The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 27, 1967 · Page 38
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 38

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1967
Page 38
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WAIHINOTON 'How do you like it, Teach?" WASHINGTON - Vice President Humphrey, the President's backstage adviser on preventing racial violence, is very discouraged over the timidity of Negro leaders. Few of them are willing to speak out against violence, or urge their people to lift themselves out of the mire of poverty by earning their way instead of trying to use force. In particular, Humphrey argues that Negro leaders should try to knock down the idea that government —local, state or federal — can solve all their problems. He points out that the Irish, Italians, Jews, Chinese and more recently Cuban refugees from Castro — have come to America poor, started at the bottom of the ladder, and moved up without government grants. He also has attacked misconceptions that disadvantaged American Negroes are doomed to below average marks in school, citing the fact that African na-^ lives who come to this country from equally poor backgrounds to pursue their education are mostly "A" and "B" students. In short, Humphrey is arguing that while the government can give Negroes equality in law, they must earn their equality in fact as the vast majority of other Americans have done. But few Negro leaders are willing to take any such position, in public at least. They fear being labelled "Uncle Toms." Yet if courageous Negro leaders do not speak out in this vein, there could be a reaction that would counterbalance many years of gain. Moderate Negro leaders admit this, consider the Black Power drive a mistake. Some even foresee the possibility that white people will be so alienated that Congress will cut off all funds to aid Negro sections of cities, leaving it to the local taxpayers to foot the bill. And in cities with large Negro populations, this would mean the Negro taxpayers would have to assume the burden of paying for improvements. - o - - SWORDS INTO PLOUGHSHARES- Vice President Humphrey telephoned Gen. Winston P. Wilson of the National Guard the other day to tell him that since the Guard has a bad image with Negroes the image could be changed by opening up National Guard armories all over the country for Negro youngsters to play in during the summer. "Your armories are only used by the Guard once a week." said the Vice President. "Why not use them six days of the week for the youth of America to have recreation facilities'?" Accordingly, dozens of armories are opening up their doors to the youth of the nation in the big cities to get them off the streets. Even in Arkansas the National Guard is training youngsters to be mechanics in its shops on Sundays, and provides recreational facilities for two weeks at the Guard camp, Camp Robinson. And all this is integrated - in a state where troops had to be called out to integrate Central High School in Little Rock just ten years ago. - o - - RESNICK STILL TALKING - Rep. Joe Resnick of New York is continuing his battle against the tax-exempt Farm Bureau despite the vote against him by the House Agricultural Committee and the other efforts of the Farm Bureau to shut him up. "The Farm Bureau," says Resnick, "has about as much right being a tax-exempt organization as General Motors. One of its insurance companies, American Agricultural Mutual Insurance, earned $574,241 in 1966 without paying a penny in federal income tax, real estate tax or investment tax." Rep. Resnick intends to keep on telling the truth. - o - - NEAR EAST RUMBLING - News from the Near East continues to be disturbing. The United States has received reliable intelligence that Arab leaders conferring in Cairo are discussing plans definitely to renew the war against Israel. There is division on timing, however. President Nasser has warned it will be at least two months before enough Russian equipment is on hand for another war. President Boumedienne of Algeria and President Atassi of Syriaareim- patient. They want to resume hostilities at once in the form of guerrilla activity behind the Israeli lines. 