The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 11, 1930
Page 1
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL: xxvii—NO. 125 BJythevWe Courier, BlyUievllle Dtlly News, JB!ythevlUe_Herald, MississippiV«lley Leader. BLYTI1RVILLE, AKKANSAS. MONDAY; AUGUST 11, 1030 SINGLE COPIES FJVE CENTO FIVE PERISH IN COTTAGE FIRE; TWO DYING Memphis Store Balcony Crashes, 35 Hurt Drouth And Heat End In Some States The Nation's Great-Drouth, At A Glance iCoal Mines Are Bombed From Aloft Store, Jammed with Bar-' pain Seekers, Scene of Frenzied Excitement. ; CHICAGO, Aug. 11 (UP)— Tem. peraturcs chilly In corupar- i ison to during the recent, • series ot heatwaves prevailed w- : fi. U p i wppn -B; iv lmm day in most sections of the conn- . , , , u . LLW "; n L><»H Mill ry. I and Harrison Lxpecled to ; Rains fell Sunday In Illinois, In- n • n , 11 n II ,' • ;.,., .., ! (liana. Kentucky. Missouri and DHIlg Ullt HciIVy Ijilllollllg ; ' MEMPHIS. Tenn Ail" 11 <UPJ ! Michigan, relieving somewhat Hit!- ' -A Monday morning sale of dish- ' "'Uleal conditl-ns brought about With the race for county judge | ware, which drew hundreds of wo- : uv " drouth iliat in many sections holding lirst place in th; men to a downtown '.department ' hild llislcti si » cc J "'J' '• ' of ^ Ussi , s5 '!'i' i 1cm ' u j y : . biu . wilh ', str.rc here resulted in'th" collniiv '"'ese rains were, however, loui many other local, district and stale . cf a'.balcony and tlie V.Iiirhiif of i »ue lo make nuu'li difference in • <-cniPsls of liiiparlunre to be set-, si least 35 person- ' ' ' standing crops which have Ix-erfi "<*l, Democrat c voters will go t- : 1 ' tlio polls Tuesday in their bicnuln! , primary to pick candidates who, • without exception, will be certain' ! of victory, probably imcontoslcd. al • : ihe general eleclicn in November : ; Tiie spirited and at times blllsr ; ' fishl that has been waged between : 'George W. Barham, seeking, a sec- , ! ond term as county Judge, and 7.m . i B. Harrison, has been the fealurn ! of the pre-primary campaign and ; ' has pushed other contests, includ- i ing even Ihe gubernatorial :race,; , the background so far as Ms- | 1 sissippi county is ccnc:rned. not'n ! LOUISVILLE. Ky.. AUK II (UP) •. ca ,)ji;| a t c s have made vigorous and perso Thc women, attending the sale at i damaged to the extent of millions Rhodes-Jennings department store. •• of dcllavs". weir- massed on [he balcony over- , The effect cf Ilic long drouth on looking the. main scilcs ro im ot Hn : vegetables and fruits beRan taking ylcre nnd directly over Ihe furni- ! ilielf apparent today a.s advances lure dpnanineiu. It wns estimnlci' In prices were noted on the Chicago market. In contrail to last week when 100 decree temperatures were -common • such marks were reported yesterday ; in only two slates. Oklahoma and that 150 person? were en the floo when U s'lddenly cnllnnwd with r roar which could be lier.rct mroucli- ri:l. the bird:. . llHBc (-louds of dust.rnllc'.) fron' ihe windows and doors of ibn building. choking the crowd which quick- ' ly became !