The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 20, 1967 · Page 24
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 24

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1967
Page 24
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4-Algona (la.) Upper De« Maine* Thursday, July 20, 1967 Rites Are Held For Former Wesley Man WESLEY - Relatives here received word of the death of Henry Studer, 66, Monday evening July 10 at his home at West Acres, west of Sioux Falls, S. D. He was a son of the late A. A. Studers of Wesley, where he was born. He is survived by his widow, Ida Lickteig Studer; two sons; one daughter; and four sisters, Mrs. Lucy Schleusner, Garner; Mrs. Lill Dalgetty, Mason City; Mrs. Agnes McCloskey, Eugene, Oregon; and Mrs. Mona Bohn, Berkeley, Calif. He was preceded in death by his parents; his step mother; two sisters, Ann Haverly and Rose Ferrle; and four brothers, Jack, Alf, Dan and Max. Funeral services were held July 13 at 1:30 p.m. in the Cathedral in Sioux Falls, S.D. Burial was at St. James Cemetery, Sioux Falls. - o- DAUGHTER TO WED Mr. and Mrs. Jay Carlson announce the engagement of their daughter, Shirley Jean, to Sp. 4 Steven Paul Newton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Newton, Britt. Both are graduates of the Britt High School. Miss Carlson is attending Hamilton College in Mason City. Her fiance has returned from a 12-month tour of duty in Vietnam and will be stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. No date has been set for the wedding. - o - WED 35 YEARS Mr. and Mrs. George Ricke celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary Sunday, July 2, at a dinner at Clear Lake. Guests were their children, Mr. and SEMI-ANNUAL HEPOHT OF DONALD D. JOROENSON, TREASURER OF KO8SUTH COUNTY, IOWA STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS BY FUNDS For the Period from January 1. 1967, to May 31, 1967. inclusive FUNDS Moneys & Croriit.'; Rrplacement Fund . Soldiers' C'ornpensiition No. 2 Kornan Wai Bonus .... ARii. Lnnrl Credits _ Automobile License Hompstr.'ic! Credit Fund Military Service Credits _. Use Tax General County Court Kxpense . Poor . ... State Institution County Mental Health Mental Health Center Secondary Road Fund Roar} Clearing _ _ ........ ..._ Comity School . .. . County Hoard Kducation Soldiers' Kellef . . County Assessor Expense . Bond Funds Courthouse Domestic Animal Hovine Tuberculosis HaiiR's Disease Teachers Institute Improvement of lost. Drainage Assessments City Special Assessments ... Corporation Funds ... School District Funds Township Funds District I.ibr.iiy _ County Fair Sales 'Tax '...'..'.".. County AI;II Extension _ Weed Eradication Advance Tax _. Gen fletirement .. Conservation Hoard Civil Drfrnse School Retirement Special Courses ....... T\vp Fire Equipment Pay i oil Union Slouch Twp Library Community College Cash Hook — Short . Net balance on hand _ Balance Jan. 1. 1967 916.09 483.15 162.37 159.261 37 1.44 11,448.56 151.674.10 4,77426 45.H56.24 2.747.13 18,944.22 8,052.62 17B.75G.93 21,997 14 3.BO'I.G8 29.175.57 19.624.60 12.20C.68 1.084.78 9,302.51 13,335.06 23,120.79 1,351.25 94,71804 1.088.24 14.092.93 110.844.31 219.18 1,999.07 280.70 53.81 945.18 9,192.81 3,133.50 3.750.42 69.713.69 4,933.00 60.26 4.21 1,402.97 40,033.19 271.47 13.02 1,069,091.24 Receipts 23.955.46 2,655.04 11.745.75 271,153.63 321,262.94 125.629.84 11.906.28 33,014.11 188.405.66 18.033.95 103,243.03 101.080.23 12,811.18 2.333.31 832.861 73 10.089.25 6.239.96 47.645.25 12,261.48 39,138.19 17,907.90 4.542.66 2,958.70 65.35 802.96 133.415.70 9.150.02 267,791.06 1,831.053.69 20,606.68 32.92 4,485.17 8.87 14,498.12 2,660.86 47,137.32 23,791.50 129.40 210.603.93 12,466.52 2,678.29 4,793,253.89 Disbursements 3.17838 12,077.85 271,316.00 