The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 9, 1930
Page 5
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 9, 1930 (AUK.) COUUIUR PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADS TWO cenu a word lor flrst in- Mrtioa ind one out » word tor etch. lubttqutBt Instr- Uon. NO idvcrtlMment Ukcn (or less thtu We. Count the words ind tend U« Mth, Phone 30» COPYRIGHT 1930 j by NEASEfcviCE/«c: - by ERNEST LYNN • I m -s . . - • • " ' •"• * FOR SALE FOR BALE—Baby Chicks. Custom hatching each weelt from now on. Marilyn Hatchery. ,26ck-t( I USED CARS Our policy of selling'llsed Cars rl^tly at cost le. us, Is your assurance of more Uollurs fur ilol- lar value. All makes and models to select from. 1930 Model Ford Tuilor Sedan $435 1934 Mode] Ford Tuder Sedun SW5 I ISM fllodfl Chrysler Cuupc . ?210 ] 1929 Modd Forrt Stand. Cuuiw 5125 li)28 Model Chrysler SedViii.. 5315 192J Model Kurd lloadstcr S2»5 19J8 Model Ford Pick-up $265 1928 Mod. Ford ISusiness Coupe 5295 1928 Model Fcrd Tudor Sedan $295 192$ Model Dodge Panel Truck $ 95 1926—Model Chevrolet Coupe.'$ 91 1929 Model Furcl Phaeton.. 52t» .See our slock today and make 5"*our selection, your car accepted as part payment. Used Car .PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers I PHONE S1I TODAY Dept. lll&J.V JIEIIK TODAY Thro us h o IrKCr Ihtil far rr- • : *hi-a fniiii n frit-lid In N>» York, 1>AN ItOltlMKK, lloLlM»uod *rc- unrlo writer iinJ former New York nuMtptitttr intui, »iret» AN\C Wl.\Tl-:i{, t%hu hn« uoice from Tul-n, (llclti.. In try lo u'i'< rvirn ivurlt. D.III find* her eluinu- itip and (tike* n drcl" Interest In hiT. Slit- Ifiirtm frtuu litm llmt IIP »ark4 nl Conlhu-ntuI I'U-liirrv. She h;i» worked only one tiny «» tin cxtrn Uer*cir, LuC a FCIT dny* Hfler their meelifltf ulie ueli "- ira «urk at Grand Culled. Skc nicc><x nil rilrn nnmtd MOXA MO Hill SO.\. and liauirilf- ulL-lv |l!,p, (ur. >I*imi K Ililng hi nn ni'iirlim in \vlih J'A'A IIAU- J.KYi nni) A n HE llvr« n|onr, niul ?iunn • uRitfJitK thai ibe three »i'- i'iii>>* n buiu»nluw that »he nnd llvti hn\c vent, The)' Ho thU. )lan IrnriiK frntii JMnnn 1hn( i^AUILV M.OA.V. tbu fnmuua director, ncCimllr linn nti~ Herd A liPi'i nnd tihc mux lie when n "bll." EJnii. not liking -Shun., nllhnuph ho hrm ni'ver nc I unity tnrl bint, 1* it lilt iiiuirrfcr«»lvc. IIwi, «Ein I* \?ry lilltrr, ujul ivhn Hnii Hi Ink PI mint have hail ;i irnclf c»in'rJoncc (n innkc lirr •o. Ijcllrvr* tlml Arme \Vlur vi in Mutxfed. Hut nhf tirllcv 1 lie re IK Mtttr rlmttre for >Ionn, n IIP) Icti* fur kiTirlf. She U-UN )turluii;r nliont tptimr uf Hie nrnli- Icmn " fai/ed ' IJJF 1111: rxlrn*. nml I heir KlriiKft]* to JWtiTic n living. nuj hf womlcr* li<nv (hrj trcl iilomj. ; \O\V CO ON WITH TI1K STORV CHAPTUK XI |?VA HAIU.KY bmiled. She sahl E siie wondered liersclf. "No one," slio said, "can answer lhai Question. I'm afraid. I've ilono different things; worked In department stores, clerking in busy seasons, and modeling. . . • Last Christmas I got ft check from uiy brother. 1 told him never to send me any money—but 1 used It." It was her own- experience, she i said, tliat jusl when you reached FOR SALE—Beautiful corner lot on j the point of giving up in despair, Main SI. 900 block, just the place something happened tliat held you OUR BOARDING HOUSE HI By Aberu 1 jf\ * 'A |FOR SALE-1927 Chrysler 53, 9,000 nlles, five new tires,' practically I new, $325 cash. R. S. Ga'tti," call 1603 before 6:30. " 4ckll Ifcp handsome home or apartment 1 IPrctty stucco bungalow $3000. with $250 cash, bal. $30.00 month' n I |6%. ,Rented at $30.00. • iDnplex en Main St. host pan of slreot. Rents al $70.pp: Has' had 154000. loan on il. Wc'Vant S5000. llor-'it, bnl sec il and nityke .us an |oncr..'