The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 27, 1967 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1967
Page 17
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6— Algona (to.) Upper Dss Mr>!nf»j ,Mv '°t>~ ARE THEY BY STEVE WALLER Barb Knudsen is a dental assistant, greeting patients with a pleasant smile and a charming personality five and a half days a week. Since May 29, Barb, who is the daughter of the Robert Knudsens of Algona., has been busy making good "impressions" at Dr. LeRoy Strohman" s office. These "iinpressions" aren't only created by Barb's friendly tact, but also through her skill in routine dental practices such as bridgework and false teeth. She started her summer job as soon as school was out and went directly into a two-week training period in which Dr. Strohmaa and Mrs. Thelrna Will taught her the basics. Mrs. Will was the office assista-it during the Ect&ol year, iw: Barb is presently iilliag is very capably as the doctor's only BuniuierUEe aid. Ill BE Ksudse:;'E day a the o&ce be^lTiS at 7:4: vr.e:; she readies the premises lor patient number o:.e yy sterilizing instruments, £zi2g ci-arts, a:»i - :p- datir^ u,e records. ciJldreiy are treaied :o a cos- facial in handling sometimes "disagreeable" youngsters. About her job, Barb exclaims, "I like it:" She liked it from the very start when the doctor and his assistants honored her with a graduation party after commencement exercises at Algona High School this spring. One "fear" Barb had to overcome was the presence of a noisy little baiik which sits on the counter above Barb's desk. It was hard for her to get used to the clanging reaction when coins were inserted into the charity- centered ban):. The figures shaping the baa}; are a dentist and his patient. When coins are put into it, the patient's tooth is extracted causing a loud "curplunk". But Barb overcame this small phobia. Although most phases oi her job are relatively simple, she has to admit that keeping the books can get he: down ii things don't balance out. However, she undoubtedly shares this dilemrii. will: rr.a::y other lookXetpers. As fc: v.e easifes*. poru'j:. •:'. her it;, Barb tells us that clta:,- i:.g i-'ptht ;Hicep:esfc:.'.E:.';p:i> lerr.E •-•.s.uw.'tr. The dtr.tis^E rfliM is spotless. i4vn: r.~,^s; ,v. I.-JT tisif •;.\,"Uuc, sw:rr.~.;n; inc summer. Barb will be leaving for school August 29. She would like to major in elementary education at Luther College in Decorah. She thinks fifth or sixth .grade would provide the proper challenge. We congratulate Barb on her present employment and wish her the best of luck with her future occupation. ,T.~.:Y KA?.rC-?.<T~\ ~, Toledo, r.;:sr.;:._ .r. Mirs^illtc-'T. suffer- .r.r ";:•;- - ?r.:ni: ii^ent. It is ->-*: -•-- • - •••- •;-"" iv ther= i few THE "A~HI_L-}CN~OWN Norton s;?:irs. diupters of the late Xr. i.-ii Mrs. F. S. .Norton and s:strrs '-•• Mii'.an, hare been va- ciiir.r^r.c it Estes Park, Colo. The; ire ^uline, Mrs. M. M. M;rr:w, .VJ-Jubon; Edna, Mrs. Arthur Ferruson, Keokuk; and Elri-".;r. Yermillion, S. D. V.F.S. FRED KAGC- entertained at '- coffee last Wednesday. Guests were Mrs. Ed Hagg, Mrs. Aii>ert Higg, Mrs. George Miller, Mrs. Emma Hagg and Mrs. 3~":.i F.ippentrop. KATHRYN SORENSON, former teacher in the Algona school system, now at Mason City, had as guests last Thursday, Helma Proper, Ann Hanson, FloraTiss, Ruth Cook and Audrey Frye. MRS. ROSCOE L MAWDSLEY was in Des Moines recently visiting old friends Mrs. Tom O'Haire, the former Eugenia Rist, her sister, Mrs. Alice Rist ffRourke, and Mrs. James Daugherty, the former Ruth Dickinson. MR. AND MRS. Roscoe I. Mavdsley have had as guest their daughter, Delores Mawdsley, Newton. She is a teacher in the school system there. MRS. HAZEL VERA, Mrs. Rose Sigsbee and Mrs. Lizzie Post were guests of Mrs. Ada Post at Clear Lake Monday. MR. AND MRS. Tom Lundell, Mary Beth and Sterling of Ankeny were weekend guests of Mrs. Lundell's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Sterling. Mr. Sterling went to EarMUe, m. to