The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 20, 1967 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1967
Page 14
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at Algonn. Iowa! of Mnrcli 3. 1879 I • *-m'K'i.-:v. oi ivinrcn 3 10791 __ ESTABLISHED 1B6S VOL.101 NO. 55 j of Woman>s WorM is lss ue of the Upper Dos Moines Wen v' Well they re not. hat they>re aU P rett >' mu = h alike. There are just as many kinds of women - Y Harlan with th C ° mpared ' "^vorably, the American wife with the women of any other country. Mr Miller issued his z n 1 aS St -r ntS ^ Wding «»^ fotatonTlSmTm ' - zine aiticle, "American Women Are Lousy Wives" by Helen JSSiZt H"! triSd t0 redeem himS6lf a ""la by a^i; footnote that Helen may be a man. That may well be. One thine don't 6 ?'" ° f> .I! 61611 haS neV6r teen an aVe ™S e ^"ican man Euronl , , V^ ab ° Ut a11 the virtues she attributes to the 5" Zfl , , f r W ' V6S ' bUt l tWnk 1 do know a littlc ab °"t the virtues and shortcomings of the wives in Algona, Iowa USA * * * , . . . WIVP™? C ^f F , DIFFERENCE BETWEEN American wives and wives in other lands is that they exist for their husbands while American wives take it for granted that their husbands should exist for them." Not my sentiments, but the author's. "American women expect and demand that their husbands coddle them " Furthermore, American wives, "are the boss of the household, can t improvise simple meals, expect their husbands to do a large share of the housework, contradict or interrupt their husbands and don't know how to make themselves alluring to men." * * * I GUESS THE WIVES AROUND ALGONA haven't been operating on the truly American Code For Wives. That is, the one Miss (or Mr. Lawrenson has set up for us. The Wives I know serve the meals at the times when the husband comes home for them. And most of these meals are pretty good even if some of them do come out of cans and packaged mixes. They keep up on current affairs ™1 H° * f? Can SCUSS them with their ^sbands, though it is true that hey argue and contradict a bit because our husbands would think it pretty dull conversation if we merely echoed the opinions of our "lords and masters." Waluns IT DOES ANYONE GOOD TO TAKE A LITTLE vacation from routine once in a while. Even a weekend trip helps. Well the house and the children get a gal pretty worn down, too, and it's a wonderful idea to get away from them. But what wife hasn't TM urn"*? 6 and Only Say S6Veral tlmes > "Good-bye dear. This little trip will do me good. Too bad you couldn't get someone to stay with the children." * * * THE HUSBANDS DOING A LARGE SHARE OF the housework is a laugh. True, I do know of three or four wondeS h S b an d s who can be counted on to empty the trash, buy a few groceries with t e e dS 1S dU , ring H tl(16 SPrlng Cleanlng and *» SS?S3 with the dishes when things are a little rushed. There's a rumor that some of the girls are forming a committee to erect a ° WOMEN ARE THE DURABLE SEX. We have to be because so much is expected of us. We are supposed to serve meals that rival Oscar of the Waldorf's on a budget of $23.97 per week. We should have a home that welcomes guests of all ages at any hour of the day or night and still keep it a haven of refreshing quiet for the man who has worked hard all day. A wife must work like a stevedore keeping her house in order and still eat like a bird so that she may keep her figure down to a size 12 dress. She must be a conscientious mother with lots of time for her children but she must leave them entirely free to express their own individuality We must consider the house as a true home, but we must keep furnUuT er ^ '^ fr ° m showing on that ex l )ellsl ve living room * * * WE ARE SUPPOSED TO PUT ON SOME lipstick and curl our hair when Papa comes home from work while lie sits around the living room, snoring in his chair, his shoes cast on the floor, looking alluring with a three days' growth of whiskers. When we finally persuade him into taking us out for an evening, we are expected to look fresh as a daisy in spite of being up half the night before with a restless baby. What's more we are supposed to look as smart in that $6.95 dress we picked up at the bargain sale as that nineteen-year-old blonde across Die room does in her $85.00 suit. * * * WOMEN ARE THE TRADITIONAL guardians of culture and religion. We are expected to read all the latest books, listen to good music and instill a love of it in our children, see to it that the kids get to Sunday School, teach them the fundamentals of our faith at home and represent the family at church. It also comes in real handy to know which teams play in the World Series and who is likely to go to the Rose Bowl. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE MORE time than the men, for the Red Cross collection drives, the Community Chest and the Civic Music Association. We can't ignore the qualifications of all the candidates at the elections and just which bills passed in the state legislature, either. We must find out what is going on in the United Nations and keep track of the missing buttons on father's favorite shirt. We must decide whether or not the city was justified in buying that new engine and still figure out ways of cutting down our own family's consumption of electricity. I TALKED WITH MARY CORRINE SMITH several weeks ago, and she must have had a hard day, too, because she said she was convinced that it's a man's world. It is, but in spite of spouting off, I'm glad I'm not a man! I was never consulted on the subject, but Pm satisfied with having been born into the feminine sex. We have all the best of it when it comes to wearing colorful clothing, crying unashamedly when our feelings are touched, changing our minds without endless justification and in the beautiful relationship that exists only between mothers and tiny babies. Besides, what 1 1 1 JUIY 20, 1967 SECOND SECTION Clint Eastwood's only interest in a violent border town is its money, until Marianne Koch becomes an issue. Scene is from A Fistful of Dollars," opening in Technicolor Sunday at the Sfarlife Drive-in Theatre, through United Artists re, lease. The film, which advance reports say will trigger a whole new style of adventure, was directed by Sergio Leone. ' = Wlth AS AGNES ROGERS' BOOK PUTS IT, "Women Are Here To Stay. So are men, and I love them in spite of their shortcomings one man m particular. But I would appreciate it if they would drop one phrase - "Isn't that just like a woman?" movie clock ALGONA THEATRE THURSDAY thru SATURDAY- MATINEE ALL THREE DAYS STARTING AT 1:30. Complete Program begins: 1:30 and 7:30 P. m. "Shaggy Dog"-1:30 and 7:30 p. m. "Absent Minded Professor - 3:30 and 9:30 p. m. ONE COMPLETE SHOWING EACH EVENING. SUNDAY - Complete Program begins: 1:00 - 3:05 - 5:15 7:10- 9:15 p. m. "Caprice"1:30 - 3:35 - 5:30 - 7:40 9:30 p. m. MONDAY thru'WEDNESDAY- Complete Program begins: 7:009:05 p. m. "Caprice" - 7:309:25 p. m. STARLITE DRIVE-IN WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY Complete Program begins: 9:15 p. m. "Reluctant Astronaut" 9:30 p. m. "Texas Across The River"-11:30 p. m. THURSDAY and SATURDAY- Complete Program begins: 9:15 P. m. "Texas Across The River" - 9:30 p. m. "Reluctant Astronaut" - 11:30 p. m. SATURDAY MID-NITE SHOW Only - "My Blood Runs Cold" 1:10 a. m. SUNDAY andTUESDAY-Com- Dollars" - 9:30 p. m. "Fortune night. Swea City scored four un- Plete Program begins: 9:15p.m. Cookie"-11U5 p. m. earned runs in the fifth inning ™Tr* C r?» Ie " n 9:3 ° P - m " 137 Virtnrw to gain tlle ^ Jeff Nevflta MO^AV r ai ' S T 11:45p ' m ' y was the wlnnin e P«<=her and Don muiNUAY - Complete Program c,,, on rff ,, 01 i > i Johnson was tagged with the lnt<t ^gins: 9:15 p. m. "Fistful Of ^"^S^^^ J*ns« colleS tJ??-^ WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY JULY 19-20-21-22 A-l FAMILY - ENTERTAINMENT in Sou/hern California visit Universal City Studios THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY - JULY 20 - 21 . 22 MATINEES ALL THREE DAYS AT 1:30 P.NI. '""•^^•"••""^•^^••••••••MI TWO-GETHER forthejrst time! The funniest discovery since laughter! WALT DISNEY'S Nancy[ "" "" !M • •'•" "" »>l!H • .• 01111 MIHM3 AMES REID ANDREWS.,.WYNNW. ONE COMPLETE SHOWING EACH EVENING AT 7-30 PM DON'T FORGET MATINEES EACH DAY AT 1-30 PM ' ADMISSION: Adults- $1.00 - children under 12 •^ m^mm »»i^«m.^______ SUNDAY through WEDNESDAY - IULY 23 - 26 in the Maddest M'Xup in Space t^ -. RWK 'mm KKFU"™* Willenby JIMf RfllEll and Mil GRttNBNJM Deeded and ftwiml b, mm J MON1MM 2ND BIG FEATURE A SwingiriFun-RompThat Fractions The Frontfer I ®L ••klBBCSIB^ ^ vsf VVnlMOIIlB llt^x.Deyili L Half French^ iHalffejCanJ HalfHi) Half Hip-Chaser! Half , rp/n mm^PMw '*• vivjnk«Hi wp JtoROSS //?* ~m\. Half '" ^^^.BlueBlooi ..<»;. Half nTINA MARQUAND. , DeVOL ./rc PETER GRAVES -MICHAEL ANSARA • LINDEN CHILES -ANDREW PRINE ^ ^^ HARRmiLER A UNIVERSAL P.ETUPP ,, 5AMMY CAHN ,„„ JAM£S VM Hf(JS£N KINOS ,ON TK IO n««ahn« Donahue SATURDAY I T. MiDNiTE j "«f»»««iu« i § "My Blood SHOW ONLY i Joey Heatherton | m Runs Cold" DAY RICHARD HARRIS 01 ^D ^ DMI5SiOU - Adults $1.00 - Children 35c- CONT. SHOWS ON SUNDAY SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY JULY 23 - 24 - 25 2 BIG FEATURES FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT INHIS OWN WAY HE IS, PERHAPS, THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN WHO EVER UVED! Il's the first motion picture of its kind. It won't be the last! GUMIiRSIWDfiD IOHNWE1S WlilWUVC OIIOD-,nrr^r~ ,™ **" HUP «.|. 11 IHlUnnl iL lOHHwas WUIHSCHV• "•^UNITED ARTISTS some : people will do for s249 f 000.92, THe miRiscH coRPOfianon Presents jacK lemmon waLTBR manHau m BILLY WIIOBR'S meFORTunecooKie ADMISSION; ADULTS - $1.00 CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE

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