. Easy terms. . ' _ '. '. room collage 310 g.,,Fr.anklin, $1450, $105 cash, balance monthly |llke rent tiff paid for. ...--..-1 [Brick store right up ;-lp\vu;... Had ihortgage of 12200 , against • il, |. ISell'tor $2500, S250 cash, balance ||30.pq month 6%. . -• -. •'• The lime to buy 'properly, is Jwiien' it can be had at lowest, price, j land!.that is NOW. :••..• •-'- "'-'| '.'V Thomas Land Company. - -| \--i ackll Co/I ins was reheatiius '/l/l rig/if, noil 1 ; si/cnce 'u' nrloi's hilefty. Presently IK slcppctf bacl( and loo\ft\ utoul /ifrn plain up wheu yon beal il out ot a restaurant without wins your iseal check. That's something they fouinl out when lliey were pilras. J j pout. Did you know that?" was an asrceablo sort; rallicr niul with .1 queer, twisted tint was strangely like n Dan tl;nught he nail seen her i somewhere before, and lie told her •> • on; 'you either got a job or prospects suddenly brightened or someone was able to argue you out ot ; yonr despondency. "Someone like Monti," slie supplemented. •' llorimer, she' thought, would be sui'unsed to learn how cheaply a girl coiild live when she had lo. ..".Mona and.f were iiaying.only $W. a, niontb. for our apartment.—for t,hc-.l\vo ot us. We dijn't like it, of oonrse. anil \vo. W<TG ghid to-gel Roriuier confessed tint h<! iliil no;. '"I had heard Etorlca'. ot course, but 1 took them for press agent yarns." "Well, the true ones arc tlie hardest to believe," Bins said, am! Dan agreed that that must bo so. A moment later Eva Biilhcrcil lier coat about her and pushed back her chair and announced lliat she must be leaving. "Hack, to my art," she said with an uhjoyous laugh. "Why • don't | yuii 'come over soon? 1 kuow Anne i C'll-1 "I was over here lasl wccli," she Informed him, "Interviewing Fred- crick Atwocd. \Yc had lunch to- BCtber." "Did he tell you," Collier asked, "how it felt lo be a police re porter?" ami Miss Walking told him not to bu sarcastic, i>ccuuso aho thought Atwood wan "very ulco." "All tho women go for him," Col licr said. ''The man's got 'if.' 11 would liko lo see you." "Thanks; l.will." He tell like telling her thiit, since. Aune -bad ouii.but it was -cheap.- Aud there L - n - uncl „„,„„,,' for ncarl'y a week, are clieapor ones, loo. Its some-, . ., .-^ ,. , informed thing to-bo tbnnktul for that rents -'« 'V f - ^ avch t lilBh.- The bungalow only "^ " va ^ ra( | lcr a -youiis" «'»}"' of ccsi's each one ot us a few more 'dollurs'lltan we were paying before j—anil 1 we live' like human beings now. Anne Winter," she added, "la 'a lieadi.^ She's—rcsuiar. . ^."^omc tiiuc you rirop into n Hollywood, bakft-y,, ,sbop or grocery .store.ami ask bow .many .calls nBCt front;feirla.for-yesterday's rolls. Some girls cnu.-eaUou.lciS than you : :lool!in£ at it, ho rcllecled as pulled: Eva's chair back for bi there particular reason tor thinking that Anne should turn to him: thora were other 'men • In FOR RENT ILOST—Panama Hat at.court .huuse Friday night. Return .to Courier •News- . 