474,650.72 125,629.84 11,907.72 38.718.13 123,596.34 13,111.44 62.712.82 62,254.02 16.224.47 2,000.00 498,452.35 12,07275 8.431.58 42,411.40 4,093.94 11,703.50 7,224.65 4,048.80 2,590.50 494.45 81,092.11 9.416.86 269.666.11 1,839.739.42 23.491.15 200 10 14,699.62 9,192.81 2,978.39 49,497.28 0,613.40 604.77 60.16 4.21 1,402.97 255,190.44 9,533.95 2,568.64 4,359,800.04 Balance May 31, 1967 23.955.46 392.75 151.05 5.873.59 5.744 54 214.483.42 9.696.77 86.186.45 36.079.08 15,53093 8.385.93 513.166.31 20.013.64 1.B13.0G 34.409.42 27,792.14 39.641.37 18,972.68 6,620.52 12.244.90 20,589.64 1,659.76 152,041.63 821.40 12,217.88 102.158.58 3.334.71 1,831.89 4,765.87 62.68 743.68 2,815.97 1,390.46 83,891.79 4,457.03 .10 25,466.68 271.47 2,932.57 109.65 13.02 1.502,485.09 Auditor's Outstanding Warrants 37490 3257 200 10 125.73 241.34 411.28 144.55 6.31 61.00 101,229.57 98.43 25,446.60 128,372.58 RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS RECEIPTS Amount On Hand January I. 1967 1,069,091.24 From current taxes 1967 tax list (not Including Dog Tax) 2,901,118.49 From delinquent taxes 1966 and prior years (not Including Dog Tax) 56,374.84 Penalty, interest nnd costs Current — $ 688.54 Penalty, interest and costs Delinquent $ 6,738.90 7,427.44 Interests on investments $ 8,350.00 Motor Vehicle Registrations $13.720.90 Other Office Fees $ 180.75 22,260.65 Fees from county auditor 295.60 Fees from county recorder 2,117.50 Fees from clerk of the district court — 3,164.50 Sheriff's fees from sheriff 79.25 From drainage taxes 138,415.70 From city special assessment (paving, sewer, etc.) 9,150.02 Delinquent dog tax $1,160.16 Dog license from Auditor .$3,382.50 4,542.66 From cigarette license — 75.00 From beer license 400.00 Use tax .to county ._ 8.87 From sale of automobile numbers and licenses 321,262.94 Fines and forfeitures from Clerk $2,210.00 Fines and forfeitures from other sources $6,159.77 8,369.77 From care of patients In state Institutions 4,188.60 From sale of produce at Co. Home, Care $ 575.00 From sale of produce at Co. Home, Misc. $8,243.87 8,818.87 From sale of bridge and Rd. material Maint. 6,500.54 Advance tax collections 2,660.86 "Use" tax (Motor Vehicles) 33,014.11 Homestead Credits 125,629.84 Military Service Credits 11,906.28 Agricultural Land Credits 271,153.63 Mobile Homes 2,434.80 Other Receipts Miscellaneous 11,398.31 Gas Tax to Sec. Road from State 471,566.30 Moneys and Credits Tax from State 23,955,46 Bd. of Ed. Title (1) Fees from State 21,362.34 Cash Book Short , 13.02 Transfers For Retirement 16,863.58 Transfers For Payroll 210,603.93 Transfers from funds under Code Sec. 24.22 (Loans) 8,924.53 Transfers from funds Code Sec. 24.21 and gen. bus. 87,208.68 Total to be Accounted for 5,862,345.13 DISBURSEMENTS Amount State treasurer's receipts W. W. II Soldiers' Comp. 3,178.38 Korean War Bonus 12,077.85 County auditor's warrants 1,140,515.48 City specials (pav., sewer, etc.) (Orders $9,416.86) 9,416.86 Orders on county treasurer by mayor of cities and towns 267,652.49 Orders on county treas. by presidents of school districts 1,838,563.88 Orders to President of Agrl. Extension Council 14,699.62 Township clerk's receipts 24,724.12 Auto License paid State Treasurer (442,092.69) Paid State Treasurer auto, license (3% 14,121.10) Paid State Treasurer auto license (1% 4,707.03) 460,920.82 Receipts for "Use Tax" remitted for Treasurer 38,718.13 Agricultural Land Credits Disbursed 271,153.63 Homestead Credit apportioned 125,629.84 Military Service Credits apportioned 11,906.28 Advance Tax Payments apportioned 2,645.72 County Conservation (Auditor's Warrants) 9,613.40 Agricultural Land Credits Refund to State - 162.37 Military Service Credits Refund to State 1.44 Advance Tax Refunds - 332.67 Community College