\ fiphting, scrcaminir mob'. The dnsi. cloud. KaridicaD'-ic'; ! Arkansas. Slonn In Kentucky . . . - ^ liiempn an<l iwlice who were rallcr] ' —N lo iHo slore from nil niris t,f th, — Ncu " cm Kentucky bore ihe i ho ,. oll6ll campaigns, and hav to l.ic store fiom all pans of tli<= , cars tM[ny ot a qnarlol . million , nl . OUEKl „ degree of inicrsst An intbmnl'c sm-inkW svc'em rt ° ! ' ar S '° rm which 1<?Ve!Cd C1 '°'' S ' l»™Lghoul tne c""" 1 *' tllil1 is <*- wi,ich™ durKcconhB^ ™« "ulUIng _ bet w cen . h ? re and p.c.ed to ,esu1t in a heavy vote. nnnred hundreds if gallons nf wat=>- i non the struggling mass of neonl-> Many thoueht the building >'-a r , afire and It heich'?ned tlie excilc- meut of the crowd. Lock for Ciand Vote Estimates, as to the si2e of the vote to be cast vary considerably. Firemen, police and volunteer- \vorkcd for almost an hnur e Lexington anri resulted in injury lo . al least six persons. An 80-mile wind accompanied by- severe electrical disturbances up- | The number of poll tax receipt.' j vocicd trees, t r ,n* thc rcofs off • issued, approximately 9,000, is: ' hcuses, disrupted .communications. ; somewhat less than two years ago but at the same time did some i when over 6,000 voles were cast in ENURE™ is WIPED OUT IN EVANSVILI.K, Incl.,-- Aug. 11 (Ul'l—Five non-union coal mines Hfar Prtwldence. Ky., were bmibec'. Iriiin uii airplane tiKtiiy, reporl. hfrc Mild. Tin- bombers carried bundles nf dynnmll? laden wllh Iron slues.'Only niie of Ihe Iximbs cxplrfcd. O. K. I'lilmer, iiuinager nf (ho • Diamond mine, which was one of tho^e tombed, toltl Ilic United Press, [Partisans Even Try lo Set- He Eler.lion in Advance With Their Fists. • .- Ark.— Fist.-! fli'in" f-^i- heels kicking up lots 6f dusl thai i ,lwn in'nths drouth hns Infi; llt- ' tie "rouns ftalher^d nhoiit: loi" 1 words swken: 1 selifmlnc Irlos nnd i "'fi'-c mcokin" sof'.ly; scorers iimi'ishaklni; 'ind ratln, the iniurod f'rom the bnli.i: «•»" j" »«* « b ''° kc • se [ tous the county. Considera.ion must al •mo- -rh^i-i,,,.,,,! „.»,•» ,-.,rf,.,i )n ,heai,wave of many weeks dura- so be Riven the fact that due t- . I'ipl- Mi»<n|iin: ii]| xlens i|] Man- iiln Hint "Irc'llnu dnv Is nol far off. ; Siim-dnv f r--iinle of p*eu h^ium , "vMicrl. ni-ev ihe rounly Indie's , i-^v-o r>mn>»d bystanders sepaval- i«>ii-llvm. Thi»»i>'|« nrnbablv- , i'nte"r«i her< > In Hie ludnc's '"<•.«. i>",.n Fireworks, Stored'in Building Give Impetus to'Flam- es, Preventing Escape. JOHNSON CITY, Tenn., AUK. 11. <DI')— Five persons wei'6 bn'rncd. Ao death mid two others were believed falally buriud Inday when fire destroyed a four rconi coltngc at Cox's lake: . • The dead word Iv'n Wilt, Mrs. lluih I,cc Wit. Hiifih'Lee Wilt, jr.-. I I and M(irlc Wilt of KnoxvIHe, and \-\ Pnnl Uceder of. Eltzabethton. The j,| Injurt-ti are. Chafe Wi(i and Hugh !'f- ; | Leo Wilt, also of krio)xVl11e. ' •-. ': -£\ Srcnp of the lrager)y was at-thc T' lake, smlmmlug pool '«.. concrete af^.l fair built into Cox la)ce and leased 'I-1 by Witt from C. C.''Cox,-.owner.•>'<. Jrf The seven occupants of tte cpt- Inue were asleep al tHo, time, alxjul. \:M a. in. ; ' "' Information on Jtmt what occurred wavS meager. but authorillcs v.erc Investigating the posslbillly that one of the occupants returned late, carelessly discarded a clgarct, and then ft-cnt to bed.. • '-..',', Considerable fireworks were "saw '• lo have ton stored In a part of thc cottag.?. left over from :_pyrl- lechnlc displays at the lake". ..It . was believed likely the fire.workii- : aided the swift destruction ot .the '.. cottage and mnde escape - virtually Impossible. ' . .. -, ; Surgeons attending, the two men who escaped held out 'virtually no hope fo r tliclr recovery. ' Charles Will, 50, wns IhCj/aiV'vorHugh '. Lee Witt. 26. ,T °-\.