The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 1, 1967 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 1, 1967
Page 10
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WASHING™* -U.S. SALE OF ARMS- For several years Drew Pearson has been reporting on the U.S. sale of arms, frequently in secret, to other nations and that this had helped to foment local wars. In the winter of 1966-67, specifically, he reported on arms shipped to Jordan; also on tanks captured by India which the United States had sent to Pakistan. These arms shipments were highlighted in the news during the Near East war and last week became the subject of a special series by the New York Times. - o- - LBJ'S OLD FRIENDS JOIN FORCES WITH GAS-'OIL INTERESTS WASHINGTON - You won't get any comment from the White House, but President Johnson is not happy about the operations of two of his old friends who are snuggling up to the oil and gas interests. One is Lee White, who did a dedicated job as counsel to the President when he was in the White House but is now championing El Paso Natural Gas, biggest pipeline in the USA, in a in a big grab for power. The other is charming, astute Clark Gifford, unofficial adviser to LBJ, now enroute to the Far East, who is a Washington attorney for El Paso Gas. White, now chairman of the Federal Power Commission, has endorsed what amounts to a private bill for El Paso Gas. Theoretically the bill would give the Federal Power Commission sole jurisdiction over gas, oil and pipeline mergers, thereby taking these mergers away from the Justice Department's antitrust division. In real fact, however, the bill would permit El Paso to merge with Pacific v Northwest Gas, thereby controlling the price and distribution of Pacific Coast Gas all the way from the Canadian to the Mexican brder. It would sanction one of the biggest gas monopolies in U.S. history. - REVERSING THE COURT What El Paso wants, however, is to have Congress pass a bill to do what Southern Senators tried to do when they wanted to remove school desegregation from the court's jurisdiction. They failed. Sen. Everett Dirksen, R-m., also tried to nullify the court's decision on the reapportionment of state legislatures. This time, however, the move to undercut the Supreme Court may succeed, thanks to the efforts of those close to the White House, plus some of the most skillful public relations and lobbying campaigns ever put across on Congress. Here is the roll call of lawyers and Madison Avenue experts which the giant gas company has used to sell Northwest governors, Senators and the public on the importance of letting it merge with Pacific Northwest: The law firm of ex-Vice President Nixon- Nixon, Mudge, Rose and Guthrie - was paid $113,476 in 1965, and again $135,534 in 1966. Sullivan and Cromwell, the law firm of the late John Foster Dulles, was paid $946,645.54 in 1965. The San Francisco law firm of Herman Phleger, able State Department counsel during the Eisenhower administration, was paid $402,287 in 1965 and $190,396 in 1966. Some of these firms handled a lot of legal work for El Paso Natural Gas dating back several years. But their political influence was no handicap. El Paso's public relations job was handled by the expert Madison Avenue firm of Hill and Knowlton. It was paid $144,921.49 by El Paso in 1965, and then as the publicity campaign to override the Supreme Court intensified, Hill and Knowlton got the huge fee of $331,167 in 1966. No wonder some of the usually public-minded Senators on Capitol Hill were taken in. It would also cause headaches for LBJ, who as a Senator from Texas did champion oil and gas legislation, but who as President has been staying scrupulously away from oil and gas. Three times El Paso Natural Gas has been slapped down by the Supreme Court in its grab to dominate t'he sale of gas on the West Coast. Twice it was slapped down at the initiative of LBJ'S old friend, Gov. Pat Brown of California, together with his alert public utilities commissioner William Bennett. Once it was also slapped down by the Justice Department under Eisenhower. Since the Eisenhower administration, the Democrats have been secretly friendly to El Paso. Another reason the El Paso Gas merger bill would embarrass the President is because his long-time friends, Chief Justice Earl Warren and Justice Tom Clark of Texas, have spoken out vigorously against the merger. So has most of the court. - o- What Hill and Knowlton and El Paso were trying to sell was that the Northwest and the Rocky Mountain areas would be short of gas unless the Supreme Court was overturned and the El Paso merger was allowed to stand. El Paso's publicity experts glossed over the fact that it can buy gas from Pacific Northwest without marrying it. It can also buy from West Coast Transmission which has large supplies of gas to sell from Canada. What the Supreme Court ruled against was a merger which stifled competition and would permit the control of prices. It didn't rule out the purchase of gas in free competition. Another idea which the PR experts sold the Senators