The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 27, 1967 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1967
Page 4
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Bulldogs And Espe Have Win Skeins Chopped By Johnnies In District Tournament Here, 1-( Ace Hurier Had Copped Last 29 Victories Algona High School's Bulldogs and ace hurler Craig Espe both reached the end of the road before a large crowd at Garrigan Field here Monday evening as a wild pitch In the top of the first Inning allowed Bancroft St. John's the only run it needed to post a 1-0 victory in the first round of the District Tournament. The loss gave the Bulldogs an 18-3-1 season mark (and 37-5-1 over the past two summers) and ended Espfr"s personal string of 29 straight victories spanning the same years. Meanwhile, the Johnnies advanced with their 19th win in 20 starts this summer and were slated to meet Ft. Dodge High School in the District finals at Fonda last evening (Wednesday). Steve Schneider, Bancroft lead-off man became the first base runner of the well-playerf fray when he drew a pass. He advanced to second on a sacrifice as Espe threw out Tom Nemrners. Chuck Farrow then bounced out, Rog Meyer to Dale Pedersen, before Stevs Vaske worked Espe for a free pass and swiped second. That set the staee for the BIG run. A pitch jot aviy from Esr« while he was in the midst of striking out opposing pitching Dick Diers and Schneider scooted home with the counter. That's all she wrote, although there were still plenty of thrills remaining. Espe's leadoff single for the Bulldogs in the bottom of trie first was wasted when the Johnnies pulled off a Schneider to Vaske to Bill Wolf double play - and Algona didn't get its second (and final) hit until Pedersen cracked a double to left in the last of trie seventh. The Johnnies set up a threat in the top of the second when Wolf walked and Denny Hatten doubled, but Espe whiffed the next batter ind Meyer tijsse; out Schneider t.j end the inning. Aljjoiu jot a pair or -ialxs in the last of the second to no avail and a Nernmers single for the Johnnies went to waste in the third. Espe's r.e:ct severe test carne in the top of the fifth—and he met it masterfully. Schneider opened the with his second single, ^•ecorning tne oruy nitter in u^e game with two blr.vs, .Vernmers was hit with a pitch and Farrow reached on a fielder's choice. So the sacks were loaded with Johnnies — with none out. The never-say-die lefty then proceeded to strike out Vaske arid Diers and got John Meyer on a pop to Pedersen to snuff out the blaze. Algona's effort almost paid off. Pedersen's blow came with one down and he advanced to third when Don Hagen bounced out. However, Diers fired hard and got Bill Boldridge on strikes to end the contest. Espe wound up his career at AHS with an astounding 34-7 record which spanned three seasons. He v. as 6-6 as a sophomore, 15-0 a year ago and 13-1 in 1J57. He whiffed 13 and walked four, while Diers, who sparkled, struck out 11 and walked five. Each team committed an error. Box score ST. JOHN'S (1) AB R H Schneider Ni turners Farro^ Vaske Diers Mever Wolf Hatten Kissner 3 0 4 •7 3 3 0 3 3 25 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 4 ALGONA (0) AB R tspe Claude Meyer Roefcer