The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on September 28, 2009 · Page A19
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page A19

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Monday, September 28, 2009
Page A19
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THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR INDYSTAR.COM 1st MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2009 A19 WILLIAM S AFIRE I 1929-2009 UNTYING THE KNOT IN INDIANA Wayne County leads the nation in the percentage of divorces in counties with a population of 65,000 or more, according to new 2008 estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau. Floyd and Madison counties also are in the top 10. Columnist was influential conservative voice By Deepti Hajela Associated Press NEW YORK - William Safire, the conservative columnist and word warrior who feared no politician or corner of the English language, died Sunday at age 79. The Pulitzer Prize winner died at a hospice in Rockville, Md. The cause of death was pancreatic cancer, family friend Martin Tolchin said. Safire spent more than 30 years writing on the op-ed page of The New York Times. In his "On Language" column in The New York Times Magazine and more than a dozen books, Safire traced the origins of words and everyday phrases. New York Times Co. Chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr. said in a statement: "For decades, Bill's columns on The Times's Op-Ed Page and in our Sunday Magazine delighted our readers with his insightful political commentary, his thoughtful analysis of our national discourse and, of course, his wonderful sermons on the use and abuse of language. Bill will be greatly missed." Safire penned more than 3,000 columns, aggressively defending civil liberties and Israel while tangling with political figures. Bill Clinton famously wanted to punch the curmudgeonly columnist in the nose after Safire called his wife "a congenital liar." v HE SPARRED WITH WORDS: William Safire, seen holding a pair of boxing gloves in this 1996 photo, had a penchant for pithy political speech. He penned Vice President Spiro Agnew's famous phrase, "nattering nabobs of negativism." MARK WILSON Associated Press 1996 file photo Safire's assistant Rosemary Shields said: "Not only was he brilliant in language and assessing the nuances of politics, he was a kind and funny boss who gave lots of credit to others." As a speechwriter in the Nixon White House, Safire penned Vice President Spiro Agnew's famous phrase, "nattering nabobs of negativism," a tongue-in-cheek alliteration that Safire claimed was directed not at the press but at Vietnam defeatists. Along with George Will and William F. Buckley Jr., Safire penned smooth prose that helped make conservatism respectable in the 1970s, paving the way for the Reagan Revolution. Safire was a pioneer of opin ionated reporting. Author Eric Alterman, in his 1999 book "Sound and Fury: The Making of the Punditocracy," called Safire an institution unto himself: "Few insiders doubt that William Safire is the most influential and respected pundit alive." Safire's scathing columns on Carter White House budget director Bert Lance's financial affairs won him the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 1978. Safire was born Dec. 17, 1929, to a Jewish family in New York City. Survivors include his wife, Helene, a British-born jewelry designer, a son and a daughter. 