was that the Supreme Court's decision had caused confusion in the gas industry. "There's no confusion," testified California's Conimissioner William Bennett before the Senate Commerce Committee, "If s a simple matter of one pipeline having been caught violating the Clayton Act. The antitrust laws wort so well that El Paso was caught. "So now it wants Congress to pass a private bill tor the benefit of one company, not the public." - o - HEADLINES AND FOOTNOTES John T. McNaughton, the new Secretary of the Navy killed in an airplane collision over North Carolina, was a breath of fresh air in a sometimes bureaucratic world. He was always probing for new ways to find peace.. .His tragic death will at least cause Chairman Harley Staggers to probe airplane accidents in the open. Hitherto the secretive Congressman from West Virginia has protected the airlines by investigating accidents behind closed doors. - o - - PATRICK FOR VICE PRESIDENT- The California cosmetics manufacturer, William Penn Patrick, who is financing the recall move against Sen. Frank Church, D- Idaho, has just chalked up a unique score for himself. He has been nominated as a Vice Presidential candidate of the so-called "Patriotic Party," running with George Wallace of Alabama for President. The nominating speech for Patrick was made at the party's Kansas City convention by Robert Bolivar de Pugh, national chairman of the Patriotic Party and leader of the Minutemen. de Pugh was convicted in 1966 of violating the Federal Firearms Act. De Pugh described Patrick as a "self-made millionaire at the age of 37." He is head of the "Holiday Magic" cosmetics company, and financed the printing of the circulars which flooded Idaho demanding the recall of Sen. Church. Patrick considered Tuesday, Au fl u>t t, 1967 Algeria (lo.) Upper Dei Mo!ne*-S Church too moderate on foreign affairs. So far the recall movement has pretty well fizzled; has turned a lot of Republicans in favor of Church, a Democrat. "Quite a few leaders throughout the nation have encouraged me to run," proclaimed Patrick modestly in Kansas .City. Note: About 125 persons attended the Patriotic Party convention in Kansas City. Prairie 4-H The regular meeting of the Prairie Future Farmers 4-H was called to order by vice-president Robert Bernluird. It was held at the home of Peter, Colleen and Joe Niedzielski July 24. Peter Niedzielski and Robert Bernliard gave a talk on their trip to district 4-H camp. The club discussed livestock grooming. Plans were made for the fair. ENDS WEDNESDAY AUGUST 2nd sraiRease Stamnf! Academy Award Winner SANDYDENNIS ENDS WEDNESDAY AUGUST 2nd PETER FONDA IN "THE TRIP" IN COLOR And Secret Agent Fireball •».„>.•. .'.', ,o .:. FROM WARNER BROS fei STARTS THURSDAY MATINEE AT 1:30 THURS. - FRI. - SAT. Adventure, Laughter and Love! STARTS THURSDAY STAGECOACH! AND "ALVAREZ KELLY" WITH WILLIAM HOLDEN IN COLOR Walt Disney's Snow * White E Seven Dwarfs TECHNICOLOR*' 2 SHOWS EACH EVENING AUGUST MOVIE CALENDAR Sun. thru Wed., July 30-Ang. 2 Sandy Dennis In "UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE" Thursday thru Saturday, Aug. 3-5 Walt Disney's "SNOW WHITE & 7 DWARFS" Sunday tliru Tuesday, Aug. 6-8 "GUIDE FOR A MARRIED MAN" Wednesday thru Saturday, Aug. 9-12 "THOSE FANTASTIC FLYING FOOLS" Sunday thru Wednesday, Aug. 13-16 Dick Van Dyke — Debbie Reynolds in "DIVORCE AMERICAN STYLE" Thursday thru Saturday, Aug. 17-19 Double Feature "OH DAD, POOR DAD, MAMMA'S HUNG YOU IN THE CLOSET, AND I'M FEELIN' SO SAD" and "COME SPY WITH ME" Saturday Matinee, 1:30, Aug. 19 "BASHFUL ELEPHANT" Sunday thru Wednesday, Aug. 20-23 Sandra Dee in "DR. YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING" Thursday thru Saturday, Aug. 24-26 "FEW DOLLARS MORE" Saturday Matinee, 1:30 Aug. 26 "KING OF WILD STALLIONS" Sunday thru Wednesday, Aug. 27-30 Frank Sinatra in "NAKED RUNNER" Thtirs. thru Sat., Aug 31-Sept, 2 Jerry Lewis In "CINDERFELLA and "ERRAND BOY" - al the ALGONA THEATRE AUGUST MOVIE CALENDAR Sun. thru Wed., AIIR. :iO-Sept „ Peter Fonda in "THE TRIP" and "SECRET AGENT FIREBALL" Thursday thru Saturday, AUK 3-5 "STAGECOACH" and "ALVAREZ KELLY" Saturday Mldnite Show, Aug. 5 "THE SABOTEUR" Sunday thru Tuesday, Aug. 6-8 "TORN CURTAIN" and "PROMISE HER ANYTHING" Wednesday, Aug. 9 KLGA RADIO - FREE KITE "NIGHT OF THE GRIZZLY" and "MUNSTER GO HOME" ll-ll ' Sunday Ihrii Tuesday, Aim "NOT WITH MV Wli YOU DON'T" and "BLINDFOLD" Wednesday thru Saturday, Aug. 16-19 and 2nd Feature «™ 8at «««»ay, Aug. 10-12 "THE COLOR OF HER SKIN" and "MONDO PAZZO" Saturday Mldnite Show, Aug. 12 "PSYCHO" _ «» Midnitc s »«w, Aug. 19~~ "FOR LOVE OR MONEY" Sunday thru Tuesday, Aug. 20-22 ~ "WAY WAY OUT" and "SANDS OF THE KALAHARI" Wednesday thru Saturday, Aug. 23-26 "BORN LOSERS" and "ANY WEDNESDAY" Saturday Mldnite Show, Aug. 26 __ "THE KILLERS" Sunday thru Tuesday, Aug. 27-29 " "THE MOD GAMBLER" and "HARPER" _ (Kalicdoscope) _ Wed. thru Sat., Aug. 30-Sept. 2 - "MACARBO" and "ECCO" Saturday Mldnite Show, Sept 2 — "MIRAGE" - at the STARLITE DRIVE IN THEATRE -

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