. * * * BY NOW PM PRETTY WELL RESIGNED to being myself both in column subjects and in ordinary life. But only because it does me so little good to try to put on airs. When I get all dressed up in the hope of looking glamorous, the highest compliment I ever get is that I look "nice" and when I go around with what I fondly believe to be a sophisticated expression somebody always asks me if I have a stomach ache. Nobody has ever questioned admitting me to a place because I looked like a minor, even when I was under 21 and people never seem to be surprised that I'm the mother of three children. GRACE Mrs. Faye Lichty is leaving Wednesday by train for a months visit with her son Harold Lichty in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She will also visit in North Platte, Nebraska. Harold will bring her back coming by way of Canada. Mrs. (Mary) Ernest Meyers, Jr. passed away Friday morning in the Britt hospital after a lingering illness. Funeral arrangements are pending at the Blake Funeral Home. A complete obituary will come next week. 1 LuVERNE 1 1 Mrs. C. W. Bjustrom is Mr, and Mrs. Allen Blake and Robert spent last week at the Holiday Inn at Lake Okoboji. They spent the week enjoying golf and swimming. Mrs. Alta Madden, Ringsted, visited her sister, Mrs. Alma Madden from Thursday till Monday of last week, IRVINGTONj By Marguerite Hayes ! Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wickwire are vacationing this weekiri Colorado. They will visit their daughter Betty at Greeley, Colo, where she is attending summer school. They •«!! then go to/ Estes Park. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hanson from near Humboldt were Friday callers at the Chris Gales home. The Milford Hathe family enjoyed a few days at Lake Okoboji last week. They were visited there by the R.C. Mawdsley family on Sunday. The R. C. Mawdsley family spent a few days this week in Minneapolis. WALT DISNEY'S - "SNOW WHITE & 7 DWARFS" BACK No Nut 'I'hat old favorite at the ball park, the peanut, is not really a nut. It is a lepume. MOVIE CLOCK ALGONA THEATRE THURSDAY thru SATURDAY- MATINEES ALL THREE DAYS STARTING AT 1:30. Complete Program begins: 1:30 and 7:00- 9:lfj p. m. "Yellowstone Cubs"1:30 and 7:00- 9:in p. m. "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs" 2:20- 7:50- 10:00 p. m. SUNDAY - Complete Program begins: 1:00 - 3:05 - 3:1 !> 7:00 - 9:0u p. m. "Guide For A Married Man" - 1:30-3:405:30-7:35-9:30 p. m. MONDAY ajid TUESDAY Complete Program begins: 7:009:05 p. m. "Guide For A Married Man"- 7:35-0:25 p. m. WEDNESDAY - Complete Program begins: 7:00- 9:15 p. m. .UULJUULS "Those Fantastic Flying Fools" - 7:35 - 9:30 p. m. STAKLITE DRIVE-IN THEATRE THURSDAY and SATURDAY Complete Program begins: 9:00 p. m. "Alvarez Kelly" - 9:15 p. m. "Stagecoach"-ll:30p.m. Saturday Mid-nite show only "The Saboteur" - 1:25 a. m. FRIDAY - Complete Program begins: 9p.m. "Stagecoach" — 9:15 p. m. "Alvarez Kelly" 11:25 p. m. SUNDAY andTUESDAY-Com- plete Program begins: 9:00p.m. "Torn Curtain" - 9:15 p. m. "Promise Her Anything"-11:30 p. m. MONDAY - Complete Program begins: 9:00 p.m. "PromiseHer $ LOOKS i,IKK rnoi'in.K. Sin i ; ,V. /lush I ill. Sit i /ill. 11 n jl /ill, H / inn /1-i n i'il I), a- I n r i sttt i 'III il ti \\'nll l)isnri/'s ti n innit inn rltixsir. "Sinm \\'lnt< uml fin Si n n Ihi'i A tni til -i<- i n it i n i/ i-ii ft tinn lin iininil mini , the Srri'ti Hint i'fa (I. In >': f)f>)> si i n lii/lit in tlifii' ctittufji- in this Kcrnr from i'is." In fiilnr hii Ti'di uit'oloi', fin 1 A I'd (I i'in ii III iinnii'i I'sni'ii Ini Hili'lld \'!std. . Anything" - 9:15 p. m. "Torn Curtain"- 11:00 p. m. WEDNESDAY - KLGA FREE NITE - Complete Program begins: 9:00 p. m. "Munster Go Home" - 9:15 p. m. "Night Of The Grizzly" - 11:00 p. m. THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY - AUGUST 3-4-5 MATINEES ALL THREE DAYS AT 1:30 P.M. ONCE AGAIN, FOR EVERYONE! Walt Disney's , TECHNICOLOR® I ook lo Ihu n.rm. WAL T DISNL Y loMhe lines! in family enterlainmcnlj „ „„„„ 0 , ,„„, ,„„ „,„„„„„„ Co ,„ .„,„ „.„,, f PLUS: WALT DISNEY'S YELLOWSTONE CUBS 2 SHOWS EACH EVENING DON'T FORGET MATINEE'S EACH DAY AT 1:30 ADMISSION-. ADULTS - $1.0Q - CHILDREN - 50c SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY - AUGUST 6-7-8 THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY - AUGUST 3 - 4 - 5 COLUMBIA PICTURES PRESENTS AoUL L.olhuhL PRODUCTION WILLIAM IVflRE KEUY • . the man end story that spell gallantry from A to Z! 2ND BIG FEATURE c 2a_ A Martin Rackm Production THINKING -THIS IS NOT A MOVIE YOUR"WIFE" or "WIFE-TO-BE" SHOULD SEE....WHETHER YOU HAVE A FEELING- OF GUILT ...OR NOT] A GUIDE FOR THE MARRIED. MAN* ^ AH /iWMINATED LECTURE 0NHOW TO COMMIT ADULTffY!' .. Jir»e Maqaune "ITS A BK££2Y. LAUGH-LOADED S£X FARCE WITH GUARANTEED LAUGHS!' .. .Cue Maqaztne Academy Award Winner WALTER MATTHAU TV'S 'FARMER'S DAUGHTER" MORSE JH£fE GUElTtTAKS...GIVING MTH'DO'l' f. ^PONrt 7 LUCILLE BALL • JACK BENNY • POUY BERGEN -JOEY BISHOP • SID CAESAR ART CARNEY WALLY COX • JAYNE MANSFIELD • HAL MARCH • LOUIS NYE CARL REINER • PHIL SILVERS TERRY-THOMAS • SU6G£$Tft> fOK M/miaf ,or,i,v:<m 1 n.n, u ,>.F,,,K,i m r.rr CuiemaScope • Color by Deluxe " : "' "" CHECK MOVIE CLOCK FOR TIMES SATURDAY ONLY MIDNITE SHOW MARLON NIL OODENMHE SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY - AUGUST 6 « 7 - 8 ON YOUR GIANT SCREEN YOU'LL SEE THESE TWO FEATURES PRUL JULIE HITCH SUSPENSE lURTRin' TECHniCOLOB ADULTS - $1.00 CHILDREN UNDER 12. FREE WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 9th - Kl.G.A. FREE NITl ItCHNfGOlQft* t PiMuoyNi PICTURE 2 BIG FEATURES - COME EARLY AND BRING THE FAMILY America's Funniest Family in their

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