\ "man was'-' i(l *-<ne...The--Jnfiircd were ru<:li°cl In ambulannn;. to i lion. •oy nying neons, n was icareci otlicr casualties would be reported : celpls is probably considerably | <"e drouguts blight. - . . . .. I rols^mi'/Drivaie automobiles, po-'i .AlMlie- known iniuved were res,.- ; mem of i»ll lice physicians established temno ' <lents of Louisville who wei-e struck ! £.»«e license rorv relief qiiarterS near the s'.or- ' by flying debris. II was feared and a* soon as persons were tre^t etl hurt them removed. A mijorit-- ! when communications were resumed of the injured were women and »'lli several small lowns. children. Six were thou™W to sc-rioiiElv injured. None of these nr- - exivcted t^i die. The. store hnd advertiser! [hr> K-<\ rf 32 nienes of diMnvari> few -41. ti ??le to open nl 9 a. ,m. Mauiir- Hfiqedorn. ossiKiTit rain»""r of l.'i store, who was iuinred while lieln in? others lo sifeiv. said Hi nnt be immctiiatclv esli- This graphic mat.-prepared from Ilic Ini.^st ieiegrapliic reports received by Ihe U. S. .Weather ,. -iio ,.,..,„ weeks dura- so be Riven the fact that due to-;''eau ot Washington, shows Ihe nation's ^reat drought which Is general over most of vhc :'esloti |t,, III1V n r. n, n 0 |l>nrs. j>»r'i H--the new state law reqiuriiig pay-least of the Rocky Mountains. ; In som? -\reas, no rains of coasequeike have fallen in vyeelss andcrbps i ri^on nnd Bm-ham hnve a lorge fol- 1 • tax -''%~®£k'>-W > '] and.-livestof.fc..rrnve guttered gratly.- The, ..where.'"given, jndlciite th? amount of July rain(,rUl an J.'-.i-iiiff of friends, -ajvi ^nmiua.y the .nurnber of non- com p al . C(1 w i th normal rainfall for tliat month. Only a few stales lii'tiic Mluhcast seem lo have escaped ; ^kers • " " •'••"• ™ting negroes holding poll lax re- IIP. SELECTS P.O. larger Uian ever before. Even con- i i sidei'ing these factors, however, ii ' is confidently predicted jhat thc - vole will run over 5.000. Second only in interest amon' • county contests to tlie county; i judee's race has been the cam-' ! paign of W. Paul Marsh to win the ! seal in the state house or repre- ! sentatives now held by E. E. Alex! finder, who is seeking reelection the counly ! Courier News and KLCN •Will Give'Vole Results will join elfort-s Tuesday night in The Courier News, radio station KLCN, Borum's• drug store, and the Democratic central committee Miss Georgia Lee Slewail won the • recommendation of tliL- Reput'icnn fl-'h's cf a lon« political care-r i permission from live Federal Ra- tion thrcughout the county. "other count/ contests include j fiio commission for KLCN, local Results of (he voting in the slat tho'E betwcn W. W. Hollipeter and i radio station, to go on the air races from all over Arkansas wl LIIU..I, ui,». ^ _ „:_(_!. ...tii. _i_ _*] \,n Vivnnjlnirt ^l- t hn T'lMinrr Wftl- Wrecking Craft at Miami MIAMI nerson: Ihree seriou^lv when a gasoline ! lank in a 4rj foot cabin cruiser b!e« r up at a dock. The cruiser was the westward., molliu to lllo ulllu which burst into flames immcdi-: cvcr Uvn onn or.enls Mrs M-\v Circuit IJucUju alelv foil-wing tlie blast nnd wns n pj crc( , w ho ;-as s"r'vcd' as oost- i T!ltl most imr >ortant district con- i submerged by firemen in an effort «,i.( rf ,U nf Ai'inila fnr pio'ht '.'•!