The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1936
Page 2
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two Seniors Present Annual "Follies"- At Koxy II.Tlic annual Senior Follies,' of the city high schools- graduating class, w;;i be iii'ftsenlcd. H (lie Roxy theater, toniglil, 8 p'clock, i'.i 1 llic form or l\s'o playlets and (fance sijcdiilltcs, (o bo climaxed with, (he crowning of tlte Polllc.s Qijecn. Miss Cupiloh Whltworth. 'Oil's event will lie mithneed by MILS Betty Lee McCulclicn with Gene Sj'kts' as business mnmigor. ~"T)ie Iteil Gloria" a (nrcc 1" 0110" act, has these characters: Maurice-' Keicliel. Miss, Ann L.vjicli, KUra MJldied Lou Hubburd, Miss Mildred Hood, Miss Jane B'ranson,, Joliii Burns, Miss Doris Bay Dobyns, .Max Itutchlns and Albert liidings. Mks IJorliuie , Coulter and t.o- roy Brown liavo tile leading roles in (he playlet "The Old'Fashion Garden" \ylijch will lie featured with tlic quadrille lu a garden \vllh I'atriclu Wise and Mary Jean Afflick dolttis Ihe dunce specialty. .Gene Sykcs will Crown Miss Wliitviotlh In an Impressive ceremony. Maids will be Francos Llt- lle,'i Blomcyer, Betty Lee AfcCutchcn, Geneva, Curler, Lou- fce Lmlrcll. Mildred Lou Hub-! bard. Emn'mlliic Page and Kuthryn lyoljwlc with BIDy Caito,' B. J.I Snnford, Eddie Saliba, Olynder llaydcr, Robert' Jones, Kmmcu : Cplvin. 'John. C. McHnney and Elmer Lindsey as; escorts. Jiniiiile Alac \Vhltworth.wlll be the crown beaver, Charles Henderson ami JBili Potter are the train lichrers and Annella ilm'nt'ihrcy Is lo be the (lower girl. : .' - What - the senior mcmorlnl Is this year will hot be nnnouiicnl rmtll the gift is presented at. the ^tpmineiiceiiienl exercises tomorrow flight. Miss Minie Long Bride of Mr. Joe Bob Coppagc BRAGGADOCIO, Mo. — Announcement was made last week of tlic marriage, of Miss Marie Long m>d Mr. Joe i!ob Coppage. Tlic brlrie, n member of Hie liraggado- cio school faculty, Is llic diuiglitgr of Mr. and Mrs. ttcorne J.OIIB, of this community. She is a (jrHdu- alc of I'm; (oral high sctiorjl aiftl attended the state TtMliws college al Caps Cilntrdeiui. Mr. Coppaije. son tit Mr. and Mrs. E. !>>r. Coppice, IK ijlso a (jradiinle of Braggadocio hl|>h wluwl and al- teniled collci;;' nt C;i)>e Cilrardoau He Is now employed in lii s lalli- cr's store hero. lli-iigendorln NVivs Nples Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wllkmon and daughter, mtty Jane, of Memphis spent. Hie week end will) Mr. ami Mrs. [>, C. Holt and family. , Oelno Holt arrived homa,Sunday from Louisiana, where- lie lias bocn working \vitn a government Heel for five months. Miss Nornm Holt Ml Monday mowing for caps CKrimtatti. wliere .she will attend .school Uils suin- myr. Mr, aiKl Mrs. Piayo Hnmk't and smalt son left Monday for Cape C,l rardoaii. where they will spend tin summer. Mr. ii.imlet, will ntleu J the slate teachers colljje. Mrs. Roclah llutTmaii, \\',io li r been very in .f OV n , IW |;,' ] s „„. Improved. ;: Property "fransiers •• IVnrnittly Deeds " Mclvin B. Neighbors lo Renoml I American Life' iiisiiraiics ccmpuny, soiitlieasl quarler of'soufiiCHSt ^unr- ler of section '30. tbwiislilp lli north, range 8'cast. tScIiocl's Close for Fish Day , SANTA • CRUZ, Cnl. (UP)—Loral schco! children observed 11 -Icnal iioljuay denied the remainder of tile school-children-of llic united Stales. It IB. "flsii day" and marks the opening of the fl'slilng season. All students go fishing. An effort six-years abol.lsit t'he holiday failed miserably. The students Y;cnt llshlng just the same, i /'Natives of tlic "Solomon Islhnrts' wear ,necWaoBSv9f- bsellcs' leg's us '• Jp'ye toKeiis.''