1. Wayne County, Ind. 19.2 2. Monroe County, Fla. 18.3 3. Daviess County, Ky. 17.0 4. Mohave County, Ariz. 16.8 5. Roanoke City, Va. 16.7 6. Floyd County, Ind. 16.5 7. Madison County, Ind., Putnam 16.3 County, Fla., Pinellas County, Fla., Potter County, Texas 41. Marion County, Ind. 14.3 Source: Associated Press The Star Divorce Wayne County being hurt by report, ex-resident says. From A15 But Wayne County's survey results, Elliott said, have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4 percentage points, meaning other high-ranking counties could easily eclipse Wayne County's estimated percentage. What's more, the survey does not account for divorced persons who may have relocated to Wayne County from a different place during the course of the year. Wayne County Clerk JoAnn Stewart said she has no way of confirming the Census Bureau's estimates because the state doesn't track divorce statistics. Stewart's office does track domestic relations filings, which include divorces, child support and custody cases. In 2008, her office handled 523 such filings, up from 477 in 2007. Former Wayne County resident Nicolas Martin, now the director of the Consumer Health Education Council in Indianapolis, said he was skeptical of the report. So he called the U.S. Census Bureau. "Wayne County is really getting burned by this one," he said. "Information is so powerful. It can change how people perceive Wayne County so quickly. ... It may be decisive in whether a business chooses to move there or not." - Contact Palladium-Item reporter Brian Zimmerman at MISSED A DAY? Read published obituaries from the past week at lndyStar.comobituaries FOR THE RECORD To our readers Commemorate your friends and loved ones who have passed away with a memoriam in this section. To place your tribute, or for more information, email or call 317-444-7276. BAKER In Loving Memory of Kelly LaShawn Baker Sept. 28, 1985 -Aug. 3, 2005 Wishing you a happy 24th birthday. From Mom, Dad, Family and Friends DENNEY In Loving Memory of Sue Denney Jan. 26, 1936 -Sept. 28, 2005 R has been 4 years since you passed on to your new home on the bright golden shore. But we love and miss you in our home on earth as before. You are always on our mind of sweet memories of you so loving and kind. Your Husband Perry, Children Debby, Chuck, Jeff and Mike HIMES In Loving Memory of Richard D. Himes Who passed away Sept. 28, 2004. Loved and sadly missed by Brother Kenny and Sisters, Millie, Sug Joan and Caroline QUATROCHE In Memory MICHAEL JAMES QUATROCHE September 28, 1968 September 29, 2007 "A beautiful life that came to an end, he died as he lived, everyone's friend. In our hearts a memory will always be