The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 27, 1967 · Page 28
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 28

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1967
Page 28
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6-Algetic (la.) Upper Det Molnftl Thursday, July 27, 1967 Gaylord Farguad Describes Old Ridiculous Days "I caln't say's I ever had a more better bunch a fun as I done had back in Ridiculous day of •23!" exclaims old-timer Gaylord Farquad, local cowhand. Gaylord was asked by an anonymous staff member to set his mind back a few years and describe just what the whole mess was like in the good ole days. "Well sir, I remember quite a bit about the cider-sprees that kinda got us to feelin' our oats in time for all the stompin' up and down the main drag," Mr. Far- quad adds, scratching the ten- year growth of white fuzz on his chin. "Yep, Me and Chet an Norman, an Huck used to hang one on just fer the occasion. . .an you know how tough it was to scrounge up enuff for a few snorts of granny's cricketjuicel?! But potent. . .oh, sonny that was livin high off the hog. . .or should I say cricket?' When asked if Ridiculous Days took place about the same time of the year and if it was a two or three day occasion, Mr. Farquad answered, "Sonny boy, we made it REAL bigl We were always savin our pennies an mending our boots jist fer the ONE day of the year when we shucked our chores and rode the mares into Gonerville." "But ya know, I wish we could of had 'er a couple more days other than jist that one Saturday night I By the time we all was gettin together on the courthouse lawn, why the first thing ya know, the dadblame women came cuttin into our blackjack game an that meant trouble. "Luckily the confounded females could only keep up with us for about six miles outta town when we'd try to lose em. By golly, thafs right, we allays ditched em at Sexton where we'd hide in the basement of the old general store till the storm blew over. "Then the whole bunch of us clodhoppers would high-tail it back to Gonerville for the annual horse pull an the corn shuckin contest. I hitched up my best team of workhorses, Jennifer and Fred, an I usually got the blue ribbon in the pulling contest. "All of the womenfolk hated to have their men outta sight for a second so*s nobody'd get to brawlin and boozin but we managed to pull the wool over their eyes every doggone time." By this time, the 166-year-old Farquad, a life-long resident of Kossuth county and former scout for the Iowa Cavalry, was "plumb tuckered out" from the exertion so this reporter meandered on in search of another scoop. With Rath Art Dcpt. Gary Kelley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Kelley, Algona, has accepted a position in the art department of Rath Pack, a major meat packing company with a home office in Waterloo. Kelley, a senior in commercial art at the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, has gained statewide attention in past years for his outstanding ability in the art field. BUDGET ESTIMATE SCHOOL DISTRICT Notice: — The Board of Directors of Algona Community School District. Kossuth County. Iowa, will meet August !). 1007. at 7:30 P.M.. ;it Algona High School. Taxpayers will be heard lor or against the follow- infi estlmalc of expenditures lor the year beginning July 1, 1967, and ending June 30. 1HG8 A detailed statement of receipts and disbursements, both past and anticipated will be available at the hearing. Vaughn K. Rising, District Secretary. 