The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 7, 1934
Page 6
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t'AGE SIX BLYTHEVILLS, (AM.) C NEWS Almost Gave Up Baseball After Tern p o r a r i 1 y Abandoning Screwball KT>1TOR'S XOTK: .«l of ;i -fries of s WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7. 1034 Hubbell Trains as Terr}' Watches 'I Ills Is Mir i ;irll(l<~i nnj Insi-l.ill liy Carl llitljlu'l!. I'M' In; sc- tf [lie NVu- Vr.ll{ Chillis. 11V CAI1I. UHHItU.I. NYu~ Voik (JhntV riU'li Ci;))} light, 1JJHI. MIA Sr-rvln TlifR- v.'ii.-. u liini' ^ln-js ii'.'iciy to quit )»r(j|(>.-i.'n;il Ijlill Ihlll lililj V.llli: ;.l '.li Cu.liil c:ili) :! In ill-, tlii- 'K Ulit?. To Mm: v.iili. I ilidn'i . Liili ill ]j:'.'L-l;:.'l ! -AM:! Mteilir tiix!. M'ln>ol i «!• M- C'l.iSa C ill;'h M'lluo) M:L!" t'l Onshhi;'. in tin- OkLihii!u:i lA';:jni'.' rut! u'ltn most y:-.n:L's tljc. 1 . •Iln'ii O!:':.!:o>:i:, cm ! :. 'luiii'i- ; : ii I V.'.M i7 13 v.i! il Chicle Quintet Will Not finlrr Si ah; Tourney I "Sky Pilot" Worked in 'Mines With Harry ESCANABA, Mich. <UP> —- Tin- illyUicvllle Ctilck-s. winners, t .-.muni jiliici.. In tlic ronrlh J)!s- j liy NKA Srrvlce I','! 1 'will "not I iSll'«iZti ! 1l,i*lte ' L °" l * > ** a - W "' lc S °* '" alm ^ r ' "" a swe " lellor v 0 "*-" 11 " U ill 11- tuiiiTOV lo be' held m HIII- j ulmusl i'i-Millt(l in His Doing thrown out. of a Cliieugo liotel OIK- nigW. IMUI Thiu.siliiy, Friday mill Bat-! 'l'»i'silver-voiced I.ou had a hankering for some operatic warbling. | iinil lit itnllml'C'rcd his vocal chords In Hip strains or PagllarcJ. It chanced Hut ihc big shots ol Mary Garden's opera company had put up at lite .same hosiolry Dial. Lou did, and a particularly mmppni- mental tenor had takt-n llie room above Lou. m i )le v,. in ' CM-fnicl Clrrr-iie, sii|H.'ilntc-nd- i-iii m local schools, snld Hip r-x- <•.{.•:]*:: a! .sending the local quintet , !u Harrison for the tourney tt'us I 'I'.o crcul. He estimated it would ' _•!•>! ;itm;il SIUO Im (lie team to j -m:iS(- tlic trln. Tlii' team has been' i!l::l/:il](li:d. ' ' It Is nut known livm wlii'ilK-ir I Wi-lni-r. Finn Hi Ulstrlcl dmmplun. /..ill |:I):L' pan hi lite stills event. - Winners of null .second l/, in the li dlxU'ict. UiMnieys : i:riil lusl wi'i.'k ure eligible to tiikc- ;I.IM ui llir; suite mwl. Plvw Nluft -I !;m,ral lo will lilt' stillc lllle. 'I'll.' ChlckK iiavUcUwtefi in \he .:•=•. ii- loiirncy JiusL year nftor win- •ii.ui'. Uu- dlslfitv lUlv. They were : •••.-iMjii'd hy Ik'i'lie in n rmiinl Wlien the strnlns o! Lou's harmony commenced to swell ami j i|-sl ?uiJAr. _,. r ji {Rev, D. L. Cathcart islonnry who has been a'-Vky'u'n'ot' i In lumber camps for many years Joncf worked in u coal ' 'Sir Henry Lander. Horn In Hamilton. Scolhml 1 Ciithcnri started working |,, lh( ! mines ut an tally uge. "Harry was always Scotch ditties or giving reclii.iioi while at work." the missionary re called. •:! was driving a po,, v hauling coal from Hie mine w] Harry was digging the c<u] loading it into cars. "I usually helped hl m load u , my cm- and when it was miej Harry would detain me a while lo 'i listen 10 some new latioii." ,.. or reel-I u i !!