kept, of one we loved, and will never forget." The Quatroche Family BIRTHS Community Hospital East REPORTED SEPT. 21 BOYS - Captain, Crystal; Hearl, Lesli; Jones, Tanika; Laverty, Amy; Ross, Angela; Rutallie, Jaime. GIRLS - Buford, Brittani; Dunahee, Matthew and Michelle; Harris, William and Tawni; Jones-Franklin, Matthew and Tabitha; Linden, Robin; Naylor, Shannon; New, Brandi; Pitcock, Amanda; Thomas, Kenneth and Ladrema; White, Tiffany. Community Hospital North REPORTED SEPT. 21 BOYS Grinstead, Ryan and Summer; Hill, Collin and Karla; Hornbeck, Meagan; Lewis, Mychael and Keiara; Mattingly, Lynn; Murray, Nicholas, and Phillips-Murray, Nerrissa; Risher, Larry Jr., and Thompson, Terry; Rohn, Christopher and Jennifer; Scheidler, Jason and Natalie; Sommer, David and Tracy; Sponsel, John II and Andrea; Stone, Michael, and Aguilar, Ernesti-na; Williamson, Joseph and Elizabeth. GIRLS - Alexis, Titus, and Weather, Corrina; Armstrong, Todd and Angela; Drake, Robert, and Brown, Monica; Erath, William and Shanna; Francis, Seth and Lindsay; Gillispie, Anthony and Virginia; Hanna, Ryan and Sarah; Justus, Bradley and Jennifer; Kunberger, Jared and Lynsie; Lakins, Dustin, and Wilber, Samantha; Lockwood, Patrick and Courtney; Long, Daniel and Mary; Meinerding, Tyler and Christine; Nelson, Aaron and Alicia; Rayner, Wesley, and Stocker, Courtenay; Romero, Guillermo, and Gianoli, Kelly; Schornack, Cory and Jennifer; Sharp, Cody and Christine; Shores, Andrew and Kelly; Tucker, Marcus, and Simms, Brittany; Turner, William and Natasha. TWIN BOYS - Taylor, Diamond, and Farley, Tinita. TWIN BOY AND GIRL - Key, Nicholas and Megan. REPORTED SEPT. 23 BOYS Gillmore, Charles and Karen; Taylor, Lauren. GIRLS Herbert, Simon and Rebecca; Memering, Robert and Jamie; Reese, John Jr. and Andrea; Scott, Jonathon and Alison; Whittington, Finis and Erika. REPORTED SEPT. 24 BOYS - Dolan, Timothy and Kathe-rine; Endicott, Zachary and Hillary; Raucci, Nicholas and Gwendolyn; Richardson, Adam and Betsy. GIRLS Brookins, Jason, and Dyer, Tiara; Kolterman, Jeremiah and Rose; Leeper, Jason, and Ross, Jennifer; Nelson, Brent and Ashley; Pierce, Nathan and Amanda; Welsh, Andrea. Community Hospital South REPORTED SEPT. 21 GIRL - Combs, Michael and Jill. REPORTED SEPT. 22 GIRL Thomas, Brad and Teresa. REPORTED SEPT. 23 BOY - Baker, Colly and Erica. GIRL Madden, Christopher and Jennifer. REPORTED SEPT. 25 GIRL Smith, David and Christa. Indiana University Hospital REPORTED SEPT. 21 BOYS Dieudonne, Dino and Shelley; Poston, Matthew and Constance. GIRL Corr, Christopher, and Wil-lard, Claire. TWIN BOYS - Whitla, David and June. REPORTED SEPT. 25 BOY - Ashby, Samantha. GIRLS Dial lo, Abdourahmane and Mariam; Franklin, Jeffrey and Nicole; Morris, Crystal; Moss, Richard and Stefanie; Reese, Amy. Methodist Hospital REPORTED SEPT. 22 BOYS - Davis, Vicki; Drake, Brandy; Eby, William, and Dejong, Judith; Gad-die, Chonita; Lee, Aaron and Stepha nie; Mourning, Tasha; Smith, Angela; Strong, Regina; Swallows, Christina; Taylor, Loren; Vertner, Marquesha. GIRLS - Alger, Sasha; Carter, Kaili; Collins, Matthew