1 Significantly, Algerian and Sudanese troops have moved into positions along the Suez Canal to bolster the Egyptian army. Iraqi troops have moved into Jordan. Egypt proposes putting troops had filed suit for separate maintenance, and that she and the mayor had not lived together since June, 1965, two years ago- in spite of the mayor's denial of this fact only two months ago. I WESLEY 1 By Mrs. Viola Studer Mistaking teacherly concern for womanly affection, student Jeff Howard makes romantic overtures to teacher Sandy Dennis in Warner Bros.' "Up the Down Staircase." The Technicolor film adaptation of Bel Kaufman's best-seller opens on Sunday at the Algona Theater. The screenplay for the Pakula- Mulligan production was written by Pulitzer Prize winner Tad IMosel. Along with Howard, other teenage students making their professional debuts in the film are Ellen O'Mara. John Fantauzzi. Jose Rodriguez. Sulvatore Rasa, .Maria Landa and Lew Wallach. on the island of Perim, which belongs to Yemen but is dominated by Egypt. From this island Egyptian planes could control the Red Sea and block passage of Israeli ships up to the Gulf of Aqaba. This could easily precipitate war once again. Reaction of the Russians is not entirely clear. Deputy Foreign Minister Jacob Malik is reported to be going to Cairo to warn that Russia will not intervene to save the Arabs if there is another outbreak. On the other hand, the landing boats and amphibious troops which the Kremlin has sent to Egypt are considered an ominous sign and possibly indicative of active intervention. - o- - HIJACKING GAME - In Africa, the white country of Rhodesia is holding a hijacked airplane belonging to Air Congo and refuses to return the plane unless the Negro Congo government makes a request through normal diplomatic channels. If the Congo should make such a request, it would be an act of recognition of the white supremacy government of Ian Smith in Rhodesia. Recognizing the white government of Rhodesia is the last 'thing the black Congo will do. Don't be surprised if Congolese soldiers simply hijack an airplane belonging to Air Rhodesia and keep it until the Air Congo plane is returned. - o- - BUSINESS WITH RED CHINA - Sen. Gruening of Alaska is digging deeper into the backdoor deals which American businessmen have been making with Red China. If s against the law for Ameri- more than 150 servants... working for you every day in your All-Electric Home! You don't have to have a mansion with a butler, upstairs maid, and a full retinue of servants to live well in the Twentieth Century. Your Magic Servant, Electricity, does the work better, does more work, and does it inexpensively, too. Whether you have a modern mansion or a cozy cottage, you live better when it's all-electric. Electricity keeps you warm or keeps you cool, washes your clothes and dries them, cooks your food and washes your dishes, provides entertainment, and does dozens of other things for you as well. You, too, can have a houseful! of servants—electrical servants—when you live in the inexpensive comfort of an all-electric home. Algona Municipal Utilities can citizens to trade with Red China. Yet Gruening has discovered that last year American businessmen arranged to purchase structural steel and metal barges from firms controlled by the Red Chinese. The deals were made in Hong Kong and Singapore. Gruening is now checking into gold smuggling by Americans to the Chinese communists through Laos, in return for which Chinese have smuggled narcotics to American suppliers by way of Athens, Bombay, Calcutta and Genoa. Gruening also has picked up tips that Americans have been selling grain to Peking by the use of Canadian "fronts." - o- - FOR THE RECORD- Two months ago the Washington Merry-Go-Round published a column on Mayor Jerome Cavanagh of Detroit, including a statement that his wife had left him. The mayor promptly issued a vigorous denial, even threatened suit. However, on July 19 all Detroit newspapers carried front page stories that Mrs. Cavanagh OUT OF ARMY Denny Youngwirth, son of the Luke Young wirth's, arrived home last week from Germany with his discharge from the Army. - o - Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lickteig accompanied by her brother Jack Reisberg and wife of Halbor, returned Tuesday from a 10-day sightseeing trip