•,,-, ' test, fr.ciug the volers of Misslssip- to salvage it. ' ^nd WUcur A^ Hutcheso^h^av : P' county tomorrow involves tlr-1 B. L. Clark, president of the Eon was 0 wse[i for lhc . Le achv:lle ' selection of two circu judges frorr. Sales^^n.eli't bv u. R . Phillip3 .„„, a Held of four candidates, O. L | ' "- ~.~--"- ' Keck of IJiythevillc ft nil W. \V ? c^'coSiti^ 3sr::i - r s ^'^^.^'-~ e c»> connmltee. which is |LonSi co|in(y cm]rt c]erk arc „„ appointment^ . »PP««]. fol ',. lh ^. s «?:! d ., J cnns ' ay- mission will allow a special permit for the broadcast. Results of the ballot casting r the 52 precincls of the county .will be gathered by the Courier New? anri the central committee by telephone from over [he county In the most cxlensivc aUempt ever made leeallv to give returns of ihe elec- ty. the state be broadcast by thc Courier News' arrangement with lhc Unlled Press for r. special election service. Members of the cenlral committee and (he staff of thc Courlei News will assemble the returnr from over the county and state In i a room in tlie rear of Borum' drug store, where lelcphone an equipment lo facilitate the gathering of Ihe returns will be concen trated. Election news will be broad cast &? soon as they are receive: ever the remcte control wire o ! KLCN installed at Borum's. Jnli'resl- ln«s in uvst M" (he other . i-ouuiv otffres. \V. W. Phnver. who fnnnerlv lived in Manila and for i-.illr.ens nf nils, tiwn worked hard • lo.«t clecUfm. Is unonnose-t fn r «heri". A few men ore nut •orkii>» for Mnrsh-for renresenliMvn: lhr> lovn seems alnrst solid ed through a wlndovf and In addU-. . lion lo sulierlnj /.prphablyj fatal •;';'. burns, badly lacefatrt his : arms by "' bloken glass.' .';' '•': l '' '•';'. . ;-.,'• >a^ of-iviry ..o for W. W. Hollluelcr - for counu- j Ireap'irrr as he has ruiit^ a numb/ 1 ' 1 ', ff old lime fr'o.ndc tvim live hsre.n'l voles for circuit court iudgc a r e O. •ntl the will split. i r e Sunday Afternoon N Kcck for flrst clinicc ' " ^ c I D '"'her Ihree candidates will aum. LauSCS JCriOUS LOSS be- | Nexl to Ihe rounlv iiidpc's rai"- fore Being Hailed. LEACIIVILLE, Ark.-Three homes i most ln!ort>sL lies in the assessor's race. Watkius will rereive a number of vnt s, as he lives in the vest oart of till c'Hintv. but both and the contents ol two of them; Fow]cr nml D m n j mn t v will some in were destroycil, and a hard ngbl r or their share. Neither Oalnes nor t|/>r are brought up hi discus- was required lo save a fourth house. In a fire here about 3 o'clock Sun- s j orvs day aflernonn. Thc fire originated in the home | of George Shclton and had niadc|* such headway when It was discovered that it was impossible to save Slule candidates arc not well ;. as no man from Miss- his turnllure. The north wintl swept "J Ihe flames to the house of George Lucas, hut his household goods were removed before Ihe buildlu i known In the wejTnrn nart of the county: Most of the discussion is centered abort the covevnor's : vsleiii to be installed at Borum s was destroyed. Nexl in Ihe p;ilh y. i»i"l Brooks Havs anoears lo he t-e Ihe fire was the Home of Mrs. Mag- ' b«st I"-L T'lrnci' hn^ T few foll<--'-- gie Galevn, who was away from;er.s. Manila will proiiabv BO solM home. Her house aud its conlents : for Homer Dils fr secretary of ;. as he is well known here. Very Ihe collage made' It Impojslble to' '• obtain definite Informatlcn:-' Rfedcr, 25, of'Elizabethtcn, was a : visitor. AH othe'r 'victims comprised .the 'family of Hugh Lie Witt '. His wife was 26; Ivo, 8. Hugh.' jr., 3. and Marie, 13 months'. '"-'-- '..'