and Katherine; Dal-ton, Krystle; Hudson, Jennifer; Johnson, Tyanna; McClain, Ferlie; Patterson, Takia; Penrose, Tosha; Purcell, Sabrina; Summers, Eric and Rachel; Thompson, Jessica. REPORTED SEPT. 25 BOYS Gomez, Oscar and Nadia; Hardimon, Lagregria; Harrion, Chassie; Jefferson, Stazia; Mohamed, Amina; Rojas-Rivas, Clarissa; Shehata, Virginia; Webster, Dujuan and Darlene. GIRLS Beasley, Danny and Angela; Calvin, Stacey; Casalino, Peter Jr. and Alicia; Copas, Tamara; Lewis, Melissa; Mayberry, Tellas and Kristi; Price, Whitney; Romine, Lindsay. St. Francis South Campus REPORTED SEPT. 21 BOYS Brown, Jason, and Cobb-Brown, Rebecca; Crawford, Devonie; Denham, Jenna; Dougherty, Bryan and Brittany; Flinchum, Teresa; Harris, Harry and Terri; James, Mark and Sonya; Lian, Thang, and Doi, Sui; Ma-honey, Michael and Dawn; Merkwa, Mary; Moore, Heather; Porter, Paul and Jami; Rose, Kristin; Rusiniak, Andrew, and Pascual, Denise; Seitzinger, Casey and Laura; Shaffer, Nicolas and Shannon; Stone, Sharon; Tewell, Catherine. GIRLS Cem, Thang, and Thluai, Lily; Clutter, Kevin and Jennifer; Covey, Stephanie; Hutchings, Brandy; Jones, Ryan and Marilyn; Reed, Angel; Russell, Courtney; Strain, Gordon and Amy. REPORTED SEPT. 22 BOYS - Marchio, Jeffrey and Tracy; Norman, Amanda; Oliver, Brian and Stephanie; Overton, Morgan. GIRLS Branscum, Roger and Day-na; Middleton, Devin and Amanda; Ransdell, Shannon. REPORTED SEPT. 23 BOYS Armstrong, Jacob and Maggie; Davuluri, Srinivasa, and Nallapati, Usha; Payne, Brooke. GIRLS - Adams, Crystal; Hiatt, Jonathan and Courtney; Martin, Heather. REPORTED SEPT. 24 BOYS Bauers, Joseph and Emily; Bayliss, Kurtis and Jennifer; Hall, John, and Thawng, Cherry; Lett, Timothy Jr. and Cassie; Reed, James and Shana. GIRLS Fleener, Richard and Heidi; Gray, Jeremy and Misti; Marsden, Kristen; Nondorf, Matt and Jamie. St. Vincent Hospital REPORTED SEPT. 21 BOYS Blackwell, James and Kim-berly; Buckland, Trent and Janci; Ed-mundson, Vernon, and Dawson, Cree; Farren, Roan, and Nicholas, Erin; Hos-kins, Anterris, and Parker, Quiana; Mays, Janet; Morgan, David, and Allen, Johna; Murray, Jason and Amy; Parisi, Christopher and Stacey; Speck-man, Michael and Allison; Swain, Kelly; Vescovi, Bradley and Melissa; Witt, Craig and Ashley. GIRLS - Carter, Eddie IV and Holly; Detwiler, Lenn and Valerie; Edwards, Ashley; Foreman, Barton and Amanda; Hegewald, Kevin Sr., and Broaddus, Janna; Johnson, Gardner and Hope; Lewis, Keith Jr., and Pittman, Aisha; Montgomery, Brian, and Abrajan, Mar-cela; Pendleton, Raymond, and Jones, Bryonne; Pierce, Adam and Angela; Riad, Amgad, and Titus, Amanda; Valentine, Boe, and Lott, Chelsee; White, Joshua and Mary; Williams, Antwan, and Holly-Evans, Akeia. TWIN BOYS - Baker, Kent Jr., and Townsend, Dionna. REPORTED SEPT. 23 BOYS - Fisher, Marques, and Spells, Kenya; Johnson, Nikia; McCul-lough, Jeremiah, and Bloom, Erin; Nu-sekabel, Kyle and Lindsey. GIRLS Jackson, Derek, and May, Jessica; Morst, Sherrice; Smith, Chad-wick and Brittany; Smith, Jason, and Cook, Ashley; Waddell, Michael and