9P- 513 -->•- S'pSnil-'foV-tips; they get their own 'h breakfast and EO without lunch,-or buy a milk shake; and they defend a lot on dluner invitations. "Have you mel many of Ibcin?" . .JOva asked, and llorimer shook bis and Collier. Dm learned liulli bad' jiasses lu admit then lo llie Founil stages, anil some lime lalcr the Ihrce of them were watch ing Collins directing the retaking ot'one of the nual sc "Grim. Holiday." i)t>n found chairs lor them, 01UMI<:il said. "They'ic e.\\\- lis'.ve Just stepv r; l IV -' 1 t llio iieulhou^c aparlmenl on Iho oof. IT* a swell FCCUC: that lniiM- in Uio background loo.;:i lli;e a nilliou dtjlhiis In llio picture. 1 mrlersUuul it was drawn to exact scale." Ho adiled, with a srim smile: "I think the cameraman and llio sta^e catvenlers will bo llie lieroes of tliia victuru." , Collina was velicarsiiiB Uic iiclma BL-tony. recently he btepiicd t,:irk .mil .looked :il>orjt him and uoddcd. 'All. rlshl, HUW; sllcnuo, everybody," he eaiil. Someone wlili a b'.nl voice ycHeil: "Siluisi-i;, -plcas-c!" nnd a shrill whi'-tlc 'tjouuded. demanding of evoi-yoiic within iFM i-rH j I srpose-tHArflJ I WAS 5KIPPE-R OF ||seforMAIU-ORDeR Trie QOC.P sidp "Bess MceaFF'l 1 CR&Vd U)AS A(.t- y A PLAcSUe, l-fUSKS ARE IMBeRPBP 5-roRM I L M Tr 1 SPAR BRQKS H "Tri 7 MV ARMS T Bui-r I 1 15 MOW ati DI5PLAV SHIP SAFeLVlHRiJ W ^OM€ SAILOR'S. ',BV -rriRouitAiG -THE A (f^MuseoM l «v^ ' cv-C 5 , •ic >ri BcrrH y-ER 1 I: 1 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ' I 1 ' By Martin FEKDY IS THINKING WAY AH1CAI) IROOM FOR RENT, private family, [ 312 North Fifth St. ... . JpkH I WANTED [WANTED — Family -Washings. Wuhed and ironed by ' c'orirpe-j |tcnl white woman. Xlrs. Brown, |' |704 : S. Lake St. "' ""•'• " '' nck-tf I . head.. -. "Well, if you hail you'would have learned that soincof them arc a lit- tie hard boiled about the matter of 'dales. Ask liiem lo so out in Ihe evening, and you'll fiud yourself buying a;mcnl. .... 1 don't blame llicm." ."N'or l,".Eaiil Rorimcr softly. .He said, "Bill buys ICHANCE OF A UPE TIME— Reliable, ambitious man lo'e.v. Itablish local business. We nuance Byou. Experience unnecessary.- Mc- INcss Co., L)iv., 47. Frceporl. III'. ATFENTION (.INDUSTRIAL PAINT SALESMEN Why be confined to a small, line lot maintenance products and be [compelled lo pass up othe r profu- I able paint business because your. lline is not complcle? We can offer you a full line of iPainls .Varnishes and Hoof Coal- Lings for Industrial Mainler.ance and I contractors as well as a tull Ueal- Icrs Line of products, supirarted by Icirecl'-ve advertising. O;ir sales- Inicii earn handsome returns on our lattniclivc commission contract. IWrilo for particulars. REPUBLIC IPAINT & VARNMSH WORKS, nth .'iS; So. Kolmar Avo.. Chicago NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 3u r dental offices will be closed •ach Thursday aflcrnoon. Dr. L- H. Moore. Dr. H. A. Taylor, Dr. H. 5. Davis- meals for the men?" and he smiled. "Tlicy have, lo live, loo." • * 4 TM'A said. "There's moro than one •t-* great lover o[ tho i>crci]ii today wlio used to get his breakfast by •ElcalitiK milk off Holly wood porches. And. sonic ot Ihctn cau tell jou what alleys are for." '"Alleys';" Dan rejcu'.cd blankly. "Surni. Alleys are uhtces In run V. R. WASHAJI—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight'and packages anywhere. Special | rates on carload lets. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-D315 WERT He Makes'JEm See Royal C.MiUs Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems.. Thone 51 I Ingrain Bids. Blyliievllle, Ai Oct incw) Dec. (oicli Dec (new) Jan (old) Jan .incwx 1231 Mar 1277 Hay 1231 Jul HEd*'. tft \o TO 1 WhXEO burn, !:::;ring admittance unti sound-rccorUini; Tho actors Icsan F.praklHR. wltti Collins uat'.