1 2 3 Expenditures For Year P |r. in ££c Gcnernl K.S.E.A. . Totnl -General Fund (Form fiDUB) Si'hnolhoiiSL' Fund — Sfhcxjl Site Schoolhouse (Voted) Bunds &L Interest __ Bldg. Contracts n "" S 2 3 § 929,023 929,923 «VU)5 - <o t^- -•S8' ^ a oasiinrt -12.907 1.026,501 72,991 01 U 1,173,975 4-tjoua 1,218.060 171,883 302,216 4 •a 6s c >,« lliOO s ||I| 142.453 1 0 nount :essary e raised 'axation ,031,522 32,893 11,200 142.453 1,064,415 '.a mill levy 2',i mill levy 171,883 302,216 . TOTAL— All Purposes 098.418 1.092,505 1,692,167 313,416 142,453 1,236.298 TaJAIa No. 1 Dlitributlon of General Fund Expendtturci Expenditures For Year Proposed 1965-1966 1U66-1967 Expenditures 1967-1968 Administration 54.342 64.051 72,956 Instruction 609.1)38 C63.801 795,154 Other Education Cost 45,507 54,364 65.815 Fixed Charges 52.998 62,448 89,645 Operation & Mainl 110,559 111,137 123,233 Other Sell. Services 15.610 23.651 22,850 Community Services 10,169 11.290 14,600 Capitol Outlay 30,795 28,768 33,815 Transfers 6.987 TOTAL 929.923 1,026,501 1,218.068 Table No. 2 Dlitributlon of General Fund Receipt* Other Than Taxation Receipts Other Than Taxation Estimated 1965-1966 1966-1967 HeceiptS 1967-1968 General Stale Aid 82,085 Transportation Stale Aid .. 11,458 Special Education Aid 740 Other Stale Aid Federal Aid 63,440 Semi-Annual Apport'mt 4,797 Military Scr. Tax Credit Trailer Tax Transfers _ 12,389 Other Receipts 5.442 . 76.453 9.643 1,098 33.581 2,916 5.913 2,561 34,445 3,290 67,710 5,635 1,200 7,140 41,886 3,000 5,913 2,561 7.408 TOTALS 180,351 169,900 142,453 Secretary's balance July 1. 1967. GENERAL FUND ..... _„ ..... . ..... . Less Balance Reserved $229.199 ............ . Net Unencumbered Balance (G. F.) . . SCHOOLHOUSE FUND ...... . Est. tax per Sl.000.00 assessed value _______ Taxable valuation. 196fi ................. _ Moneys and Credits, 196(3 . ... ...... _ ............ . NUMBER OF PERSONS OF SCHOOL AGE 3488 X $660.00 l To ho figured after submission nt amount estimated >!atc aid Hum si. Ho auditor. "THE BANK THAT HAS TIME FOR YOU !" $ 240.399 $ 229.199 S 11,200 $ 1,676,123 S * $24,407,265 $ 3,621.652 S2.302.080. O Z > D ui oo S S > U. UJ -5 ^ to -» o o o u. t- 5 DC Q Q «lf y 55 to O uf 5 * UJ fiC 09 O O * > §1 VMOI 'VN001V XNVfl 11V1S VMO \ NOW.'\ » * *•••••* X- WESTERN BONANZA SALE * '• II I W J* J"»i J*t tS t* *^ •* A A f^tJt*t* 1*1 II I f*l_J A tJl/ ft^S th^M/N kJ .^-g___^___ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ MM ^B^ trices Good Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Monday HOOD'S SUPER UALU CHEERIOS 0 (io 02.) J rrip WHEATIESO ° ARMOUR'S STAR FULLY-COOKED SMOKED FULL SHANK PORTION Ib. The AVERAGE Food Cost It LOWER At HOOD'S - Day After Day. W« Inv ft You To Chtck Our Regular Shtlf Pricos & COMPARE BLUE BONNET DOLE'S CRUSHED PINEAPPLE — mmi ^ t ^ _ ___->- — — — — — —. — — — — — —•— — • DEL MONTE CATSUP TALL 14V2 OZ. CAN LARGE 14 OZ. BOTTLE fc W\ \\ *Wft* MARGARINE MORTON HOUSE 1 Ib. cartons' PORK & BEANS 16V2 OZ. CAN GOOD VALUE \b. \b. LOTTS CREEK LONGHORN •• J± A » GOOD VALUE CHEESE »59<j TOMATOES 303 TALL CAN \V>. \b. ARMOUR'S STAR SMOKEES Piadl-pTMENTO SLICED LOAF FREEZER QUEEN BEEF STEAKS 8 IN PK RUPPERT PERCH FILETS IB GIANT SIZE TIDE POWDERED OR BROWN SUGAR ROYAL GELATIN PEPSI-COLA PINK LADY 6 - 12 oz. bottles [(plus deposit) DETERGENT KOOL AID QT. PLASTIC BOTTLE SUPER VALU ALUMINUM 1-LB. PKG. ALL FLAVORS WAGNER'S ORANGE OR GRAPE DRINK 4 A OUr I.IX if *•%«.%* r FOIL 25 FT. ROLL 25*1 32 OZ. BTL. CALIF. HEAD LETTUCE 24 SIZE DEL MONTE TUNA SUNKIST VALENCIA ORANGES LARGE CAN LIQUID BLEACH CLOROX FLAV-O-RITE SHOESTRING i POTATOES 20 OZ. PKG. SILVER JUBILEE K I < KI A M FLAV-O-RITE ICE CREAM half gallon SUPER UALU 11942 1987J ALL FLAVORS S FLAV-O AND FOR COOL REFRESHMENT LARGE SIZE DAD'S 6-PACK LEMONS ROOT BEER NEW CROP CALIF. NECTARINES MED. YELLOW ONIONS NEW NABISCO GEM MARSH MALLOW DIET OR REGULAR LEMONADE TOTINO SAUSAGE, CHEESE I I im Im rl 6 OZ. CAN LARGE SIZE LB. BAG ALSO COCOANUT B/ tR$ SUPER UALU NEW LOAD WATERMELONS ALGONA'S NATIONAL AWARD WINNING SUPERMARKET ! Thur*doy, July 27, 1967 Alflona (la.) Upper DM Moin«t-? School— Health Exam Is Important Sttiool clays arc almost here ngain for millions of American youngsters \Viili the approach of the fall let in. the American Medical Asso- (i.iiinn reminds parents once again there arc health and safety iiinsiiliTniions thai arc important in |itc-|).iring (he small fry for another nine months of studies. I he A.M.A. recommends a thorough health examination for ". ,md (> \ear olds who arc starling xihonl (or the first lime. Your |>hy- Reporter Has Talk With Jivers In California I worked my way down the dusty sagebrushed street and stuck my head in one of the