Amy. REPORTED SEPT. 24 BOYS - Broadstreet, Ryan, and Liles, Jessie; Kracht, Bradley and Let-itia; Murry, Nika; Rivera, Walter, and Garcia, Ingrid. GIRLS - Collins, Evan, and Albert-son, Danielle; Mason, Charles and Shanee; Sarver, Terrell and Kerrianne; Trader, Monica. REPORTED SEPT. 25 BOYS - Mejia, Oscar, and Alvarez, Lilly; Rosario, David, and Abreu, Luz. GIRLS Esterline, Tully and Wendy; Ford, William and Shareca; Hansford, Stephen, and Mendenhall, April; Marcos, Gustavo, and Juarez, Macaria; Miles, Larry, and Griffin, Kara; Smith, Nicolas and Sarah. Wishard Memorial Hospital REPORTED SEPT. 21 BOYS - Cerda Lugo, Olga; Henderson, Khadijah; Johnson, Chetiqua; Miller, Mark and Tyrill; Reitsma, Candace; Sanchez, Humberto and Leslie. GIRLS Fruin, Holly; Gross, Marie; Hernandez, Brenda; Holiday, Kristie Lynn; Itay, Colin and Jennifer; Recen-diz, Victor and Lizbeth. REPORTED SEPT. 22 BOYS Brown, Starlina; Neguse, Terhas; Tizamith Portrero, Esther. GIRLS Balogun, Taiwo; Field, Jeanette; Harris, Corsica; Kaur, Man-dup; Sanchez, Nubia. MARRIAGE LICENSES REPORTED SEPT. 21 Baker, Ross; Rebecca Grausam. Bolden Jr., William; Abbey Freeman. Boner, Mark; Emily Park. Bourbeau, Matthew; Katelin Reeves. Boutwell, Benjamin; Megan Lindley. Brown, Craig; Hillary Garvey. Clark, Michael; Angel Wilson. Craig, Sean; Kari Jackson-Williams. Decker, Kyle; Cassandra Thompson. DeJulio; Brent; Ashley Stewart. Diaz, Elvin; Eda Hernandez. Doyle, Andrew; Kacie Petroff. Feeser, David; Jessica Dunn. Fluckus, Benjamin; Colette Grundy. Ganovsky, Christopher; Tara Edmun-son. Hall, Ethan; Melissa White. Heng, Chao; Zhulan Zhou. Hernandez, Juan; Kristi Koontz. Holland, Matthew; Karma Hack. Jackson, Anthony; Amanda Henderson. James, Waylon; Rebecca Linehan. Kempf, Stephen; Tara Nees. Kirk, Matthew; Alicia Jines. Kokoski, David; Cassandra Miller. Kukman, Michael Jr.; Bonnie Spears. Lisenby, Charles; Brittany Jones. Major, David II; Shaniel Jones. Martinez, Daniel; Arlyn Herdia. Milanese, Matthew; Erin Miller. Miller, Zachary; Rebecca Thompson. Ottbridge, III, Timothy; Erica Jones. Parnin, Joseph; Jacy Deckard. Pritchett, Brandon; Suzanne Cooper. Ramirez-Martinez, Christian; Kristan Cain. Ramsey, Sean; Ashley Cross. Rivera, Irwin; Jeannette Marquez. Rodriquez, Francisco; Yurico Diaz Sanchez. Rutledge, Timmy; Tina Jordan. Sandoval, Francisco; Susana Hernandez. Schmidt, Hawkeye; Lisa Rutan. Schnabel, Robert; Brenda McElhiney. Smith, Blake; Blair Darrow. Stanfield, Byron; Soyica Hinkle. Starcevic, Steven; Sharon Mundy. Statz, Jacob; Chris Pak. Strykowski, Steven; Kristi Roberts. Wash, Jeremy; Christy Holdegraver. West, Devon; Crystal Phillips. Westbrook, Braden; Hilary Marinich. White, Joseph; Patricia Creech. Whittaker, Robert; Sirrea Hayes. Working, Richard; Amanda Tribby. Wright, Ike; Marlene Lowery. REPORTED SEPT. 22 Bell, Jeffery; Barbara Mendenhall. Benjamin, Anthony; ShriDonne Newman. Bik, Turn; Thachinpar Lian. Brown, John; Andrea Dison. Cheatem, Denais; Vickie Cheatem. Dales, David; Lacy Chambers. Field, Michael; Darcey Manderfeld. Frank, Russell; Elizabeth