-iiini; anil lislcnin which they inanc*£ed lo straddle the Presently the prl iicsi tatcil over n word, hpokc Hie wrung ono: aiul Co'.lina said, "Cut!" Tito ;:iil looked chnsrincd. tml They sal to one-side of .the camera. muille the sound ot its mechanism. and they watched:Iho iircciso move "All ristit. Mary." • A-voice hailed him as they ncarcd the ckior. nnd-Paul Collier stood ur ir-1 nudiU'd. and 5)1 "it asaln. this .h'fbt'el'ruptlon.' 1 "They' w;iy it was originally." Inrlincr fnririunl Cnlller «'heu Ilin ~o:iud-lrai:k imiubrr had Iccn culled at n nearby table, beckoning. Mfss Louise Watklns." and lie. in- . unnecessary if you a&k me." l>"ii informed llicm. "I saw tho rushes 'toward. llie youns; who sal at bis laiile. kins." ,f'.o explained and recorded. "Aiwunrt snys lo licv: yesterday, ami Collins hail It jnsl I ill ink you ami 1 And I.' .And tlicn IK; ^i u'l mind, would ymi [ia-s lip illlllipr nnw rim out un an liasl "lie's a police reporter, ytiu see, tho lino rcnlly bail sunio slg- nilicance, liecause Ilial'r, bow bo met" tho girl, covi^riux a murder Flory. . . . Hut Ailiiinsnii inslsicil gel alon;; says: 'So do 'Von would-' If I bad in and then lo uiin-iicr?' shook hands with her, "is a hlgh- WON VV. Vvt SXWED , WcMAN Nl'^WOW '. sludio lauuagcr, couldn't sco iL better fan niasa/iiioa. \\c talking about you, Dan." said ho wanted Atwood a little more ardent-in his love making— said that was what Atwood's public "1 thought I felt uncomfortable. expected from him." The scene wns one which per- milled some unusual camera effects. them both to Eva llarley. and he urged them to roof of a New York skyscraper. tlianks; I'm afiaid I'll have lo got was on pulling In all Hint blah about back, but Dan can slay. looking off across llie city. , Uau. 1 ho[ie," she urged, and distance in the background was an- hurried away. norimcr flropiici that Collier oilier skyscraper in and ho felt his rnco to red closed eyoa and well imagine it was Collier informed him that he had Collier unfeelingly saici. "Yeah. It's rt great life, isn't 117 llovf yon li!;o to ho i-ntrlus mur- come over lo walcli them put the finishing louclies on "Grim Holiday." and Louise Walkins waulei lo know il he minded if sl>=. loo. looked on. H WAS of the modern 'Ret- type ot architecture, ami sas a cafe at the grounn ders again yourself?" surmounted olcclrlr, FRECKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS - \ e O'CLOCK ft,tlD THfvl noi O'OS" VJAVT.VU-VlUDO'JI WANTED—Practical nursine lady with fourteen months experience v.'ith Irnincd nurse. 119 W. Vine SI. 7pkl4 SALESMAN WANTED with car—lo sell Bliico 1.000 miles Guaranteed Motor Oik. Blumen- fcld Oil Co.. Memphis. Tenn. Big Ohio Coriwrstion ;ccks man- \ ager for open territory. Oppor- lunily to earn $3.500. 55,000 and : more yearly. We furnish everything j Experience unnecessary. Fyr-FyLtr . Co. 1084 Fyr-Fytcr Bl<!»., Dayton,! 0. I Closiny Slock P ices A. T. and T. Aviation Chrysler Cilice Service .... Coca Cola, Fox General Electric ... General Motors ... Grigsby Gnmoiv .. I. T. and T Montgomery Ward Packard. Radio 383-4 Simmons 231-2 Unllcd Gas 331-2 U. S- Slcel 1301-2 New York Cotton NEW YOU. Alts- 9 iUI'>-Colloii closed bleacly. Open Higii Low Close Oct 'ultlt 1250 126.1 ' 1248 12-il 123S 1271 1240 1280 1283 1203 1301 Spots closed, steady at 12(jO, up 5 '/ :•'•' '

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