.\ City Council's Meeting Postponed for Election . The regular monthly meting of . the city council has been pcstpon- ed by order of Mayor Reed from Tuesday, August 12lh i until ".^WjjJ.- '.' nesday night, August 13th: •- ~C . Tlie decision to postpone tte • council meeting was reached tgday when it was learned that tlie city aldermen had been appointed election officials uii.-Jorr* of the voting booths would-' be maintained at the city hall.. Hornersville and Gosneil Cars Crash on Viaduct •MANILA. 'Ark. — A disastrous tragedy was narrowly averted^ £fi-.. day allernoon at four o'clock when, two automobiles collided on the-Btg Lake viaduct. Both cars werh driving in the same direction. ACTOrcl- . lo the constables of Big- Lake were destroyed. Neighbors waged a sucessful' little is said about the lieutenant- | ^ _ __ fight to prevent Hie flames froni' governor's race, or of any of thc i township who hurried to the scene spreading to ih? home of J. O. | other men. ol the accident. J. E. Moody, Qos Hendrlx. j ~ I Helena Man fommirs R-100 Wiil Start Return Trip Friday of This Week | Suicide With Shotgun HELENA. Ark.. Aug. U. IIIP> — BUFFALO. N. Y.. Aug. II. (UI'I ] S. J. Rogers. 08, committed suicide —The R-100 will start i>. return j i:ere last nlchl al the home of his Irip to Ihe British Wes Friday ' , dauehler, Mrs. Rex Bourne. wh?.u " the weather is lavornule. ofTiclals. he leaned aeainsl the muzzle of hi' nell. had passed George Ray, Hornersville. Hardly had his car cleared that driven by Ray, 'wrien it turned into the railing of the bridge. As nny was close upon him, his crashed inlo that drlv.jh by Moody. Moody's car was badly damaged, but Ray's escaped-with, litile injury. None ol Ilic occupants- was hurl. .. . of the British dirigible said today slmtuun and discharged the Rim Beauty Shop Tomorrow Long, driver of the bandit auto- »»•- ^'low'the^T'^^nrt^cin and j mobile was shot as the vigilantes '^ not expected to livp. ! surrounded a fiilling station five ( '_ miles of Braizl and opened ; D ,.. j i T • it »• fie from corn fields, from atop the ' rniiadelpnia tlas Air •. Ballon, and from an automobile. ' L | ne at Atlantic City United Tr(<s Slaff Cnrrrspanilcnt LITTLE ROCK. Ark. («p»-one; Auto Accident Victim of the bilterert primary fights in i years will be settled by Arkansas: Has WOOOtn Leg voters tomorrow when they go to s to select state, district,! MEMPHIS. Tenn. (UPi—Ask:d county, .congressional lorial candidates. and sena- ; w i la t injuries he hnd when testifying regarding suffered The new beauty shop of Borum's Drug slore. to be operated by Mrs. H. Saphian, wll be opened flor buclnes-s lomerrow. The formal oo- cnlnp will be held later in the month. PoUce Judge This Morning '. the trip from his home to Mem- A light docket Creeled Judge W. - nhis. .a total of U5 milps. in 19 D. Oravctte in poiire court this, hours on his "pushnvobile." T-ie morning. "pushmoblle" Is n two foot roard VV. B. Gowdy ami E. K. Turley j to which whei were fined $10 each on charges ol I are attached, disturbing the peace ;inrt a forfeit-: The youth was a victim of an ure was laken on ilir bend of Wll-, infantile paralysis attack