- ' ')•- t '-)'--•'- * , i Solves Tliree . es of Easter Island HONOLULU lUPI — Th ( . tlner- Bicat "mystories" .of Bister Island are nu riddle to v » r . Alfred Mc- Iraiix; I'rnich ' elhnoloiilsl. wlio hiis Joined (lie stall of (In- Bishop museum here. Allhcuph Molrai'.x lirsl went to Easter tslnnd as n reprcsenUillvc "f-thp Pitris' Museum of Eilmulcqy he tvansfen-e<l Jil.s.,servlres U> I'he inut;iim horc bcnuisc of his con- vletiop tliat only IOIIK residence In KIR 'Pacific \voiild miiko If pc:sslljl« lo solve alb of the problems of the oilyin of Ihe Polynesians 'mid VHI-IOUS Irilms of .(he .pnclflc. As regimls llic colossal slutues rn the s^aslun'e at Jaist,er Isliind, Dr. sie(R(iix <lccliiros there sliould be no mystery \vlinlsn6vcr. Thb statues; he '-points out, \volfe1i' oii'ly flvo .or six Ions. Ho .Insists th.ey could , have. .-IKOH carved in the inland quarries from which the stone orlglnnfal .ii'nd rirasBed to their present liositioii by natives. ..Four Iniiuhcd.. iiK'ii cci'ld dr'ast Ihcni with ropes 'of 'ua-! UVD. weaving,- hu siiys. Tlic second "mystery." which, lie haj deflated Is that tijp 'Inlmbl- 'tants of Easter Island nve the rcmiianls ot the population of a si item H'KV V 1 "- 5 "" A ' y ' RITE PRICKS DAILY - , IJKST• ftlAKKBT IN TOWtN 111 li. .Main In .Olil V. O. KWg. Vhonc a3l We Ucilvcr Pet or Canuitioii (> Siiiitll gr 3 Tall C;ms ^ HOY! Ot-ink C'oui- pcurur. 1 liultlc makcsn 1 Giillnn. 3 lioKlcs ^ EVAP. PEACHES, Fey. Gnidi!. 2 l,b;. INSECTICIDE, I3r;iml. 8 oz FRUIT J.ARS, M.?son Quayt Siy.f. Doz. Extra 'JAR Doz, CAPS. 19 C CORN, KRAUT, 1IOAI- 1NY tn- TOMATOES,'flC Std. Qiiitl. No.' 2 Can 0,2 VINEGAR, Btilli "-IM; linns •'%••• (rjiUon '!•> TOiMATOKS, FauiT 1ft<' •Ijipc.. . .Lb. ORANGES, Calif. Irfirffc. New Crop. TKA, CanovM, Glass O'j C 1'Vee. '.'i Mi. i-i I'ure Hart- Gal. 7Hc: cl Sugar House 1 Vi Gdl. .|5f;. Quart GREEN BRANS, Fresh, Tender. l.b. 1C COFFEE,- Canoya or •Maxwell H. Lb. '>(.' d NEW POTATOES, Red Triumph. M/. Piueauiilc, f)-oz. Can Cfushetl .5e; l'5-oz.' 1AC Can Sliced. Can iv COHN, Lihby's Fey. No. 2 Can BUTTKU, Process t>rC Q-canu-ry. |,|,. ^,jy RUBBINO AU'OHOl.-inc Pint U PEACHES, Unpceled me Large jj'/j Can i" OIJ) TRAIL Fi.Oim" 21-Ui. Sack ,S, r >c jj-Lb. Sack SI.G5 COFFliK, Pyre, JOIC Frc:li Ground. l,b. 1(^2 FLOUR Good )3itc. Self Rising rt> i nr •IS-Lb. Sack rgl ,4t) MEAT DEPARTMENT -BACON Extra Flavored. or><' In Piacc. Lb. 28c; Sliced. Lb. US EUREFOi{KSAUSAGE" M ' r Lb. VEAL CjIOPS, If Extra Fancy. l,b. !