• ivalrliful r.w nf Nalluuul l.i".i«u Dill Terry, Cl-inLs 1 lie-,-;, Carl llulilirlJ. sdr • lively li:\ll at tin- (ilaiitv sjirliiif Iralnlnjf ball plu-lirr, Ha. Iliivk in M»\ii' J-.iw OKKMAH, Okb. OOP)—S. D. :• v.i-, <i! Van Oss. o)>ernl(-d on one "J lib mules and removed n 12- tueir v;.iy up into the room of the faimnis nnist. he Marled to fume. It was an outrage, he .sputtered, urn! forthwith called hotel officials. "Tell zal chorus man in ze room miner mine m if )ie no slop hccs squealing, I shall have heem discharge Immediately from ze company," was his ultimatum. And did Lou blush!' Xew Journalism Scltoal DETROIT (UP)—Wayne University of Detroit will have u, coin! toi ii chaiic" w;lh D"IVI., Tin- Till-:-.-, lock me in -i:i.'i;(; E.*:III,>:JL: (.i!ili> al S:is: AM::J:'::. a.ttj }';. C.'ilji, li-oki'd nif iv, t -r. IT .a'..'j J:',y MKU l.atl. my !;'.vuKi< '.i' 1 ..!:. 1 ami >huori his ln-;ui. "Th.ti'll ruin your ;mu. v h'- me. "FurROl it or yuu vv«:ri Iiiirrhliv; lonu." • . 1 had a world <•.: cuiilidc Ai Cob!) niul the oihi r <n:« v ho :\li [fUl iia 1 tin- .-.:uui' il t>) 1 (Iropyi-d till.' M-ri'i'. 1 IM!| fctr tvvn u-ar.< -tha'iri; llu- n-a of Ji'2C ' und \K'i I diai.'l Icinpt in use il. * ^ » Din-ini; all thai titni? I kncic'kini'. ninuni! 13; t roll lull fa: onlo. Tlif'iv I won li»^t the sr.nic number. Th ic-nt nu- (o Kiiiisas cny, oidn't have limn to n.i-l nr unp,ick"<l Ix-Eoix' I wa 1 * c'.i.l''i''tl to Opcali>.r In tin- 'Ihr-:' V. 1 . <•' l.iiigiu*. I (lid a lltile l-.i-ll'T tiicii-. Wiinl M und lust 1 mid \vlu-n ^in'ig ITMlUll^ cMn:' al'fiund. lh: 'ri^c'!. 1 . ti»k me lo Kan Anlunin v.ith tlitm rn'.iin. Tills tiiiif, I ihouulit, I'll s'.ay wlllt thtm. nut .saiiuiliinv I ditlivt III into Gforgr MuiiurtyV scheme of ihlng«. He ilidn'; ooks and Slides Braucher l.urkv ll:ixalilcjii.s ro Ije jiui Hiiijl K the Kujjllsli lL-e|]li-i:!ia.M'. In lace ill til.; al Alnlree. aiul. March liiand NH- many r ''l- '''I! ie\v Illllsll. Ameijfiui l;ni>:rs i»rof)alJly e the terrier m mis most 1'iiir and a hall mllra a hor'e i-,i.i ran. Uist year Mrs. Ainijiitfe Clink o! New York i-0|:ped til" rleli \vlirn lier Ki:ll.slJ:>Ki Ja':J: rfimped h o m e jheiid ul i In- (i:\v linislu-rs. From I!J2(I ID IB30. nearly' 1<X> help's lini'tl up ui \!H. Marl in [liis Kimllsh flu::s|i'. ninv many do \ou iliinlc iHi'ii'lu-il? Well, only '12 [ih'i-e.'r of liniwIlcMi niiinai;ed to limii, crawl, or »rlui;ltf across the liiu — whlrli .'•hnuld t'iTC " B™" 3t>^'J)d[iiy I hat llie race nrver l. 1 ^ 1 \\oii Haul llie Uoiws Imve cli'uvt-u i- ki'U Jinn)), nnd Una is om- ri.