The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 27, 1967 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1967
Page 5
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EDITOR'S NOTE: This column of Woman's World is a reprint from the Thursday May 31, 1951 issue of the Upper Des Moines. THERE WAS ONCE A DAY WHEN A social or civic event was planned according to the likelihood of good weather, the amount of money to be charged for tickets and the type of entertainment to be offered. While these things are still important, there is now another major consideration in scheduling a social calendar — the availability of baby sitters. If there's something doing at the high INSIDE THE STORE ONLY! ProtectIFotijs From Loss of Flavor rnrfwrt* ft i- fRtuER Supplies At Reduced Prices! I-PI Sill Recassad Lids For Stacking Plastic Containers YOUR CHOICE HrPI Sill IliPitk • Full Line Markings I Snap-on covers give air-tight protection against flavor loss. Many household uses, too! 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I WAS DOING BABY SITTING LONG before 1940, but we didn't call it that. We said we were "staying with kids" or "taking care of youngsters." The job was much ttie same but the rate of pay was much, much lower. We received 25? for any job up to midnight and 50? per evening if the parents were gone longer, no matter how late they came in. Once in a while we'd get a little extra, but there was never anything deducted for Social Security. THE CURRENT RATES IN ALGONA- I'm now on the other side of the pocketbook - are 25? per hour before midnight and 50? for every hour thereafter. If there's a small baby in the home, it pays to get an older woman and she receives about 35? or 40? per hour with appropriate raises after midnight. Information from parents in other towns leads me to believe that Algeria's rates are lower than some places. However, when one local couple returned home from one of those long evenings, dinneruntilS a.m., they found that the baby sitter they thought was charging 35? an hour expected a minimum of 65?! I WAS AN EXPERIENCED BABY SITTER BEFORE we moved to Algona, but my first local patrons were the Beecher Lanes. I took care of their little Gloria, an enchanting child with blonde curls. The years rolled by and after Bill was born I was hiring a baby sitter myself. So Gloria became my first baby sitter. The cycle will be complete, when, and if, Gloria marries, has children and hires one of our youngsters to take care of her little ones. ANOTHER OF MY LITTLE CHARGES WAS Dr. and Mrs. L.W. Fox's son, Billy. They live in Tucson, Ariz., and Billy must be quite a grown-up man by now. I often went to the J.L. Bonars to stay with Bonnie, who now has two children of her own. Soon after that, Bonnie became old enough to stay by herself and high school activities, a job downtown and dates ended my baby sitting career. BABY SITTERS REMIND ME OF A STORY Mrs. C.H. Beardsley told Betty Vinson, who passed it on to me. A little girl was shown a picture of the Madonna and the baby Jesus. The youngster said, "I know who the baby is, but who is the sitter?" BABY SITTERS, GOOD DEPENDABLE ONES, are a boon to parents. Modern parents are criticized a great deal for turning over the care of their children to them, but a baby sitter can help a mother far more than a bottle of vitamin pills or even a new hat. And some of the older parents, who never had a sitter when their children were little are the first to tell us that! No matter how much you love the little darlings, it does a world of good to get away fr'pm them once in a while - provided you know they are in capable'hands. If it should ever come to a choice between a sitter and cleaning or laundry help, I will, and do choose the baby sitter. RIGHT NOW WE ARE PRETTY WELL FIXED for baby sitters at our house. We have a regular one and one we can usually get when the regular Is busy. They are both fine girls and the children like them, too. It keeps me in touch with- what the current generation of high schoolers are up to -by talking with my babysitters and their friends. Often the children are glad to have us go out so that Max and Audrey can come to see them. Once in a while when I've left dirty dishes they even wash them for me, although I don't expect it. If you think that by writing this about my sitters, I am trying to butter them up and get on their good side, you are right. I certainly ami THERE ARE PET PEEVES ON BOTH THE parents and the sitters sides of the profession. From experience on both sides of the fence I can understand them because I've been both the sinner and the sinned against. Parents frequently lack the cor r ct change to pay the girls and they must call back for it later. This is a little difficult if you are a shy youngster. The one or two girl friends a sitter is allowed to have in sometimes grows into quite a party, including boys. Parents, at times, have been known to call at the last minute and then expect a girl to rush over for a sitting job. Sitters occasionally take out books and records and forget to return them to their proper places. They have also been known to neglect picking up the youngster's clothii.; and toys after the little ones have retired. On the other hand, parents, when the job is contracted, promise to be home at a certain time to relieve the sitter and often arrive hours later. A lot of these things could be ironed out by a frank talk, but most of us are too scared of each other. We keep thinking that we might want either a sitter or a sitting fee again sometime. WE ARE NOT HIRING MUCH BABY SITTING this week because Daddy is in Minnesota, fishing. Mrs. Gail Towne phoned me today to say that she saw him up there and that he is catching a lot of fish. The cabin in which he is staying, she tells me, is called Honeymoon Cottage. That sounds fine to rue and I'm planning a honeymoon there even if I have to take three little ones along. * * * WELL, THE LITTLE INDICATOR THAT Dick Post uses for his bird eggs has just made its first mistake. That is its first mistake in predicting the sex of human babies. The Posts own new baby arrived this week and it was a boy just as predicted, but when Georgia Lee went to the hospital to have the son the gadget told her she would have, it turned out to be a little girl. Daddy Leroy is very happy about the whole thing anyway, but Ted Chrischilles said he was hoping it would be a boy so it could be named Albert, just like the town in Minnesota- Albert Lea. I can't help thinking that this would be a much better story if the gadget would have made its first mistake right in the Post family. GRACE miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiinminiiniiiiiimTiiinmiininimiinnnnmiiiiiniiiiiiiiiimiininiiinii pper Des Moines! Thursday, July 27, 1967 Alaona (Id 1 .) Upper Des Mo!nei-5 SOCIETY NEWS FAMILY PICNIC A family picnic was held Sunday at Mason City. In attendance were Mr. and Mrs. Gale Stockwell, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Zimmer and Mr. and Mrs. William De Kruif, Mason City; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nelson and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Himelbright, Minneapolis; Mrs. Eileen Tillman and Billy. Sioux City; and Mr. and Mrs, Fred Lassahn, Carol and Ted, Saginaw, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. Stockwell are returning to Saginaw with the Lassahns, but driving their own car and will return home after a visit of a couple of weeks. IS TO WED Nancy Lynn Ferguson, granddaughter of Mrs. (Edna) Arthur Ferguson, Keokuk, will be married Aug. 26 to Wm. Alfred Hartman, Jr., son of the senior William Hartmans, San Jose, Calif. The bride-elect is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Ferguson, Indianapolis, Ind. WED 25 YEARS Mr. and Mrs. Arne Helle will observe their 25th wedding anniversary August 26 at Lansing, la., and will hold open house. Mrs. Helle Is the mother of Mrs. Chester Willey, and a former Algonan who will be best remembered here as Mrs. Roeder. Mr. Roeder died here suddenly twenty-six years ago from a heart attack. He was a railroad mail clerk. ATTEND WEDDING Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stoffel and Marilyn went to Dubuque to attend the wedding July 22 of Mrs. Stoffels' niece, Janice Widen. Two Licenses Two wedding licenses were issued at the office of County Clerk Alma Pearson this week. They went to Richard J. Clough and Marjorle A. Welp, July 14; and Clay Lockett and Betty Osborn, July 18. The fossil Peking Man of 300,000 years ago was a casualty of World War n, lost while being transferred to avoid capture. INSIDE . . BONUS SALE! 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