• VEAL CUT.L'iiTS, <Jj Extra Fancy. Lb. b\ GENUINE SPRING LAMB, CIiops. Lb. l7'/i Leg, Lb. 22c; Shoulder. Lb. BEEF ROASTS. Fey. K. C. Branded. Lb. FRESH FANCY FrTLt, _ DRKSSEi). POULTRY Ox Tails. Neck Hones, 7tC jMg Cni.s, Snouts. Lb. / 2 Extra Faucv Pun Ian Branded Beef, Loin oi s lf)C jtouml Steaks. l.l>. JiC SALT MEAT. Hoili« 8 . M). lO'/it; Ucst Side.iniC Lb. U PURE LARD Can Sfi.15; 8 Lbs. : S1.00 r i )C •I Pounds W ,£Lf Sandwich. In Tin Foil, Plain or flfC Pimento'. 'Sliced' a." L-). Jis helm; merely icJutcU lo the Mnoi-l ol New Xnlaiul ami cal- i'it!ales Ilicy riiim- 10 llic island In the 12(li century. Finally, (he third "mystery" of (•cript on \vooitcn UiMuls round on Hie Island Is explained by Dr. Metraux who insists Unit it Is nolj n true written lan^ua^c but llicr a device to aid ii, c ,, lclflo of Die Dailies In • reciting .sacred Upends. THUIISDAV, MAY 28, 1930; I1ELLEVOE. la. (UP) _ N . ww Koob of nellnvuo owns a cat that eels along famously with a nluebn The bird takes its ttnlly napjicst-' I led i)n tlic cat's back. Why Gulf is the Gas for this Weekend 'GOOD GULKRS" will ^ci [be longest drives tills \vc?k- ciul. I'prGulf Gas is specially refined to, suit the weather nt tins lime <>( year. This is Jinpurtant, for unless your is dunged witli ihc !>(.MM)II, It oesn't Imni QC j dnt the cx hat t goes to work — ry a tacikful >ve planned this even I moiUlis (ii^n so wo could -Differ you (ABOVE) Cl li; i«]|y Milorcil wi trim. Sites 16 lo 18: 38 to H. Months ago wlieu llic llioiight of ,ui rvolct ivmilil li., ve fvozcnyoii.amlcyflcl makers were i\vii.ld|i, IK (|, c i r lUnnili.. "•« juil in oor orilcr for tltcse snwrt f u) .i;. \V C g0 | il K . m at a fc i,;uj ofT-season liarguin anil w i; 'i e passing it on u, jou. Tliry'ic beautifully slyled. liui'ly unrkeil.iiiul liiiislic,] v-'ilh care. Pick two or three of llirnuiMti- and coii'Tiilul-uv yourself all summer. Brown, ilithoinn I. u],ii 0; |j|.,,. ;l|]l j pns-lcls. Sizes 11 to ^U, 10 to 18 ;mj y,\ i,, (| STORE 215 W. Main I'hoite HG LIBERTY CASH GROCERS •3M Wept Main Street, lilydicvillc, Ark. SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY BACON Sliced (2 Pound I-i«iil) Pound 21c MOT- T(liA9TH^ 1 (>ost ({v '" u ^* M i ft*-* 1.WliM lEtf Free wi(li a pUg tf J, 25 C o.f ili. No- a Ciiti ('i Liniit) MKTARB BUTTER l>r()ecsKUi:c " yslills ;:;S24ic II'If!CAB^and l\J SNOUTS' „ Pound / il C SALT MEAT SPARE BBS PieklesHllc GROUND BEEF 2 PURE; mm SAUSAGE ,.,isi. CHUCK, Lb ...... THICK RIH, Lb 1 21/.1- l7 i/ 2C FLOUR Shibleys Best Flam or Self Rising 2 Ik Sack FREE with each Mlk Sack CELERY Slalk Tcntli'i- Pound 3 JL 2 IRI re ij) or Delicious Size. Biich. 43c Chase. & Sunburn. Ualcd Puuud Sterliiiff *J <J Quart 4&4$C PEANUT BUTTER Quart 23c SNAP BEANS ' Tcn ;t Pcuud Fine for Slaw ;linv ^1^ Pound iii 2 V Meal Hcst Ci't-aiu 2-1-1,1). Hack Curtis Vi Lb. Dromedary •\-()f.. Can PEAS- School Days. Petit Pois No. 2 C;ui UoncU-as Tips LARD Vcgclolc * •» _ l-Lb. Carton *T * V .Fresh 3c HOT ROLLS 5c Uvk-Me 2-Lb. Box ISc ()u tvicii Wrapiicr -Worth fc Cash or Trade lOc 21 c Maxwell-House Coffee "GOOD TO THE LAST DROP" I'OUND * 25c PINTO BEANS, I'uuiid Sc SALMON' Chum Tall Can Standard No. 2' Can R APJ F WHIP S;i1atl 1>iiu - - - - •'•'• • "25c »rtl4xL THHI ' Dossing Quart :jg c 1UKING POWDER Lb. Can Swans Down ?. 25 c ICK CREAM POWDEK Oraii.tre Pekoe « L!A Cat:

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