Taylor Barr Farnham Pedersen Hagen Boldridge Betts 3 3 9 0 3 2 1 1 2 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 20 0 Bulldogs Post Fine 18-3-1 Mark •>£# Algona High School's Bulldogs got knocked out of the District Tournament by Bancroft St. John's, 1-0, here Monday evening - but still finished the season with one of the top won- lost marks on record at the local school. Members of the Bulldog squad are shown above. They are, front row, left to right, Bob Farnham, Bill Boldridge, Craig Espe, Tom Claude, Mike Dailey, Roger Barr and Dale Pedersen. In back, left to right, Coach Keith Christie, Dave Roeber, Roger Meyer, Mike Betts, Tom Jones, Jeff Allen and Don Hagen. (UDM Newsfoto) RESULTS PEEWEE - Mets 30, Colts 28; Astros 18, Cubs 17. AMERICAN-Angels 6, Yankees 2; Athletics 9, Indians 3. NATIONAL- Phillies 11,Reds 2; Giants 15, Pirates 8. SENIOR - Trojans 7, Chiefs 2; Spartans 17, Warriors 5. Real Estate Transfers Neitzel, Derv/ard et al, unmarried AKA Durwood Neitzel to Charles A. Bronson 6-30-67 Lot 2 exc. the N 9* thereof, & all of Lot 3 all In blk 8, Murtagh's Subdiv. of blk 1 & OL 1, 2, & 3 Murtagh's Add. to Burt. Potter, Buena & Sherwood et al to Orland E. Steil et ux 6-28-67 The E. 8 rods of Lot 13 A. P. of Reser, No. 1 in blk 5, Algona. Raney, Lyle i Ellen & Howard i Dorothy to Orland E. Steil et ux, 6-28-67 The E. 8 rods of Lot 13 A. P. of Reserv. No. 1 in blk 3, Algona. Runnke, Edward & Mary Lou to Richard N. Burt 6-29-67 Greencastle Place Lot 3 blk 2, Algona. Tietz, Gene W. & Carol M. to Rudolph Tietz 6-29-67 Bell's Add Lot 10, Algona, Walker, N'orma i Russell to Orland E. Steil et ux 6-28-67 E. 8 rods of Lot 13 in blk 5 A. P. of Reser. No. 1, Algona. Hasse, John E. & Jane S. to Alvina A., .Albert C., & Paul H. Hasse all sgl. 7-11-67 Murtagh's Add., Lot 1 Blk 5; Burt. Hemmen, C.C. & Janet G. to Farmers Coop Elev. Co. of Livermore 7-11-67 S. Westerly 91.3' of station grounds of C & MV R W Co. located in NE 1/4 MV 1/4 see record 9-94-28. Cowan, K.S. & Aria L. to James L. Schenck et ux 7-3-67 Lot 5 Blk 231 & the W. 24' of Lot 6 Blk 231; Call's Add see rec. Kent, Clara, Wdw. to Donalds. Larson et ux 7-5-67 S 1/2 SE 1/4 & NW 1/4 SE 1/4 4-96-28. Subject, Vernon E. & Virginia to Richard C. Walshetux6-28-67 Call's Add. lot 2 blk 159; see rec; Algona. Thilges, Theodore J. & Lillain E. to Burton A. Johnsonetux 7-5-67 A tract of land in NW 1/4 desc. as see record 20-99-28 Crawfort, Edward W. & Marian R. to James L. Welton 7-12-67 Woodworth Add lot 5 blk 2 Algona. Frankl, Marie, Wdw. to Vernon E. Klein et ux 7-17-67 All that pt. of OL 6 in Irvington Station desc. as see rec. Merryman, David W. & Marion Mae to Dale G. Backhaus et ux 7-17-67 Tract desc. as beg. at a pt. 3' 7" S. of the SE corner of lot 3 John G. Smith's Add., Algona thence see rec. Also land Index. Merryman, David W. & Marion Mae to Dale G. Backhaus et ux 7-17-67 Lot 3 of A. P. of lot 8 & E 4 rods of Lot 9 in Govern lot 3 Also Town Index 11-95-29 Perkins, John & Janet to Larry Sowers et ux 7-12-67 That part of SE 1/4 desc. as see rec. 5-95-29. Samson, Mabel V., sgl. to Steve R. George etux 7-17-67W4rods of E 12 rods of S 8 rods of Lot 6 of SE 1/4 NE 1/4 according to A. P. of lots in Lot 3 & 4 in SE 1/4 NE 1/4 & pt. of NW 1/4. 