night. He- *lli be assis?sd in his by Rev. E. G. McDcn-ild', pas- i the loi-ai church. An arbor is- under constmclion, so lhai the revival may be held in ths open. Unit Is will be fires— A fire In thc kitchen of a home ! thc new line, have set the fare on- ' i.»jjr" 0 Y(i Little Rock attorney, whi on 21st street iasl week-end has ;ly slightly higher than that of the i * vas rminc r-iin to Parnell two year- been blamed on one cf the brands i railroads and include transporla- 1JaJ . s h j s vigorously altackcd of inssct "guns" by Fire Chief Roy , (ion from any rk>lnt in Central I BITES WAKING HANI) i PITTSBURGH, iUP)—"Do not ' I's administration iind chirg- bite the hand that wakes you" According to the chief's In- i Philadelphia lo Ihe heart of Allan- ' ed governor with belli? "machlni vestigation. the "insect g»:n" lying jtic City. controlled" . -- = - - a kitchen table across the room | The whole trip, under ordinary Parr , e n has dcfend°d his admin- ! sentence for biting the finger of ne I mizlil be a fitting mollo for Harrv '. Bitty. Bitty is serving a 90-day jail , - ri ....^.l has defended his admin- f rom a stove was h?ated to the ex- j conditions, takes one hour and 10 ; |,^ r;it | nn an <| used as hts chief cam- j John TJonley. manager of an Iiu- lenl Ibal it exploded, scattering its ! minutes, 40 of which arc spent ir j j^^ n rt r ive promises for road and • provement of the Poor liM«inj """ '" " •* ""' """' '•"-'—• • "-- - : - n ~ > " -'-««- -<i-i-— >-. • • . house, when Dqnlcy altempted lo , contonts in flames on J.h'e' kitchen the air. The airline distance b;- ' 1 1 ween the tn;o cities is S5 miles. wall. (Continued on page three) him. Jo; Felscuthal. cotlon buyer, broke his left arm al thc wrist Friday, near. Tunica, Miss., whll: changing a wheel of his automobile. When Jerkina the wheel he lie McOlll. charged »::!i a similar : nnly four months old and his lees' offense. l*ive become wilhered. He refused ' rides and in places pushed r-x-ksj from 'the read to get along. Tli tsmpci'ature once degrees, he fald. for n number of years, and is well known In this section. He also has „>,„„ I rcrved as presiding elder of this ^\ llCll ' ,. ' 1 distncl. .-• HONOR PASTItV C1IKF BUDAPEST. i.UI'' -In calebra-i Wf ATHPB TTE.rtinci\ resli'.cred 11D| • ' ' ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy, scal- lered thtu.dersliowErs in (he touth iporlion tonight and Tuesday: some- CUT REDISCOUNT RATK j ,. hat coolcr tonight except in the lion of the? 100th anniversary of. the birth of Henrick Kugler, Hungary's most famous pastry cook, th: • __.__ _.. Association of Hungarian Bakers, LISBON. lUP) —Tlie rediscount C xircme northwest pcrlicn.- has awarded numerous prizes for j rate of the Bank of Portugal hal when Jerkma t'oe wheel he slloned |, as awarded numerous prizes for j rate of the Bank of Portugal naSj • and In the fail backwards fell on new pastry crealion? deemed worlhy hetn reduced lr<-m 8 jier cent to Y«terday s maximum was 95 d«- hls wrist. Lf being named for him. I.e. Kugler I -ji:. por cenl. It was announced gre s .and thc minimum. 70, accord- He was able lo return here last 1 Loaf. Hcnrlck's nrli?ht, H. K.uhat the" fiduciary circulation I ing 10 'Francis Carpenter, official night. ! Cake's, etc. !amounted to I.878.65S cnntns, I weather observer,

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