^ijn l~ai tin- lar^c odds, run-in;/ ; n> IUO-1 on cnlnnil.s. In iiiMttion lo Hie Jumps arc M'ktvi hull's, one of Elicm Iji-iini I^ 1 lift wii'.i 1 . more Ilian t«o ii-rt di'C]i. ami covered ulth it (horn Irr.t'C. unri 1 in thai Jumble of iva- k-r atid thorn.s, a horse never ic- rovt'i.s In lime, lo Jlul.Oi. l-ioui VOO.OOfl tti 300.000 |K:OP!C' .sit in tlic .stnniLs nnd crowd around tin 1 course lo ^ee llie race, !n (lie mud .scramble of from Ml La 70 hcirw.s, unythim; ciin Imp- lu 1 !! n( (lie .sliui, nnd U oficn Is Inic UiM « liorMi Hint reiichc.s Hit; Ancient Watch Huns SACO, Me. i UP)—Joseph A. S',vett lias n watch more than 100 lifnal. timing back more than w, years, is full ol color. Not atwi.'. have blueWontls won. It has Iji'.-i: wnn by cab horses, and fiiulir m their ilnliif;e. fuiljln was the only Aincrlciiii- bred Iwrse to'win it--ana \i c v ..i 11 emt hurw: of uncertain Iliiesik 1 :- Tlr; record for trie [ QU |. nm | . half miles W;LS made In 19m; ii 1 , Ascfclta Silver, which covtrvil \h> dislnnce In I):!!-) 2-5. years old that Is sllll in good eon- -"w.i'i- Tock !rnm Hie animal's Jaw. 1 plc-te Journalism sclicxil when the , Vi-icrlnaiinns said the rock «re*.Foll .semester opens, Xlberlus Uar- (illtlon. Il Ls a cliaiii-wimi type nnd •il*-i-o brcmisc o] exrrsslve lime In'noil, dean of the College of Lib-|was touglit in London from an i (hi- mule's Ijady. ural Art-s, announced. joM .v.i captain. -Mark StratoMafs t'all MOSCOW (UP)-An oljeljjsk v.iil,| a nwniorial tubleL will te imili ; ,i| the loon Iwen iwt where llie stnuosta Osoaviaklm crashed. It annotmced. Don't Fort/el Caudill's Agency General Insurance Phone 197 new far us the 10 know Ihal 1 W:K iirouud nnj'.ideu uf Ihc imisli Ume iiliem! I never t;"t into n .sitiyk exlilbi-l "' l! '•' horses entered this year tlmi game. ! '''''''I In When citrnji broke up. he .sold me uiilrlgtu 10 Ueciiimont in ilr: Texas LcaGU', 1 . The firsl .sprint;, wlien I 1 .'.' fnvjn- Ml me out. I didn't nuuil it m mucli— just figured I needed moie teasoiimg. but when hi' sli»IIU\i me olf tlie seciond tiiue without even giviny me ;i try. 1 bi'iiuu lo think liuseliall wusn't uiv iir.i> after all. tiairler never jump. I'riiin t.'ab t" Glory '['lie story o! the Cirnnd PHILAUEM'HIA (UP)-Tlir : nisi i ccilntng iirc'.w ever littlll !\«s \>pra iialalled nt the Priniklln Mcmoriul! Institute here, unit svlH sivikc nil ' fonvenlr coins for visitors. It was j Invented by M. Tliomic-Htr, o: France, an<l bought by Hie Unitnl I Stall's G'lverumom In W.a. ' last Time Today Ma(. 'Nile 10-25c )0-3. r )C On the way In ne.uinHini made myself a pyoinhv. It didn't make gond llu-ri' nud nci n chime? in (jo lip, ! intruded lo get out ot basetell. I planned me. to write some oil cnmp;'.i!.v nillv-' iuls I kue\v iiml get u i^b. I'ilcliiiiK th» cluss <vf ball 1 In then didn't pay more S25U or 5300 u numtli '.mil Hint only about four mouilis n your. A pipe-lminj; jnlj \vould lx> iweii-v- ahle. I hadn't been any loo good without my screw ball, so \vl'.e'.i I lilt Bcamnotu. l <u-cidnl lo tiikc • il up assin. After all. I nsuivd. i T didn't have so much lo ii' I did li'.irt my I l.u-sv 11 Mill conlri throw il. but \\vis tlmi'Jt-j fill abaisl my control. IiO'.v"vcr in n lew weeks 1 hail! \* il working just as well as svlien I ivas using it in tin- WreliTii Leas;:e and to win \'i \ 5(11110.'; svhiie losing 0 ;(l Br.av,-' nionl. Then McGraw .vnl for. me. j It was (lie screw tall gol! me my fii^i tryoui. u'iiu Ui'lvoit.' II was the failure to iiw il thuti p;it me back in the an;l \ the use of it a^ain lhal brou-.