11-95-29. Sparks, Donnell D. Si Mary Althea to Richard A. Simpson et ux 7-12-67 That pt. SW 1/4 SW 1/4 desc. as see rec. 4-95-29. Blumer, Paul, sgl. to Phillip K. Blumer et ux & James A. Blumer Mumps— Swollen Jaws? Be Careful Sfiiinj^ U ;i virus infection of llir |>:initi(! i/huul. one of the *nli- vnrv (;bniU. iimncili:itelv below the ear lobe .iinl behind the :in^le of the j.iv.. <:i\- 'I oil.iv'* Hi-.-ilili. the ni;ifr;i/im- of the American Medicil A?.y>M;Hion. 'I lie IM-M si^n of IMIIIII]>< U :i teiiiler. tmixiili. lum ^veiling p nuns llir <I>IIUT "f the j;nvlxnir ivherc it limn n|iiviii(l the car. (he niitga/ine lepoil*. MIIIIIJM ill ii ihild i-> n«n;ilh only miUlh inc.i|<:nil;iliii(J .mil moderately miiomfoi table. Mam (im-« In iliililiTii air M) mill) as to (•o iimioliied by jjaienls. A mild meditation lor ieici anil the (IK (oinforl of milil hi'. nl. M lie anil mimic adic» may be nst'tl at neeiled. Normalli the ililM rcum-rn ill hie to tctcn (lavs In the teen agci or ailnll niiini|>s i» tnoie serious. The \lrtn in mine lidch In InvoUe. other areas mull as the |iamrca». anil In remit in nausea, abdominal pains and seveic food or lluiil inlolet- uiuei. The Icmlcmy foi miini|u with its altciuliinl |iain to iflllc in the ovary or tenth Ic is well known. The ihaiuf of »ttrilil> i» liighlv anil emotionally overrated, however. I'hysUiam usually prescribe coiiij/lcle bed rest lor adults with MIIIIIIJU. Greater physical activity brings gieater chance of compli cations. Mumps is not excessively con- liigion* and almost diieit contact with Ihc alllutecl-such as cliink- inj{ from the wnii- cup <>' ljL ''"K sneered al-1* required to contract (lie disease. One can (jet mumps twice, but it i*. a rare ounirencc. Most caws oi "1111111111* Ihc second lime" were Hie iwult of previous misdiag- no»i» ol nwollcn neck glandi from J(i inftctea Ui»Mi. «tld» arc about o»it in -1W of havinjs bona fide iiiiiiitiis a» a ri-jx-at UJneM- |» laimot be |>rtvi-«ted WE'RE NOT LION! THESE BUYS ARE WATCHES-WATCH BANDS DIAMONDS JEWELRY SOMETHING FROM EVERY DEPT, l GROUP EARRINGS 10 1 GROUP PINS & EARRINGS 4t prcwill, but |,ioiuiw» a vacciiK' 8 DAY CHIME CLOCKS NOW $29.95 Uft ,.. f.. ft . NOW VJ9.95 I TRIPLE PLAY REG. $89.95 CUCKOO CLOCKS $14.95 NOW $28.95 REG. $57.95 DINNERWARE WAS NOW 1-45 PC. SERVICE FOR 8 ___$! 12.00 $56.95 1-93 PC. SERVICE FOR 12 _._$]22.95 $69.95 1-98 PC. SERVICE FOR 12 __$105.00 $59.95 STAINLESS STEEL 1-50 PC. SERVICE FOR 8 COMMUNITY WAS $39.95 NOW $23.95 1-50 PC. SERVICE FOR 8 STEEL WAS $29.95 NOW $15.95 WILTGEN JEWELERS S 110 E. STATE ALGONA^ * .j-MLjuUMMUUJLOJLOJ^^ 7-14-67 E 1/2 NW 1/4 & SW 1/4 NE 1/4 27-94-28. Blumer, Paul, sgl. to HalpliW. Blumer et ux 7-14-07 E 1/2 SW 1/4 9-94-28. Blumer, Ralph W. & Amanda to Phillip K. Blumer & Jarncs A. Blumer 7-14-67 Undlv. 1/6 int. in E 1/2 SW 1/4 29-94-27. Bragg, June & Allan Formerly June E. McMahon Simpson to Andrew J. Mullen et ux 7-14-67 0. P. lot 3 blk 76; Algona. Gisch, Madonna, sgl. to Madonna Gisch, Rosemary Wibe & Virginia C. Guerdet 7-14-67 E 1/2 of NE (rl 1/4 of NE 1/4 SE 1/4 subj.tollfe estate 4-96-30 Keith, Kyle D. & Clara to Robert W. Bomgaars et ux 7-12-67 River View Heights Add. Lot 18, Algona. Penny, Laura J., sgl. to Louis L. & Mary Lappe 7-14-67 0. P. Lot 6 blk 4; Lakota. Schemmel, John C. & Lorraine to Glenn L. Walden 7-17-67 0. P. Lot 11 Blk 5, Bancroft. Tietz, Donald & Shirley to Robert W. Bomgaars et ux 7-12-67 Riverview Heights Add. Lot 18, Algona. Vera, Hazel Mae, Wdw. to Algona la. Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses 7-13-67 W 1/2 of LotlSof A. P. of part of Govern Lot 6 & NE 1/4 SW 1/4 2-95-29. Thursday, July 27, 1967 Algona, (la.) Uppor DQS Moines-1 1 KpfjtulInK a Wfick at Estos Park Mr:;. Connelly, VIA former C'nir- as part of a group, employees of It-no L.-itorr<i, Mrs, Robert Hill, the Directory Service, Algona. neo Pat Co-«an, inri the Carl Enroutc home they stopped at Morck, Jr's. v/ho v ; :<; there Denver and called on Mr. and visiting from Bonier, Colo. LOCALS MR. AND MRS. E. L. Garbett returned Sunday after spending a week at Estes Park, Colo. They were members of a group of salesmen employed by the Directory Service of Algona, who along with their wives, enjoyed the outing. MR. AND MRS. Floyd Holt 'returned home Sunday after ANOTHER BIG SUPER STOCK CAR RACE AT KOSSUTH SPEEDWAY (FAIRGROUNDS - ALGONA) WILL BE HELD FRIDAY NIGHT JULY 28 Don't miss the battle for points this Friday. Another big field of cars will fight- it out for a share of the purse I TIME TRIALS - 8:30; RACES - 9 P.M. ADMISSION: ADULTS - ONLY $1 CHILDREN UNDER 12 - 25c COME ONE - COME ALL ! KOSSUTH SPEEDWAY ALGONA, IOWA We've really TRIMME our prices for REDIKALUS DAZE! Check the following crazy bargains for unbelievable bargains. Many more both outside and inside the store ! REGULAR RDDIC DAY # 12 Nursery Plaques 2.98? 2 Fuzzy Rugs 3.44? 12 Mirrors 1.09? 17 Pictures, Assorted .30? 3 Crib Mobile 2.29? 3 Child's Trays on Legs 1.93? 19 Bath and Stool Mats 1.19? 28 Rugs, Throw, Asst. Colors .79? 15 Rugs, Throw, Asst. Colors .98? 4 Rugs 1.19? 3 Rugs 1.19? 1 Rug 1.97? 13 Foam Rugs .77? 7 Clopaq Folding Door 2.77? 74 Storage Bags 1.44? 2 Lamps 2.99? 4 Book Racks .98? 13 Book Racks, gold .88? 1 Nite Stand, French Prov. 29.95? 1 White Chair, Desk or Bedroom 24.95? 5 Pictures 6.99? 12 Pictures 1.98? 1 Lamp 2.79? 1 Lamp 3.79? 3 Early American Planter 9.99? 2 Early American Sew Kit 9.99? 1 Early American Magazine Rack 9.99? Napkin Holders — Wood, Early American .99? Roll-out Flower Matts .66? Two Pac. Date-a-Lite- 100 W. Lite Bulbs .39? Rain Umbrellas .88? Webb Lounge Chairs 3.97? Gambles D Flash-Lite Batt. .19? 50 Ft. Plastic Hose 1.09? Strofoam Minnow Bucket .65? Gambles 22 Cal. L.R. Rifle Shells (Limit 2) .86? Rain Suits 1.99? 2 1/2 Ib. bag Worm Keeper .89? 2 Ib. bag Kentucky Bluegrass Seed 1.10? All Size Plastic Freezing Containers - 20% off Ice Buckets .39? Note Book Paper- 1200 Sheets .57? Ice Cube Tray, Unbreakable Plastic .79? Gleem Tooth Paste- Family Size .63? Pitcher Decanter 1.17? Mixing Bowl 1.00? 1.50? 1.50? .66? .10? 1.50? .99? .77? .33? .77? .77? .77? .99? .33? 1.44? .77? 1.66? .66? .66? 19.95? 19.95? 3.66? .99? 1.66? 1.66? 6.66? 6.66? 6.66? .69? .39? .23? .39? 2.45? .07? .69? .39? .59? .97? .49? .59? .12? .20? .39? .34? .59? .17? | 207 # * * Phone 295-3411 Ifc****************** STATE - ALGONA ALDEN MAIL ORDER 295-31 * * * * * # * •K- * * * * * # * •K •* •H- % # # # * * * * •H- * *\ * •Ki # * * i t •K t I j: •»' •)'

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