Barno. Hart, Todd; Debra Buschur. Hoppe, Timothy; Margaret Young. Johnson, Clinton; Crystal McMiller. Kloote, Charles Jr.; Beth Sturiano. Lapkovitch, Timothy; Catherine Mar-maduke. Leeson, Brandon; Jessica Chambers. Matheny, Brandon; Megan LeMasters. Mejia, Rosalio; Hermelinda Escalante. Mondragon-Garfias, Victor; Jennifer Meraz-Feliciano. Moore, Christopher; Jordan Collins. Oakley, Dustin; Jessica Perrault. Powell, Michael; Heather Voigt. Price, Andrew; Julie Wiley. Serban, William; Holly Rosenberger. Sparks, Jason; April Boyd. Staubach, Colin; Amy Slater. Thompson, Nathan; Crystal Tilton. Tims, Everett; Kristen Hufford. Tolliver, Joshua; Jaimee Papp. Troyer, Eric; Abigail Hoye. VanCleave, Berron; Letisha Sanders. Vega-Medel, Damian; Justina Marti-non. Walker, Desham; Monica Germany. REPORTED SEPT. 23 Babb, Eric; Amber Speer. Boatman, Adam; Joni Baxter. Cobbs, Dwight Jr.; Ronnetta Bellamy. Danford, Gerald III; Kayla Jaynes. Douglas, Horace; Annie Banda. Edwards, Demetrius Sr.; Cherle Harris. Greggs, Raymond; Tricia Wethington. Guyer, Todd; Amy Guedel. Hall, Gabriel; Melissa Moyer. Hanger, Walter; Joyce Brown. Hoskins, Quintin; Kizzie Harlan. Ibarra, Pedro; Amanda Beers. Kerr, Chad; Monica Lephart. Key, Larry; Jennifer Neel. Lee, Jody; Dawn Maurer. Mayes, Michael; Stephanie Mayes. Montealegre, Martin; Lidia Ocelotl. Pedtke, Robert; Jennifer McGhehey. Thrasher, Dajuan; Lashun Stewart. Urbieta Garnica, Oscar; Gabriela Gonzalez Mendez. Vaught, Charles; Janet Duval. Welp, Evan; Jaimie Shaw. Witty, Dennis; Sarah Sears. Woods, Gregory; Kimberly Balding. REPORTED SEPT. 24 Aluculesei, Bogdan; Twanna Cosby. Arrington, Chris; Megan Grider. Baker, John; Stacy Henson. Banks, Brandon; Chiquela Banks. Canterbury, Joshua; Brenna Tingle. Click, Craig; Lauren Starkey. Demske, Adam; Amy Morgan. DeVoe, James; Pamela Wampner. Doone, Lawrence; Sherri Summitt. Evans, Daymon; M. Jane Hilaire. Hill, Deandre; Stephanie Brunson. Hobbs, Kevin; Saundra Morris. Johnson, Keith Jr.; Ashley Mann. Nayale, Michael; Lena Reeves. Olsinski, Craig; Cara Chittenden. Perry, Tabari; Taquaia Govan. Peters, Dexter; Angalee Robinson. Pitre, Cory; Kari Roemke. Razor, Rodney; Percilla Swanson. Roman, Pedro; Sandy Zaragoza. Rose, James; Julia Prosser. Salazar, Carlos Jr.; Kristin Ressler. Villar, Luis; Karina Espinoza. Williams, Deandre; Latory Landrum. Williams, Eric; Schulyer Bolden. REPORTED SEPT. 25 Banyon, Smith; Diane Amey. Bullis, Danny; Juanita Hickman. Cox, Joshua; Katherine Creer. Hauflaire, Heath; Kelly Lucas. Huseman, Douglas; Christina Beightol. Jennings, Darrance; Andrea Glenn. Kindle, Wilber; Tameka French. Moss, Eddie; Cheryl Harvey. Osorio, Alfredo; Mara Garcia. Plade, Guilhermo; Adrienne Amiss. Proctor, Brandon; Kathleen Lanie. Ranft, Timothy; Dusty Thompson. Roski, Justin; Kathryn Heseman. Runyon, Terry; Melinda Burgess. Russell, Matthew; Nanette Schulte. Settles, Christopher; Angela Smith. Tinnin, Rhea; Michelle Smith. Williamson, C. Daniel; Rita Baker. Young, Marcus; April Young. DIVORCE LAWSUITS FILED REPORTED SEPT. 21 Adams, Gerry; Rosemary