to Boston, Washington, D. C., New York, and other points of interest to and from the east coast. A number of Wesleyans attended the golden wedding anniversary open house for Mr. and Mrs. C. B. (Pete) Robinson Sunday at Corwith. Anna and Ethel Flom returned July 15 from a 5-week attendance at Black Hills State College at Spearfish, S. D. They visited the Rushmore Memorial, Devil's Tongue National Monument and many other places of interest. Anna and Ethel are kindergarten teachers in the Corwith-Wesley Community school. They spent Wednesday and Thursday at Houston, Minn, visiting Renelia Egland and her sisters, Melda Egland and Mrs. AvisGustavson. The lady teachers of the Corwith-Wesley Community School attended a pre-nuptial shower for Carolyn Micklick, daughter of Supt. and Mrs. John Micklick, Thursday evening at Corwith. Mrs. Shellenberg and Mrs. Geo. Detmering also attended. Vera Erpelding, Mary Lou Studer, Irene Hanig and Mary Richter attended the North Kossuth County Ladies Invitational Golf Tournament at Bancroft Wednesday. A number of Wesleyans attended the golden wedding anniversary open house for Mr. and Mrs. George Ward of Clear Lake Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Reese Martin of Earling recently spent several days with relatives here and were AlfGONA FRIDAY and SATURDAY MATINEES ONLY 2 SHOWS EACH DAY FREE CANDY TREAT FOR LL! RIGHT OUT OF A JUNGLE BOOK OF ADVENTURE! AND THE JUNGLE HUNTER 99 TECHNICOLOR SHOWS START AT 1 P.M. AND 3 P.M. MOM: Leave the kids here and then do your Ridiculous Day shopping. All Seats — 50c. WEDNESDAY thru SATURDAY JULY 26 - 27 - 28 - 29 TWO-GETHER for the first time! WAIT DISNEY* I — - •*• Abseht-minded Protest <" HELLO DAD ... the funniest thing happened! ON THIS PROGRAM ONLY CHILDREN - 50c SATURDAY MIDNITE SHOW ONLY WG'Jl N. Ire MO D:E houseguests of their son, Irwin Martin and family. Mrs. Reese Martin was honored by a group of relatives on her birthday. Her husband, who suffered a heart attack some time ago, is able to work in his barber shop several hours a day. Thursday, July 27, 1967 Algona (la.) Upper De* MolnM-9 8 B'6 TiTS BSD move clock ALGONA THEATRE THURSDAY thru SATURDAY Complete Program begins: 7:009:00 p. m. "The Trip" - 7:30- 9:30 p. m. FRIDAY and SATURDAY Complete Program begins: 1:003:00 p. m. "Taffy And The Jungle Hunter" - 1:30 - 3:30 p. m. SUNDAY - Complete Program begins: 1:00 - 3:45 - 6:25 9:10 p. m. "Up The Down Staircase" -1:30- 4:20-7:009:25 p. m. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY- Complete Program begins: 6:459:05 p. m. "Up The Down Staircase" - 7:00- 9:20 p. m. STARLITE DRIVE-IN THEATRE WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY- Complete Program begins: 9:15 p. m. "Shaggy Dog"- 9:25p.m. "Absent Minded Professor 11:30 p. m. THURSDAY and SATURDAY- Complete Program begins: 9:15 p. m. "Absent Minded Professor- 9:25 p. m. "The Shaggy Dog"-11:15 p.m. SATURDAY MD>NTTE SHOW ONLY - "Woman Who Wouldn't Die"-1:10 a. m. SUNDAY andTUESDAY-Com- plete Program begins—9:15 p.m. "Secret Agent Fireball" - 9:25 p. m. "The Trip"-11:10 p. m. MONDAY and WEDNESDAY Complete Program begins - 9:15 p. m. "The Trip" - 9:25 p. m. "Secret Agent Fireball" - 11:20 p. m. SUNDAY THRU WEDNESDAY, JULY 30 - AUGUST 2 CONTINUOUS SHOWS ON SUNDAY. 2 SHOWS EACH EVENING MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY FEATURE STARTS AT 7:00 DOORS OPEN AT 6:30 The year's # 1 best seller picks you up and never lets you , down. Starring Academy Award Winner SANDY DENNIS CRR[LL BOOKE ROT POOI.E BEL KAUFMAN TECHNICOLOR" FROM WARNER BROS.fl TADMOSEL- ALAfJTPAKULA. ROBERT' MULLIGAN f^ ^eup b> Warrg Br THURSDAY THRU WEDNESDAY, JULY 27 - AUGUST 2 THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY AT ALGONA THEATRE SUNDAY THRU WEDNESDAY AT STARLITE DRIVE-IN THEATRE SUSAN STRASBER G PSYCHEDELIC «,r«BRUCE DENNIS * ND SALLI DERN-HOPPER-SACHSE WRIHEN S1 PRODUCED t DIRECTED 8V j ~ t — ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK RECORPINOON TOWtR RCCORQf. JACK NICHOLSON • ROGER GORMAN " J ^AMERICAN INTER NATION At PICTURE re, W67 American International Picture* 2ND FEATURE AT DRIVE IN ONLY .GORGEOUS GALS ^LETHAL GADGETS! SECRETAGENl FIREBALL CHECK MOVIE CLOCK FOR TIMES •

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