Orders 2,568.64 Township Library Orders 9,533.95 Bd. of Ed. Orders (Other Counties) 5,881.36 Cash Book Short 13.02 Transfer License Fee to County 13,729.90 Transfer of funds under Code Sec. 24.22 (Loans) 8,024.53 Transfer to funds under Code Sec. 24.21 and gen. bus. 87,308.68 Balance on hand at close of business May 31, 1967 1,502,485.09 Total Accounted for 5,862,345.13 Algona, Iowa, June 19, 1967 I, Donald D. Jorgenson, Treasurer of Kossuth County, Iowa, do hereby certify that the report above is a correct summary of the business transacted by me as said treasurer during the period therein specified. Donald D. Jorgenson , , , County Treasurer Published in the Algona Upper DCS Moines, Algona, Iowa, July 20, 1967. Mrs. Richard Ricke, Grand Me?.- dows, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Dean Ricke and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Vitzthum, all of Wesley; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ricke, Muscatine; and Janice and Ronald Ricke at home. Friends who attended included John Frlderes and Jim Williams, Wilmington, HI.; and Jim Schumacher, Algona. - o - CDA MET CDA held their regular meeting Tuesday evening, July 11, with the newly-elected officers in charge. Mary Rockwood is Grand Regent. Following the business meeting 500 was played. Bernice Vitzthum won high score prize. On the entertainment committee were Clara Hauptman, Emma Olson, Helen Koppen, Esther Reising, Linda Flaherty and Beatrice Hildman. On the serving committee were Angeline Foertsch, Josie Lickteig, Ella Hanig, Blanche Rasmussen, Elizabeth Dornbier and Clara Erdman. There will be no meeting in August. - o - ATTEND FUNERAL Mr. and Mrs. Joe Goetz, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Goetz, Mr. and Mrs. George Goetz, and Mrs. Helen Johnson attended the funeral of Jerry Lloyd, 34, at Mason City July 3. Mr. and Mrs. Lou Goetz of Britt also attended the funeral. Jerry died at his home. He is survived by his widow, MarySut- ton Lloyd; two daughters, Sandra and Connie at home; his mother, Mrs. Loretta Lloyd, Des Moines; a sister, Mrs. (Stella) George Armstrong, Des Moines; a brother, E.M. (Mike) Lloyd, Mason City. He was preceded in death by his father, James Lloyd and a brother, James. WESLEY By Mrs. Viola Studer Mrs. Laura Richter has had as her house guests, a cousin, Mrs. Ella Struska of Garwood, Texas, Mrs. Viola Schilling and daughter Rhonda and Jerri Sue Pate of Eagle Lake, Texas. Her daughter and son-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Neil Gary of Akron, Ohio also spent a week with her. Mrs. Viola Studer was brought home Wednesday from the Hancock Memorial hospital where she had been two weeks for medical care of arthritis of the spine. Charlotte Matz of Spencer spent last week with her grandmother, Mrs. Tillie Matz. They visited relatives at Algona Thursday and relatives at Clear Lake Friday. Tom Shellenberg, 6-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shellenberg,...had an appendectomy in the Britt hospital last week. A group of town and country Republican women were entertained at a coffee Thursday at the Charles Nygaard home. Jane, one of the 14-month-old twin daughters of the Kenneth ,Forburgers, was taken to an Iowa 'City hospital last week for medi- .oal care. Mr. and Mrs. George Ricke, accompanied by their son, Bob Ricke and wife of Muscatine, spent the July 9 weekend at Minneapolis visiting Mr. and Mrs. Arden Hovland. Mrs. Hovland and Mrs. George Ricke are sisters. Army Pvt. Michael P. Schrauth, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schrauth, Bancroft, completed an eight-week administration course at Ft. Jackson, S.C. June 23. He is a grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schrauth. SEMI-ANNUAL SETTLEMENT OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA With Donald Jorgenson Treasurer of said County for the period from January 1, 1967 to May 31, 1967, inclusive. COUNTY AUDITOR'S STATEMENT AUDITOR'S TREASURER'S LEDGER Warrants LEDGER FUNDS Balance Outstanding Balance Payroll 25,446.68 25,446.68 Korean Soldiers' Bonus 151.05 151.05 Automobile License .. 