visit his sister, Mrs. Roy Yarnell to to to visit his brother, Rex Sterling. He accompanied his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs, Stanley Miller, who had been here from Dubuque. MR. AMD MRS. Dick Post went to Humboldt Tuesday to attend i'^eral services for Harry Hull, Sr. Mr. Hull had been an Invalid sir.ce being la an auto accident C.ree years ago. l'.RS. MABEL LEE has been visited by her slster-ln-law, M£j>el McCoonell, Honolulu, Hiv.iii, a_ii her brother, Glen MRS. LAWRENCE GILLESPffi is entertaining the Happy Birthday Club Friday. THE DEANTAYLORS spent the weekend at Okoboji. Mrs. Taylor spent a day last week at Lake Mills with 'her father, Herbert Zielske. MRS. ALFRED LARSON went to Decorah July 27 to visit her son Russell and family and will attend the Nordic Festival over the weekend. MRS. FRANCES MOE has had as guests her son-in-law and daughters, Shirley, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Monger, Omaha, and Jane, Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Stein and four daughters, Sioux City. They also visited the Tom and Richard Moe families and a picnic was held at the Ambrose Call State Park. MRS. HATTffi BURLINGAME had as guests Sunday her brother- in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cole, Burt. MRS. KATE STEPHENSON, Mrs. Julie Baas, Mrs. Arnie Meyer and Julie Ann were guests of Mrs. Howard Stephenson last week at the Stephenson cottage at Spirit Lake. The Frank Coreys, Cedar Rapids, will be here this week to visit the families. Mrs. Corey is a daughter of Mrs. Kate Stephenson. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Gilbert have been here from Ames but he has gone home, leaving her here for a longer visit MR. AND MRS. Dick Bahr and family of Clarksville were weekend guests of the mother, Mrs. Adeline Bahr and also visited the Irving Millers. Dick is a brother of Mrs. Miller. MRS. CRAIG SMITH went to Mason City Monday to meet her father, J. M. Fleming, formerly of Whittemore, at the airport He has been in Albuquerque with a daughter, Mrs. Robert Sanchez, and at Chicago with daughters, Mrs. Ed Meyer and Mrs. Ed Owens. JOHN ARNDORFER and his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lichter, are being visited by the former's daughter and husband, Lt. Col. and Mrs. Gordon Loeblg who have been stationed In Germany the past three years. He is with the Air Force and after a month's leave will be assigned to a base at Colorado Springs, Colo. Other guests are his daughters, Mrs. E. C. Campbell, Los Angeles, Turn This Ad Upside Dov»n For A RIDICULOUS & DELICIOUS Bargain ! 5133*15 SdmiHd HiHOS QNV AQ3NN3>I JO diNdOD 3HJ. IV ISHfli 3DMHOU t XKVH ^8 P9UMQ A||D)oi 3W39C AUIVQ S,)INVH AiN31d A|nr A1NO •r H338 100U nvmds 3W3do AUIV azva snoinoiaia and Mrs. R. J. Kenna, San Diego, Calii. MRS. INEZ WOLFE had word Friday that her eldest sister, Mrs. James Welch, had died suddenly in a rest home at Whittington, J. J. She was there only for the time her son-in-law and daughter, with whom she lived, went on a camping vacation. FRIENDS OF Mrs. Mabel | Livingston will be glad to learn f she has recovered sufficiently I from her recent illness to be I back in her home at Apache Junction, Ariz. For several weeks, she was hospitalized, then had an apartment nearby for frequent check-ups at the hospital. She is a former well- known Algonan. MRS. INEZ WOLFE has as guests this week her daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Prewitt, Fail-field. This fall they will go to Barbourville, Ky. where Mr. Prewitt is an instructor in the college. DEWEY SHILLING took his father-in-law, James Burns, to the Veterans hospital at Des Moines Tuesday. He has to go there for periodic treatments. HUGH BLACK and Louise, Jimmie and Carolyn are spending some time at Okoboji. MAUREEN, DAUGHTER of Mr. and Mrs. John Lentsch, has completed her course in cosmetology at a Mason City school and has accepted a position at Harold's Wig Salon at Humboldt. MR. AND MRS. Chester Willey and Janie went to Lansing last week