Adams. Barrow, Stacy; James Barrow. Basile, Katherine; Jonathan Basile. Bohnsack, Libby; Jay Bohnsack. Botos, Anthony; Lisa Botos. Harmon, Ronald; Judith Harmon. Heys, Randall; Tiffany Heys. Hunter, Jackie; Richadean Rhodes-Hunter. Irick, Neil; Susan Anderson. Naku, David; Hassana Naku. Nix, Connie; Terrence Nix. Taylor, Topeaka; James McClinton. REPORTED SEPT. 22 Alvies, Angela; Richard Miller. Baker, Evora; Charles Baker. Barrow, James; Stacy Barrow. Braden, Bruce; Angela Braden. demons, Grace; Anthony demons. Endsley, Ebonye; Onajae Endsley. Franklin, Thelma; Paul Franklin. Hardeman, Tony; Theda Hardeman. Higgins, Jane; Jay Higgins. Hoke, Michele; Joshua Hoke. Hutchinson, Alexander III; Sharon Hatcher-Hutchinson. Jackson, Dawn; Jerry Jackson. Miller, Gregg; Evie Miller. Morse, Kerry; Regina Noel-Morse. Palmer, Jason; Tashonna Palmer. Poison, Tonay; David Poison. Rand, Mark; Elena Rand. Rauch, Jason; Alia Rauch. Rudder, Tasha; Nicholas Rudder. Rutland, J'wuan; Nakia Veal. Stoyanov, Stanislav; Michelle Philp. Wadlington, Terri; Lee Wadlington Sr. Walsh, Bonnie; Todd Walsh. Walsh, Todd; Bonnie Walsh. Williams, Juan; Jennifer Williams. REPORTED SEPT. 23 Altmeyer, Olivia; Robert Altmeyer. Bennett, Susan; George Bennett Jr. Bittner, Tami; James Bittner II. Brake, Donald; Donna Brake. Bryan, Kirsten; Jacob Bryan. Byrd, Terry; Cristene Byrd. Franklin, Kenneth; Cynde Franklin. Hartfield, Sherrell; Bernard Hartfield. Jessup, Philip; Brenda Jessup. Juarez-Hernandez, Maria; Luis Garcia-Garcia. Minton, Adam; Cynthia Minton. Nicholls, John; Terry Nicholls. Perkins, Angela; Larry Stultz. Polanco, Nancy; Zeferino Polanco. Scott, Christopher; Courtney Smith. Taylor, Sabrina; William Taylor. Williamson, Alexander; Catherine Rob-son. REPORTED SEPT. 24 Alfaqeer, Salah; Heather Alfaqeer. Allen, John; Sharon Allen. Barlow, Karen; Clifford Barlow. Brown, Angela; Ervin Brown. Buntin, Angela; William Buntin Jr. Butcher, Steven; Mary Butcher. Cole, Robert; Loreen Cole. Coy, Mary; David Coy. Crazier, Ann; Rolf Crazier. Flynn, Desmon; Tequila Perry. Gootee, Debora; Daniel Gootee. Gould, James; Catherin Gould. Heavrin, Daniel; Kristine Heavrin. Hewell, James; Christina Hewell. Lara, Amanda; Federico Lara. Lyons, Nancy; Bobbie Persinger. Miller, William; Janet Miller. Schpok, Jacob; Megan Schpok. Serrano, Jose; Maria Pacheco. Soliven, Josephine; Robert Soliven. Spurlock, Christine; David Cardwell. Stockamp, Cassandra; Bernard Heile. Walker, Shirley; Curtis Walker. Zib, Angel; Juan Zib. REPORTED SEPT. 25 Cobb, Craig; Amanda Cobb. Hecke, Timothy; Oneyda Hecke. Hoffman, Stephen; Regina Hoffman. Hubbell, Thad; Amanda Hubbell. McClelland, Michelle; Tony McClelland. Morgan-Bonds, Timiko; Thomas Bonds. Ortman, Joanie; Thomas Ortman. Payton, Jeffery; Jennifer Payton. Phillips, Brian; Jennifer Phillips. Rea, Daniel; Lori Rea. Rice, Tache; Frederick Rice. Rongey, Marsha; Craig Rongey. Ryder, Teresa; Charles Ryder. Short, Andrea; Phillip Christopher. Smith, Tania; Rondre Smith. Spohn, Mark; Chantel Cloud.

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