5,873.59 5,873.59 Use Tax 5,744.54 5.744.54 M. & C. 23,955.46 23,955.48 Qomm. College 109.65 109.65 General County 214,108.48 374.96 214,483.42 Court Expense 9,664.20 32.57 9,696.77 Poor 85,988.29 200.16 86,186.45 State Institution 35,953.35 125.73 36.079.08 County Insane 15,530.93 15,530.93 Sales Tax 62.68 62.68 Mental Health Center 8,385.93 8.385.93 Road Clearing 20,013.64 20,013.64 County School 1,613.06 1,613.06 Ag. Extension 743.68 743.68 Service Comp. 392.75 392.75 Soldiers' Relief 27,647.59 144.55 27,792.14 C. H. Bond Funds 18.972.68 18,972.68 Domestic Animal 6,620.52 6.620.52 Bovine Tuberculosis .- 12,244.96 12,244.96 Bang's Disease 20,528,64 61.00 20,589.84 Teachers' Institute ... 1,659.76 1,659.76 Union Slough 271.47 271.47 Drainage Assessments 50.812.06 101,229.57 152.041.63 City Special Assessments 821.40 821.40 Corporation Funds ... 12,217.88 12,217.88 School District Fund 102,158.58 102,158.58 Township Funds 3,334.71 3,334.71 District Library 1.733,46 98.43 1,831.88 County Fair 4,765.87 4,765.87 Advance Personal 2,815.97 2,815.97 Koss. Co. Civil Defense 4,457.63 4,457.63 Conservation 83,891.79 83.891.79 County Bd. of ,Edu. .. 33.998.14 411.28 34,409.42 County Assessor 39.635.06 6.31 39,641.37 Township 2.932.57 2.932.57 General Retirement .. 1,390.46 1,390.46 School Retirement .10 .10 Sev. Road 512,924.97 241.34 513.166.31 Net Balance on Hand 1.374,125.53 128,372.58 1,502,496.11 Algona, Iowa, June 6, 1967 I, Marc Moore, Auditor of Kossuth County, Iowa, do hereby certify that the statement given above, correctly shows the condition of the funds in the hands of Donald Jorgenson, Treasurer of said County, at the close of business, May 31, 1U67, as shown by accounts in my office. Marc Moore County Auditor ASSETS IN HANDS OF COUNTY TREASURER Total AT CLOSE OF BUSINESS MAY 31, 1967 Amount Cash in Banks iSee Treasurer's Balance in Schedule Below) .. 1,501,559.87 Cash in Drawer 888.03 Checks and Drafts 37.19 Treasurer error carried forward 13.02 Total Cash on Hand and in Banks 1,502,498.11 Balance in Depositories at Close of Business May 31, 1967 NAME OF BANK TOWN Deposits in Transit Security State, AJgona 8,846.28 Iowa State, Algona ... 1.585.06 Farmers & Traders Savings, Bancroft .. Burt Savings, Burt (long) .07 Farmer's Trust & Savings, Lakota 72.91 Swea City State, Swea City Lone Rock. Lone Rock 14.73 Farmer's State. Whittemore State Bank of Ledyard, Ledyard First Trust & Savings. Fenton Titonka Savings. Titonka Exchange State. Wesley Time Certificates Net Amt. on Deposit in Banks of Close of Business May 31, 1967 40.058.25 40,612.50 50,015.32 40,077.34 •40.558.36 42,528.24 40,000.94 10.034.62 50,050.92 40,107.04 C50.000.00 i short I 56.03 40,058.25 40,612.57 50.088.23 40.010.32 40,573.09 42.528.24 40,000.94 10,034.62 50.059.92 40.107.04 650,000.00 10.519.05 1.405,249.78 4,208.06 1,501,559.87 Algona. Iowa. June 6. 1967 We the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County. Iowa, do horebv certify that the foregoing statement correctly shows the assets m the aS l>OUnted by US ' Charles Plathe A. M. Kollaseh Andrew Reising L. A. Newbrough Garry McDonald The Art Plathes and other relatives and friends attended the funeral of Art's father, Charles Plathe, 74, at St. Joseph's Catholic church at St. Joe July 10. L. L. Leases received word last week of the death of Mrs. Myrne Burrell Kelty of Cedar Rapids. She was 60 and a sister of the late Mrs. Veva Lease. Paul and Carl Froehlich returned Thursday from a 2-week visit with their brother Ed Froehlich and family at Pensacola, Fla. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiwniinm OTTOSEN By Mrs. Donald Usher iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiim The Bratland family enjoyed a reunion at Bode Sunday. Fiftysix persons were present. Attending from Ottosen were Mrs. Jennie Bratland, Mrs. Mina Wehrspann, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Tofteberg and family, Mrs. Jack Strickland and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Merle Halsrud and family. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kinseth and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Kinseth attended the Humboldt County Rural Letter Carriers Association and Auxiliary meeting at the Ray Mills home at Renwick Tuesday night. Larry Telford, Gerald Hoffman, Ralph Jacobson and Howard Thompson drove to Minneapolis Sunday to attend the ball game. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Richards attended funeral services for her cousin, Darrell Simmons, 69, at Humboldt Saturday. Sara Usher came home Friday, after attending the first session of summer school at LS.U., Ames. She will be home the remainder of the summer. Four doors from the Humboldt County Historical Society's Mill House have been brought to the home of Naomi Struthers. Mrs. W.G. Cooper and Mrs. Essie Cooper have spent two days working on them and they are nearly finished with two doors. LeRoy Worby of Bode celebrated a birthday Sunday. Supper guests at his home were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Telford, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Telford and family and Mrs. Oliver Lee of Bode. Mrs. Victor Banwart and Mrs. James Banwart attended a shower for Kathy Blair at West Bend Friday night. Kathy will be married to Leslie Banwart. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Olson attended the Lewis Olson family reunion at Mankato Sunday. Nick Wehrspann, Hampton, HI., visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wehrspann, Thursday. Neil Wehrspann, Richard Zeman, Stephen Evenson and Steve Williams are now at National Guard camp in Wyoming. Rev. and Mrs. Jerry Wehr- spann and four children of Marysville, Ohio are visiting his mother, Mrs.Kate Jacobson and LeRoy and Mrs. Jerry Jacobson's family at Storm Lake this week. Rev. Jacobson will speak at the Presbyterian Church at 8 o'clock Thursday night. Everyone is invited to come. Twin Rivers teachers at the Ottosen school, who have completed the first session of summer school at Drake are Mrs. Mike Frohling, Mrs. Conrad Johnson, Mrs. Ed Nessen and Miss Melba Fox. Two children from Friendly Town are in the Ottosen area for two weeks. Rev. and Mrs. Robert J. LeMont and family have Darwin Forbes, Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Olson and daughters have Hilda White, Chicago. Allison and Bruce Gress, children of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gress, are visiting their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Fahey Gress, for a week. Mr. and Mrs. Neal Olson visited Osle Bothne at Humboldt Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Telford visited at the Edgar Jacobson home at Albion from Tuesday until Thursday. Cashiers' Checks Treasurer's Certificates Outstanding Net Balance 196,262.59 91.36 205.017.51 254,934.66 4,059.58 252,460.14 •^mm M YOURSELF FIRST When you pay your bills, don't forget to pay yourself first. Put five percentof your take-home pay in an envelope and send it to us. Save the easy mail. Currinl Rat* Pir Yiar Current RiU PirYeir on 6 Month Inveitment CirtlficiUi Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. 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