and spent their vacation visiting Mrs. WUley's mother and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Arne Helle. MR. AND MRS. William J. Norland and three children drove to Seattle, Wash, and are vacationing with Mrs. Norland's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. H. Zepeda and family. They will be home this coming weekend. MR. AND MRS. Jack Hernon have been visited by Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hawk, Ralston, Nebr. MR. AND MRS. Fred Kent, Jr. Kristy and Bruce are vacationing at Eagle Lake, Willmar, Minn. Sue Samp, daughter of the L. M. Samps, has been a guest for the past week. Mrs. Ken Cowan and David were guests of the Kents and the Leroy Lee's, former A1- gonans, over the weekend. Mrs. Cowan brought Tim Samp along to spend the week as a guest of Bruce Kenf s. Miss Samp returned with the Cowans Sunday evening. David Cowan returned to Wlllmar Tuesday and will spend the remainder of the week at the Kent cottage. MR. AND MRS. Tom Zender and young son of Glen Ellyn, m. arrived In Algona Saturday for a brief visit with relatives and friends. They left Monday for Crosslake, Minn, for a vacation at the cottage of Mrs. Zander's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Waller. DE LORES EGGLESTON was a Saturday night visitor in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Eggleston, LuVerne. On Sunday they all visited in the Gar- Ian Carpenter home at Storm Lake. THE JOE ESSER family left Monday morning for a two week vacation to the Black Hills and Yellowstone National Park. MR. AND MRS. Joe Dorweiler became parents by adoption of a son July 14. The baby was born June 27 and has been named Larry Joseph. The DorweUers have a daughter, Michelle, 8. MR. AND MRS. Richard Anderson and family, Alden, were week end guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leo McEnroe. Richard is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Anderson, ioTnrer residents of Algona. PAM KESSINGER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Kessinger and granddaughter of Ross Calhoun, left for England June 21 where she is attending Oxford University for four weeks. She will then tour France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, and Holland. She will return to the states Aug. 15. She will resume her third year teaching junior highintheCollinsville, HI., school system. RECENT visitors of the Will Draytons and Dan Fishers were Mrs. Marjorie Howard and Norma. Mrs. Howard brought Mrs. Will Drayton to Iowa after a 6-week visit in Falls Church, Va. Will Drayton returned from New Mexico June 25. He accompanied Mrs. Howard on the return trip to Virginia. Marjorie Howard is the daughter of the Will Draytons. Mr. Drayton flew home July 20. Leila Richter, granddaughter and niece of the Draytons and Fishers flew to Iowa July 16 for a vacation from her work at North American Aviation, Inc. The Fishers and Leila spent the weekend at Lake Okoboji. Leila will return to Calif. Julv 28. OTTOSEN 1 Mr. and Mrs. Allan Wehrspann and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jacobson and family and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jacobson and family went to Jowell Thursday evening. They met Mr. and Mrs. Howard Klemme and daughters of New Providence at the lake and celebrated Mr. Klemme's birthday A'ith a picnic supper, swimming ind boating. United Presbyterian women met Friday at the church parlors. Mrs. H. D. Benson gave the lesson and Mrs. Mike Frohling was hostess. Mr. and Mrs. .-Ulan Watnem and family spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Irl Bell at Red Oak. They celebrated three first birthdays, all grandchildren of the Bells. Michael Carlson, Brian Poe and James Watnem wore the three one-year-olds. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Winther of Osage visited at the Donald Usher home from Tuesday until Thursday. Mrs. Winther is a sister of Mr. Usher. Day on the moon is fourteen times as long as on earth. 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