-lil i me ro the Giants. " i From nt)\v on, as lo:v' ar- I'm j ami- lo pilch, it'll be a lar-jc pnvl '• oi my stock ia li'ade. ! Perhaps I b.ave ououih o'.lu'V s'.nil to slay in bL- time company u-ithout it. bill I'd Iwlc ,'i', i'.r-se Manager Bill Teny reiwal S Ty Cobb's ordore anci ti-il nw ,n\ "IcL It alone." | ITIII: Exn.i M;\d Svf.nnble 'I'lic uri'iitcst numkvr of cas- i;alLi''.^ in tins imv litii>pnned in IfiL'S. ivlu-ii only two ui a field nf -111 onlnnils crossed ttie llnlsh llni 1 . In lii'i'J. vvlu'ii the Gdind Niidoniil was won by tile 100-1 ;.iioi, GiTjjuhich iwho, incidentally, is ihis year's fuvoriie, <!espil<; an Impost of 175 ixinmlsi, one ol tile lli'kl.s in tlie history of , the .steeplechase faced Un- liuvrler. I Sixty-elpll! Imrsivs wrrn m. the 1 i Mail -and duly 10 HnLslU'd. \ I How c.imL' all iliis? Well It's Hits way: 'I'iie course hns II! jimi]xs, riiui;- Irom -i to S'/; led. II is l.IONKl. RAUKYMOHK in 'THIS SIDE of HEAVEN* Willie H(ippt;r Carloon—"Hell's riro" Musical Shore—"Hut I'Vom I'eeroKrad" With Dave Aiipolioa itntl Orehostra THURSDAY -- FRIDAY MATINEE—10c - 25c NIGHT—I Oc - ISSc EOXY Wed. and Thursday ^lal. 2:31), isiiiy 6: If) 10-25c 10-25c Th? 18th amendment never w.tsi ratified by Connecticut and Rhode Island, With tfia fofe o! the world in his hands, why did h* courl thfl favors of the wickedest v.' in Porit? RobUed of the wife lie lovcii, vengeance flamts in the Eskimo hunter's heart. A story of elemental power. A background of overwhelming grandeur. Scones n«vcr before revealed. Nature's children arc the actors—tlic mad, stampeding caribou, the giant wli.ilc lumtcil by humans, the hungry wolf threshing the snow in mortal combat with a man. Filmed hy W. S. Van Dyke who gave TrdJrr Horn to the world. ESKIMO is his masterpiece! (SI.RXN II. CUUTISS invemei! j llie hydro-airplane in 1J11. Ajv j rrtttfnalely 2,125.i>00 I'/ « i n n j irflnps verc oncnpcil in Hie Civi] W.-:r. Antlocli College is :it VKI^ LOW SntlNGS. O. l-'OX N'KWS MUSICAL SHORT Wilt! The HOSWKI.l. SISTERS MUSICAL COMEDY "JUST AX ECHO" With Hing Crosby "In Reply to Your Classified Ad" Four tines or three lines or two in tlic Courier News— and a little cafe changes hands, an aging couple gets auto transportation south, two heart-broken sweethearts are friends again. A telephone story, focused into a few clear, economical words by u helpful ad- taker—and tiie second floor back finds a roomer, 'Lizzie finds a new garage, Johnny finds his terrier. Strange wants, everyday wants, wants urgent and. trivial find a voice and an answer in the Courier News Classifieds—and bring to every Courier News reader a page filled with drama often, with thrill" occasionally, with OPPORTUNITY always. COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS

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