hundreds of creviced adobe boxes called "homes". I was seeing the other half and the way they lived, and I HAD to find out what it was like for THEM back in the by-gone ridiculous days. "What cha want from us, mister ?' inquired a soil-blacked, half-naked, hunger-ravaged tot of about six years. "May I speak to your father or mother, son 7" I asked diplomatically. Then I saw them. Two of the weirdest-looking freaks in the world. One, I didn't know If it was dad OR mom or either, "answered" my inquiry in some pathetically Inaudible dialect. Sort of a "grroowy jiver. . . . hlieeeyyddaaaddy I" "Good afternoon, sir, could I impose upon you just a few elementary questions concerning Ridiculous Days of, say 25 years ago?' "BBBaaauudddddaa . . .coma- sackie jivviee baaaaabbby," or something like that was his quaint reply. "What he means is he like don't wanna communicate it man," started the mouth of what must have been the wife and mother of this catastrophic assembly. "An like he don't make the scene with no slicked up, greased down coolie; like NEVER big daddy." Enough of tills. Was I In Algona ? I checked my bearings and stumbled down the street as scores of nice, rats, flies, earthworms and kids scurried into small caverns beside me. No, this couldn't be Algona. I mean the Gonerville that I once knew was free of rats except for the exclusive area reserved for sight-seers in north Algona . . . known as "Dump Heights". "Wait a minute," I said to myself, "that sign over there says 'Haight-Ashbury .... Hippy Capital of the Universe' so how could I be in Algona, Iowa?' Okay .... so my sonic- cycle was caught in the wrong flow of traffic and I forgot to take my sunglasses off at night .... big deal ? We all make mistakes and anyway, that Ridiculous Day crap is too clean- cut for a "cool guy like me, even though it IS an inviting messl Nursing Diploma Mrs. Loryl Winter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lund of Cylinder, will be awarded a diploma from the Methodist Kahler School of Nursing in Rochester, Minn. MI \\ill knuu" I" d". His CA.num.limn "ill io\ri all aspei H 1.1 MIIII iliild- hr.ilih. .mil Kill inii>ni|i.i" In-.ii mi; il" make icr- lie i ,in IK .11 Ilic tr.H her) anil Iklllll illl lll.lkc MIIC I)C I .III VI' In- hl.iiklin.iiil) II !<• belter if this \.iiinii.ilinn hi 1 mailc. and iiiiiNii 1 ! minium/.ilinn given, a few >i rk» bclmc M huol Mai Is. Silmiil Im.inls in sonic torn- uimlics iri|iiiir .1 health exam in beginning students Man) iliniils also rei|ime teit.iin imiiui- m/.nmiis .ig.iinM inlei limis disease. Win dm im \\ill know of (he re- i|iinrmenls in MIIII neighborhood MiM dm mis feel that four or li\r ilioimigh examination* dining ihe silniol \eais are Milluient for hiallln Mimigxliiv I'IK-SI- usually .ne spaieil al ibe sl.irt of tllL- first Mhiml M-.II. about llu- fourth gi.idr. about the seventh grade, al llu- nmih m lentb grade, and ii|ion giadlialiiili. ^'"' "' 'Olirse. il am imiiivv.M I sMiiploins arise .it ,ni lime, a isil In the doctor I he |imu is 11.11 u ipatmg Im lor sin idei \ I loiough (A.nuina Iso is mi| n si bool athletii s. is gimig '"" '"' football, MI th, I lie (.m look lot am health jiiubl ms might be heightened I>N iiingh. unit.u l sports. In ihe uxi itemeiil ol the lust k-w d.iss ol sihool. the smaller (hild m.n Imgei all ol the s.ilcly w.linings >ou'\e been teaching him I.uli parent should make sine Ihe ihild knows how to uoss rsei lions en route. diool. He should know n issing guards arc then- lor bis |i oleilion, and obey llu in He shonl I know about proper ilepoitmenl on the school bus. He should know ihe rules of hi- c yi Ii- safi-l\. FLATHEAD Fred Simmons needed help to bring in a 26-lb. flathead from the Iowa River this month. The 87 year old fisherman had "been hoping for a catch like this for the past 80 years of fishing." Mr. Simmons lives at Marengo. SHIFT ON OVER TO MODE 0 DAY FOR THESE AND MANY MORE RIDICULUS BUYS LINGERIE • GOWNS • PAJAMAS • ROBES SPORTSWEAR • BLOUSES • SHORT SETS • SKIRTS WHITE UNIFORMS mode o'day 108 i. STATE 9 A AVOONA W

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